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Guys Only::::Piss Play?

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Started by SonOfSodom at 25,Sep,22 22:07  other posts of SonOfSodom
I worship Penis. I would love for a Man to piss all over my face before I sucked out his Sperm. I would also want him to urinate all over my bare butt cheeks before he fucked me. Actually, I would even let him piss in my mouth or ass. Are there any guys out there that would do this for me?

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By knewbi at 26,Sep,22 16:15 other posts of knewbi 
Would love a guy to piss up my ass some day.. Have yet to do any piss play though. It's one of a few things left in my bucket to do.
By anyfun at 26,Sep,22 21:06 other posts of anyfun 
I would love that also.

By SonOfSodom at 28,Sep,22 02:41 other posts of SonOfSodom 
My ultimate fantasy would involve at least THREE Men, that is, two for participation & one to film the entire Scene. The Two that will participate would have big & round blue balls as a result of days with no Sex or Masturbation with their fully erect Cocks. On Film I would kneel butt naked before the 1st Man & take JUST THE HEAD of his Penis in my mouth moments before he began to Piss. Then I would start pulling on his Erecting Cock-head with my lips as I felt him begin to forcefully spray his Piss in my mouth & all over my tongue while pummeling my throat as the rest spilled out of my mouth and onto the floor. I suck his Penis to a full erection as the last drop of his Piss drips from my lips. After much ORAL teasing of his Majestically handsome Penis I began to taste the undeniable flavor of piping HOT Semen as he floods my tongue in his Orgasm. He grunts, he comes, his Penis SPITS. I swallow as much of his Semen as I can (most if not all of it). Male # 2 is already in position behind me. HE is looking to seriously fuck some good Ass. His Balls are Blue too. He longs for sexual release. On my hands & knees butt naked I receive his hard Cock in between my Bare Butt-Cheeks. Like the guy that I just sucked off I could feel the powerful sting of his hot piss streaming into me anally just like I could hear it dripping out of my Ass & onto the Floor. At Any rate, his Penis became FULLY ERECT in my ASS & FUCKED IT AS SUCH. I was crying out in FULL PROSTATE ORGASM as my LOVER HAMMERED my ASSHOLE with his PENIS. I was FILLED with his Sperm. I now know how it feels to be impregnated by a MAN.I FELT a Man INSEMINATE my ASSHOLE all over my FACE.
By knewbi at 03,Oct,22 15:14 other posts of knewbi 
Damn!!! Now that sounds like one fucking hell of a great time!!!! If you had lived close by I would suggest that you count me in on that!!!

By SonOfSodom at 03,Oct,22 00:04 other posts of SonOfSodom 
Thanks to all of you that left comments here. Every single one of them made me smile. We are all beautiful sexual beings.

By #677376 at 01,Oct,22 06:08
I LOVE the look of a nice pointed uncut cock, even though am cut. The look of pointed foreskin really turns me on. Added pleasure is seeing an uncut, pointed cock piss!’
By Jimjim at 02,Oct,22 22:50 other posts of Jimjim 
I agree! My cousin is uncut and I remember being so jealous of his equipment when we were young. Mine looked like a little pink acorn and he was half Dominican and 2 years younger but had this long brown pointy dick. The head underneath was purple too.

By bikev at 02,Oct,22 06:50 other posts of bikev 
I have been into pee fun for many years, both ways. When that warm flow hits your face and goes into your mouth it is divine. I love guys pissing in my man cunt then fucking me till the cum. I have had three guys fill me with cum using a funnel to get it all in. What a feeling when a nice hard cock enters a piss filled hole. Have to make sure you have cleaned yourself out first.

By routemaster at 01,Oct,22 08:26 other posts of routemaster 

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By SluttySarah069 at 29,Sep,22 16:53 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I love piss play and have indulged in it with an older mistress and also in male saunas.
I've been pissed on and have pissed on others - great fun for all

By #672476 at 26,Sep,22 06:16
Giving or taking is equally as hot. Love to be stood with them kneeling infront of me, face looking up as I soak them.

[deleted image]
By SonOfSodom at 28,Sep,22 02:06 other posts of SonOfSodom 
You could piss all over my face and then I would suck you dry.
By #672476 at 29,Sep,22 13:09
Can't beat a bit of piss play, especially when you're standing over someone on their knees

By leopoldij at 26,Sep,22 08:45 other posts of leopoldij 
I would piss on you just to see your reaction, but nothing else.
By SonOfSodom at 28,Sep,22 01:04 other posts of SonOfSodom 
That is an interesting response. I like it. It could be a bit more than I had ever bargained for. But it could also be the turn-on of my Life.
By leopoldij at 28,Sep,22 18:42 other posts of leopoldij 
I'm being honest. What I meant to say is that I'm not turned on by men but don't mind facilitating their enjoyment. I'm glad to see happy people around me.

By routemaster at 28,Sep,22 05:46 other posts of routemaster 

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By SonOfSodom at 28,Sep,22 04:23 other posts of SonOfSodom 
I would so let you pee all over my face before you face-fucked me. My ASS would be next & you Predators are already preying upon that!

By wycowboy at 26,Sep,22 18:36 other posts of wycowboy 
I love piss play. I'd be happy to piss on you before a bj or ass fucking you.

By Bobbyd73 at 25,Sep,22 22:31 other posts of Bobbyd73 
I'd be more than happy. /2xq8co1d5rdjpic.html

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