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What have you done with your Sperm/Cum.

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Started by #9834 at 26,Aug,09 16:29
What's the weirdest thing you have done with your Sperm (Cum), whatever/ or where ever it was? When i was a kid i shot mine into a fireplace, as it burned it created a smell (sweet kind) in the room, had to rush to air out the room, for fear i'd be found out, I laugh about it now though, young minds do run wild.

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By thicknsmooth at 31,May,24 02:45 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I filled a jar half full of cold milk and kept dipping my cock in it until I came. Then drank the milk it was delicious

By lovetolickyou at 25,May,24 22:32 other posts of lovetolickyou 
When I was young and first started cumming, I took great pleasure in using my cum to coat the rims of glasses that my mother and my sister were going to drink out of. And once I came into a desert that my sister was going to eat.

By Cutcock27 at 22,May,24 13:55 other posts of Cutcock27 
I cum in my own asshole
By s0m3r4nd0m at 24,May,24 17:28 other posts of s0m3r4nd0m 

By brian at 24,May,24 16:27 other posts of brian 
I put my semen in wifes coffee as creamer

By Ivo_from_Austria at 17,May,24 12:51 other posts of Ivo_from_Austria 
My girlfriend creams my face with it. With mine and also with strange sperm. I like it a lot

By #551458 at 17,Mar,18 10:01
After each wank I use to collect it up and freeze it in the freezer. When I had lots frozen I defrosted it in the microwave and used it as lube.
By spunkluvr at 24,Apr,24 08:24 other posts of spunkluvr 
I used to make spunk-cubes in the freezer and suck on them the next time I wanked.
By Ananas2xLekker at 24,Apr,24 13:39 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"Daddy, can ice-cubes spoil? These ice-cubes make my lemonade look milky
and taste really strange."
By spunkluvr at 27,Apr,24 06:46 other posts of spunkluvr 
I've never known them spoil. Just don't use the old-fashioned metal ice-cube trays - they taint the taste.

By #714423 at 25,Apr,24 17:34
if i don't eat my cum i have syringe and suck cum up insert it in my ass and shoot it in my ass

By curious10 at 24,Apr,24 21:36 other posts of curious10 
use it a lube for dildo when I pound my hole

By Jamie at 24,Apr,24 19:41 other posts of Jamie 
Sent by FedEx to bjuk

By skip12 at 24,Apr,24 18:26 other posts of skip12 
I snorted it.

By #623140 at 05,Aug,20 20:38
I like to edge and get a load to release without ejaculating then shoot the sperm into my ass and dildo it hard.

By #622014 at 24,Jul,20 03:08
I don't think of it as weird but when I masturbate, and I'm alone, I will pinch the head of my cock as I cum so that nothing comes out. After cumming I put my palm under the tip of my cock and release my cum into my palm. Then I bring cum to my mouth and lick all of it from my hand. I enjoy cum, especially straight from the tap. But I am savoring my own cum a LOT because of covid-19.

By #516354 at 23,Jul,20 07:07
My ex wife/Mistress used to make cum on my food and it.She would then give me a glass of her pee to wash it down with.

By Horatio at 22,Jul,20 07:01 other posts of Horatio 
Had an ex who was obsessed with my cum. She would eat it out of her pussy when I creampied her, or if I came in her mouth, she would rub it into her pussy. One time she pulled out a container and said I had to cum in it every time I shot a load (even if she wasn't there) and freeze it. She didn't tell me what she was going to do with it. Then about 2 months later when the container was full, she defrosted and warmed it up, sucked some of it up in a syringe (no needle on it), bent over and squirted the first one in her pussy, then the next one up her ass and with the rest, got it in her mouth. She then sucked me off with sloppy used cum blowjob, swallowed what was left then asked me to fuck her ass, then back to her pussy and then her ass and so forth. Then blew in her mouth to finish and she licked all the frothy cum from my cock, her pussy and ass. It was an amazing surprise. The next day she brought a container over, but it was her pussy grool and we did the same thing.

By #583549 at 30,Mar,19 20:29
I have shot my load into a bowl of cheerios and milk.It tasted fantastic!
By #582293 at 30,Mar,19 22:24

By #551082 at 03,Apr,18 13:41
At one of my old jobs there was a lady i didnt really like. I had keys to all the offices as i worked in maintenance. One day i jacked off & scooped my cum off my belly into an empty visine bottle and the next day while she was out of her office, i put it in her dr pepper on her desk. And then watched her drink it !!!

By #553685 at 02,Apr,18 15:34
ive jerked into a condom then ate it

By leopoldij at 22,Mar,18 18:03 other posts of leopoldij 
I've sold it on ebay.

By wycowboy at 22,Mar,18 05:46 other posts of wycowboy 
I used to work as security at a hotel. I left my cum all over that place. In vacant rooms, the pool, the hottub, sauna, hallways, shuttle van, waitresses, guests, everywhere I could think of.

By shackles at 22,Jul,16 16:41 other posts of shackles 
I recently lived out a fantasy. I used a custard filled donut as a J/O toy, added my cum to the filling and ate it all up.
By smcock at 23,Jul,16 04:14 other posts of smcock 
MMMMMMM that sounds delicious

By stroker11 at 21,Mar,18 09:41 other posts of stroker11 
Next time please take a vid, sounds absolutely delicious!

By #324336 at 09,Apr,15 22:18
i have wanked into a condom and put it on a dildo.pretended to give the dildo a bj and used my teeth to make a hole in the condom and sucked out the i was giving someone a bj.
By #535695 at 17,Mar,18 11:41

By leopoldij at 14,Mar,18 18:28 other posts of leopoldij 
I sent it as a gift to a politician.

By #22751 at 08,Sep,09 03:56
its not really weird but I've been collecting mine for about a month now in a clean beer bottle. I'm filling it up pretty nice :). I'm surprised it doesn't stink, it actually has a caramel smell pretty sweet actually :) what should i do with it ? any ideas haha
By Blade at 21,Oct,14 02:57 other posts of Blade 
thats just gross dude. I'm open to 99% crazy shit, but I don't get that....
By #311947 at 12,Aug,15 18:09
By #485312 at 13,Aug,15 01:27
give it to your mother in law for xmas *lix*
By leopoldij at 14,Mar,18 18:07 other posts of leopoldij 
She might actually like it and demand to extract it herself. ..

By #531302 at 14,Mar,18 15:09
I use to jerk off into a plastic container every day I didn’t see my gal freeze it add some more then Re-freeze it until I had a fair amount. I would bring it to her and she would add it to her hot cereal coffee even gulp it Dow straight (once it warmed up). She would lick it clean and ask for a refill. Kinkiest time is when I blew my load on her face as she drank my cum from the container down.

By stroker11 at 14,Mar,18 13:05 other posts of stroker11 
Always looks great when a large well stroked load is added to a fresh cup of coffee...slurp up with the first big sip...yum!

By #504674 at 22,Jul,16 17:04
used 4 vaping

By #496814 at 18,Jul,16 16:27
I have turned mine in a beautiful babygirl a couple of years ago.

By #281008 at 12,Aug,15 21:29
dont know wat i do with it but feels gud

By jocstfr at 12,Aug,15 13:54 other posts of jocstfr 
It's not really that weird but it was funny. My gf was giving me a hand job in her car and I shot a massive load all over her dashboard. Cum was literally dripping from the radio dials. As I was squirting she kept pointing my dick in a different direction where it would make less of a mess but it continued to spray all over. She then started screaming at me saying that if I had a foreskin it never would have happened as the foreskin would have caught most of the cum.

By #159671 at 18,Feb,15 08:51
Once I had this crazy idea and got a foot long Italian hoagie, just so I could fuck it. Felt good but cold at first, but then I thrust a bit too hard and split the bread wide open. Barely held it together until I came in it. Ate it afterwards, but I don't think it tasted any better.

Maybe I should try a Stromboli next time?
By #485312 at 12,Aug,15 13:13
how did the Stromboli turn out?? *lix*

By #143536 at 20,Dec,14 15:58
As a teenager, I would put two pillows together, slide my dick in between and go at it. I would just unload my cum on the pillows and leave it there. Man those pillows got crusty!
By Blade at 18,Feb,15 03:22 other posts of Blade 
Were they your pillows?
By #143536 at 18,Feb,15 18:18
Yes, they were mine. I would pull back the pillow cases, fuck the pillows, then replace the pillow cases.

By #462085 at 16,Feb,15 19:23
Came in a shot glass. Waited ten minutes then drank it. Don't know if it was yummy or not. Fell asleep

By #3601 at 10,Sep,09 20:54
Put the sperm in a bowl with cereal and milk, and i eated.
By #457775 at 29,Nov,14 05:21
I want to share it with you

By #456050 at 21,Oct,14 03:20
Haven't done it yet, but I've thought about getting one of those plastic molds you use to make popsicles' and pulling it out of the freezer each time i jerk off till i fill it up then maybe eat it after dinner for dessert one day
By #457775 at 29,Nov,14 05:20
I'd like to have that dessert with you

By Blade at 29,Nov,14 03:57 other posts of Blade 
I've literally left my cum in so many places, but the weirdest was all the cum I left at my friend's house. We were jerk off buds, and basically, when he wasn't around or wasn't looking, I'd shoot my cum all over the place. I'd shoot some place and when he looked at me, I'd pretend to cum into my tissue.

A couple times I shot my cum in front of him, but I'd clean it up if I got on anything he didn't want cum on. He was a slob, so that wasn't much.

He had me cum out the window after a while, and I laughed and played dumb, as his dad's car was under the window. I came all over his house when no one else was home.
By #457775 at 29,Nov,14 05:19

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