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To Shave or Not to Shave... That is the "real" question.

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Started by #36802 at 21,Apr,10 01:13
I always prefered shaving my pubic hair off. What do you think is best: Big and Harry or Smooth and Sexy?

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By casado at 16,Jan,24 15:15 other posts of casado 

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eu prefiro o meu pau lisinho.

By #408374 at 07,Apr,14 21:05
Well, I always get pickles the next day after shaving it but I also dislike hairy pubes so I use two trimmers. One for my beard, one for my junk.

And having stubbles is like the ultimate thing to girls, the ones who like hairwill like it and those who like it shaven will like it,

By mark_99 at 07,Apr,14 08:01 other posts of mark_99 
ive always shaved my balls and the area between my balls and feels great having your balls likde smooth

By #453528 at 06,Apr,14 12:23
shaved of course

By inca47 at 05,Apr,14 22:32 other posts of inca47 
Prefer shaved - like to see what I've got!
[deleted image]
[deleted image]

By #435701 at 04,Apr,14 20:09

By #311947 at 02,Apr,14 12:59
Smooth and sexy always

By spermkiss at 22,Apr,10 18:18 other posts of spermkiss 
Hairless is the way to go unless the hair is thick and dark.

By #67681 at 22,Apr,10 05:06
I like hair but not bushy... I keep mine trim
By spermkiss at 22,Apr,10 18:11 other posts of spermkiss 
While I generally prefer men to be totally hairless below the neck, if a guy has thick, dark hair, as you do, then hairy guys are really sexy too. Also, if a guy as hairy as you were to attempt to go hairless it would be very high maintenance. So, yes, keep your hair, it looks good.

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