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Nice shaved cocks

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Started by ALEXHOT at 05,Apr,18 16:30  other posts of ALEXHOT
Shaved cocks

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New Comment

By #1102 at 16,Jan,22 12:28
[deleted image]
By Komp122 at 31,Jan,22 07:13 other posts of Komp122 

By #660455 at 17,Jan,22 23:34

[deleted image]

Let me know what you think?

By PSerect at 16,Jan,22 23:45 other posts of PSerect 

By drew at 16,Jan,22 18:55 other posts of drew 

By yellowman at 11,Jan,22 09:39 other posts of yellowman 

By bil47 at 10,Jan,22 15:59 other posts of bil47 

By PSerect at 10,Jan,22 15:24 other posts of PSerect 

By biguyfunn at 08,Jan,22 13:15 other posts of biguyfunn 
Love smooth cock and balls

By smallfrenum at 08,Jan,22 05:17 other posts of smallfrenum 

By thicknsmooth at 07,Jan,22 03:30 other posts of thicknsmooth 

By corby at 06,Jan,22 08:38 other posts of corby 

By Lucky at 05,Jan,22 10:17 other posts of Lucky 

it is just a horny feeling to present him so naked and without hair

By Dick60 at 19,Dec,21 16:24 other posts of Dick60 
I want my first dick I suck to be shaved

By Lik2play at 01,Aug,21 11:11 other posts of Lik2play 
I like it smooth

By Wipperman at 28,Jul,21 11:13 other posts of Wipperman 

By s0m3r4nd0m at 24,Jul,21 23:55 other posts of s0m3r4nd0m 

By up-for-it at 24,Jul,21 17:05 other posts of up-for-it 
I have never seen a cock with hair on it, as far as i know they are all naturaly hairless

By Rabbit420 at 24,Jul,21 15:32 other posts of Rabbit420 

By kupreanoff at 17,Jul,21 16:18 other posts of kupreanoff 

By Rabbit420 at 17,Jul,21 11:07 other posts of Rabbit420 

By uncut_guy_in_ca at 20,Feb,21 01:05 other posts of uncut_guy_in_ca 

By drew at 19,Feb,21 22:31 other posts of drew 

By Ray10754 at 19,Feb,21 13:32 other posts of Ray10754 

Not shaved ! permanently Removed completely smooth

By LGA6969 at 16,Feb,21 21:05 other posts of LGA6969 

A few years back now naturally hary

By shavedsmoothbud at 14,Apr,18 23:34 other posts of shavedsmoothbud 
By #634850 at 16,Feb,21 10:41
Beautiful cock

By thesevenpointfive at 14,Feb,21 17:59 other posts of thesevenpointfive 

By Browningman at 14,Feb,21 15:04 other posts of Browningman 

By Rock_hard69 at 07,Feb,21 01:40 other posts of Rock_hard69 
[deleted image] [deleted image] [deleted image]

By ilovemydick at 14,Apr,18 16:25 other posts of ilovemydick 

By Ynottt at 14,Apr,18 12:19 other posts of Ynottt 

By ScottsCock at 13,Apr,18 12:25 other posts of ScottsCock 

By Username22 at 09,Apr,18 14:46 other posts of Username22 
I've been shaving mine for almost 10 years now. The bald skin just feels so much better against my wife's shaved pussy

By kebmo at 09,Apr,18 10:36 other posts of kebmo 
I have usually kept mine shaved for the last ten years.

By tugme at 07,Apr,18 21:33 other posts of tugme 

By ALEXHOT at 05,Apr,18 16:35 other posts of ALEXHOT 
[deleted image]My shaved cock

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