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I want to cum on my gf's body but I just can't do it 01,Oct,22 11:12
Where are the small titties? 23,Sep,22 09:46
Do you like long and thin? 26,Nov,21 12:31
Rate my curved cock 19,Jul,20 12:03
Giving my gf a morning surprise. Anybody also like this? 10,Jun,20 07:52
I get so hard just knowing that my partner is looking at my cock 06,May,20 09:45
Ladies - do you like my curve? 19,Feb,20 05:46


By curvy8 at 24,Dec,23 10:30
There is nothing hotter than dumping my load into an ovulating pussy. Nature intended it this way.

By curvy8 at 10,Dec,23 09:56
Indeed - I could care less of what his grown man son does. If he was running for office, that would be another thing.

By curvy8 at 09,Dec,23 12:43
I am not voting for Hunter just sayin'

By curvy8 at 18,Mar,23 10:19
Like this?

By curvy8 at 13,Feb,23 00:21
This sentiment does not exist

By curvy8 at 12,Jan,23 10:01
yup mee too

By curvy8 at 08,Nov,22 08:09
Any forum without proper moderation goes to shit really fast

By curvy8 at 06,Oct,22 04:48
Not a problem at all. I love the attention

By curvy8 at 01,Oct,22 11:44
I am jealous of my gf because she can cum at least three times but for me it is only once.

By curvy8 at 01,Oct,22 11:03

By curvy8 at 01,Oct,22 11:02

By curvy8 at 31,Jul,22 11:21

By curvy8 at 31,Jul,22 11:20
Old school missionary, with her legs lifted up high so that I can go really deep.

By curvy8 at 18,Jun,22 10:26
I like it but sometimes it is hard for me to respond because it just feels awkward.

If a woman likes me, then I get all excited.

By curvy8 at 31,May,22 09:33
How about for ladies showing their private parts?

By curvy8 at 30,Apr,22 11:09
Thank you

By curvy8 at 01,Apr,22 07:44

By curvy8 at 29,Mar,22 12:29
Nothing happened because we fixed everything before it blew up.

By curvy8 at 29,Mar,22 12:28
Sadly, we are not the leaders here where we could be and should be. What country is the leader? China.

By curvy8 at 28,Mar,22 09:17
Just FYI, Russia is not communist. That ended in 1991.

By curvy8 at 28,Mar,22 09:11
It is real. All of the predictions are coming true. On the bright side, it can help us lead to energy independence by focusing on renewables and this march of new technology will be the next economic opportunity for those countries and businesses that focus on it.

By curvy8 at 19,Mar,22 08:32
oh yea my gf loves it

By curvy8 at 15,Mar,22 08:05
Curved for your pleasure

By curvy8 at 27,Feb,22 11:36
my gf can confirm

By curvy8 at 27,Feb,22 11:35
it is good for you

By curvy8 at 24,Feb,22 06:31
yes if you like it really deep

By curvy8 at 20,Jan,22 11:33
I am fucking a super hot MILF and her daughter at the same time

By curvy8 at 16,Jan,22 13:58
this one by far

By curvy8 at 06,Jan,22 11:36

By curvy8 at 09,Dec,21 11:33
About an hour, or until my woman tells me that she is ready for my cum

By curvy8 at 02,Dec,21 10:08

By curvy8 at 14,Nov,21 13:24
I am long, thin and very hard. I would say about 20% of the women in my experience like their cervix touched, and the ones who like it, really like it. My current gf can easily cum multiple times when I probe her cervix.

By curvy8 at 31,Oct,21 10:03
my gf says she loves my curve

By curvy8 at 29,Oct,21 09:37
the thing about pussy is that it does not really age like the rest of the body. Some of the most gorgeous pussy is over 40

By curvy8 at 09,Oct,21 11:00
My gf says that my curve allows me to reach her anterior fornix easily

By curvy8 at 05,Oct,21 11:37

By curvy8 at 05,Oct,21 01:14
when I was younger, when I pulled out, I could easily reach my gf's tits, and on a good day, her face. Now, it is pretty much just her tummy.

By curvy8 at 29,Sep,21 11:08
can't we all just get along and share pics of cunts and cocks?

By curvy8 at 11,Sep,21 13:08

By curvy8 at 25,Jul,21 13:07

By curvy8 at 22,Jul,21 10:08

By curvy8 at 18,Jul,21 12:01
Some dude is letting me fuck his wife. We agreed that everything is OK, I just can't cum inside. When the moment comes, he just can't stop us (she wants it as much as I do) and he witnesses me dump my load into is wife's pussy.

By curvy8 at 15,Jul,21 12:45
The one thing I agree about both the Trump and Biden administration is to get away from foreign adventures. The Cubans are dealing with their own antifa. Let them handle it.

By curvy8 at 04,Jul,21 02:12
my GF loves it when I rub it all over her tits

By curvy8 at 01,Jun,21 10:20
The strange thing is that I am longer with a semi

By curvy8 at 31,May,21 09:21
Some of the comments here seem to conform to my belief that women are more into large size cocks than gay men are

By curvy8 at 23,May,21 12:20
Mostly normal unless extreme. My gf loves my curve - it points right to her pleasure spot.

By curvy8 at 04,May,21 15:06
I love the view, and also a way to study what my gf wants. When she was on top the first time, she pushed down so hard on my cock that it was hard against her cervix and bending my cock I thought she was going to break it. From then on I learned that she likes it deep. Real deep.

By curvy8 at 02,May,21 10:32
Curves up

By curvy8 at 20,Apr,21 02:58
For male pornstars my fav is Criss Strokes. His cock is long and thin like mine and his techniques are the best. He always makes sure the woman is ready before he goes for a deep push, and if they don't like it he refrains. He really knows how to use his long cock.