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Are there women with hairy armpits here? 13,Sep,21 10:11
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By abagurio at 29,Jun,22 15:53
I like to be complimented by everyone, men or women, however there are 2 problems with men that sometimes make me block them from commenting and sending PM: some of them send a dick pic as an introduction with is rude and repulsive and doesn't respect me, and some of them are just too aggressive and think that being here necessarily means being attracted to them.

By abagurio at 29,Jun,22 15:47
I'm so glad you shared it. It was beautiful

By abagurio at 25,Jun,22 10:13
I agree. Dark ages ahead of us, not only in US. Why is humanity moving backwards, repeating past mistakes?

By abagurio at 16,Jun,22 10:15
Maybe his toilet lid is wrapped in fur or silk?
It's disgusting to think about the amount of bacteria there is, but at least makes it pleasant...

By abagurio at 10,Mar,22 14:53
I can only guess that it's because it's a kind of mini taboo. Pee is linked in our minds to basic, primary needs, "dirty" sex, without boundaries or shame, but it's still not as disgusting as feces.

By abagurio at 03,Feb,22 19:16
what a sad world we are living in, that don't let people expose themselves freely on the net

By abagurio at 03,Feb,22 19:10
I don't think it's required for all adult platform, just for being a model in cam sites (and also the cam chat in NN lately).

By abagurio at 11,Jan,22 13:12
I think it was from xHamster or sites related to it.
I didn't look at the rest of his pics, only checked this one...

By abagurio at 11,Jan,22 07:55
This pic is of course from a porn site. Here is the original:
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By the "5 FT" sign you can see that this is the right direction.

By abagurio at 28,Dec,21 18:22
I think they are just bored

By abagurio at 15,Dec,21 15:41
I'm really good at calling her a cab once I'm done

By abagurio at 13,Dec,21 13:35
I prefer it hairy. It looks sexier when there's a darker area that emphasizes the pussy location and directs the eye to what it wants so hard to see...
Also, shaved pussy tends to look like a small child, which bothers me. I prefer a mature woman.

By abagurio at 06,Dec,21 07:37

By abagurio at 03,Dec,21 10:54
This kind of picture is DEFINITELY not my type either

By abagurio at 02,Dec,21 17:14
a little bit of both I guess

By abagurio at 02,Dec,21 16:43
you see, I'm special

By abagurio at 02,Dec,21 16:14
actually I agree with you. even though butt hole close ups can be very hot, I would prefer profiles that don't reveal everything and leave some for the imagination (or better - for PM)

By abagurio at 02,Dec,21 15:29
I'm a butt man, so I do like the high resolution detailed close ups, those that make you feel like you can almost touch it

By abagurio at 02,Dec,21 13:09
The but hole can be very sexy. If it's looking good and the picture quality is decent+, than yes, it can ve very stimulating

By abagurio at 30,Nov,21 19:20
I think her name is Demi Allen and she's a model at Morey studio

By abagurio at 30,Nov,21 16:48
It's photoshoped of course... here is the original picture:
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By abagurio at 11,Nov,21 12:36
A place to express my exhibitionist desires

By abagurio at 08,Nov,21 12:10
It's not the taste, it's the texture.

By abagurio at 04,Nov,21 19:29
It depends

By abagurio at 01,Oct,21 13:58
I was about 13 yo and still remember the feeling. It was as if a volcano was erupting from my pelvis in a stream of pleasure

By abagurio at 13,Sep,21 15:10
I don't remember that. Probably didn't look at the right place... ;-)
I mean I remember her, not her hair.

By abagurio at 17,Nov,20 15:50
So they use babies to make oil now??? What has happened to us???

By abagurio at 16,Nov,20 13:20

By abagurio at 21,Oct,20 12:04
I totally understand why men enjoy wearing panties, but I always wondered if women think men in panties or other women clothes are sexy

By abagurio at 15,Oct,20 17:56
Here are the ones I'm following: anastasiya018, hot_game and elisadesire.
From the names you mentioned I could only find Midnightpixie.
But I guess part of the fun is exploring new broadcasters each time

By abagurio at 14,Oct,20 06:33
I just watch whoever is on, checking some shows until I find the one that I like the most. I have some favorites, but don't remember any names.
Sometimes I go to the end of the list, to those that have the least viewers

By abagurio at 13,Oct,20 12:33
I find women with hair in all kind of places (pussy, ass, armpits and even nipples) extremely hot

By abagurio at 13,Oct,20 10:04
mainly live shows, like Chaturbate.
The more it looks like amateur and not professional - the better. Age, size and looks doesn't really matter, it's more about make me believe it's real.
I look at women, couples and trans.
And the best porn is the one I'm in, when other people watch me :-)

By abagurio at 10,Oct,20 14:25
I still remember my first orgasm. It was as if my whole essence was concentrated into a narrow point between my legs and then bursting out in a tremendous stream of pleasure

By abagurio at 07,Oct,20 09:48
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 87 seconds

with some precum
[deleted image]

By abagurio at 02,Oct,20 23:02
Yes, unless it's during labor

By abagurio at 29,Sep,20 17:01
In an orange grove

By abagurio at 28,Sep,20 16:46
You are right. UAE is very far from Israel and both countries have unofficial relations since the days of Yitzhak Rabin. What happens now is only making it official, probably for economic reasons

By abagurio at 20,Sep,20 17:29
I only got a boner in nude beaches when there were dressed up people around. In these cases I just turned over on my stomach until it passed

By abagurio at 07,Sep,20 18:51
Although the facts mentioned in this article are close to the truth, it is very superficial and ignores many aspects, like political interests (of Israel, Palestinian leaders, Arab states, US, Europe and Russia), fear and mistrust, religion (a key player in this conflict) and historic events that influence it (like the holocaust, the events that led to the formation of Zionism and many more).

Still SYD is a very strange place to have this conversation...

By abagurio at 08,May,20 11:09
That sounds great!
Is it common to meet people from here in real life?

By abagurio at 02,May,20 11:22
Why are there 2 forums called "STUFF, JUST STUFF"?

By abagurio at 23,Apr,20 13:21
Mainly superhero underwear

By abagurio at 23,Apr,20 11:30
This is a good picture by all means

By abagurio at 22,Apr,20 21:07
Whatever fills soft or firm (and preferably attached to a beautiful woman, like sofa for example)

By abagurio at 22,Apr,20 20:34

By abagurio at 22,Apr,20 14:21
Doesn't matter as long as it's mine

By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 21:18
Are there any friends from here that you meet in the "real" world, or is this relationship virtual only?

By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 21:15
If you want to start gently and small, I recommend this:
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The handle side of course...

By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 17:12
I think you're mistaking between "like looking at other men's dicks" and "not bothered by them". I'm straight and I'm here for the women from SYC, but it doesn't mean I can't stand the look of men's dicks. It just doesn't attract me sexually