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Jerking off at work!

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Started by #518526 at 22,Dec,17 14:53
How many of u will sneak of to the bathroom and rub one out in the middle of the day?
I love to cum at work, or well anywhere really.

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By Maxream at 06,Oct,23 14:24 other posts of Maxream 
I jerk off at work almost every day. Sometimes it's more than once.
By tb1 at 06,Oct,23 18:12 other posts of tb1 
I used to do a lot

By #694265 at 06,Oct,23 13:32
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By geboza at 22,Sep,23 22:15 other posts of geboza 
Igen ! Sokszor csinбltam, mert йjszakai ьgyeletbe amikor nem volt mбs dolgom, akkor a pihenőszobбba
levetkőzve fйl йjszakбkat tцltцttem el sajбt magam izgatva !
Van egy цnvallomбsom йs idemбsolom nektek :
Szeretem a meztelen testem fogdosni, gyъrni, gyцmцszőlni,йs felizgatni !
Йlvezem a forrуn kemйnyedő faszom finom lьktetйsйt, kemйny seggem simogatу markolбsбt.
Testem kйjelgő tekergйsйt, amikor a tьkцr előtt tetszelegve pуzolok,
йs mutogatom magamnak faszos jбtйkaim.
Jу, hogy igy van, mert mбr legalбbb szбzezerszer jбtszottam magammal
a tьkцr előtt, forrуn lihegő, izgatott, meredező faszъ бllapotba.
Buja йlvezettel, уrбkig йlveztem. йlveztettem magam !
Minden perce csodбs volt.Nagyon sok lihegő,sajбt testem izgatу, vбgyamtуl forrу
pillanatot йltem бt. Sokszor a remegйsig felfokozott gerjedelmemben
őrьlt extrбzisban szorongattam magam, йs az йlvezйs előtti pillanatokba lьktető,
nagy faszom !
Ugrбllva cibбltam,rejszoltam az йdes farkam, йs markolбsztam a valagam.
Nyцszцrцgve mondogattam: ЙDES FASZOM, DRБGA VALAGAM !
Ha fogom, бllу faszom, akkor nйha ъgy йrzem, hogy sajбt magam fogom
йs йn egйszbe egy nagy fasz vagyok !


By Lvphose at 07,Jul,23 20:36 other posts of Lvphose 
I had my own office and as a male nurse I worked with mostly women. Sometimes I’d go into my office close the door and jerk off thinking of one of my coworkers!

By wycowboy at 21,Jun,23 15:04 other posts of wycowboy 
I've jerked off at almost every place I've worked in the last 20 years. I used to work security at a hotel at night. Wandering around the property I found many places to wank. I'd sneak in to unoccupied rooms at night to strip off and jerk in the hall, I would strip off and jerk in the sauna and the hot tub, there were many places to have fun.

By Harrycarrot at 21,Jun,23 07:12 other posts of Harrycarrot 
Retired now but I used to work in IT and was often last out of the office or there on my own.

I used to go into the ladies toilets and sit in a cubicle wanking and thinking of all the ladies who had pissed there during the day

By Gulpereel at 18,Jun,23 16:59 other posts of Gulpereel 
I did in the bathroom at work a couple times

By PSerect at 05,Jun,23 20:52 other posts of PSerect 
I work at an adult store part time so theres always something to get me excited. I usually will JO 3 or 4 times at work
By leopoldij at 05,Jun,23 22:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Ever jerked off in front of a girl?
By PSerect at 06,Jun,23 02:46 other posts of PSerect 
Yes I have. But not at work. When I was in my 20s, I lived across the street from a woman who was also in her 20s. Her younger sister and her sisters best friend also lived there with her. We were always friendly towards each other and one day she invited me over for cocktails and BBQ. When I got there,I could tell the girls had already started cocktails without me, so I did my best to catch up. After cocktails and food the girls one by one approached me about giving me a blowjob which I politely declined. By the end of the evening, all of us were fairly hammered and they finally asked me why I didnt want them to suck my cock. I told them I was flattered, but that I was gay. The older sister said we invited you over because we wanted to suck your cock, but if we cant, can we at least see it? I said sure, and i pulled it out of my pants and started slowly stroking it which got them pretty excited. I kept stroking it standing there half drunk in front of them, and they all got naked and st on the couch next to each other and started fingering themselves. So I kept stroking, they kept fingering and before long, I shot a load all over her coffee table. They were whooping and clapping so it was pretty cool, then I zipped up and headed home. After that, it became kind of a regular thing where I would go over and we would all masturbate in front of each other.
By leopoldij at 06,Jun,23 04:48 other posts of leopoldij 
That's really hot. I like the way you described it too. So the two sisters were masturbating together?
By PSerect at 06,Jun,23 08:15 other posts of PSerect 
Thanks. Yes the sisters were masturbating, but they didnt touch each other
By leopoldij at 06,Jun,23 08:24 other posts of leopoldij 
It's really very hot.
I too masturbate in front of women, but I've never done it in front of two naked sisters.
By PSerect at 08,Jun,23 05:45 other posts of PSerect 
Well, that went on for about a year or so and it was kind of random when it happened, but one of the few times where girls got me hard. It ended when they had party one night and someone knocked over a candle and burnt the houe down. I've hooked up with several straight couples in the past and that could be hot as long as the guys dont get too turned on. Cause if they do and their wifes/gfs feel threatened, its gets very ugly. One couple I played with that were always fun was this hot very straight looking guy and his very sexy gf. They would invite me over sometimes to play and the gf was in charge the whole time. She would give him orders and he would do it. Sometimes he complained but he still did whatever she said. She was one kinky girl, and the bf was this hot construction worker type.
By leopoldij at 08,Jun,23 06:26 other posts of leopoldij 
There's something very exciting whet you have the chance to masturbate and be watched by women
By PSerect at 14,Jun,23 04:37 other posts of PSerect 
Theres something exciting when people askyou you masturbate in front of them. man or woman
By leopoldij at 14,Jun,23 12:02 other posts of leopoldij 
I like doing that!
By PSerect at 15,Jun,23 06:31 other posts of PSerect 
Me too. I was at a private club in New York state once,
and it was my first time there. It was a sexually open group there of around 50 people I guess, and that night I.D.lube was there giving away free
samples of lube and raffling off sexy uderwear so the sexual energy was pretty high. After some time I looked around and saw that most people had shed most of their clothes and were dancing and grinding on the dance floor in their underwear, most women were topless by that point. Being new, I drew a lot of attention, but I was hanging back, leaning against a wall in a skimpy black thong just watching because I really didnt know anyone. Eventually a cute couple came up and introduced themselves and we engaged in the usual small talk which quickly turne to sex. They commented on my bulge and asked me if I wanted to come back to their cabin after the club closed for the night. While we were discussing what kind of fun they had in mind, the woman grabbed her husbands hand and placed it on my bulge and he immediately started squeezing and massaging it. I was so horny by this point I said "if you keep doing that, Im going jerk off right here and cum all over both of you". She looked me dead in the eye and said, "ok , lets see". I said really? You seriously want me to jerk off right here in front of everyone? She said everyones wrapped up in their own thing, no one will even notice, so I said ok. What the hell, I was horny and drunk and hard, so I pulled out my cock and started slowy stroking it. The two of them were getting so turned on they were grabbing and playing with each other watching me the whole time. Then I heard the I.D. lube guy on the microphone telling everyone to look at the guy in the corner jerking off and with that, threw me a bottle of lube. So I figured why not, Ill proably never see these people again so I poured lube all over my cock and balls and started jerking. Soon evryone was cheering me on and whistling so I kept going until I felt my balls twitch and started cuming so hard I almost passed out. In the end lots of cheering and offers to go home with various people and the I.D. lube guy gave me a free shirt and some other prizes. I ended up going home with the couple that started the whole thing. That was a once in a life time thing that i would have never thought would happen to me, but it did, and I jerked off many many times over the years thinking about that night I blew a load in front of total strangers.
By leopoldij at 15,Jun,23 09:46 other posts of leopoldij 
Sounds awsome dude. I'd do the same if I had the chance.

Did the couple get naked while you were jerking off?
By PSerect at 16,Jun,23 05:21 other posts of PSerect 
Yeah, they got naked. I think most people ended up naked.
The part I didnt tell was that this private club was at a
clothing optional resort so some of the people there were naked from the beginning. It was fun and Im glad I had the
By leopoldij at 16,Jun,23 22:02 other posts of leopoldij 
I want to go there too!!!

By #662360 at 06,Jun,23 07:40
Yeah! Jerking off with girls watching is always so hot! I remember student parties where everyone got naked and the girls started asking us boys to jerk off for them. Girls would do erotic nude poses like in porn and several of us would get round her and jerk off splashing her with cum.
By PSerect at 06,Jun,23 08:16 other posts of PSerect 
Sounds hot....even to a gay dude

By BigDaddy132 at 07,Jun,23 18:52 other posts of BigDaddy132 
I have fantasies about fucking my boss. I want to eat her pussy on her desk while she plays with her big fat tits and then fuck her til she cums violently. Had to jack off at work so I wasn't hard all day

By PITBULL at 05,Jun,23 23:55 other posts of PITBULL 
Sometimes I will get hard on at work and I jerk off at my desk. usually, I jerk off about 11 times at work during the week

By #695889 at 05,Jun,23 15:23
It can be quite fun
By tb1 at 05,Jun,23 18:49 other posts of tb1 
It sure can

By #662360 at 22,May,23 07:39
I certainly do. I’m in open plan not my own office. There’s lots of eye candy in tight tops and short skirts around me. If I get a good upskirt glimpse I’m off to the restroom while she’s fresh in my mind!

By RealTitsLover at 01,Jan,18 17:02 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Why jerk off at work when you can have sex at work?
By anyfun at 10,Jan,18 18:18 other posts of anyfun 
I agree. Done that a couple times

By leopoldij at 10,Jan,18 21:58 other posts of leopoldij 
Correct, but sometimes sex is not an option, whereas jerking off and be watched may be an option. It's been for me

By #521857 at 01,Jan,18 16:46
I did it, but Always when I was closing а store. I want to try it in the fields/greenhouse of my new workplace but it's hard because I'm rarely out of sight of my boss/coworkers and usually close to a road where the local cocaпne kingpin lives so theres some traffic all the time even if it's un the middle of nowhere

By #485312 at 29,Dec,17 12:12
if it needs beating, it just has to be done *lix*
By anyfun at 29,Dec,17 17:12 other posts of anyfun 
I agree

By leopoldij at 31,Dec,17 11:57 other posts of leopoldij 
I ha.te jerking off in the toilet. I prefer an office.

By #547309 at 29,Dec,17 01:19
I love jecking off anywhere but I love it when I get spied on especially in the car when I pass a bus, it is so exciting..

By #545362 at 28,Dec,17 22:24
I have a hot female colleague sitting across the hall from me and I can see her from my office....was feeling horny one day so I whipped out my cock and jacked off under my desk while watching her. As I shot my load she got up and walked into my office to ask me something. I had to really hold my pose with a load of cum on the floor and a throbbing cock under the table !

By anyfun at 28,Dec,17 16:09 other posts of anyfun 
I do it multiple times a day

By #541788 at 26,Dec,17 09:19
I love cuming on my desk at work [deleted image]

By #64328 at 26,Dec,17 01:18
Jacking off in diffrent places is super hot

By #44980 at 24,Dec,17 21:00
Do it all the time, smartphones are the best for pocket porn!!

By #518391 at 24,Dec,17 16:07
If no one is around, I'll shoot a load on to the top of my desk, or if people are about, nip into the store room and try to miss all the files...often not! Least favourite choice is to go into the toilet, but sometimes necessary...and lots of mopping up jizz which hits the walls as I whack my cock furiously.

By leopoldij at 24,Dec,17 15:08 other posts of leopoldij 
jerking off can be practiced anywhere, with a certain degree of caution.

By spermkiss at 22,Dec,17 17:01 other posts of spermkiss 
Who hasn't done that?

But, man, you should get a job where your work is sex. Imagine reporting to the job, punching the clock, taking all your clothes off, having your ass make up applied, suck and fuck all day, get dressed, punch out and go home. Then at the end of the week you get a paycheck.

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