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Breeding and unprotected sex

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Started by DumpInHer at 24,Dec,23 10:03  other posts of DumpInHer
Let's hear your views on breeding and unprotected sex.
Are there women that what to get impregnated by a stranger?
Will you let your wife, G/f get knocked up by another man?
What if your fucking a woman raw and she not taking protection, will you pull out or fill her fertile pussy?

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By cumcouplessa at 12,Jan,24 20:04 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Wifey cannot get pregnant thankfully. She won't let just anyone fuck her raw, but with the right guy, she does like to have him cum in her. For me? Nothing on this planet compares to a nice, fresh and very wet creampie 🙏🙏🙏🙏. I absolutelly crave eating a hot load out of her swolen cum soaked pussy. If she's keen? I am MORE than happy to watch the guy dump a proper load inside her.
By #708276 at 14,Jan,24 06:44
I would love to give her a huge load

By Gntlmn at 12,Jan,24 21:10 other posts of Gntlmn 
No way I'd risk getting a woman pregnant, or catching AIDS.
By #708276 at 14,Jan,24 06:43
Me too

By epep50 at 12,Jan,24 06:21 other posts of epep50 
I've had several one night stands where the women either insisted we go raw or she pulled the condom off at some point. Most of the time I would give her a heads up I'm about to drain my cum in her womb. Creampies are such a turn on. Wearing a condom or the pull out method completely takes me out of the moment and affects my orgasm and load size.

By Kinkyfukker at 05,Jan,24 11:22 other posts of Kinkyfukker 
I don't wear a condom ever. I ask if I'm not told prior. Most women have wanted me to cum inside them because I fuck like a King. Other women just like it all over their bodies some like it on their face some want to eat it.

I like cumming inside her pussy. And if she's viable it makes it even more exciting.

When you tell a woman that you're going to fill that pussy up with cum and you're not their regular man.. they never say no.

By #705872 at 25,Dec,23 12:44
My wife will not allow condom. She hates them. She tells the bulls straight up before they get there. No condoms allowed.

By wycowboy at 24,Dec,23 16:38 other posts of wycowboy 
It's simple for me. My wife can't get pregnant anymore (hysterectomy) so having a stranger dump a load in her is up to her.

While I love to cum a huge load in any womans pussy I'll only do it if she asks me to.

By curvy8 at 24,Dec,23 10:30 other posts of curvy8 
There is nothing hotter than dumping my load into an ovulating pussy. Nature intended it this way.

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