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Started by #651230 at 07,Dec,22 15:53
who loves their own precum

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By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:22 other posts of spunkluvr 
Love tasting and swallowing my precum and my spunk.

By Greenman1968 at 29,Apr,24 16:08 other posts of Greenman1968 
Mine has been more salty lately. I taste it on occasion.

By cut5x5 at 10,Nov,23 11:13 other posts of cut5x5 

By #688601 at 09,Nov,23 19:06
I lick mine right off the head of my dick and milk what I can onto my lips.i usually rub it on my lips like chapstick so I can lick them and taste it later on...

By doedeldi at 11,Dec,22 12:18 other posts of doedeldi 
I love the taste of my precum.
By Drainitinme at 16,Dec,22 15:52 other posts of Drainitinme 
I’m in the right place yummmm. Since I could cum I’ve been savoring it almost daily I miss my teen friends that I had sleep overs with. We’d stay in bed all night the four of us and I’d go from on to the next sucking them the biggest load won me sucking them to sleep and massaging their balls all night they’d all jerk while I fucked myself and came I. My own mouth sometimes they’d make me stroke with their semen or even piss in my mouth and I’d spit it on my cock as I drained for them. Would love a few guys to hang out with and serve them while they watched a game or something.

By neednopants at 11,Dec,22 11:21 other posts of neednopants 
I love to milk my cock, using a plug or a dildo to stimulate the prostate. That gives me a fine load of sweet precum. I drink it all by myself or share it with a GF.

By LGA6969 at 11,Dec,22 01:20 other posts of LGA6969 
Mine is usually sweet tasting I love the sticky stuff

By #682523 at 10,Dec,22 22:26
Precum is yummy
[deleted image]

By Jamie at 08,Dec,22 20:07 other posts of Jamie 
How this so delicious

By wycowboy at 08,Dec,22 19:57 other posts of wycowboy 
I eat my precum all the time. It's salty and sometimes sweet. I love the taste of it. My cum also.

By #671846 at 07,Dec,22 16:25
Yes. Mine has a sweeter than salty taste. I really enjoy licking my fingers and edging for hours.

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