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Started by WOODY58 at 17,Jun,23 17:55  other posts of WOODY58
How many members have been subjected to the slurs and received threats and nasty gifts from PITBULl and Sir-Skittles?
How many members have quit the site due to the unpleasant rants from these two dickless wonders? How many have had their pages trashed and their posted pictures flooded with nasty comments on the subject of their pictures? There’s not much that can be done. Admin says block them and ignore them. I say, “Let’s make their time on site a miserable one. That’s why I’m starting this thread. You don’t need to identify yourself. You can be anonymous.

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By bella! at 17,Jun,23 20:22 other posts of bella! 
Do you really feel that it's possible that any member or members would cause another member to leave? I can't imagine "slurs" and/or "nasty gifts" would cause member to leave, that's a strange reason. As for "threats", what do you mean because I don't believe that admin would tolerate truly harmful or meaningful threats being exchanged between members.
By WOODY58 at 17,Jun,23 22:50 other posts of WOODY58 
Did I feel a member could make another leave? Yes, I do. I've been here a short time. CAT can probably say more, but, let me give you two examples, Jamie and Cody. The threats are empty ones. The internet is not a back alley but, some members believe that their real names and addresses can be found. I've read some of the dumpster threads and apparently there's been occasions where pizzas were delivered in quantity to a member's home. This is a porn site. Few of us could stand the exposure.
By Dev01 at 18,Jun,23 05:28 other posts of Dev01 
Was not just pizza but a large serving of wingdings aswell
By WOODY58 at 18,Jun,23 14:17 other posts of WOODY58 
I have a feeling that it was COD to add insult to injury.
By Dev01 at 19,Jun,23 00:09 other posts of Dev01 
By dgraff at 22,Jun,23 10:36 other posts of dgraff 
That was funny I think monted about shit his pants 👖

By WOODY58 at 21,Jun,23 21:10 other posts of WOODY58 
By pitbull (should be pitbitch, hahaha)

cat a total scummy and disgrace! Fat parts filling up the images on this site... disgusting!

By WOODY58 at 18,Jun,23 14:59 other posts of WOODY58 
pitbull just posted a new blog: CAT and her new forum comments
He wrote to CAT:

What is a decent member for you? Are you a decent member of this site? You are a disgrace to this site. Posting old pictures from more than 20 yrs old just to get more traffic to your page. You are the biggest fake profile maker on this site. More than 8 fake profiles. Lying about your age. photoshopped your pictures so you can look younger.

He’s obsessed with CAT. He questions what is a decent member. ???? If you want to see who is NOT, look in the mirror.
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

BTW, sir-skittles your comment in the same blog is kinda low knowing CAT is a woman, knowing that she can’t answer you, but, that’s the way you are. I feel sorry for your Mom. Anyway, since your fuck buddy wont let anyone post unless they are friends, let me say it here.

Skittles, before you throw mud you should wash your ass. Dripping cum stinks.🖕🖕

By LittleBlueberry at 17,Jun,23 20:44 other posts of LittleBlueberry 
I come here just for the comments good or bad. I don’t think anyone would leave the site because of rude comments.
By WOODY58 at 17,Jun,23 22:57 other posts of WOODY58 
You seem like a nice guy and your opinion is spot-on, but, it can be tiresome fighting bullies like the above two. Members come to the site to show off and chat without inhibitions. Some of us, like CAT, enjoy showing themselves off and taking part in the forums. The first is easy. The second not so much.

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