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Bi married guys: Does she know?

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Started by bil47 at 14,Nov,21 19:33  other posts of bil47
Questions for fellow Bi married guys: Does she know that you are aroused by gay porn? Does she know that you love to either suck cook... or fantasize about it? If she knows, is she cool about it?

My wife knows I jack off to gay porn, but doesn't know about the hook-ups and cocksucking.

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By #699703 at 31,Jul,23 15:26
That's why we have joined this site. She degrades and humiliates me as her sissy slut and she would love to hook up with like minded couples and get them to suggest scenarios for her to use and abuse me and then post the pics for you all to enjoy. It excites me too because I am an exhibitionist slut.

By german_guy at 29,Jul,23 15:32 other posts of german_guy 
she doesn't know and I think its better that she doesn't
By tb1 at 29,Jul,23 15:54 other posts of tb1 
I KNOW it’s better that we’ve never find out

By #694518 at 28,Jul,23 18:01
She doesn't know I like cock,but when she sucks me off and wants me to French kiss her after,and of course I do

By Teenyweeny789 at 27,Jul,23 18:30 other posts of Teenyweeny789 
my wife started me into wanting cock again. while giving me blowjobs she stops and kisses me and i taste my cock. she knows i love doing that so we were fooling around one night and she said she was going to call her ex bf to have him come over. well she did and she and me sucked his dick and shared the prize. now we do it all the time.
By tb1 at 27,Jul,23 18:31 other posts of tb1 
WOW, that is quite luvly

By Lookingtosee at 23,Jul,23 17:29 other posts of Lookingtosee 
My wife found out that I was bi due to the fact he told one of his friends and due to the fact she went to school and knew him with him. We only had sex two times. Everything got brought out in the open She found out our first time we gave each other head and that was it.second time we had sex in the car, the back seat I fucked him missionary and came,then how I got on top of him and rode his cock till he came..She knew everything and every detail...she was willing to get past that ,but our marriage broke down for other reasons....about 15 years after that I had a girlfriend find out but I'll save that one for next time

By Jamie at 23,Jul,23 17:20 other posts of Jamie 
I think she knows. Caught me looking at cocks

By BigDaddy132 at 23,Jul,23 16:56 other posts of BigDaddy132 
No. She wouldn’t get it. I would like her to peg me but not likely. Never caught me jacking off to the gay porn though.

By tinypenissaggyballs at 17,Jul,23 15:06 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
My wife caught me watching gay pounds, now she brings home guys and makes me watch them fuck them then suck there cock hard again and let's them fuck me while I jack off.

By pipcock at 30,Jun,23 21:27 other posts of pipcock 
She has seen me wanting with a guy online, and she knows I have a panty fetish, but she chooses to ignore. She has no idea about the scope of my online bi play, nor my meet ups with men.
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Wanking on line
By tb1 at 06,Jul,23 12:58 other posts of tb1 
Keep it that way 👏👏

By #696445 at 24,Jun,23 14:39
Love sucking cock wife suspects I’m Bi but have not cum right out and told her yet love to get cock more then she dose at this point 😂
By #697512 at 06,Jul,23 12:43
pretty much same here!

By #510139 at 22,Nov,21 17:19
I have to say. my wife doesn't know that I have a big fantasy to suck on another man's cock. and that has been a big fantasy of mine for some time now
By bil47 at 23,Nov,21 19:12 other posts of bil47 
Have you ever sucked a cock, or is it just a fantasy so far?
By hornydad23 at 24,Jun,23 09:16 other posts of hornydad23 
i have sucked cock and enjoy it as much as my wife, she don't know it, i also like to be anal fucked, i just like cock,it make me hard watching another man play with his cock, instead horny, you have a nice cock, yes it got me hard

By #693619 at 23,Jun,23 22:03
My wife knew and found it very hot. She had a double-sided vibrator that she would put in her and have me suck, pretending it was her cock.

By #696641 at 22,Jun,23 23:00
My wife doesn't know that I have always had an attraction to men. If she did she would divorce me. I have to say that I would go behind her back for a meet up.

By Small4inch at 16,Jun,23 13:33 other posts of Small4inch 
I've told my wife about every experience I've had, mostly when I was younger and before we were married. She doesn't like to here the stories anymore and doesn't seem to accept that I have a Bi side. I would love for her to watch me suck a cock but I don't know how I could arrange that.

By #694518 at 19,May,23 16:07
Maybe,she fingers my ass when she sucks me off and it makes me Cu m hard

By tb1 at 18,May,23 04:04 other posts of tb1 
fuck no, I’m not an idiot!

By jimbo111949 at 17,May,23 22:08 other posts of jimbo111949 
No, she doesn't know.

By #652979 at 10,Dec,21 22:34
We're not married, but she knows that i had and have dates with one guy.
She also dates two girls who have sex with her once in a while. We are very open in that.
Together, we did participate in a few sex parties.
By bil47 at 18,Feb,23 12:32 other posts of bil47 
I love to go to "sex parties"! (Just all-men so far.)

By Lukas123 at 10,Dec,21 23:44 other posts of Lukas123 
My goldfield don’t know what I’m BI

By #574505 at 18,Nov,21 21:17
No she doesn't know
By bil47 at 27,Nov,21 14:30 other posts of bil47 
Not at all?

My wife snooped my gay porn pic files one time.
By #574505 at 27,Nov,21 15:06
Well she got a hold of my phone and saw i was looking cocks from this site.she delete all my pics.
By #275407 at 06,Dec,21 19:50
Not all of them Jamie, she told me she saved my picture on her phone
By #574505 at 06,Dec,21 20:11
so now I know

By oldfartwatching at 05,Dec,21 02:26 other posts of oldfartwatching 
Nope she does not know. Would love for her to watch me suck a few cocks would ad to the fun
By bil47 at 06,Dec,21 13:56 other posts of bil47 
I would love to do a MMF threesome with my wife, but she said "no way!"

By cumcouplessa at 27,Nov,21 22:45 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Wifey has known for a very long time about my attraction to cock. She's fine with that, long as we both get to play. Don't think she'd appreciate me going behind her back. Whatever we do, we do it together and both get to enjoy.

By Raypark at 22,Nov,21 17:37 other posts of Raypark 
Think wife knows my interest in men, I have told her of my curiosity. She doesn’t know on all the cocks I’ve sucked and played with, nor does she know of this site and me caming on other sites. We have and do watch mmf and gay porn from time to time. She really enjoys them. We occasionally watch live porn sites like Chaturbate, where I cam myself.
By bil47 at 22,Nov,21 17:50 other posts of bil47 
Wish my wife would join me watching Bi and gay porn. She doesn't even like straight porn!

By SluttySarah069 at 15,Nov,21 17:04 other posts of SluttySarah069 
My wife does know that I am Bi and a XDresser. She doesn't understand it and doesn't approve of me going to adult cinemas and saunas. However, she makes the occasional remark in fun re suspenders etc.
I consider myself very fortunate to have a wife who at least tolerates my indiscretions.
By bil47 at 18,Nov,21 20:50 other posts of bil47 
Has she ever watched you have sex with men?
By SluttySarah069 at 18,Nov,21 21:36 other posts of SluttySarah069 
No - nor has she been to an adult cinema with me. She found some very compromising photos of me dressed.
She was not impressed - very upset in fact

By knewbi at 15,Nov,21 16:51 other posts of knewbi 
I don't think she knows but she would be just fine with it if she did know...

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