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any extreme cock comparison experiences?

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Started by hypoboy at 18,Apr,18 23:17  other posts of hypoboy
it's so wonderfully breathtaking and taking away any ground underneath when you realize that your buddy you're comparing with is waaaay bigger than you. that moment is priceless and i wonder how others have felt in such extreme moments hehe... was it humilating or was in awesome?

please describe how you felt when you realized that your competitor (a buddy? who was he?) was muuuuch bigger than anything that you have seen before or at least much bigger than you. how did it end?

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By galaxy123 at 07,Jul,23 08:49 other posts of galaxy123 
I went to an old style all boys boarding school when I was young. There were many rituals and games. On the first night in the boarding house all new boys were made to line up and drop our pants and show our dicks and have them measured by the boys in the year above as they had placed bets on who was largest and smallest. I developed late so mine was tiny then and out of 12 new boys mine was joint smallest.

By nekekal at 06,Jul,23 15:57 other posts of nekekal 
my cock is always bigger. I would not feel bad if it were not. My cock is too big for most woman, a bigger cock would be almost useless.

By mrbluesguy at 02,Jul,23 08:07 other posts of mrbluesguy 
I brought my pre teen stepson with me to the gym a couple of years ago and in the shower I discovered that he was bigger flaccid than me and I felt really weird and embarrassed that this short skinny boy was bigger than me. We didn’t talk about it and I didn’t even tell my girlfriend at first. A very embarrassing experience and I wondered what he thought about it when he saw mine. I just wished It didn’t happen and I haven’t told anyone except my girlfriend about it.
By Richie at 06,Jul,23 01:52 other posts of Richie 
what did your gf say when u told her?

By Letscompare at 05,Jun,23 06:10 other posts of Letscompare 
I was 13 or 14, and compared with my friend during a sleepover one night. We were in his backyard in a tent, and we’re laying down side by side, playing truth or dare. At one point he dared me to pull my dick out. I told him I would if he did, and he agreed. We both pulled them out at the same time, and I remember thinking “oh my god I am so out of my league” lol. I had already gone through puberty, so I had the same size dick as I do now. But I remember thinking that mine looked like a miniature toy version of a dick next to his. It wasn’t even close lol. Yeah, it was a little bit embarrassing to be put to shame to the extent that I was, but I felt excitement much more than I was embarrassed. And I was so turned on that I basically started cunning as soon as I saw his haha. To this day I still jerk off to that memory.
By Richie at 08,Jun,23 23:26 other posts of Richie 
What did your friend say?
By Letscompare at 11,Jun,23 07:34 other posts of Letscompare 
He didn’t really say much, although I wish he would have lol. He just kind of laughed. After that night, he started referring to his dick as being “huge” though.
By Richie at 11,Jun,23 14:16 other posts of Richie 

By asianboy at 08,Jun,23 11:32 other posts of asianboy 
By Letscompare at 11,Jun,23 07:39 other posts of Letscompare 
Holy shit both your cock and balls are MASSIVE!! It’d be fun to compare with you and see the size difference between us. Wow.

By #628350 at 05,Jun,23 13:01
I never worried after a woman older than me took out my erect dick, average length but thick and said, ' Now that is a surprise', we then continued to an evening of serious fucking with much cumming from both of us.

By #551324 at 05,Jun,18 12:06
I had. But I was the XXL bull of a cuckold couple. Cuckoldress asked a double picture to compare our sizes, so mine and his little dick.

[deleted image]

By #64328 at 19,Apr,18 18:05
ive compared with several friends and have been larger than most of them and smaller than than some. I have always thought smaller are nicest looking.

By #552510 at 19,Apr,18 10:37
My buddy is about an inch longer and thicker. He says mine is still a fine size, but that's easy for him to say at his perspective... I was always worried about my size. Become fine with it since none of the girls I have been with have complained.

By #520734 at 19,Apr,18 07:01
I've done this when I was at school with a mate. And it was a similar scale. I've was on the smaller end and he was massive. I loved the contrast though. I was pretty embarrassed, he just grinned from ear to ear.

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