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whats your ideal penis size........and honestly

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Started by #46562 at 26,Jan,10 17:23
hello everyone just wanted to know what is your ideal penis ize and honesty......or does size even matter?.......did you know the average penis size is 5.07 inch's?

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By my_cute_dick at 20,Aug,14 03:42 other posts of my_cute_dick 
I dont care, as long as women make happy and satisfied with my hard dick. 5.0 inches only.

By #289712 at 24,Jan,14 23:55
6 3/4 length and girth at the base. Pretty average but I reckon he's ok. No complaints
By #341563 at 25,Jan,14 12:10
Girth at the base is important
By #289712 at 28,Jan,14 14:38
He goes alright, im happy.

By cockslut69 at 27,Jan,14 06:21 other posts of cockslut69 
I like a nice meaty 7 inches so I can swallow it and have a really good ride

By #291694 at 16,Jan,14 03:25
My ideal penis size is 6.5"-7.5" long and 5"-6" girth. My husband is 6.3" x 5" Size does matter to an extent. Yes I did know that it was around 5"

[deleted image]
By dickstits01 at 27,Jan,14 00:01 other posts of dickstits01 
I'm a 7.5

By #291618 at 25,Jan,14 22:03
I would say a 7 inch cock looks ok to my (mine is 6.2) i dont know its just that a 7" is like a good looking cock

By #369710 at 24,Jan,14 23:34
Does anyone like my dick? [deleted image]

please rate. let me know what u think.

By #358797 at 23,Jan,14 00:26
Well, I bottom out around 6ѕ, so at least that... and thick. I get off rather hard on being continually bottomed out on.
And yes, size does matter (for me, anyway). I'll look at anything, but I'm extremely picky about what makes entrance.

And yes, I know the average size.

By #437064 at 22,Jan,14 02:43
My interest in males is almost nonexistent unless he's packing 8" plus
By #60507 at 22,Jan,14 10:08
[deleted image] Do I qualify bro?

By foreskinlover52 at 22,Jan,14 05:12 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Anywhere between 3 to 7 inches or 12 to 19 cm..Must have foreskin!

By #328534 at 05,Jun,13 15:40
5 to 6 inches is best for going deep on or for anal sex and bigger ones are good to play with but any size is fine as long as its able to get rock hard
[deleted image]
By #299180 at 25,Jun,13 23:14
Mmm can I play with yours ?

By #368616 at 21,Jan,14 21:37
This looks perfect

By #218876 at 21,Jan,14 19:59
[deleted image] does this look ideal?

By #11431 at 17,Jan,14 10:28
5 inches long and a girth of 6 inches would be my pref.
By my_cute_dick at 17,Jan,14 12:50 other posts of my_cute_dick 
VIsit my page

By #447569 at 15,Jan,14 03:14
I am happy with my 8 1/2". The odd time it has been too long for some partners, but it makes friends for me at the nude beach.

By boc at 15,Jan,14 02:27 other posts of boc 
Most my gfs have told me that mine is the ideal size.

But maybe they are just saying that, and don't really mean it.

By #435580 at 15,Jan,14 00:57

By jackthestripper at 26,Jun,13 00:14 other posts of jackthestripper 
The first time i got to play with another cock, his was smaller than mine. after havinng noticed i sucked it and made it cum. the second was with a cock that must have been 9 inches. i lloked at it and then i sucked him till he came. i was more interested in making them cum. their size were different than mine, so i guess... any size?
By #315268 at 26,Jun,13 03:22
i agree

By #90645 at 07,Jun,13 05:19
i do not know what is my size. can any body se my picture and can tell me my penis size.

By #394343 at 24,May,13 14:53
Ladies really enjoy mine. 9x6
By WristThick at 28,May,13 20:24 other posts of WristThick 
Big dick no doubt, but I don't believe any claims 8" or up for length or 6" or up for girth unless I see some decent measured or comparison pics.

By Odin_york_pa at 27,May,13 05:58 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I prefer on the "smaller" size, under 6" is perfect. Great to suck, can get the cock and the balls in at one time. Plus that size tends to get more rock hard than the monster ones.

By 67malibu at 26,May,13 22:55 other posts of 67malibu 
I much prefer a attractive penis even if it is small, but it's nice to bob on a really big one, but for bottoming small to medium.

By gedert at 26,May,13 06:27 other posts of gedert 
an ideal size is 8"-9"

By #214409 at 25,May,13 22:46
I don't know, I guess below 4 to 5 inches the difference must be felt, as well as when one is over 9 inches. Between that it has more to do with skills than size...

By Guy at 25,May,13 09:38 other posts of Guy 
I get boner to 6.4

By pifad at 27,Jan,10 11:14 other posts of pifad 
Size doesn't matter much to me. I like cock. All kinds. I am 6.5 erect and drop to 2" soft.

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