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By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:57
A lot more than will say so here! If you check sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. If you take that into consideration then many more of us guys can have anal fun as well as sucking and being sucked by other males ust for the fun of it!!!

By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:55
There are a few hundred other choices if you check with the shrink hand book now days.

One main one is hetroflexible (men and omen) Mostly heterosexual but are willing to do some same sex things for the fun of it. That list is more for the romantic side of sexuallity and was developed for that reason. The other option relates to sex and for sex only and does not involve any romantic side of things at all. It is for just having fun with sex. Many of those that call themselves bi do not belong there. They only enjoy the sex part of BI and not the romantic side of it.
So when you tell someone where your fall please think aout the romantic side b4 you go and tell others what you think you are!!!

By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:49
This guy should just go back to the crazy home he lives in and far from this site! Or maybe back to cheating on his wife and having russian whores pee all over his as his furor has don!

By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:47
I bet he does not know anything about the real people that built this country. I also believe this guy must be a real Trump being racist just like his furor DRump!

By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:45
Wow you are so full of it. Do you work for him? If so be careful because he will stab you in the back and then fire you soon!
I would not believe any of this stuff ever with out some massive checking. If this guy tells you the day of the week you better go check that as well.
Every speech he makes is so full of lies it is amazing. Every news organization tells us about all of his lies after each speech. Oh yeah that is from his DAKE NEWS group I guess.
What about the inject bleach to cure the virus that I actually witnessed him say? How about the billions of dollars he had to send to the middle of the US to save them from going broke due to his fuck up in that area with the rest of the world? What about talking with people from all over the world that think of him as a joke leader???
What about his lies about how good a business person he is? He is the only person to ever loose money ruing a **** casino?His golf course in Fl is only still in business due to his going there and having to have the gov bolster up the financials by paying for all of the people and things th PRES spends there? Why has he still not released his taxes so the world can see how bad a business man he is. Every Other PRES has done it in history of the IRS just look it up!
The wall is a disaster! Some of it is falling down because the crooked company he forced the gov to hire did not check all of the environmental stuff and built it too close the the edge of the water and it is sinking. Oh yeah and it had already has been breached several times!

I do not have time to type any more of the crap this crook wife cheater and porno fucker has done to this country in the name of MAGA!!! Wee are in a much worse financial situation and health for sure than we have ever been!

Please check your facts on all of this b4 you spout it out as TRUTH!! Most is only partially correct. Each thing you lied about here has parts of it that hurt many more people than he ever helped.
HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT NYONE BUT HIMSELF AND HIS ENTIRE PURPOSE IN BEING PRES IS TO REMOVE ANYTHING DONE BY (AS HE CALLS IT) THAT NIGER BEFORE ME!!! Look at what he has done. Anything the last pres did he has had his people try and remove from the record. Nothing will be left and we all will pay of it for years and years after he is gone now or later!


By kre8tor69 at 06,Nov,20 02:26
The reason I am interested in finding a guy to suck and possibly to fuck my ass is from a GF and my wife pegging me a few times to show me how it feels to get ass fucked. Each sked me to fuck their as a few times and then they both told me I should find out what it felt like. They strapped on a nice sized dildoe and fucked my ass.
The fucked me like I did thm slow and deep but easy. So they did that to me. I found it fun and it felt good . Good enough for me to want to learn more about cock play. I now have sucked a few but no ass fuck yet.
I want to know what a real cock feels like in my ass. I have been told it feels much better than a plastic one.
I think all gals should ass fuck their BF/partners/hubbies a few times to show them the sensations.

By kre8tor69 at 05,Nov,20 00:51
Almost everyone likes to look at fine things. Otherwise there would be no art at all. You can look at and enjoy seeing almost anything at all but you do not have to want to be or use or have that thing.
I can like to see a huge cock but i would never want to have one or have to use on.
I might like some fine fast expensive car but would not like to have to pay to feed it or insure it or worry bout driving or even parking it.
Why do you even ask this question. You do not hav to be gay or even bi to enjoy cocks. heteroflexible people are out here by the tuns if you do not know. We both guys and gals can like to play with same sex parts because it is only sex. It does not require any romantic stuff at all. It is just sex.
Oh You might find those folks ruined by some religion and are feeling way too guilty because they are looking at the pix on this site I guess. Are You one of those folks? If so stop going to the places where men wear dresses and bugger little boys for the fun of it. Or is that just some of the FAKE new that idiot tells us about as we are dieing from the virus that did not go away when the weather got warm or that just does not exist anyway????

By kre8tor69 at 05,Nov,20 00:42
It was a done deal from the beginning. The Rump wanted to have her in place to put the fix in if he should loose the job of "KING" he thinks he has. Also to put the fix in for all the things his stupid people thing can be undone by the now messed up court. We will be paying for this long after he is buried! No way to fix lifetime appointments from either side. But letting this bunch of fucked up people have at the constitution would be the only thing left for us to completely ruin this once fine country. We used to have people in the congress that would work together to fix things as we went along. Now both sides are there just to make themselves and their rich friends more money and be obstructionistic non people oriented politicians. They do not work for us anymore at all. They are only in office to help their own kind!

By kre8tor69 at 05,Nov,20 00:35
You are correct this is not a political site and that asshole should stay out of this site. Anyone that likes a liar and a cheat and a very bad business person. And who cheats on his wife and likes being peed on by russian whores. That makes his best decisions on the toilet and tweets them out. Als a guy that fucks over ever person he has ever worked with or for. The only person in business that can loose money on a **** casino. A guy that say openly that science is fake and climate change id bunk. A guy that say we all should just shoot up bleach to get rid of this fake flu thing. A guy that has passed around more flu virus death dealing spit at his work place and at every rlly he hold because he thinks he is king and super man. Should just roll up and go back to a hole and disappear from public. If he does win this time we and the world are in for daring fuck ups that might just end the world altogether. The rest of the world if you talk with real folks are afraid of him and are laughing at us for having him in charge . But fear the fact that his finger is on the football and he could just push the button and end the world.
Oh maybe you think I do not like him! That is nowhere near the entire truth. Just displays the orange guy and have hated him back b4 he ruined his own stupid T show. Why can we as his boss simply say "YOU ARE FIRED' and send him packing!
He has abused his time in office so many times it would take a book not a notepad to list them all.
Look at his people and what they have done. Barr is the worst. Just look and listen to his latest tyrates about the real people that built this country. Teh see if your paycheck is better or the super rich guys are making more money now days!
Lock up children in cages or try to hide them in cheap motels and loose track of their parents that he has deported without them!
Hope all you voted for him so your personal lives will get so much better in the real close future!

By kre8tor69 at 05,Nov,20 00:19
Been told by gals that fuck many many guys that most all are growers with only a small number that are big to start and are called showers.

By kre8tor69 at 03,Nov,20 02:19
Called pegging by most everyone! It can be fun about the only way a guy afraid of the gy label can learn what it is like o be fucked by a woman.
My wife and my GF at the time both pegged me a few times for the fun of it by me and them.
One was better t the fucking part for sure. She had a much better fucking rhythm. The other one was better at getting it balls deep in my ass and holding it there longer b4 she would fuck again for a while. She would then stop and hold it b4 she started again. That was sure fun but I did like the work of the other gal better.

By kre8tor69 at 03,Nov,20 02:14
I worked in a hospital emergency in a big city! We saw lots of you nuts needing much help getting these things out of your ass holes.
It can be fun inserting some things there just be careful to leave a graspable handle available to have someone else help you get your fun out of your ass!

By kre8tor69 at 03,Nov,20 02:11
The entire world hopes it will not be Rump again. They are not sure the world could survive any more of him

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 01:08
This is just too much like begging and also selling . Not what this site is about for sure! SORRY. The pix shows a nice looking gal if she is even real!

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 01:05
I did not like it at all. A GF told wife that all her men loved it. So wife started to play with mine even when it did nothing for me. After about a year of her licking and sucking and pinching and just about any thing she couls think of I got to love it. Then she got me so excited by it she could almost make me cum by nipple play alone! So not years later i still love it. When we were swingers and if a gal seemed to try and make me cum from a fast BJ i just would not allow any nipple play and it made me last even longer and that gal had to work harder to get her reward. So do men like nipple play. Well if he gets someone that enjoys doing it to him I bet he will learn if nothing else!!!

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 01:01
I think you may be right about this. Since the truth is all lives matter not just black. The term was invented by some blacks that feel they have been getting fucked and not in the fun way for a very long time. That may be sort of true but the term is very bad. It has a real meaning but it also causes others to shy away from evn helping now days when it is needed to get everyone back together to solve some real problems and not to as the other guy here said pull people apart.
Be safe and sort of sane out there everyone please!

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 00:57
But some of us do to meds never get rel firm any more. Will you guys still play with us or are we just finished now???

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 00:56
Can they cum again soon a 2nd or 3rd time?

By kre8tor69 at 02,Nov,20 00:54
You folks should be more aware of what our idiot in chief did not do here in the USA as see what is now happening all over out country. New and stronger outbreaks everywhere. Be aware and be careful for sure. A great BJ is not worth getting sick for this even by accident guy!!!

By kre8tor69 at 30,Aug,20 01:52
Never been to one either because I enjoy seeing the person doing me and how much fun they are having as I pop off! But I do know lots of guys love GH sex!

By kre8tor69 at 30,Aug,20 01:50
Why would you care if it was a guy or a gal or a trnny as long as it was pleasuring your cock. Just like you getting a BJ in the dark with your eyes closed at home.Does it really matter. It used to to me but not any more. Sex is just sex and does not include any romantic stuff unless you want it to!!!

By kre8tor69 at 30,Aug,20 01:46
Wow does this thing actually expand when it is ready for sexy fun?

By kre8tor69 at 30,Aug,20 01:45
Does anyone here actually have any experience at a real nude beach about this topic. Tired of listening to people just make up stuff they think and repost that with no actually information about the topic!

By kre8tor69 at 30,Aug,20 01:42
??? very odd comments on a site designed for us to discuss and show pix of our tools and to ask about things sexual! There are way too many other paces to talk about politics and other crap like that especially in today's world of lieing idiots with no toughs abut any of this just a mouth full of junk to spew! But thanks for being here for some of the other things you folks do show off!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:33
It does not matter to me if the other person is married or in any type of partnership. I have done it for years. Now if you are actually going to meet F2F then you should think about it. If it does not matter to you and your partner(s) then I guess it would be ok! If you do not want to be the person that might help end a relationship then definitely no! Half of this is up to the 2 people that are doing the talking I think!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:30
You bet! You will die from not breathing at all b4 she changes her mind after all this time I would bet!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:29
Why not? Would you marry someone that you do not trust with your inner most ideas and secrets? Not a good match anyway I think!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:27
But if you do what you say and post here WHY! why not go for it and find out how fun play with with an actual cock can be or find out that you are just a visual guy and want only to look at stuff.

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:25
Boy is that last part correct. But I do have lots of guys near me and tuns of fully gay ones that seem to still not want a no strings BJ or they are just here to cheat on their partner no matter what type that is. Not interested in cheaters of any kind!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:23
But when she does find out somehow what do you think will happen then. What will be worse. Your being on this site? You showing off her toy to the world? You wanting to play with or evn suck some other cock?

Or you lieing about all this to her for all these years?

I bet I cn guess if she is like most gals!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:19
I talked with my wife for a cpl of years about my thoughts about playing with an other guys cock b4 I ever did anything with one. When a good friend (GF) told us both that sex was just sex and did not need to involve any romantic stuff. I finally gave it a shot with a swinger friend and with my wife right there with us. So far she has been with me most every time I have sucked some guys cock! Since she was ok with it I guess made it better! She ha allowed gals to eat her pussy but she does not return the favor ever yet!
Good luck and try and find out what your lady thinks about this carefully b4 you go and hide it and do something you might even enjoy. Then what do you do then!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:14
Maybe it could be as simple as you need to like the person you are about to suck. Find a friend that would like to try this and go for it. Put it in your mind as you start that you are going to finish and you are going to swallow his cum as well. Most guys trying this for the first few time have said they had a similar experience until they finally do it to the finish at least one time. Then they are more confident and better each time after that 1st one. Good luck I am a hetroflexible guy and will play with either sex for the fun of it now and I did not start until I was 55+ and have still only done it a few times so far but would agin for sure if I find the right guy!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:08
I talked with one gal a bit ago that told me the 1st person that ate her pussy and did id many times for a long time was her brother. She came to his room one nite and sat on his face until he made her cum. He learned to like it so much she got it done almost every nite after that! Whatever floats your boat I told her. Brother got married and moved away!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 22:05
I am 70+ and have had the pleasure of eating many many pussies! I ate so many that I could tell if the gal needed to see her pussy doc for some fixen up. Lots of flavor differences for sure. The age never mattered but more middle aged gals needed some pussy cleaning to be fresher for sure. Not just cleaning but doc cleaning do to some fibroids many times too! But still never stopped b4 she was done for the evening. My fav thing of all. Almost as fun as having my cock sucked by someone! Guy or gal now days!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 21:59
I like pussy bt am starting to try some cocks but to actually eat I do prefer real cookies!!!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 21:58
I think that in the USA it is a very over used bad meaning word. But in other parts of the world it can be just another word for that sexy fun place. So remember where you are and who you might be talking with on this site. I do not use or like it but I will if some gal asks me to here!

By kre8tor69 at 15,Aug,20 21:55
Now that sure sounds like fun. All the best of each but 2 asses and 2 cocks. Hopefully some decent tits as well! Oh yeah a very lovely skin color as well!

By kre8tor69 at 28,Jul,20 00:21
Well just read on in this area full of more idiots talking about crap! Some are dumb as dirt and love RUMP! Just never went to school enough days to learn that he is doing things just barely legal and some that are not!

By kre8tor69 at 28,Jul,20 00:19
You are correct! No one her wants to talk about the idiot in the WH or any other political things. We are here to during this this troubled time of lockdown at least look at sexy fun pix of other people we would love to lay with if we could actually get together with them. So if you feel the need to talk politics go away to some other site. Do not want to get dragged into talking about that ashole for any reason. He will be gone soon enough we all hope!

By kre8tor69 at 26,Jul,20 00:00
Maybe you are finally finding out the sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. Just try it out again and see. I bet you could find other mature guys more than willing to have some oral at least fun with you now! Be surprised to find one of you current friends that is interested in seeing what it would be like to suck your cock and have you suck his!

Many guys think they need to be forced so they can not be blamed for just wanting to try it out. Go for it and screw what others might think. Just do not tell them how fun it was or they might take you suck buddy away from you with their own talents at it!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:58
Maybe you are finally finding out the sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff. Just try it out again and see. I bet you could find other mature guys more than willing to have some oral at least fun with you now! Be surprised to find one of you current friends that is interested in seeing what it would be like to suck your cock and have you suck his!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:55
That is what I found. I did it the 1st time just to see what all the gals I knew got from doing it. It was fun and now I want more to practice on and learn from. Sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff at all!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:51
Did you guys ever do it again after this?

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:50
Maybe you are heteroflexible. Str8 but also enjoy some same sex fun! More that way and do not want romantic stuff with same sex folks!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:48
But so far only cock in your hand??? What is stopping you from doing even more sexy fun?

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:46
I think not. Unless you were getting romantic with them. I think sex is just sex and it sure can be fun with anyone willing to play with you and let you play with them!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:41
Go for the fun of it sir! And then go for some more for the fun of it as well. Sex is just sex and can be with anyone that wants to play. Does not need to have any romantic stuff involved at all!

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:39
What has been holding you up sir?

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:37
Ever do it again?

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 23:33
How so?