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Male Feet, Legs and Cocks

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Started by #165669 at 13,Jun,11 04:01
So, I am facinated with male feet. Yet another one of my fantasies... So, can you show me your feet, legs and/or cock?

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By neednopants at 17,Dec,22 18:22 other posts of neednopants 

By neednopants at 17,Dec,22 18:20 other posts of neednopants 

By PoloFields at 14,Dec,22 22:21 other posts of PoloFields 
Well, most of my feet.

By rowen at 03,Nov,22 13:47 other posts of rowen 

By bella! at 29,Oct,22 03:41 other posts of bella! 
Although the original poster is long gone a member who ticks the 3 boxes, feet, legs and cock is longtime member, Gayleks . Check him out. Your welcome!
By Gayleks at 29,Oct,22 08:50 other posts of Gayleks 
Thank you Bella!
By bella! at 29,Oct,22 10:44 other posts of bella! 
My pleasure. Not only are you are extremely pleasing to the eyes, you are super, super nice. Sometimes those qualities do not align and members are reluctant to reach out. I do hope you have extra visitors come by your page to say hello or whatever they choose.

Have a good day, Gayleks , and thank you! 😊

By LGA6969 at 28,Oct,22 20:49 other posts of LGA6969 

By mess at 10,Oct,22 07:22 other posts of mess 

By hornymat at 10,Oct,22 05:42 other posts of hornymat 

By Lvphose at 10,Oct,22 04:30 other posts of Lvphose 

By Lvphose at 10,Oct,22 04:29 other posts of Lvphose 

By #600269 at 09,Oct,22 13:53
[deleted image][deleted image][deleted image]

By tecsan at 08,Oct,22 05:52 other posts of tecsan 
This one made me laugh a little. I mean what other kind of cocks are there than male???

By neednopants at 07,Oct,22 17:15 other posts of neednopants 

By neednopants at 07,Oct,22 17:11 other posts of neednopants 

By Lvphose at 06,Oct,22 19:53 other posts of Lvphose 
Yes but pantyhosed feet!

By #443738 at 25,Apr,17 05:48

By Dalecash at 16,Apr,17 05:53 other posts of Dalecash 
By 3fdfd at 21,Apr,17 12:00 other posts of 3fdfd 
Great dick, Dale !

By leopoldij at 16,Apr,17 09:50 other posts of leopoldij 

By Hrnyboy90 at 12,Apr,17 23:57 other posts of Hrnyboy90 

By winnie at 08,Sep,13 10:32 other posts of winnie[/IMG][/URL

By winnie at 08,Sep,13 10:30 other posts of winnie 

By #337566 at 07,Jan,13 07:15

By gradurgaur at 11,Mar,12 19:47 other posts of gradurgaur 

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