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When you were a boy and went to the doctor for a check-up...

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Started by bil47 at 05,Mar,21 11:49  other posts of bil47
Did he or she pull down your underwear and feel your penis and balls briefly? That was my first (sort of) sexual experience, and I always looked forward my annual check-ups with the pediatrician.

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By X_Y_Z at 28,Mar,21 13:41 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I was around 10 or 11 when I went to see a doctor...sure glad I did. He helped me to get rid of my phymosis.
By bil47 at 14,Apr,21 11:58 other posts of bil47 
Did he do an operation, or just teach you to gradually loosen your foreskin? How much did he handle your penis?
By X_Y_Z at 19,Apr,21 13:36 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I had no surgery. he forced to pull back my foreskin and it did hurt a lot. He told me to sit in a bathtub as often as possible and keep pulling back my foreskin...Well it did work all right, sure gald
By whitebriefs at 19,Apr,21 17:17 other posts of whitebriefs 
Same here but when I was bit older. I was prescribed stretching and told it would work eventually. It took a few years but he was right, it works fine now

By JackS at 27,Mar,21 00:28 other posts of JackS 
They NEVER pull your pants down! But if it's your fantasy, then go with that!
Hernia check, from young teen, for sports, and sometimes a female doc, so what?
Prostrate exam, and the female docs seem to take more time, and are more "thorough" with that. Often, they have a Nurse, 'witness' for some BS insurance reason!
By bil47 at 27,Mar,21 13:44 other posts of bil47 
Not a fantasy, sir. It was my experience as a pre-pubescent boy in the 1950s, going to the same pediatrician for yearly check-ups.

By kupreanoff at 27,Mar,21 14:02 other posts of kupreanoff 
my first sports exam was full on naked turn your head and cough while I feel your balls . I was 11 and he also wanted me to pull my foreskin back . told me it would be easier if it was hard . I was 11 and he was a doctor . 1971 was a different time . who knew doctors were creepy . not me . all part of the exam son

By Colins at 27,Mar,21 15:13 other posts of Colins 
Remember this was 1960 most school docs were frustrated old spinsters who only cock they got touch and play with 6or7 year old boys

By wycowboy at 28,Mar,21 07:07 other posts of wycowboy 
In todays times you are right they don't but 40-60 years ago they did. It was part of the exam.
By Colins at 28,Mar,21 07:37 other posts of Colins 
They possibly also got a kick watching little boys pee and playing with foreskins

By 2nice at 14,Mar,21 10:08 other posts of 2nice 
That is not a sexual experience. It is a medical physical exam, and there is nothing sexual about it.
By bil47 at 14,Mar,21 16:15 other posts of bil47 
Except if the boy considers it sexual. I didn't know about sex yet (not until I was 13), but I got a thrill from it. The doctor presumably didn't consider it sexual.

By wycowboy at 27,Mar,21 09:19 other posts of wycowboy 
Whats sexual and what isn't is in the mind of the person it is happening to. As a young teenager knowing that a female besides my mother was seeing my cock gave me a raging hard on. I don't remember feeling it was "sexual" at the time but I guess I was. I remember the orgasm after I got home was very good.

By cody8789 at 27,Mar,21 00:52 other posts of cody8789 
When I was in middle school and high school i was always hard on and off all day, I remember wearing my shirt out over my pants all the Time and I also used to wear two pairs of underwear so no one would notice. I was very shy when I was in school and embarrassed by my erection.

By ForumUser12 at 17,Mar,21 07:57 other posts of ForumUser12 
I remember being hard as a rock as a 7-year-old at my first physical exam. I also remember doing my best not to get hard whatsoever in high school.

By mavric256 at 14,Mar,21 01:35 other posts of mavric256 
Happened three times in my life. As a boy during a normal exam, had to cough whilst the Dr (male) held my balls, as a teen when A baseball hit me in the groin, and then as a young adult when I noticed a small bump on my ball. That last one was the worst (well, best)! I ended up with a raging hardon during the doctorís exam, Iím sure he had one too.

By tecsan at 13,Mar,21 23:11 other posts of tecsan 
Sort of perverted...Never had that happen to me...Maybe p.........a played a role in that...

By cody8789 at 11,Mar,21 01:09 other posts of cody8789 
I've never in my life had a doctor look or feel my private parts. And I'm not going to start now. But I'm willing to let most anyone on this site give me a checkup

By #637531 at 10,Mar,21 13:38
I've only had this happen once when I was much much much younger. I was very shocked because there was no warning and I had no idea what she was even doing it for. It was very quick but extremely awkward, and when I left the doctor's I specifically remember saying to my mom, "If she wanted to know if my balls dropped, she could've just asked."

By Colins at 07,Mar,21 10:36 other posts of Colins 
I was about 6years old in infant school the doctor was female I was dressed only my undies
she asked my mum if all was ok down there my mum replied yes the doctor asked my mum if I was circumcised, mum replied no, the doc pulled down my pants,looked my willy and balls pulled them about, then pulled back my foreskin,poked about with my glans putting her finger into my pee hole, she then wanted me do a wee she watched intently as peed into the pot, nothing wrong there, then she wanted me bend over so she see my arsehole she parted my cheeks and looked at my ring she said i was A1 fit and that I had a nice big penis for my age.

By uncutjoy at 07,Mar,21 10:27 other posts of uncutjoy 
As a 5-6 year old boy with a tight foreskin, I remember with tears in my eyes as the pediatrician finished palpating my tummy, that the next part of the exam was sliding down the waistband of my tighty whities to grip my little penis with the thumb and index fingers of both hands and forcing back my tight foreskin. I would try to bring my legs up to ease the pain but the nurse would hold me knees down as I was crying out. Seeing my bright red glans and foreskin bunched up in the groove behind. I also remember the doctor telling my mother that it needs to be pulled back at bath time or I would have to be circumcised. I can remember the sting of peeing for the rest of the day after the retraction and dreaded my annual physical exams. Now I have a medical fetish...go figure.

By nekekal at 06,Mar,21 14:01 other posts of nekekal 
I remember them doing this. There was an exam for some reason about puberty and it was somehow important to check my penis and balls. Lots of fondling and examining.

Or maybe he was just a pervert.

But it was just a normal thing after that. Someone was always examining my penis, balls, and sticking a finger up my ass.

Even a few years ago, I was getting an annual physical. The Dr was a woman, if you are going to get a finger up your ass find a woman with long slender fingers, but then she ask if I would mind if the intern could watch. I said yes and in walks a 20 something woman. So now the Dr handled my penis, then the intern did, on to the balls, and finally both of them gloved up and stuck a finger up my ass looking for my prostate. While I didn't mind, there was nothing sexy about it, although it was nice having a couple of women holding my cock.

By wycowboy at 06,Mar,21 09:28 other posts of wycowboy 
When I was about 12 I went to a doctor for an exam. My mom accompanied me to the exam room as she always had. The doctor pulled my tightie whities down in front of my mom and his nurse and felt my penis and balls which gave me a raging erection. I was embarassed as that had never happened before and it was in front of my mom and the nurse. He finished the exam and explained things while I got dressed, still erect. When I got home I went to my room and jerked off to get rid of the erection. I'm sure my mom knew why I was in my room, lol.

By DennisWow at 05,Mar,21 19:05 other posts of DennisWow 
Fell on my hip in a basketball game when I was 15 and it some how resulted in a fully nude exam at the hospital and yes the doctor (male) touched my penis, lifting it up briefly and pulling a bit on my balls. I was asked to strip to my boxers at which point they asked if I would mind if two interns observed the exam. I said it was fine but didn't know that the doctor would then come in and pull my boxers off without much warning in front front of the three of them.

By Jamie at 05,Mar,21 18:57 other posts of Jamie 
Never until now

By cody8789 at 05,Mar,21 18:51 other posts of cody8789 
Never happened to me

By liketoedge at 05,Mar,21 14:57 other posts of liketoedge 
I remember those dr visits.

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