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By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 09:20
Hey guys, this is my M-sized dick - i'm very happy with my size and the looks of my penis. currently, i learn how to feel 100% comfy in places where bigger hung guys appear to steal the soft size show hehe...

honesty is a crucial part in accepting one's own penis size in life - if i wouldn't accept and confirm my real candid measurement it would be like denying my dick - therefore, i would never lie about my size! here it is:

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 05:11
Thanks man, apprechiate it. What does it do as you take this?

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 05:08
Actually, my wife quite frequently mentions my penis in a positive way. She sometimes says that i am her perfect size or that i have a great body and a beautiful penis. When she is getting fucked she said in the past that i am a bull or a sex God hehe...

And this after more than 15 years of marriage and my dick is just averqge size hehe... she was always very verbal about these things which i like a lot!

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 05:02
What a hot cock man! Measure on top of your dick and you will see what you truely are hehe ;-)

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 02:37
thanks so much for the 5" to 6" ideal comment man, really nice!

i guess it's true for many things one can do with his cock. i don't agree so much on the photoshop thought as i see plenty of measured dicks on here too who are just quite large by nature... just as an example this sir below. i don't think this was faked - but maybe i am just not critical enough haha...

[deleted image]

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 02:33
thank you man for an advice of another average guy! impressive and nice what you experience with your wife, glad you can rock her well!

i don't agree so much on how common large cocks are, as i see quite many also in real life, even soft some may be longer and even thicker than my fully erected penis.

but maybe this is a skewed situation as hung guys tend to show off and go nude more likely than smaller and average sized guys; just in general thinking.

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 02:30
THAT is so true man! i agree 200% with you!

Early on in my late teen years i realized that i had to open up myself and force myself to public nude situations in order to learn that there are many variations of dicks and bodies out there.

so i went to saunas, started spending more time changing in locker rooms (swimming pools etc.) and nude beaches and became much more confident with my body and my average cock size - even though my eyes were most of the time hanging on the very large real men's cocks (and thus overseeing the many normal sized cocks everywhere)...

By hypoboy at 01,Jul,19 02:26
oh, that is a cute dick hehe...

so, no i am not Bjuka and i guess even though he has a sexy little dick, i am happy with what i have and what i can do with it for people who want it hehe...

By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 20:24
uuuhm, what does that mean?

By hypoboy at 30,Jun,19 10:35
Thank you man for these nice and smart encouraging words! It's good to hear that not everybody needs a huge cock to get satisfied.

By hypoboy at 14,Aug,18 01:08
thanks for your answer - i am 46yo and have no issues or insecurities with my dick at all and wouldn't ask for a feedback, if not 2-3 guys made some strange comments about it recently.

one said it looked "weird" and upon asking he explained: "I think the skin of your dick it's weird. Compared to mine, it's small. Honestly I also don't like the shape of the head." another guy wrote it looked "not completely developed."

i'm looking into understanding what some people could think about my dick and whether the differences to "normal" are acceptable or beyond - for most - not to just get a rating as such.

By hypoboy at 14,Apr,18 10:09
very nice said, man! thanks for your insights...

By hypoboy at 24,Feb,18 02:41
Love the magic with a hung fit black man hehe...

By hypoboy at 24,Feb,18 02:36
Many things in my album, like...

By hypoboy at 24,Feb,18 02:30
is this too thin?

By hypoboy at 23,Feb,18 23:22

My dick at minus 11C

By hypoboy at 23,Feb,18 22:00

Check out for more...

By hypoboy at 09,Feb,18 20:41

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:28

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:27
the advantage of an average dick is that it fits any hole at any time hehe....

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:26
hmmm... - but isn't your bf like around average of size. How do you know so well about that nice pain of bigger ones ;-)

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:25
here i was hard in my jeans. see the other pics what happened next hehe ;-)

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:23
never toys but my fingers or the fingers of my buddy will do well hehe... occasionally as well his average sized dick hehe ;-)

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:22
i love to cum on my balls and shaft... - and love to slide a finger inside my asshole with my cum dripping fingers hehe... feels so good that i can cum another time but this time hands free hehe...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:20
aaaalways, i love my precum - it's so wonderful sweet hehe...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:19
even better when you get hard, it's hard to hide it hehe...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:17
i love showoing off my bulge in locker rooms...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:07
it's the most peaceful thing i can do during a vacation or after a hard working day.... it's such a happy place in my life!

[deleted image]

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:03
i love it too, this exposed feeling of being fully hard under the sun and anybody could see and grab it...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:00
i love that, it's a bit an addiction at times. often i even go and cam and cum (like on this pic) after having sex with my wife...

it's really a big desire to show my dick off and cum for and with some guys on cam!

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 18:58
love it totally; loved the difference is size and color of the dicks... i'd do it anytime again hehe ;-)

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 18:57
yeah big cocks are awesome to see and always get the whoaaa-effects. but honestly, who needs a big fat cock if an average dick can satisfy most of the people on this planet?

any dick is fon to play with as long as the guy involved is being a good lover and not a dick ;-)

let's be honest - no matter what size, both cocks are fun and all you need is some passion and stamina guys!

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 18:52
it was my new neighbour; he came to ask for some butter and i got an erection in my sweat pants as i saw him. then things went on from there as he touched my bulge hehe...

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 18:49
as i show it to you on here i wanted you to fuck me straight down and make my prostate cum hands-free hehe ;-)

By hypoboy at 31,Dec,17 13:25
thanks stroker, we're gonna stroke into 2018!!

By hypoboy at 31,Dec,17 13:24
thanks licksipsuckit for caring that much - and no worries, we opened up that bottle already safely to get into the mood of celebrating 2018 ;-)

By hypoboy at 31,Dec,17 13:21
i wish for some honest rating of my hard dick

By hypoboy at 28,Dec,17 16:39
i can't wait for 2018 to cum...

[deleted image]

By hypoboy at 28,Dec,17 16:38
it's time for new years now....

[deleted image]

By hypoboy at 24,Dec,17 11:17
[deleted image]

...and i have 3 lovely x-mas pics more on my page!

By hypoboy at 11,Nov,17 03:01
i had some hypospadias repair surgery as a boy at 4 and 9 years. my foreskin was used to prolong the pee hole all the way towards the corona of the glans. here's the result; thanks god everything works fine and the visuals, well it is truely unique but some find it hot haha...

By hypoboy at 11,Nov,17 02:56
someone commenting on my pictures once said to me "i hope your kids look better than your cock does"... that hurt me at first (as i had hypospadias surgery on my dick and it's not "my fault" how it looks. Later in life i just thought such person is a complete asshole.

as a teen some girl once said to me as she took it out of my pants: "it's not bigger?? my ex was much bigger than this"
that was sooooo dumb - i mean i never announced anything bigger so.... wtf, she is still not married today but i am haha...

By hypoboy at 23,Sep,17 14:10
ever time i see a toilet roll it reminds me to dick sizes hehe

By hypoboy at 16,Aug,17 12:39
before i had sex with my wife for the very first time, i had no other woman.

she however had one partner before and naturally asked her how big he was. she said "he was slightly bigger"... and that left me in peace.

a little bit is okay, a looot would have been intimidating and humilating, making me less of a man somehow haha....

By hypoboy at 20,Jul,17 20:50
haha no need toapologize, cocks are the way they are and opinions upon them are allowed of course. some find it horny as fuck and others think it's ugly, fine with me.

as to the feelings question: i have no real idea but as i use a finger for my ass or her clit and it already works so nicely to reach orgasms - i can only imagine that anything bigger/thicker would be even more intense probably.

yet still, the horniest times we had sex together was when we didn't do it for longer time before or when we did it super passionately and so on so i guess all that adds to the experience as sex happens in the brains a lot as the say...

By hypoboy at 20,Jul,17 20:46
funny, my wife once said to me as i asked her if she ever wants to try out a dildo:

"no i don't need one, that's your job...!"

it made me so happy and proud :-)

By hypoboy at 16,Jul,17 11:28
imagine such difference in penis size - what about the feelings??? LOL

By hypoboy at 05,Jun,17 14:12
haha you could answer as well if you were gay or bi... ;-)

By hypoboy at 05,Jun,17 12:31

By hypoboy at 17,Jan,17 02:21
how big am i exactly... lol?