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MMF, how common is this fantasy?

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Started by #81930 at 26,Nov,10 22:38
I wonder how many people share my fantasy of watching ones' wife getting worked on by 2 or three guys? My wife would never go for it, but we talk about it sometimes while we're having sex, and it makes me cum right away. It's about the hottest scenario I can think of. I'd love to see her enjoying some younger guys and seeing them trade off on her and maybe even be a little rough about it. Anyone else share this kind of daydream?

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By Fixittight at 07,Sep,23 17:42 other posts of Fixittight 
I've had both FFM and MMF. To be honest I'll take the MMF any time. It's unbelievable when everyone is on the same page

By htyjut at 15,Jul,23 08:09 other posts of htyjut 
I really really want MMF, one guy to focus on my boobs and other to go deep inside my fat pussy

By wirda at 14,Jul,23 17:49 other posts of wirda 
I have done this fantasy before, which resulted in my husband being a cuck!

Long story short (wrote blogs about it) I ended up Having sex with my ex bf and my friend at the same time. I was caught but my husband let me continue and was jerking off

By Moench at 08,Jul,23 21:23 other posts of Moench 
For me is not about the men in first place,I would like to see my wife has sex with a men with a huge dick 20 cm up. I only like to watching how my wife get up and after he look how my wife handle my little one

By Richie at 08,Jul,23 16:55 other posts of Richie 
I have the fantasy now but I don't have a wife or gf. When I did I would think no way. But now I fantasize about having a gf and watching her get pounded and pleasured in ways I could never provide by a young hung stud who also uses me sometimes too.

By AusDevilMan at 08,Jul,23 15:49 other posts of AusDevilMan 
My wife said that if she ever shares me with another that it’s a sign that she doesn’t care anymore, that’s it’s over

By Lvphose at 07,Jul,23 20:32 other posts of Lvphose 
In this brief vid if you listen you can hear my gf talk about being fucked by me and my bf!

By bil47 at 27,Dec,21 17:05 other posts of bil47 
Just a fantasy for me too. My wife said "no way". But I'd love to watch as she got gang-banged, while I edged my stiff cock.
Or licking my wife's cunt while her boyfriend fucks my ass.
By #697512 at 06,Jul,23 14:26
You bet !!

By knewbi at 27,Dec,21 16:29 other posts of knewbi 
With us it is not a fantasy.. It s a reality and we have has many a threesome as well as moresome...

By #652988 at 27,Dec,21 15:07
I have mmf threesomes and it was great

By andrew999999999 at 28,Jul,20 16:01 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've had an MMF, but not with my wife or girlfriend. It was a great experience, I had sex with both of them.

By #622501 at 28,Jul,20 13:14
I would love to try this . Just wish the opportunity would arise

By tecsan at 28,Jul,20 06:53 other posts of tecsan 
Sorry, but I agree with your wife here...Now what is nice would be FFM...༼☯﹏☯༽

By #516354 at 27,Jul,20 07:57
Not a fantasy for me but a reality:

My ex wife(who was also my Mistress)used to cam our B.D.S.M sessions on an adult dating site.We met and became friends with a local guy(a Master) on there and would cam and chat with him.One evening,without me knowing, She invited him to our house and when He arrived I was ordered by my Mistress to strip.Although He had seen me naked on cam I found it humiliating to be stood there naked (except for my cock cage and collar)in person.I was tied face down by my wrists and ankles bent over a table.The Master then had sex with my Mistress with Her humiliating me by saying things like 'He's much bigger than you'and 'He can last a lot longer than you' etc.When they had both had their orgasms my Mistress came over to me and shoved her dripping pussy in my face and ordered me to lick it clean.Once done She put her strap-on on and started to fuck me in the arse(She had used this before as well as dildos and butt plugs).The Master then shoved His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it and get it hard again.As She watched me sucking His cock my wife thought it funny and started laughing and calling me a 'sissy faggot'.Once I had got it hard He told my Mistress that He wanted to fuck my arse,so they swapped places and He gave my arse a good fucking.After He had cum in my arse I was released,cock cage removed and told to masturbate over the table whilst they watched.So I stood there cum dripping out of my arse masturbating(both laughing and making humiliating remarks at me) and when I had shot my load over the table,They ordered me to lick it all up.
Having His cock in my arse felt completely different to having the strap-on,dildos and butt pugs in there.It was warm and not cold like them for a start and seemed to move in and out differently,it was a great sensation.
We did it several more times with other Masters and She even once invited a Mistress over and also a Mistress and her male submissive.

By #537451 at 27,Jul,20 06:02
Mine will go for it one day. Look at her pics?

By #278535 at 21,Aug,14 05:10
My wife would never go for it but I always love this fantasy

By #59855 at 27,Nov,10 05:14
From Matt's Wife: Maybe you should start with inviting someone in for a threesome or better yet go to a swing club and just look around. At most have sex with eachother in front of some people
By #5532 at 01,Dec,10 14:23
You always have the right answer
By #7976 at 02,Dec,10 03:10
The truly sad thing is that neither of you and your enlightened spouses are anywhere near me. You're both truly exciting and beautiful ladies and having a threesome with you and your mates would be a true pleasure. It's at least good to know folks with you attitudes are around. I enjoy chatting with you and reading your posts.
By #5532 at 02,Dec,10 21:54
Thanks BP
By #7976 at 03,Dec,10 01:35
Love ya all...

By #6437 at 02,Dec,10 11:25
I would love to watch my wife suck and fuck anothr guy and also watch me suck and fuck him

By #33070 at 02,Dec,10 07:05
Fuck i would luv to try it some day Just finding the right people

By #88663 at 29,Nov,10 18:53
My GF and I went on vacation to St Lucia and befriended a man who we wound up sleeping with for 3 nights it was remarkable!!

By #6568 at 28,Nov,10 22:20
It holds no attraction for me personally,...although I would like to be the 'extra' male sometimes! However, as I've posted before, this is a very common fantasy. 'Forum' magazine did a survery some years back and found that one in every five men in an established hetero relationship harboured a desire to see their partner having sex with another male, in various scenarios and combinations, and from mild fantasy to major need etc.

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