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What do U S citizens think about Trump's comments.

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Started by Andthisisme at 15,Jul,19 19:08  other posts of Andthisisme
The world in general,I think, was appalled by President Trump's initial racist tweets. True to form he doubled down on those comments today in a press conference.
Are these really the views of 'The greatest nation on Earth'

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By #588327 at 16,Jul,19 11:04
I would like to see someone who likes AOC and some of her idea explain how YOU are going to pay for it. Having an idea is easy, paying for is the hard part.
By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 11:14
Petro, ideas are a starting point. Paying for it would be done by a very radical way. We call it "taxes". You know, like the way we would pay for a wall at the Mexican border.
By #588327 at 16,Jul,19 21:01
So how much in taxes do you think we should pay ? We don't even pay for what we currently have. We are like 23 Trillion in the hole. We don't even want to pay that. We should admit we can't afford it or keep spendingoney and we can pay for the wall also.

By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 04:52 other posts of SrCums 
Send her back.
By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 10:47
To where? Queens? If you feel that way, move to Queens and vote her out in 2020. That’s how we do it in the USA.
By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 15:14 other posts of SrCums 
No she grew up in the bronx.. Don't even know her?
By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 15:46
The district includes the eastern part of The Bronx and part of north-central Queens. The Queens portion includes the neighborhoods of Astoria, College Point, Corona, East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Woodside. The Bronx portion of the district includes the neighborhoods of City Island, Country Club, Van Nest, Morris Park, Parkchester, Pelham Bay, Schuylerville, and Throggs Neck. Roughly half of the population of the district is of Hispanic or Latino heritage, making it one of the more Latino districts in New York. Before redistricting for the 2012 election, much of the area was in New York's 7th congressional district.
--------------------------------------- added after 43 seconds

District 14. If you notice, Queens is part of it
By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 16:26 other posts of SrCums 
I don't have to move to NYC.. First of all I lived there and its done, dead infested with rats and roaches. 2nd she already dug her own grave when she wants to get rid of cows that fart.
By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 20:42
According to you she wants to get rid of Jews that fart in a land full of rats and roaches. But, Godzillas, it's not always about The Jews
By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 23:40 other posts of SrCums 
The leftist agenda's propaganda always focuses on the Jews. The blacks that support the Left with their vote doesn't get much in return, yet ironically there are Jews that are false to their ideologies that do support the left due to business purposes..
By #578610 at 19,Jul,19 00:39
Why is there always a "leftist agenda" but never a "rightist agenda"? Don't you ever stop to think that every person has an idea how a country should be governed? Tell me about the Kosch brothers. Are they the victims of a left wing conspiracy? The Bible belt does not want to bring down pro choise? The left and the right are just people with ideas to make the country better. People who believe that there's a conspiracy behind every door are the ones responsible for all the hatred in this country

By Andthisisme at 18,Jul,19 12:22 other posts of Andthisisme 
To where????? 3 of them were born in the U.S and the other clearly has qualified for US citizenship to be able to stand for the House. These are all US citizens.
By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 15:01 other posts of SrCums 
To hell where they came from

By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 11:39 other posts of Andthisisme 
I agree that having a policy is easy and working out how to fund it is not, However, that is no reason not to have ambition if a policy is worthwhile.
However personally abusing people because you do not like their policy or politics is not a good way to go.
By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 13:03
I would have to agree with you Anthisisme depending on weather I do the abusing or the one being abused.

By phart at 16,Jul,19 18:15 other posts of phart 
You are correct,AOC needs to learn that abusing Trump is not a good way to go.

Also,Pelosi could use some schooling as well.
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By #588327 at 16,Jul,19 21:31
So how do you want to pay for it ? I think if you see the numbers you might not want be taxed that much. I don't, we can't even pay for what we have now. So how much more in taxes do you want to pay ?
By phart at 17,Jul,19 16:45 other posts of phart 
Get rid of the free loaders and there would be pleny of funds remaining out of the taxes already being paid,
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 16:49 other posts of Andthisisme 
How about we also go after those who don’t pay the tax that they should. Generally ordinary everyday folk do, but the rich, well connected or criminal minded seem to be able to avoid huge amount of tax. Chase them.
By phart at 17,Jul,19 20:52 other posts of phart 
Well, I feel sure some rich folks get out of paying taxes.BUT Hum,where does the money come from that is used for endowment funds and the large donations to hospitals and so forth? The poor? No,the rich.They get a tax break if they give the money straight to where it is needed instead of to the government to distribute.
Who employees the everyday folk? Other every day folk? No,the rich. The less tax they pay,the more wages they can pay. Granted,this is the way the system is designed but some do take advantage of it.So yea,take a look at those folks. But to group all the rich into 1 lump and tax em,tax em hard,no, most are doing ok as things are.
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 21:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
I was not lumping all rich folk together. Just making the point that some wealthy people have the ability to find dubious ways to avoid paying the taxes that they should.

OMG.. I hear this a lot, how the employed and poorer folk really benefit from the huge amounts of money that rich folk make, and how they should be really grateful.
That may be the case sometimes but there are way too many people I imagine, as here in the UK, who are employed by corporations or companies that make huge profits but who are payed the lowest possible wage. I would guess that some of those companies will even use illegals as they are even cheaper.

By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 16:47 other posts of Andthisisme 
So I am guessing that you are against wasting money on ‘the wall’ for that reason.
By phart at 17,Jul,19 20:53 other posts of phart 
No,I am not against the wall.It would HELP, slow down the free loaders coming in.Also it would provide some jobs for people building it.Once finished,they could take jobs left open by the illegals thrown back over the wall.
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 21:04 other posts of Andthisisme 
Are you sure that once the 'illegals' are removed that the population left behind will actually want to do those jobs?
One of the problems in the UK is that while there are many who want to slow or stop immigration the fact is that employers have struggled to find people within the UK to do these jobs - in hospitality and agriculture in particular. Many locals just do not want to do those jobs.
By phart at 18,Jul,19 04:16 other posts of phart 
Let's think about this a minute.Does anyone "REALLY" want to go to work? I mean,we like to feel worthy and productive but very few people have jobs they love.Most do a job because it pays a wage and supports them and their family.
It is not a matter of the people wanting the jobs,it is a matter of them not being given a choice but to go to work if a job is shown to them and they able to do it safely and productively.
If a person gets hungry,they will do 1 of a couple things.steal or go to work.

By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 12:49
earmarks in 2018 totaled $14.7 billion, an increase of 116.2 percent from $6.8 billion in 2017.

Among the most blatant examples of pork flagged by the group:

-- $65 million for “Pacific coastal salmon recovery.” According to its website, the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund “was established by Congress in 2000 to reverse the declines of Pacific salmon and steelhead, supporting conservation efforts in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.”

-- $11 million for an “aquatic plant control program.” The group said that since 1994, there have been 24 earmarks worth $58.1 million for aquatic plant control projects.

-- $663,000 for a “brown tree snake eradication program.” According to Citizens Against Government Waste, the snakes are “native to northern Australia, Indonesia and many islands in Melanesia, and have caused damage to the ecosystem of Guam, where they were likely introduced by the U.S. military following World War II.”

-- $10 million for “high-energy cost grants” within the Rural Utilities Service.

- $2.8 million for the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs grant program, which funds arts and cultural institutions in Washington, D.C.

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes


By Ynottt at 18,Jul,19 18:13 other posts of Ynottt 
Just because someone disagrees with a person of colors politics doesn't necessarily mean they are being racist. If that is the case then there will never be any resolutions to political differences.
By phart at 18,Jul,19 19:24 other posts of phart 
That is so true.
The word Racist is being used alot and incorrectly by some.As for exmaple a person is racist for not liking a religion.Totaly wrong use of the word.

By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 20:38
You really don't see the difference between saying "Your ideas are wrong and should not be voted for." and "Go back to where you are from."?

By Andthisisme at 18,Jul,19 21:20 other posts of Andthisisme 
You are 100% right. I totally agree with that.

What makes a disagreement racist is when the points made by one side focus on colour or ethnicity as an argument and the original Trump tweet did exactly that by saying that these Representatives should go back to the failed states that they came from.

Even now he is not articulating the flaws in these four Representatives political arguments he is cheerleading 'Send Them Back' at a rally. Although it may be he realised that with that he had gone just too far.

By admin at 16,Jul,19 03:07 other posts of admin 
Did you actually read his tweet or only what liberal media said about it?

This is what was actually tweeted:

So interesting to see "Progressive" Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.

I.e. it's not about race at all. There is literally nothing about race. Neither he suggested to them to be gone for good.
By Sir-Skittles at 16,Jul,19 03:27 other posts of Sir-Skittles 

By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 07:23 other posts of Andthisisme 
How can 3 women born in the USA go back to where they came from. They are currently living in the country where they were born. How is that not about race?
By admin at 16,Jul,19 11:54 other posts of admin 
There are 14 congressional members who were born outside the United States, all of whom are Democrats, who became U.S. citizens. As you can see in the original tweet Trump is not mentioning someone by name. AOC and several other usa-born congresswomen triggered but it's on them, not on Trump.

Trump is a skillful troll who makes broad statements that can be interpreted in different ways. It's actually interesting to watch who gets triggered by his statements and what they do.
By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 13:29 other posts of Andthisisme 
You are totally right about Trump and the way he behaves quite deliberately. He may not mention anyone by name but I believe his intention is clear. He is playing to the innate racism of a significant proportion of the US population in the same way that certain politicians did during our own Brexit campaign. They claim not to be playing the race card of course. It is coincidental that people with racist views pick up on these comments and then vote for that issue or candidate.
Whats the expression...'plausible deniability'.
By admin at 16,Jul,19 14:57 other posts of admin 
People see what they see. I'm from a failed country (which has 99.9% white population so racism don't apply) myself and lived in other failed countries (with different colors of population but it does not matter), and I know that many people who ran out of there into Europe or USA then keep supporting (by voting, promoting or whatever) the same policies that ruined their own countries in the first place. So I see this Trump's statement literally, and it's totally correct. Those who did not achieve anything in their ways can't insist that their ways are right. Their color, nationality or race does not matter, only results do.
By phart at 16,Jul,19 15:21 other posts of phart 

By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 17:58
There are 29 members of Congress born outside the USA. They are all from different countries. They are all US citizens as they can't serve otherwise. If your premise is correct, all these people come from failed countries (whatever that means). These people come from the UK, France, Germany, and Japan. Yes,some came from 3rd world countries and some had to flee from there (Cuba). Out of these people, not one has been critical of Trump recently except in supporting the party (Democrats) line. So, who was Trump ranting against? Who did he mean when he said go back where you came from?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

I don't know your country of origin and it may very well be a failed nation, so I'll not opine,but, even in an all white (99%) nation, there is discrimination. There's the rich against the poor. The landowner against the land worker. The Christian against the Moslem. And even the light brown against the dark brown. I won't touch the Indian Cast system.
--------------------------------------- added after 12 minutes

There are many problems to solve in my country. Yet, there must be something that brings the population of other countries to our doors. Some bring solutions, some bring disgrace to their country of origin, some are just regular folks trying to live in peace with their families. What I do know is that Trump, either by ignorance or meanness, is disrupting the moral fiber of a country that always protected the little guy. And it was always done by the opinions and actions of the regular folks, not a king wannabe like Trump

By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 19:34 other posts of Andthisisme 
I don’t know how you define a failed country but a successful country is one with a vibrant democracy and freedom of speech among other things. Freedom of speech is enshrined in the US constitution. You may not like the policies that some people advocate but the US constitution defends their right to advocate them. Calling people communist anti semites is just name calling nothing more not less and the tactic of a bully.
By admin at 16,Jul,19 20:16 other posts of admin 
So, you are saying those who call Trump anti-semite are bullies?
By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 21:15 other posts of Andthisisme 
I wasn't aware that anyone had made that claim; many others yes but not that he was antisemitic.
By admin at 16,Jul,19 21:44 other posts of admin 
There were multiple insinuations about Trump being antisemitic during his presidential campaign and in first year of his presidency. I remember it only because it seemed especially ridiculous to me, considering his grandkids are half jew.
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 16:43 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am not sure why you are focusing on antisemitism the original thread was to do with telling people, who were born in the U.S, to go back to where they came from. This line on antisemitism is not the point I was raising.

By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 10:25
You are entitled to your opinion, Admin, but, all middle of the road newspapers, many congress members of both parties and a good portion of the US electorate thinks it was racist. I, personally, see this as one more occasion where this racist, uncouth, bully, sex offender and male chouvinist pig, has embarrassed my country once again in the eyes of the world. He should not have been elected. I'm hoping this will be remedied with the 2020 election
By admin at 16,Jul,19 11:59 other posts of admin 
Most people thinks GMO is dangerous and there is a bearded all-powerful dude living on the clouds, or worse - many think the government is an all-powerful friendly dude. If the majority agrees with something it does not really make it right.
By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 13:01
Nor does it make it wrong. It's government. The opposite is anarchy and I don't think that is better. New scientific procedures have had their detractors throughout history. Control is the key

By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 16:45 other posts of Andthisisme 
Now that I can agree with : the fact that ‘ you believe something does not make it true or right’ is a lesson so many people on all sides need to think about seriously.

By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 19:28 other posts of Andthisisme 
The best comment that I have heard on this issue was from a US citizen living in a southern state and was that what President Trump has said ‘is unpresidential’. I like that, forget racist or anything else the way that he has behaved over this issue is unpresidential.
By #578610 at 17,Jul,19 15:07
I think that after the last few days, no one disputes Trump was tweeting about the 4 new congresswomen. He said so, too.

By Rocksalt at 18,Jul,19 19:45 other posts of Rocksalt 
Exactly, race wasn't even part of it.

By SrCums at 18,Jul,19 15:15 other posts of SrCums 
Bold... But it was comments that stired up this hatred from Jews and USA in the first place. If you don't like it here, leave..
By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 15:54
So, Trump, who is a white supremacist (a la Nazi Jew hating concentration camp type) was trying to help the Jews? Yeah, right. Trump only likes himself and money. Why not argue about what they propose to help us

By #588327 at 18,Jul,19 03:20
Has anyone got a job from a poor person ? The rich people that people don't seem to like can provide jobs. Some rich people even give way their money
By phart at 18,Jul,19 04:13 other posts of phart 

By #578610 at 18,Jul,19 13:09
Phart, you stated
"Who employees the everyday folk? Other every day folk? No,the rich"
You are not thinking about this. The majority of the population is the "everyday folks". We are the buying public. Those rich people and corporations make their money because we, the little guys, buy their products and services. How long would GM or Amazon be in business if we didn't buy from them. Our system, capitalism, is designed to work this way. Anthisisme is right. These 3%rs that have the majority of the wealth in this country pay the least amount of taxes they can get away with. Trump is just an example. There are many corporations that hardly pay taxes at all.

By #578610 at 17,Jul,19 21:30
Phart, you stated
"Who employees the everyday folk? Other every day folk? No,the rich"
You are not thinking about this. The majority of the population is the "everyday folks". We are the buying public. Those rich people and corporations make their money because we, the little guys, buy their products and services. How long would GM or Amazon be in business if we didn't buy from them. Our system, capitalism, is designed to work this way. Anthisisme is right. These 3%rs that have the majority of the wealth in this country pay the least amount of taxes they can get away with. Trump is just an example. There are many corporations that hardly pay taxes at all.
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,19 21:34 other posts of Andthisisme 
Indeed, why is Trump so determined not to release his Tax information when almost every President since the 1940's has done so?
By #588327 at 18,Jul,19 03:33
What do you want to learn from seeing his tax returns. Do you know lots of tax laws ?

By #588327 at 18,Jul,19 03:17
Corporations don't pay taxes. They just pass the tax onto the product they sell. So you pay that corporations tax. All your doing is taxing yourself.

By Gntlmn at 18,Jul,19 02:43 other posts of Gntlmn 
Yep. Another Putin's-bitch electoral college win depends upon voter apathy....wait... Putin's hacked the system, anyway.

By SrCums at 17,Jul,19 21:23 other posts of SrCums 

By #578610 at 17,Jul,19 17:35
Phart why do you believe this country is full of freeloaders? Yes, there's some, but, I sus
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Suspect you never made much of your life and now you blame it on the "freeloaders" and illegals instead of admitting you were not up to it. You always complain about them.

By #588327 at 16,Jul,19 21:13
I think people are missing some information in all the unlimited money our government has. From my understanding the when we need more money the government basically gives put IOU because other countries believe we will pay the money back. When they don't think we can pay them back. They will stop giving us money. When or if that ever happens we will be in trouble because we can't pay for anything. People just keep talking about spending more money and don't seem to care about paying anything back. That's crazy the government has a bigger problem to fix then tweets
By #578610 at 17,Jul,19 15:02
Most countries will keep carrying us. Their treasuries have huge steaks in our economy (property, bonds, infrastructure) We go down they go down. In the late 80's the Japanese were involved in such a blood bath.

By #588327 at 16,Jul,19 21:36
If every tax payer pays their share of the current national debt. You owe the government $183,000. People like AOC think we should be do more free stuff ?

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By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 22:29
If past statistics can offer any guidance, in 2016, $1.44 trillion income taxes were paid by 140.9 million taxpayers reporting a total of $10.2 trillion in adjusted gross income, according to data recently released by the Internal Revenue Services.Oct 16, 2018
The national debt is like you getting a loan to buy a car. It will be paid or refinanced until it's paid off or the government defaults. It's happened before. Let me remind you that Clinton, a Democrat, brought it down to zero.

By #578610 at 16,Jul,19 18:31
only registered users can see external links

This is CNN news today. I think it says it all.

By Sir-Skittles at 16,Jul,19 03:27 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
AOC is a moron
By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 07:24 other posts of Andthisisme 
Thank you for the well reasoned argument.
By phart at 16,Jul,19 14:19 other posts of phart 
Using the word moron,although it is a viable discribtion,can be taken as a immature remark and not receive the crediablity it deserves.
The better idea is to exspose the blatant iggnorance of the person and let the public read the definition of moron to verify it applies.
That woman got fired from a damn hot dog stand and was a bar tender before she went into office.And the bussiness she worked for CLOSED DOWN shortly after. research the reasons why.
Also,she cost the state of New york jobs in a larger number than the folks that voted for her. Moron is correct but make sure to back it up with facts!

By phart at 15,Jul,19 22:38 other posts of phart 
Well,AOC said publicly she wanted to impeach the motherfucker.
I did not hear the foreign press say anything about that.
Strange how folks pick and choose who they are offended by.
I know sometimes Trump needs to put down the twitter box but all this whineing about his tweets just brings back the double standard thing.Those offended by Trump,could not care less about AOC's blantant display of immaturity and lack of support of our President.I doubt she or the rest could go back where they came from.Probably not wanted there anymore.
AOC has made the roughly 16,000 that voted for her look like idiots for putting a loud,foul mouthed bar tender in a position of power.
To think had she had any brains and had went in with a different attitude,agree or not with Trump,but just went in with a+attitude of lets work together,what potential she had.
Damn shame.

As far as what he said,I have not kept up with all of it.
I do think he needs to use better judgement in regards to sharing his opionions.He is entitled to his opionions,he is American. But telling natural born Americans to back where they came from is not fixing anything.

If you want to know the majoritys opionion on Trump,wait till 2020 november,as myself and 1000's of others vote to return him to office. Perhaps then the stumbling blocks he has ran into while trying to fix America will be decayed and withered away.Flaws or none,he is the best shot America has right now.
By Andthisisme at 16,Jul,19 07:21 other posts of Andthisisme 
I think that your second paragraph is so important if Trump wants to maintain a UNITED States. His strategy though appears to be more aimed at division,
By phart at 16,Jul,19 14:14 other posts of phart 
i can agree we need to work together.The division sadly was here before he ran for office.The last postition holder made sure of it. Trump is simply making it visable to those that have been blind to it for so long.
The folks that his remarks were directed at have made it a point to say hatful things about and towards our President.Publicly.Folks are not paying any attention to them.Trump on the other hand,can say something with a racial overtone and it is heard all over the world. Bare that double standard in mind and you will realize the racism and such is NOT 1 sided as the media wants to project it to you. Trump is for lack of better way to put it,the donkey everyone wants to pin the tail to.
Racism is the worst amoung the 1's who cry the most about it.

By #578610 at 15,Jul,19 21:23
It depends on whom you ask. They are not my views and there's plenty who feel the way I feel, but, he did get elected because a large part of this country liked his crap.
By Andthisisme at 15,Jul,19 21:39 other posts of Andthisisme 
I do believe that he is clear on his agenda for 2020 - to keep saying those things that the [people who voted for him want to hear - and hopefully get re elected. This seems to be all part of that strategy.
By #578610 at 15,Jul,19 21:44
I guess he feels that if it worked in 2016 it will work in 2020. In all my years I never noticed that because of the shame of not sounding politically correct many people did not show their true colors. I'm ashamed to admit that this country, my country, is full of bigoted, racist people.

By wycowboy at 15,Jul,19 21:09 other posts of wycowboy 
Nope they aren't the views of the "Greatest Nation On Earth". But they do seem to be the views of our President.
By Andthisisme at 15,Jul,19 21:37 other posts of Andthisisme 
I certainly hope you are right and I am pleased to hear that.

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