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All Trump and only Trump

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Started by kebmo at 19,Jul,18 09:03  other posts of kebmo
I'm sure a lot of people here don't want to talk about the US President. I am also sure that there are a lot of people that do want to so let's do it here so they won't have to "listen" to us if they choose not to.
I watch a LOT of news, Canadian and American. I don't get Foxx News but I do get CNN and MSNBC which are very left leaning. The two Canadian news networks, CBC News and CTV News are more middle of the road. I watch the late shows too and I especially like Seth Myers' "A Closer Look".

Let's talk Trump!

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New Comment

By hytiger at 07,Aug,22 22:51 other posts of hytiger 
Just keep circumcising, thats what americans are good at!

By kebmo at 12,Mar,22 03:17 other posts of kebmo 
Thank God Donald Trump is not president!! I don’t know how he would have fucked up the Ukraine war but I sure know that he would have.
The world has united against a common enemy yet again. I just know that that would not of happened if Trump were president.

By phart at 26,Jan,21 02:21 other posts of phart 
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Ok,here is a page explaining the meaning of impeachment,and how it works.
BUT I read NOTHING explaining how it works when the President is NO LONGER IN THE OFFICE?
When Nixon was impeached,he resigned so the impeachment wasn't needed.Trump was ousted by a highly questionable election,so I see no need to put the country thru the stress,the exspense for nothing.Trump is 74 years old,he would be 78 if he ran again for 2024,not to mention he would be 82 or so at the end of his term.If you don't think age matters,just watch biden try to speak,he loose's his words,stammers,and you know if he can't talk,he is probably having trouble thinking as well.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Feb,22 12:35 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
What they are doing now is a criminal investigation, not an impeachment investigation. Trump had 60 lawsuits to prove there was fraud in the election and he lost all, but one irrelevant one.

However, piles and piles of evidence and many witnesses have come out, corroborating suspicions that he and his associates were planning months before the election, to claim fraud, as part of a plan to steal the election.

The basis of it was a false elector scheme, in several states, where they planned to replace the duly certified Presidential Electors, with their own false electors, saying they represented the 'real' outcome of the election.

They even used falsified documents for that. That's the definition of FRAUD.
Sending a mob to the capital, was only a small part of the plan to overturn the election.

Nothing this UNCONSTITUTIONAL has ever taken place in the US. Trump should be charged for sedition at the minimum, but there is ample evidence to charge him with TREASON.

By phart at 04,Feb,22 21:16 other posts of phart 
uh this post was a year old that you responded to.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Feb,22 15:20 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
True, I didn't notice, probably because it's still applicable and you could have said it today.

By leopoldij at 21,Jan,21 23:13 other posts of leopoldij 
I've heard that trump is a flight risk.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Feb,22 12:40 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Well, maybe he should flee and hide in some embassy for the rest of his life.
By leopoldij at 04,Feb,22 13:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Ah, too late, he has nowhere to flee from anymore.
By phart at 04,Feb,22 21:29 other posts of phart 
He can hide where ever that wuss trudeau is hiding from those mean truckers that don't want a shot in the arm to ride by themselves in the cab of a truck.

By Ananas2xLekker at 14,Jan,22 12:11 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he has evidence to put 300 million in jail for election fraud.
only registered users can see external links
“We have all the pieces of the puzzle. You talk about evidence. We have enough evidence to put everyone in prison for life, 300 and some million people, we have that back all the way to November and December.”

How the hell can 300+ million people have voted illegally?
Only 155 million people voted at all (81,268,924 for Biden and 74,216,154 for Trump).

In 2020, there were only 258.3 million adults in the US.
Does the idiot want to send 41.7 million children to prison?

By the way, voter fraud is a serious offense, but life imprisonment?
The maximum penalty for 'Wrongful Voting' / 'Voter Fraud' is 5 years.

Parenthetically, for organizing an insurrection, the maximum penalty is DEATH.
By phart at 04,Feb,22 21:23 other posts of phart 
I am not at all happy with the election results. There is video evidence of fraud in Georgia by a mother daughter team .And I do believe ballot harvesting and mail in ballots were used fraudulently.
BUT That damn pillow guy did more harm than good. IF he had the evidence, why the hell did he hold it so long? It is to late. EVEN if it was all proven correct and Trump was the winner of the election, there is no precedent in history or laws written to direct how to react to or rectify the mess we have now.

By Ananas2xLekker at 03,Feb,22 14:34 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
McConnell wants a policy-free midterm campaign. Others in the GOP are less sure.
only registered users can see external links

"When former President Donald Trump ran for re-election in 2020, the party didn’t release a platform laying out Republican priorities; Trump was the platform."

How about telling your voters what your party plans to do?
Even Putin tells his voters (who have no choice) what his policies are.
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 04,Feb,22 21:18 other posts of phart 
Yea, and even Putin sees how weak and pathetic biden is and has joined with china, "'no limits' partnership"

only registered users can see external links

So tell me again how being on the verge of war with both RUSSIA AND CHINA in a little over a year after Trump left is so much better than if he had stayed????
Our weakened, liberal democrat led America. and it's can't take of themselves, nato allies don't stand a chance with BOTH of those after us.

It is time we ditch nato and take care of our own damn country and stop letting others drag us into their skirmishes.

By zzick at 15,Jan,21 15:56 other posts of zzick 
Say what you want about the lizard people, but I did not see one single lizard person in that seditious mob!!

So I'm saying it's about time we should give the lizard people, a little bit more respect, thankyou.
By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 18:35 other posts of kebmo 
I called them off.
By phart at 15,Jan,21 22:27 other posts of phart 
Thank you, I doubt think the stray cat that hangs around here could eat a lizard the size of a person! Poor lizards,I like them being out in the shrubs eating bugs.
By kebmo at 16,Jan,21 01:25 other posts of kebmo 
I have never seen a lizard in the wild. I’m OK with that.
By phart at 16,Jan,21 01:53 other posts of phart 
The tiny things we have around here might get to 3 inchs or so long.Change colors.If they are on the side of my beige shop,they are really light colored,if they jump down in the shrubs,they start turning green and you can't see them.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 08:44 other posts of kebmo 
“We are the largest military in the history of the world. We’re spending $740 billion on the military and the idea that we can’t protect the United States capital from a few thousand rioters is unbelievable.”

-Bernie Sanders
By dgraff at 15,Jan,21 11:52 other posts of dgraff 
I kinda agree with Bernie on this one
Every one is fighting over bull shit and no one is watching what is going on
Trump don’t care anymore and I don’t blame him
And Biden has not yet taken over yet
So it’s a free for all every man for him self
--------------------------------------- added after 45 seconds

At least that’s the rules I’m playing by
By CAT at 15,Jan,21 14:04 other posts of CAT 
Too many cooks burn the water

By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 18:49 other posts of kebmo 
dgraff!!! Have you been dipping into the Yukon today? Agreeing with Bernie Sanders??? Say it ain’t so!
--------------------------------------- added after 64 seconds

Correction: Kinda agreeing.
By CAT at 15,Jan,21 19:15 other posts of CAT 
He's been really nice. Hope it's not Covid

By dgraff at 15,Jan,21 19:16 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha I have no problem or fear of the Democrats until they come stepping on my toes then they have a big hairy problem
By kebmo at 15,Jan,21 20:45 other posts of kebmo 
I have a big hairy problem but I’m going to shave tomorrow. 🪒 🤣

By phart at 15,Jan,21 14:49 other posts of phart 
Trump said he would drain the swamp.Well it turns out it is deeper than anyone expected. He said he would build a wall at the border,it is moving along well and working.
BUT His administration is also building a wall in the right place. Around the capitol.If you can't drain the swamp,damn it up so it can't leak into the rest of the country anymore!
And people are so friggen dumb. All 50 state capitols are on alert. 1000's of troops being put around them.
Thinning resources to protect other potential targets. Charlotte,a major finacial hub city,is sending cops to washington. Leaving the city more vunerable to attack. IF you can't get the leader,who will stop them from interfering with the money?

By kebmo at 08,Jan,21 23:40 other posts of kebmo 
Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter.

only registered users can see external links
By CAT at 08,Jan,21 23:48 other posts of CAT 
By kebmo at 09,Jan,21 00:46 other posts of kebmo 
I think a lot of people will call this censorship. It is not censorship. Twitter is a company that has a website and the website has rules. If you don’t follow the rules of the website you get booted off. He’s not the first and he certainly won’t be the last to have his account canceled. As a president he has many options on how to communicate with the public from his press secretary to having news conferences and many options in between. This is not censorship.
By phart at 09,Jan,21 01:53 other posts of phart 
2Warm,would you feel the same way if you were banned for simply conveying your feelings on the site?

BUT are all these other methods avalaible to you on your "device"?
Twitter is handy for all the younger generation that uses tech alot.
I feel sure he will find a way to get his feelings out.But yes,to me,and most people,this is censorship.
And when Apple says they want to ban Parlor from their app store, a site that allows free speach regardless of your leanings, should be a welcome thing,not banned.
By kebmo at 09,Jan,21 02:06 other posts of kebmo 
Google apps just did ban Parlour.

By leopoldij at 09,Jan,21 03:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Dude, your president initiated an armed insurrection. He should be hanged.
By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:07 other posts of Strongmember# 
They're just accelerating the inevitable.. Trump TV, it's coming..
By kebmo at 09,Jan,21 10:21 other posts of kebmo 
Trump TV sounds just fine to me. That would give me an option to listen to him or not.
By leopoldij at 09,Jan,21 14:17 other posts of leopoldij 
Do you think it'll be x-rated? Will he bring in some babes to grab them by the pussy? I might watch it then.
By bannon at 12,Jan,21 02:21 other posts of bannon 
It will be XXX illegal with a load of **** non-consenting children supplied by whoever he got lined up after his best mate Jeffrey Epstein got smoked. The statutory **** charges will come flying in once his buddy Ghislaine Maxwell gets chatting. At least her dad did the decent thing.
By leopoldij at 12,Jan,21 07:21 other posts of leopoldij 
You're right except the least thing. If you're insinuating that her father committed suicide and that she should do the same, I don't agree. She should be kept alive and should be made to confess. Let's see then how many buddies of trump and trump himself will end up in jail. They're all filthy as shit.
By bannon at 15,Jan,21 00:29 other posts of bannon 
I was suggesting Trump commit suicide. Better though that he go to court for all of the sex molesting, stautory ****, treason, tax evasion, perjury, bribery, corruption, failing to pay workers bills, etc etc

By leopoldij at 09,Jan,21 14:19 other posts of leopoldij 
I want to watch the babes he brings in to grab them by the pussy. Maybe he'll finally show us Ivanka's cunt. He would date her anyway, he said, so he may want to show her cunt to the world. He'll make lots of money this way. He may make enough to pay his taxes and the 500 million debt he has.

By phart at 09,Jan,21 14:36 other posts of phart 
he ask his supporters to protest,not storm the capitol.listen to the speach,if you can find it thanks to all the censorship.
By leopoldij at 09,Jan,21 23:24 other posts of leopoldij 
Nazis, white supremacists, religious freaks, the mob attack YOUR Congress.
During the attack, YOUR president tells them I LOVE YOU.
I listened to him.

When attacked, you fight the attackers.
Never in history has this happened.

I rest my case.

By CAT at 09,Jan,21 23:42 other posts of CAT 
phart Twitter cancelled his account because Trump violated the rules. We have the same thing here. Trump did more than state his feelings. He invited rioters to invade Congress.
--------------------------------------- added after 29 minutes

What's more, judging from your post, you are a secessionist and should be stripped of your citizenship. You are not an American who believes in the rule of law. You just want kaos.
By leopoldij at 10,Jan,21 01:07 other posts of leopoldij 
He's primarily deluded. Trump created a religion and some follow him blindly. He's not a secessionist per se, but if Trump told him to secede, he would. If Trump told him to commit suicide, he would. Trump could easily create a jonestown massacre. Easily. The only difference is that jonestown had hundreds of deluded religious people, but Trump has millions. Anyway, Trump and the Republican party are now fucked. His end has been so bad. He must be furious because he's never admitted loss in his life, even though he's been losing all the time (and hence in constant debt).

By phart at 10,Jan,21 02:01 other posts of phart 
I am a American that has questions about our previous election,like millions of others,those questions have gone unanswered.The very thing that makes this nation what it is,is the fact we are supposed to be able to vote for our government.100's of people have signed sworn statements,pages of evidence,both digital and printed have been gathered,judges tossed it out without lending a ear.
And people are supposed to just sit back and forget about it? Granted, damaging the capitol building went to far.But to be on the steps,to be on the lawn,to be heard,is a far greater cause than anything you and your kind have given BLM and antifa a free pass for all the chaos they have rendered on the country.
And comments like yours are what feeds the fire of the liberal.They would love to see millions of people sent away,then they could sqaunder what is left.They would soon perish as they don't have enough sense to manage and take care of anything,they would just invite us all back to rebuild it for them.
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 13:30 other posts of CAT 
phart, don't be a fool. If all this proof exist, why does no one looks at it? I'll tell you why. It's not evidence. But, let's say more investigations are called for, storming Congress is supposed to prove something? Stopping the certification of the Electoral college votes is going to help? This was a joint meeting of congress. This is treason and anyone that tries to excuse it is very close to being a traitor.

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 01:21 other posts of leopoldij 
only registered users can see external links

Even the very conservative right-wing capitalist Republican Arnold....

By tecsan at 12,Jan,21 07:25 other posts of tecsan 
I agree and think they were right in doing so...But I bet he is still there under several different names...Probably the obvious...༼☯﹏☯༽

By phart at 11,Jan,21 03:02 other posts of phart 
strange you should be so happy about censorship.The American people have been cut off from their leader.This is not a good thing.
You veiw social media by choice,just as you can ignore someone on this site you don't like,you can ignore Mr Trump on twitter,farcebook,where ever.
Censorship is violateing rights of all Americans.
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 12:29 other posts of CAT 
What censorship is that?
By phart at 11,Jan,21 15:07 other posts of phart 
For goodness sake,we are diconnected from our President! How much more censored can you get than that?
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 16:15 other posts of CAT 
Disconnected does not mean censored. That pig, Trump, is choosing to be disconnected. I don’t feel censored. I can still use social media to tell MY PRESIDENT what an asshole he is. And if I remember right, you got to vote for The Clown last November

By phart at 11,Jan,21 15:29 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links
and that is just in the past few hours.
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 16:20 other posts of CAT 
So what? Twitter is a PRIVATE company. What ever they do. Whatever profit or loss they have is for the board of directors to answer to the investors. They are not part of government
By phart at 11,Jan,21 16:47 other posts of phart 
Uh,the board of directors will have to answer to the investors if they keep loosing their ass's. The point being,you cut off communications with the President of the United States,you might go broke.
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 18:31 other posts of CAT 
Not my problem
By phart at 11,Jan,21 21:50 other posts of phart 
So you are certain the management of your 401 K and retirement assests ,is not invested heavy into the social media and big tech companys? When investors loose,it is not just the Bloomburgs,it is the little people that have worked hard and put away money using finacial advisors.
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 22:18 other posts of CAT 
The reason for 401Ks is to keep your investment fluid. My manager would just change it. I no longer have a 401K but while I did, I kept an eye on it and if I didn't like what they were doing, I would have it changed.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,21 13:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Who gives a shit if twitter and so on go broke?
By phart at 13,Jan,21 00:16 other posts of phart 
Well now that they have shown their true colors,I don't care if they go broke that is for sure.Unless people stop using electricity,I am ok on my investments.
People don't understand,for Bidens big idea of Unity, people from both parties need a equal voice.The big tech,like Twitter,are going to sabbatoge Bidens big idea before he can even get started.Ironic the democrats are happy about the censorship right now,but later,when their puppet fails at his promise,Um,censorship made the other side angry!We are still not unified.

By phart at 15,Jan,21 01:26 other posts of phart 
Tweeter Lost 10 bucks a share in a month!
Facebook,lost 23 bucks a share in 5 days!
By leopoldij at 15,Jan,21 01:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Why are you telling me? I couldn't care less if they vanished.

By phart at 13,Jan,21 02:46 other posts of phart 
Best I can tell there is a "app" called GAB that Trump now has a account on.
So there is alternatives.From the artical I read on the net,there are 3 different platforms that have welcomed 1 and all to their sites.Sadly some of it is the far right and far left people that ruin it for the good guys, but,free speach applies to them to.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

Trump does not have a account on GAB,but the site owner has all Trumps tweets on it before he was banned from Tweeter.

By bannon at 12,Jan,21 02:35 other posts of bannon 
what are all trumps sucker loser followers going to do now he's disowned them?
Like usual, he gave a bullshit speech saying he will march down to the capitol, blah bla blah, didnt turn up. Ooh my heel spurs are hurting me I cant some. You just go along yourselves and get arrested and put in jail for 10 years while I sit at home. Cry baby loser. real tough guy.
If the fascists want to win an election they should rig it by getting millions of people to fill in a ballot paper and return it legally. Ideally, more than the people who arent fascists. And then when they've all been counted, idf the fascist win, America can be a proper fascist country and you can have some fat arse idiot in charge. Get the idiot with the fur hat to be secretary of state and the beardy fat morons head of Education and DoJ. Even sarah palin spotted they were a bunch of fuckwits.
By #551147 at 12,Jan,21 03:24

You're frothing at the mouth again you low-life, lonely, lame-brained piece of maggot shit.

Wipe your face off, trash...

Bannon ➡️ [deleted image]
By bannon at 15,Jan,21 00:34 other posts of bannon 
I rate your penis - poor
Your opinion does not count

You are so so stupid, so stupid, you believe trump. ha ha.

And you are gat and have got a pathetic dick
By phart at 15,Jan,21 01:24 other posts of phart 
Your opinion does not count either.

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 01:36 other posts of kebmo 
If Trump is impeached he loses his Secret Service detail, his $200,000 pension, his ability to run for office again and a $1 million per year travel allowance.

only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 29 hours

No, that’s not right (even though I read it on the Internet). 😀
This has more information and coincides with two items I saw on the news program.

only registered users can see external links

By phart at 12,Jan,21 03:23 other posts of phart 
Wow,now wouldn't that be something? A former president,unprotected,kidnapped by terrorist,and forced to tell secrets to our enemys? Is less than 2 weeks of his life left in office worth our national security?
By #534268 at 12,Jan,21 05:45
In your scenario will you still be supporting Trump after he has given secrets to our enemies? Not very America First.
By phart at 12,Jan,21 16:04 other posts of phart 
I seriously doubt he would provide any secrets willingly.
His family or himself would be in jepordy for him to even consider it. YOu must have not noticed that last week a Iranian leader said Trump would be dead in days,and that Iraq issued a arrest warrent for him for the death of 1 of their traitors they refuse to acknowledge.
Those 2 things alone should be enough evidence to indicate he needs secret service protection be he is on the golf course or San Quinton prison.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,21 13:40 other posts of leopoldij 
You must be able to place yourself on a higher, much higher, level and see things from a wider perspective in order to realize what's going on.

To understand what has been happening in the US, one needs to place himself/herself in a wider context, both spatially and temporally. Look at the past and try to see what the last 4 years' events, with the epitome the recent insurrection against Congress, look at other countries and how, aided by democratically elected leaders, eventually bring their democracies to collapse.

A good source towards this exercise is the book "How Democracies Die" by Levitsky and Ziblatt explaining how elected leaders can gradually subvert the democratic process to increase their power.

The authors dedicate many chapters to the study of the United States, especially Trump, and the presidential election, but also apply their theory to Latin America and European countries, especially Venezuela and Russia. The US has, until 4 years ago, resisted the attempts to undermine democracy thanks to well-defined and well-respected norms. E.g., forbearance, that is, the intentional restraint of one's power in order to respect the law and its spirit. Currently there is crisis in American democracy. Suffices to see the reactions of many countries would-wide, from Iran to Germany and beyond, to see that there is one.

This is how one, especially Americans, should look at things. From a wide and educated perspective. *IF* in, say, 50 years from now, US loses its world hegemony--and this will happen one day because everything collapses, every empire, every democracy, every system, even ones that have been around for 2000 years, not just 200 as the US, historians will be referring to January 2020 as the break point.
By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 06:49 other posts of kebmo 
See update.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 06:39 other posts of kebmo 
phart I was wrong. He would never loose Secret Service Protection. The above article is inconsistent from this one. He has to be actually convicted of impeachment in the Senate and there’s a separate vote after that to determine if he can hold public office again to lose those perks but he would not lose his Secret Service detail.
If he is impeached by the house on the 13th he will not lose any benefits according to this article and something I saw on the news tonight as well.

only registered users can see external links
By phart at 13,Jan,21 15:12 other posts of phart 
Ok,that is a better situation that first came to mind.I am just thinking of a former President,sitting in his living room and suddenly terrorist break in,take him hostage and then the next day we get nuked or something.

By mobiusdick at 12,Jan,21 13:11 other posts of mobiusdick 
Oh it's worse than that. All of his major sponsors are abandoning him. The banks that have kept him afloat are going to be less and less amenable to continue lending to him. I see a fire sale of a lot of his holdings and another bankruptcy (what is this, the fourth or fifth one?) on the horizon. He goes on about how wealthy he is, but I think the world is about to find out how cash poor he really is.
By leopoldij at 13,Jan,21 16:39 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't think he's ever had money other than debts. Like a true con man, he's been able to float around and manipulate his debts to give the impression he's wealthy. But nobody gives him loans anymore. Wall street doesn't. US banks don't. Deutsche bank doesn't. He's unreliable and a flight risk. Putin is the only one who gives him money but we'll soon find out whether he will continue or not.
By phart at 14,Jan,21 00:55 other posts of phart 
Well he is 74 years old. Always wearing a nice suit,has a airplane more comfortable than airforce 1.
He has been all over the world,rather on his dime or someone else's,regardless,he has been all over the world.
He has given the last 5 years of his life to serve America at the top job,the toughest job in the country.A job i am willing to bet 99.9% of his haters don't have the balls to last a week doing.
So unlike most of his haters,he has been there,done that,and I think that fact makes alot of people jealous as hell.
By leopoldij at 14,Jan,21 01:31 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't think he's ever had money other than debts. Like a true con man, he's been able to float around and manipulate his debts to give the impression he's wealthy. But nobody gives him loans anymore. Wall street doesn't. US banks don't. Deutsche bank doesn't. He's unreliable and a flight risk. Putin is the only one who gives him money but we'll soon find out whether he will continue or not.

By kebmo at 14,Jan,21 02:59 other posts of kebmo 
During his presidency he only came to Canada once. That was for a G7 conference in Quebec. His sons Don and Eric were here recently on business.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 20:06 other posts of kebmo 
Persona non-grata.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 04:57 other posts of kebmo 
This is a message from the joint Chiefs on us Capitol riot.
January 12, 2021.

only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 22 minutes

"On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief."
By leopoldij at 13,Jan,21 16:42 other posts of leopoldij 
So the grumpy baby (Trump) only has a few days to nuke someone, maybe his own country, before they take all toys away from him. They've already taken away many of his toys. Note they'll take away more. And they should. Spoiled toddlers like him shouldn't be given toys. They should be kept sedated so that they don't bark.
By phart at 13,Jan,21 19:13 other posts of phart 
There are some nukes near you,so he may be reading this with his finger quivering over the button.
By leopoldij at 13,Jan,21 20:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Everything is possible. The guy is a deranged pathetic narcissistic psychopath who has become the whole world's ridicule, from Iran to Germany, Japan to Australia and beyond.

By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 21:35 other posts of kebmo 
There will be no nuking. Anybody in the arm services may refuse an illegal order from a superior and this order would be refused.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,21 13:49 other posts of leopoldij 
A likely act, according to Bruce Ackerman:

only registered users can see external links

Only a coward would do that but he might do it.
But, still, he won't be immune.
And then, who will save him? Putin?
By phart at 12,Jan,21 16:03 other posts of phart 
I hope he pardons the folks that went into the capitol.that would really salt the democrats.
By andrew999999999 at 12,Jan,21 18:25 other posts of andrew999999999 
He's pardoned private security employees who've killed unarmed Iraqi civilians, so it wouldn't be a surprise if he did.

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 22:58 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, are you saying that you hope the Trump pardons the terrorist who murdered a Capitol police officer with a fire extinguisher? Really?
By phart at 13,Jan,21 00:13 other posts of phart 
with all the guns that were there,had the person wanted to kill that officer,I doubt they would have used a exstinguisher.And frankly,a 14 year air force veteran standing there unarmed taking a bullet from a capitol policeman to the gut is nothing to forget about either.Who knows ,may have been the same officer because they have not shown him or his name to the public?
May have actually been in defense of that poor woman.
By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 00:26 other posts of kebmo 
That doesn't answer my question.

--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

I have no sympathy for any of those terrorists. That 'poor woman standing there' was part of a riot trying to kill the vice president amongst others, "Hang Mike Pence!". The reason she was shot was because the Capitol police were trying to protect the elected people of the Senate and the House from terrorists. The fact that she is a veteran is relevant only in that she should have been protecting America not destroying it in a riot.
By phart at 13,Jan,21 02:44 other posts of phart 
Being Part of a riot is not a reason to be shot.Just ask BLM and ANTIFA.
There goes that double standard again.
There were plenty of armed people there,that might have some what justified the killing had she been holding a AK or something but her hands were empty,she was NO HARM to anyone.Perhaps She was in the wrong place,it is to a point we have to agree on that although I think that idea should be changed.It is the peoples building,the people in it were not listening to the people outside of it.
FIx that and there won't be a next time.

By kebmo at 12,Jan,21 18:56 other posts of kebmo 
I think it would be risky to plan on a self pardon for Trump. If he "pardons" himself and it ends up in court it may not stick. The US Supreme Court may say that a President can not pardon himself. If that happens all is lost.
As I've said before, the Mike Pence presidency is also risky. The scenario is that Trump resigns and Pence pardons him. What if Pence has political asperations and decides that pardoning Trump doesn't fit with that vision? Pence could refuse to pardon Trump and all is lost for Trump.
If Trump pardons the terrorists, Pence will never pardon Trump. He couldn't do that and hope for a future in politics.
The irony of Pence pardoning Trump after Trump pardons the terrorists who stormed the Capitol chanting "Hang Mike Pence!" will be lost on no one.
I see no path for Trump to save face (or his ass) on this.
By phart at 13,Jan,21 02:48 other posts of phart 
Well why hasn't the pardon for the blackwater folks been challenged in court? Must be a fairly solid thing.
By kebmo at 13,Jan,21 03:10 other posts of kebmo 
It won’t be. It’s a presidential pardon.
By phart at 13,Jan,21 19:11 other posts of phart 
So if Trump Pardons himself,it can't go to court either because it to,would be a presidential pardon.
I just read a man from Georgia took his own life that was arrested for being in the capitol building. Sad,yet another death because of the bastards in that building not listening to the 1's outside it.
By just16cm at 13,Jan,21 19:26 other posts of just16cm 
They listened to the people outside the building... but the majority of them voted for Biden...

By zzick at 13,Jan,21 02:02 other posts of zzick 
I am one of the lizard people, and we love liz cheney !!

By bannon at 12,Jan,21 02:53 other posts of bannon 
Happy New Year everyone. Except the **** boys. They can wallow in the victory for democracy.
Who thinks that trump voters should concentrate on dying from covid in swing states? Now 350,000 of them are dead it will have an impact at the next election. Theres got to be at least twice that number will die before Biden can sort of the fat cry baby losers mess and vaccinate everyone. About 15,000 per state.
How does everyone suggest that trump voters concentrate on infecting each other more in the states that matter?
Everyone keep pushing vaccine conspracy theories. The vaccine will turn you into a fat orange cry baby loser idiot.
By dgraff at 13,Jan,21 01:45 other posts of dgraff 
Well well well the blow hard is back and on a forum thread for blow hards you can take your vaccinations and shoot them up your ass I’m not taking it and they can’t make me I’m not spending the rest of my life hiding under the covers from a little virus 🦠 I’m convinced I don’t get it I have done absolutely nothing to prevent me from getting it yet here I stand as healthy as an ox 🐂 you Democrats can hide if you want not me

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,21 19:22 other posts of leopoldij 
I find it amazing to see that followers of trump will keep viewing him as god even after all the damage he's done, the apotheosis being the insurrection last week against their government.

But I'm not surprised. That's what a religion is about.
Take, for instance, the catholic church. They've been r@ping thousands of children for decades and yet many of these children (now adults) or their relatives are still members of the church.

Such is the religious disease of the human brain. It makes people's brains ignore pain, torture, death, and keeps them believing in the absurd. This disease is really very prominent in the US where millions upon millions of people need a kind of religion, any religion, despite the fact that US is a secular country--supposedly. Trump has taken advantage of this disease in order to instill blind faith in people's brains. He has been particularly successful among the religionist masses, that is, those whose brain was already sick.

By the way, this disease is also spreading among other countries too, like Russia. Too many deluded individuals. Even Putin, who used to be against religion. He just decided to adopt religion in order to control the ones whose brain is vulnerable to this sickness.

By CreativeOne at 07,Jan,21 06:01 other posts of CreativeOne 
Dear President Trump,
I want to take a minute to say thank you. Regardless of the outcome of this election, you deserve my gratitude. Thank you for not plunging the US into another war. Thank you for walking through HELL and back for the American people. Thank you for doing it for free. Thank you for working through the night while my family was tucked safely in bed. Thank you for standing strong and staring adversity in the face. Thank you for keeping GOD in the country I love. Thank you for not backing down when the weight of the world was against you. Thank you for putting your family in the line of fire when you didn’t have to. Thank you for standing up for women. Thank you for not being a politician. Thank you for being raw and even sometimes too much. Thank you for standing up for the unborn. Thank you for caring about the little guy. Thank you for working harder than any president in my lifetime, ever has. Thank you for your service to this country. You were part of some of the greatest days of my life. Thank you. Win or lose I am a fan. You have fulfilled every promise you have made to me and for that I am thankful. May GOD always bless you and your family.
From a grateful nation,
Thank you! 🇺🇸
By #551147 at 07,Jan,21 08:19

Well stated! But, there are far too many ignoramuses around here that will disagree with ALL that. Many foreigners who don't know their asshole from their lips and several American nut-jobs. Just ignore them, most will get what they deserve from the falling of this once great Republic.

By #551147 at 08,Jan,21 05:38

By bella! at 08,Jan,21 07:29 other posts of bella! 
Amen, brother Rob, AMEN!

Something else that I would like to add, thank you President Trump, for exposing just how corrupt our politicians and our government really are.
By #551147 at 08,Jan,21 19:56
EXCELLENT addition Bella!! 👏👏

Personally, I'm happy that I was red pilled and waken even MORE from ignorant bliss. As I stated some time ago. The corruption and depth of the swamp is so enormous, it's hard to wrap ones mind around. It's my opinion, that it's even deeper than Donald Trump EVER suspected or imagined.

We're in trouble...

I will say that I'm happy that I live in a primarily red state and more specifically red city and county. That will help minimize some things. But the changes they have planned are going to irreparably harm us on a National level.

By dgraff at 08,Jan,21 10:40 other posts of dgraff 
Very nice my friend I agree hole heartedly this year really opened up my eyes to how the Democrats are and the ones in my area should be scared because I know who they are
By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:33 other posts of Strongmember# 
AWOMEN brothers!
By bella! at 08,Jan,21 20:20 other posts of bella! 
What an inane post.
By #551147 at 09,Jan,21 00:36
🙄 Indeed!

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:08 other posts of Strongmember# 
Means nothing to me but seems to have pissed people off
By bella! at 09,Jan,21 14:06 other posts of bella! 
Exactly what do you mean, "means nothing to me"? Are you asserting that when you posted "AWOMAN brothers" that it had no meaning or it meant nothing to you?

By phart at 08,Jan,21 20:25 other posts of phart 
Amen, "so be it"
Awomen,meaningless jibberish.
You would think people in the nations capitol would be educated enough to know that Amen has nothing to do with male.
only registered users can see external links

I honestly wish I had been able to go to Washington myself. I don't know that I would have went thru the doors or not.I feel like being on the steps and being seen and possiably heard by the Sumbitches that want to distroy our country should be enough.

By sherryann at 08,Jan,21 19:35 other posts of sherryann 
This is the best post I have ever read on this site! Thank you creative one! Beautifully said and oh so true...good for you!

By CAT at 09,Jan,21 23:54 other posts of CAT 
Six months from now, Trump will be a has been. You people are delusional. If after all that has happened because of Trump doesn't make you think, nothing in this world will change your minds. I wonder what you think about Hitler. I for one, hope to see him in prison after his reign is over. For whatever reason. And I hope he gets impeached and convicted so he can't run again
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 12:59 other posts of dgraff 
I don’t think we want to hear any crap from you guys I gave you guys a chance to come to my blog to openly fight for what you believe in and you kebmo anal2licker mobydick bannon and a few I may have forgot came to look but said nothing so I think we determined who the Democrats are that are all talk and no action the only 2 Democrats that came to fight were gentlemen and nekal and I respect them for that the republicans that showed up to back me was phart and scorps and I respect them to so you guys that are just running your mouth can save it for some one who cares
By kebmo at 10,Jan,21 13:13 other posts of kebmo 
Dgraff, the reason I didn’t comment is not related to my political views.

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Please don’t presume that you have the authority to decide what I say and where I say it.
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 13:43 other posts of dgraff 
It’s ok kebmo my blog was just a test to see who the real die hards were and we now see who means what they say and who just blows smoke 💨
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 18:20 other posts of CAT 
I didn’t even get to see your blog.
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 21:08 other posts of dgraff 
You did to see my blog your name was in my page views you were just reluctant to say anything at that moment
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 22:24 other posts of CAT 
So I stopped?
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 22:34 other posts of dgraff 
So did kebmo bannon and all the other die hard Democrats you all stopped by and watched nekal and gentlemen take all the heat not one of you guys would help them that’s why I call this forum thread the blow hard thread every one flaps their gums but no one is willing to fight for there beliefs
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 23:10 other posts of CAT 
Tell you what, repost and I'll comment

By kebmo at 11,Jan,21 00:00 other posts of kebmo 
Dgraff, I thought I already made it clear to you that you don't have the right to decide what I say and where I say it.
I choose my battles. Please don't make me choose this one because I'd rather get along with you than discuss politics with you. That is why I didn't comment on your blog. There are many times that I chose not to comment on things posted by other members for exactly this reason.
Bottom line: I don't want to fight with you. OK?
By dgraff at 11,Jan,21 03:17 other posts of dgraff 
That’s fair kebmo I don’t want to fight with you either I like you as a person but you talk very badly about America and some times I feel like it’s a personal attack I’ve never said one bad thing about Canada I respect the Canadian people I could spend my life there fishing and hunting it’s beautiful country all though I think I would be in the Yukon panning for gold
By kebmo at 11,Jan,21 05:58 other posts of kebmo 
To be clear dgraff, this thread is called "All Trump and only Trump" It's not for everyone and I hoped to make that clear in the intro at the top of this page.
I have no problem with America or Americans in general. I worked in Banff and Niagara Falls for a combined 20 years so I've met thousands of Americans. My problem is with Trump and his associates.
What happens in America affects Canada greatly, our stock market, the price of the oil that runs the province I live in, what I watch on TV and the conversations I have with my family who generally support Trump. I have to tip toe around my family because I don't want to alienate the people I love because of politics so I do my bitching here.
My conversations here are not personal attacks on members with the exception of a couple of them who go out of their way to be assholes. I don't like assholes.
This is not personal. I think if you pick a random page here and check my comments you'll see that I don't degrade your country or countrymen. That's not who I am or how I feel.

By phart at 10,Jan,21 20:28 other posts of phart 
Let the 2 warms of the world talk,as long as they don't block our abilty to talk. We can't complain about all the censorship taking place in the media at the moment,then ask people like her to hush.That would not be right.
You did read that Parlor is loosing it's servers,owned by Amazon? Censorship,if they can't get on the web,you can't talk.
So let them speak.Sometimes Kembo shares a side of the story I can make sense of,doesn't mean I run out and chase butter flys with a whole new vison but,still,civilized discussion between ALL OF US here in the US is nessasary for any thing to improve.
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 22:32 other posts of CAT 
Far be it from me to stop you from giving us your opinion. You are entitled to it. It's also my right to opine on those views when I see that you are wrong. Either by the conclusion or by the lack of facts. Civilization didn't let Julius Caesar say "I came, I liked the view, so I stayed. That's why he said, "Veni, vidi, vici". I'll let you translate that.
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 22:36 other posts of dgraff 
Are you blowing smoke up our ass again
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 23:07 other posts of CAT 
It would take a forest fire

By CAT at 11,Jan,21 16:21 other posts of CAT 
dgraff I choose the location of my fights
By dgraff at 11,Jan,21 17:28 other posts of dgraff 
Not me I’m an any were any time kinda guy me and my baby brother used to be hell for trashing biker bars but together we could clean house though
By CAT at 11,Jan,21 18:33 other posts of CAT 
Great. I'm sure that can be put in your curriculum vitae. It surprises me all the things you are proud off.
By dgraff at 11,Jan,21 19:23 other posts of dgraff 
Of not off

By mobiusdick at 10,Jan,21 21:10 other posts of mobiusdick 

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 01:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump has created a religion with many followers.
By phart at 11,Jan,21 03:04 other posts of phart 
Well,I guess the Constitution is our Bible and the Bill of Rights is our Commandments.
Go have your evening Tea with Huxley and enjoy your life accross the pond.

By CAT at 11,Jan,21 16:40 other posts of CAT 
creativeone. You are a creative one for sure.

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 20:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump could not give a shit about god. He only uses god to get votes from religious freaks.
By kebmo at 11,Jan,21 20:09 other posts of kebmo 
Leo I strongly agree with that statement.
By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 21:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Thanks. But let me stress it's not a statement. It's a FACT. Trump has never been in a church, he doesn't know what the bible contains. I actually don't care. I'd rather see all people acting as humans and not motivated by religion. However, if someone PRETENDS to be religious in order that he gets sympathy from religious ones (and votes) then he's a con man.

What amazes me is the ease with which religious folk (the majority in theocratic US) fall for a lie like Trump holding a bible. Can't they see that he doesn't give a shit about it? All they have to do is that he doesn't even know anything about their religion. The only evidence they have is trump holding a bible (perhaps upside down).

Mitt Romney, for instance, appears to be an honest devout mormon (hence deluded) but, at least, he believes in that shit. Trump doesn't. He believes in nothing except his own skin.

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 18:55 other posts of leopoldij 
To understand what has been happening in the US, one needs to place himself/herself in a wider context, both spatially and temporally. Look at the past and try to see what the last 4 years' events, with the epitome the recent insurrection against Congress, look at other countries and how, aided by democratically elected leaders, eventually bring their democracies to collapse.

A good source towards this exercise is the book "How Democracies Die" by Levitsky and Ziblatt explaining how elected leaders can gradually subvert the democratic process to increase their power.

The authors dedicate many chapters to the study of the United States, especially Trump, and the presidential election, but also apply their theory to Latin America and European countries, especially Venezuela and Russia. The US has, until 4 years ago, resisted the attempts to undermine democracy thanks to well-defined and well-respected norms. E.g., forbearance, that is, the intentional restraint of one's power in order to respect the law and its spirit. Currently there is crisis in American democracy. Suffices to see the reactions of many countries would-wide, from Iran to Germany and beyond, to see that there is one.

This is how one, especially Americans, should look at things. From a wide and educated perspective. *IF* in, say, 50 years from now, US loses its world hegemony--and this will happen one day because everything collapses, every empire, every democracy, every system, even ones that have been around for 2000 years, not just 200 as the US, historians will be referring to January 2020 as the break point.

By CAT at 11,Jan,21 16:39 other posts of CAT 
Does anyone think Trump will get to answer for his part in the storming of the Capitol?

By dgraff at 09,Jan,21 01:13 other posts of dgraff 
I come here in peace to invite all you hard core Democrats to my blog the virus 🦠
--------------------------------------- added after 35 seconds

If you want some come get some
--------------------------------------- added after 71 minutes

What no takers yet just as I thought Democrats are a bunch of pussies
--------------------------------------- added after 73 minutes

I guess no one wants to play with a big drunken hairy biker
By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:10 other posts of Strongmember# 
Maybe if you sell it better
By dgraff at 09,Jan,21 12:52 other posts of dgraff 
My blog that is now removed was only a test to see which of the die hard Democrats would really fight for what they believe in and my suspicions were right every one of them on here looked at it but said nothing and I know because I checked the page views only 2 stood there ground gentleman and nakel the rest of you guys are all talk except maybe strongmember as he didn’t even waist his time to look
By Gntlmn at 10,Jan,21 02:00 other posts of Gntlmn 
Ok. Hatchet buried. As a former cop, I'm saddened about that Capital officer losing his life. On the flip side, I BLAME his department for not preparing for the riot. They knew it was coming.
By bella! at 10,Jan,21 02:15 other posts of bella! 
And as a former police officer, do you advocate defunding the police?
By Gntlmn at 11,Jan,21 04:47 other posts of Gntlmn 
No. But I advocate prosecution of those who participated Wednesday's mob in DC

By phart at 10,Jan,21 02:06 other posts of phart 
that 1 fellow claiming to be a democrat but bragging about his guns and ammo and how he could kill us at 500 yards,that was a hoot.1500 feet.Damn,when I was target shooting 30 years ago,I was busting eggs at 300 yards with a open site .22 hex barrel winchester.

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,21 01:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump will go down the history as the worst president of the US. What a legacy!

By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 09:59 other posts of dgraff 
Did anyone see the guy with the beard sitting in Nancy Pelosi's office chair behind her 200 year old mahogany desk with his feet proped up on it fucking hilarious what a slap in the Democrats face
--------------------------------------- added after 117 seconds

And I betcha old Nancy comes in this morning and sniffed the chair were he was sitting
By Robben at 07,Jan,21 18:11 other posts of Robben 
First: I respect both Democrats and Republicans so Im neutral when it matters the political standpoint.
I guess the picture is shown all over the world- really bad PR for the USA, a low-water mark on human behavor. Its sad how so few people makes so much harm to so many people. The whole thing is horrible and embarrasing for all.
By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 18:49 other posts of dgraff 
I’m very anti government and belong to many militias I think the whole situation is funny I’m hoping they tear each other apart then we can go back to the old ways with out a government
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 21:19 other posts of Strongmember# 
So he is an anarchist after all.. but likes being in a few clubs.

I think it is embarrassment for National Security. I believe this affects all Americans. I doubt that is the worst guy ever but he should receive some appropriate due process under the law for what he did.

Then again.. the pardon window is still open..

By #607191 at 07,Jan,21 22:39
I bet when they invent a time-machine you'll be the first in line to go back 10.000 years.
By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 23:26 other posts of dgraff 
Even 2000 years would be just fine
By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:36 other posts of Strongmember# 
I hope JC's heavy desert n*gg#r tan won't bother you when you see it in person.

By mobiusdick at 09,Jan,21 12:50 other posts of mobiusdick 
Yea I heard him talking on a radio broadcast and I thought it was a woman talking at first. He had one of those high pitched "girly" voices. Maybe he belongs to the "FTM's for Trump" group.
By dgraff at 09,Jan,21 13:06 other posts of dgraff 
Maybe it was mike Tyson representing Black Lives Matter

By CAT at 10,Jan,21 00:17 other posts of CAT 
The storming of one of the chambers of congress is not very important for you. It's more important, almost funny, to you that some yahoo that has no love for this country defiled a government building that stands for democracy. This throws the Constitution out the window, including your precious second amendment. You, deserve jail time for support after the fact of this crime. You should loose your citizenship
By phart at 10,Jan,21 00:39 other posts of phart 
Who are you to question? Who are you to decide?
YOU of all people were saying just a few months ago that it takes violence to get things fixed.And those folks are upset about the election fraud.
IF those folks had real evil intentions,the damn building would still be smoking right now. I feel sure some beer or liquer was involved but at the same time,I think it could have been alot worse,alot more blo0dshed,alot more death.
If I had been there,I don't know that I would have walked in,but I damn sure would have been on the steps to be seen,and to hopefully be heard by the heathans trying to ruin the US.
By dgraff at 10,Jan,21 03:41 other posts of dgraff 
You tell her phart

By CAT at 10,Jan,21 13:19 other posts of CAT 
I never said violence is the way to go. Who am I? I am a US citizen who believes in the rule of law. You bring up election fraud. You sound like a parrot. You know, and everyone knows that a man in poopy diapers, screaming he was robbed of a win in the elections, is not proof. Time after time his lawyers were told they didn't have any proof. So, stop bringing up the election or fraud.

IF those folks had real evil intentions,the damn building would still be smoking right now. I feel sure some beer or liquer was involved but at the same time,I think it could have been alot worse,alot more blo0dshed,alot more death.

Are you for real? Just the act of breaking in to the building is a huge act of terrorism. The Capitol has not been breached in 209 years since the War of 1812.

phart your views are idiotic.
By phart at 10,Jan,21 13:27 other posts of phart 
And your views are the reason 75 million plus Americans are angry as hell right now.
BUT this is America,and as for the moment we are still free to disagree and voice our feelings. We should both fear the day that it is no longer possiable.And that day may be here sooner than we think.
Look at the removal of social media platforms like Parlor. This is a social media platform.what would prevent our free speach from being lost here?
By CAT at 10,Jan,21 18:25 other posts of CAT 
A pair of Warmtities
By phart at 10,Jan,21 23:10 other posts of phart 
Warm tits in close proximty of mouth would inhibit and distort speach ,making it difficult to convey 1's veiws

By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 19:54 other posts of Strongmember# 
Thoughts on DC protest right now?
By kebmo at 06,Jan,21 20:24 other posts of kebmo 
I unequivocally blame Trump for what is happening right now. This is not an example of peaceful protest. It’s ugly and violent and I really hope the bullets don’t fly.
The the President of the United States is not accepting democracy and the will of the people.
--------------------------------------- added after 15 minutes

This will be Donald Trump’s legacy.
By CAT at 06,Jan,21 21:06 other posts of CAT 
Well, we can't say Venezuela is any different than us.
By andrew999999999 at 06,Jan,21 23:31 other posts of andrew999999999 
Why, is some foreign government trying to install it's own puppet, who doesn't even have a position in any political party, as the President of the US so that they can take the US's oil? Venezuela is completely different.
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 01:20 other posts of CAT 
You missed the point
By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 03:08 other posts of leopoldij 
I think his point is that the US has caused chaotic situations, like the ones seen today in DC, in other countries attempting, and often succeeding, to overthrow a democratically elected president, say. For example, only registered users can see external links
Today's situation is kind of unique: The current president of the US is trying to overthrow the next president of the US.
Instead of the US shooting at other countries causing them to become Banana republics, it is shooting itself. The goal of the current president IS to make the US a Banana republic. He's also afraid for his ass.
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 12:36 other posts of CAT 
leopoldij post WWII the US started to undermine the Soviet Union's efforts to establish pro-Russian, pro-communist governments in mostly developing countries. It didn't matter that the people of those countries voted the government in. Most of this was due to the CIAs unchecked forms of operations. It was a dark period for foreign politics. This went on until the late 1990s. Since then we don't interfere so much. We must remember that countries are amoral and will do many illegal things in the name of security. We didn't make banana republics. We tried to steer them to capitalism and yank friendships
By andrew999999999 at 07,Jan,21 19:19 other posts of andrew999999999 
TWOWARMTTS3 The Libyans, Yemenis, Cubans, Venezuelans, Bolivians, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Palestinians, Iraqis, Iranians, Afghanis and who knows how many other countries will disagree with your statement 'we don't interfere too much'. Trying to steer countries towards capitalism be sanctioning them and destroying there economies and causing the deaths of thousands of people isn't the way to do it. If a country wants to be socialist or communist, that's their choice.
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 20:31 other posts of CAT 
No argument. However, would you prefer to have an enemy pointing a missile at DC or have him friendly to us? What they want and what they get will depend on many factors. Why shouldn’t we try to influence the outcome? BTW, we didn’t cause those thousands of deaths. Each individual society has a choice.
By andrew999999999 at 08,Jan,21 00:11 other posts of andrew999999999 
You don't think the Russians have missiles that can reach every major city in the US? Sanctioning countries and threatening them with words, or by building military bases in countries next to the enemy isn't the way to make friends.

No country has the right to influence or interfere in another countries election. If it turned out the Russians had directly interfered and / or influenced the result of the 2016 election, would you be bothered?

US imposed sanction have caused thousands of deaths as the countries under those sanctions have not had access to medicines, hygiene products, machinery and spare parts for machines used in farming, fishing, and food production and distribution. Plus the high inflation caused by sanctions means a lot of people can't afford those products even if they are available.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:31 other posts of phart 
Trump offered help to Iran very early in the pandemic,it would have be medical supplys and such that could not be used as weapons or against us.He even went as far as to offer humanitarian aid to NORTH KOREA.
By andrew999999999 at 08,Jan,21 12:35 other posts of andrew999999999 
No, he ordered countries not to supply Iran with protective clothing and other supplies. The WHO stepped in and supplied Iran with those supplies, and not long after that Trump criticised the WHO and stopped the US's funding. Coincidence?
Was the humanitarian aid the same as the US sent to Venezuela, i.e weapons and communication equipment for opposition supporters to overthrow the government?

By CAT at 08,Jan,21 02:10 other posts of CAT 
Sanctions and interference of elections are two different things. We never interfered in a countries elections. Sanctions are a way to protest another country's unfriendly actions. North Korea's nuclear program is aimed at us. We sanctioned them. You have said that those sanctions caused many deaths. First, the sanctioned country could stop doing what is objectionable. Second,prove your premise.
By kebmo at 08,Jan,21 10:48 other posts of kebmo 
Oh I’m sure America has filled with a couple of elections here and there.
--------------------------------------- added after 14 hours

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:16 other posts of Strongmember# 
Good chance. As @TWOWARMTTS3 mentioned, the CIA for a while was waging the covert hidden actions during the Cold War. That type of global strategic thinking is quite complex. They may have gotten some right, but I think caused some disasters. Earlier thousands of deaths were mentioned, I've done research on the supposed attempted overthrow of the Indonesian government in the late 60s by a still relatively small but growing Communist party. The result was a swift change in leadership to a Western friendly dictator who not only took some revenge on the "Communists responsible" but encouraged a genocidal figure of at least 500,000 deaths, many of whom were not even Communist. When analyzing the supposed coup attempt carefully it makes more sense as a CIA sanctioned co-operation to stop the spread of Communism to another Southeast Asian nation. 500,000 deaths is a pretty big casualty fallout. But I digress.

By CAT at 08,Jan,21 13:34 other posts of CAT 
I'm sure we have given support to the opposition. I meant we didn't invade the country and arrested the front runner. kebmo your assurance is meaningless unless you back it up with facts. For instance, Canadians have the reputation of being lousy tippers, but, without actual proof I would never say that.

By andrew999999999 at 08,Jan,21 12:45 other posts of andrew999999999 
Brazil's, Ecuador's, Bolivia's (briefly) President's are all in power due to US interference. The Shah of Iran was put in power due to US interference, as Was Pinochet in Chile, Papa Doc in Haiti, and others.
How has Venezuela been unfriendly to the US? By not bending over and saying 'Sure, take our oil?'
Of course North Korea's nuclear program is aimed at you. You have troops and missiles along the border with South Korea. They are entitled to defend themselves, as are Iran.
What are the countries under US sanctions doing that you find objectionable? Other than not bending to the US's will, or being told to be sanctioned by Israel and Saudi Arabia.
The UN has published reports on the link between US sanctions and deaths to lack of medicines and hygiene equipment.
By CAT at 08,Jan,21 13:48 other posts of CAT 
You are right. The US has supported pro US regimes

With the exception of Costa Rica, virtually all Latin American countries had at least one experience with a United States-supported dictator:[23] Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, the Somoza family in Nicaragua, Tiburcio Carias Andino in Honduras, Carlos Castillo Armas in Guatemala, Hugo Banzer in Bolivia, Juan Marнa Bordaberry in Uruguay, Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay, Franзois Duvalier in Haiti, Artur da Costa e Silva and his successor Emнlio Garrastazu Mйdici in Brazil and Marcos Pйrez Jimйnez in Venezuela, which caused a strong anti-American sentiment in wide sectors of the population

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By andrew999999999 at 08,Jan,21 14:23 other posts of andrew999999999 
Oh, so the US troops in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are there at the invitation of those countries? Here's me thinking the US invaded those countries. Iraq's politicians voted to remove the US and allied military, but they refused to leave. The US has even announced the are going to build 3 new military bases in Iraq. That's occupation.
By CAT at 08,Jan,21 18:03 other posts of CAT 
The US stated that the intent was to remove "a regime that developed and used weapons of mass destruction, that harbored and supported terrorists, committed outrageous human rights abuses, and defied the just demands of the United Nations and the world."[1] For the invasion of Iraq the rationale was "the United States relied on the authority of UN Security Council Resolutions 678 and 687 to use all necessary means to compel Iraq to comply with its international obligations".[2]

Same thing with Syria (Kadaffi)

In the lead-up to the invasion, the US and UK emphasized the argument that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction and that he thus presented a threat to his neighbors and to the world community. The US stated "on November 8, 2002, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1441.
By andrew999999999 at 08,Jan,21 20:47 other posts of andrew999999999 
Yes, that was the intent, and after 18 years they still haven't found any of those WMD's, how strange. They did find a lot of oil though, and a country neighbouring Iran in which to build some military bases. I think everyone knows that was bollocks.

I think you mean Gaddafi, who was Libyan. Assad is Syria's President. Syria also has oil, and is allied to Iran and not Saudi Arabia.

If the US is so concerned about human rights and overthrowing states that support terrorism, I recommend they overthrow ISIS sponsor and human rights abuser Saudi Arabia. There's even the bonus of all the oil. Maybe have a go at Israel too.
By CAT at 08,Jan,21 23:52 other posts of CAT 
Sorry. All ragheads are the same to me. So, you are right. We really are bad people who have colonializm in our brain. We should bomb Caracas, Quito, and other capitals. We should invade and anex all of South America. Who needs these wetbacks?

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:22 other posts of Strongmember# 
There was an official 'stated reason' and apparent evidential clues, I am sure top on the list of Powell's regrets in life, that were never found..... but honestly, more importantly:

Who perpetrated 911? What nations most responsible?
#1 was Saudi Arabia
But we didn't dare bite the hand that could refuse to feed us

Iraq was maybe number 5 or so. That worked out great.. pushed us way into debt.. created a power vacuum for emerging gems such as Isis.

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 19:27 other posts of leopoldij 
I do know.
The thug Trump treated his own country
as if it was an enemy.
His motivation: to save his failed personal business.
Thus, the product of capitalism uses and abuses his power, through capitalism and politics, to save what he tried to create
by unethical methods.
Capitalism, as well as communism, as well as any system that becomes powerful, begets monsters.
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 20:33 other posts of CAT 

By 2nice at 06,Jan,21 21:49 other posts of 2nice 
First of all, I do not condone any sort of violent protest. There is always a better way. I keep hearing on the news that this activity is “UnAmerican”.

Storming the Capital building is “UnAmerican”. Which I do agree.

But, how is upholding a fraudulent election, “American”?

Both sides of this country are at fault.
By kebmo at 06,Jan,21 22:17 other posts of kebmo 
2nice, protesting and rioting are two very different things. One is protected by the First Amendment and the other is not.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes
Even Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence have conceded this election.
By 2nice at 06,Jan,21 22:29 other posts of 2nice 
Did I not say that I do not condone violent protests?
By kebmo at 06,Jan,21 22:34 other posts of kebmo 
Yes you did and I read that. A violent protest is called a riot, correct?
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

I am very surprised that the capital police were not better prepared for this. It could’ve been a lot worse but thankfully most people were just peaceful protesters that stayed on the outside.
By 2nice at 06,Jan,21 22:53 other posts of 2nice 
I’m confused, because I believe we are saying the same thing. In regards to protests.

The despicable behavior of this crowd of protesters do not represent the American public of Trump supporters. They are less than a size of an gnat against the majority.
By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 23:01 other posts of Strongmember# 
Eerily similar defense to one proposed months back by people who wished to support a certain movement with peaceful protest or in spirit; however actions of the few caused the entirety of supporters to be labelled agitators and rioters. I know I am taking this discussion sideways here and not attacking you @2nice, but are others noticing similarities?

By kebmo at 06,Jan,21 23:28 other posts of kebmo 
2nice, I agree with that.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:27 other posts of Strongmember# 
What if they were paid off to let them in? Many people and groups on both sides have motive

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 19:31 other posts of leopoldij 
One can't, at the same time, support Trump and and object the riots.

Reason: it's trump who incited the riots, now and in the past.

He has also createda religion. A religion, any religion, is a system whose followers believe in nonsense.

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 03:10 other posts of leopoldij 
They had to. It is to their interest, as politicians. Pence realized that Trump has no chance anymore, so he is starting to do things to prepare himself to run as president in the future. He may even, at some point, produce a book saying how much anti-trump he's been. Since the public mostly consists of morons they'll believe that.

By Gntlmn at 07,Jan,21 02:18 other posts of Gntlmn 

By CAT at 07,Jan,21 12:58 other posts of CAT 
2nice since November 3 I've heard "fraudulent election" ad-nauseam. Let's ignore that scores of courts and recounts have not found any major irregularities. NO ONE IS UPHOLDING A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. This all started because our president Trump said that it was a fraudulent election. And we know our president, the best president ever, does not lie.

By leopoldij at 06,Jan,21 20:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Such a thing has never happened before.
The President himself is inciting violence (not for the first time) and the police isn't arresting him.
Americans should change their constitution with an amendment like this: If the president urges people to take over the government buildings then he or she should be thrown out and imprisoned. But never, in the US history, have the Americans predicted that such acts, by the president himself, are possible. In some sense, it's actually funny. A violent person, such as trump, has been allowed to be president for so long. Even his cronies are now against him. I guess he'll pardon himself in the end so that he doesn't go to prison.
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 06:56 other posts of Strongmember# 
actually can with 25th amendment
By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 08:30 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you. I didn't know. Then they should exercise it. Get this madman out, now.

By #607191 at 06,Jan,21 23:47
Nothing special. This gun-infested nation has been addicted to violence & war since the start. Nevertheless I wish all it's citizens the best in the coming revolutionairy years. It'll make interesting television though when they dust off the guillotine.
Good luck to yous all.
--------------------------------------- added after 166 hours

Not a bad prediction as they rolled out the guillotine in Arizona.
To be continued....
By phart at 07,Jan,21 03:15 other posts of phart 
Gun infested nation? You must have missed the memo that the only killing that happened with a gun during this protest was by a cop killing a innocent 14 year air force veteran.
By #607191 at 07,Jan,21 10:34
How innocent can you be when you've illegally & forcibly entered the Capitol building? A reception with flowers, maybe?
By phart at 07,Jan,21 14:24 other posts of phart 
someone else may have knocked the door down and she just walked in perhaps? No evidence that SHE forced her way in.
i am sure alot of folks got shot all over the country yesterday.But it only takes 1 black to get the BLM'ers to jumping and burning.So why aren't they jumping up and down over this police shooting?
By #607191 at 07,Jan,21 14:56
Babbitt, an avowed and public Trump supporter as well as a subscriber to a number of alt-right conspiracy theories, had vowed the insurrectionist movement could never be halted. “Nothing will stop us … they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours … dark to light!” she wrote on Twitter.

Babbitt, 35, was reportedly shot as she and other rioters tried to break through a barricaded door in the building where Capitol police officers were armed on the other side.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:35 other posts of phart 
And she can't have a opionion? I wonder if BLMer's are saints online? I bet some of their words are harsh . Any evidence that SHE broke in the door? Could have been a stronger male that she followed in and she was UNARMED. There was PLENTY of ARMED people to shoot at there,why did a policeman choose to shoot a unarmed woman instead of a man that had a gun and more of a real threat is beyond me.

By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:24 other posts of Strongmember# 
Great argument for gettng rid of guns!

By CAT at 07,Jan,21 13:01 other posts of CAT 
phart only one death? Well, that makes it all right. Besides the insurrection, how many other people get shot yesterday?
By andrew999999999 at 07,Jan,21 19:23 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've heard 4 people died yesterday.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:33 other posts of phart 
Up to 5 last I read,

By phart at 06,Jan,21 23:55 other posts of phart 
My thoughts, the White House belongs to the people.The people voted,their vote being counted and all votes counted being legal is in question. Judges and the liberal left could have let the cases go to court,be heard,and what you are seeing now probably would not have happened regardless of the findings of those courts.To throw out,to dismiss,to downright downplay 1000's of peoples statements made under oath as being lies,to deny over 75 million citizens the right to have their greviances heard,is why you are seeing this march on the White house.
And on another note, I think it was Dear Old Nancy that took AMEN out off the house floor. I think today,the Conservitives put it back in as I am sure alot of those wimps that want to take away your rights and hand your hard earned dollars to those that never work,were praying for their "safety".

I hope folks don't get hurt,I also hope the dems understand the message being sent,We want to be heard. We have been silent to long.
IF you can't stand with them,get the hell out of their way.
As for Antifa and BLM doing something similar,Naw,nothing like it,I didn't see any burning cars,no burning buildings,only 1 person shot and that was by a gung ho cop.
So nothing like BLM.
By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 23:59 other posts of Strongmember# 
well now.. as long as you are comfortable with your hypocrisy. btw.. what building belongs to the people.. oh yeah the White House they broke into
By phart at 07,Jan,21 00:07 other posts of phart 
Who does it belong to then? It is supposed to be full of people that represent the American people,not 3 branchs of dictators. Hate Trump as you will but you had 1 side controled by democrats and 1 side by Republicans,it kept things balanced to some degree,now with the way things are,Kamala Harris is the most powerful woman on earth as she can dictate literaly everything that comes thru the 2 chambers. Wow,Dems are so fucking stupid.
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 00:09 other posts of Strongmember# 
My catch was you got the wrong building. Trump was hiding over by the White House. It was the Capitol Building. I think you could brush up on your understanding of US Government.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 01:21 other posts of phart 
oh, ok,you got me covered on that 1,I think off all that area as the nations capitol and all those buildings to me have equal value but I did misconstru which building.

By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Jan,21 13:08 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Dictating what comes through the two chambers was exactly what Mitch McConnell has done the past years. He has blocked the senate vote over 400 times and thereby blocked everything the democratic house majority had proposed.
But dems are stupid when they get the chance to do the same?

I hope Kamala Harris will block every single bill from the republicans, but I'm sure she won't because Biden wants to work with the republicans. That would be stupid!

By CAT at 07,Jan,21 01:23 other posts of CAT 
The courts are not controlled by the left or the right. Trump can't get his head around this.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 01:28 other posts of phart 
That is why had they took some of their precious time and let the cases come forward,let each side show what they had,and THEN made a ruling,things would not be where they are.
Left or right would not have had much to whine about had this been done.
I think left and right played to much of a part in it,as in stabbing the Repubs in the back to maintain status quo.

By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 21:06 other posts of Strongmember# 
ya.. everyone knows they are controlled by the Globalists

By CAT at 07,Jan,21 13:09 other posts of CAT 
phart correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Republicans control both houses of Congress until 2019 and the Senate to this day? You think you can support these Republicans and make it all right by hoping no one gets hurt? Well, first of all, that ship sailed already, and second, why do your people are always violent and with guns while that clown in the White House played his harp?
By phart at 07,Jan,21 14:25 other posts of phart 
What are the repubs supposed to do? Dress in pink and purple and carry magic wands? That won't get any respect or put the fear of GOD in the minds of the liberals.They mocked the word, AMEN on Monday,and made it and other words unwelcome in the chambers. I am willing to bet some of those same people were saying Amen after a prayer yesterday!. So Amen was brought BACK into the chambers! Hehehehe.
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 20:38 other posts of CAT 
Who appointed them to put the fear of God into them? And why should amen be politicized? Do you truly believe that ransacking a chamber of Congress is the ethical choice to dispute, well, anything. Those people, yesterday are seditionist. And amen to that.

By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:21 other posts of Strongmember# 
Um.. they are supposed to govern with the power they were given? There are job descriptions that come with titles like Senator and President. So I suppose you suggest they were not effective leaders? Why bother trying to even elect them again in that case?

By andrew999999999 at 07,Jan,21 20:30 other posts of andrew999999999 
If those supporters were black, do you think there would only have been 4 deaths, or do you think the police would have reacted more forcefully than they did with the white protestors?
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:40 other posts of phart 
To answer both,If you have any religous back ground or knowledge you may have heard, God works in mysteryous ways.
You think God may have appointed them.Who are we to question?
I heard a neighbor say yesterday, Soap box,ballot box,ammo box. That is why we have the second ammendment,to protect ourselves from the government overreach.There is a fancy word for it but I can't think of it.

As for black or white? I don't think the whites were as violent,the reason less violence was used in response. Climbing,walking,talking,shouting,carrying a flag,are not violent behaviors, BUT had the people set all the Suburbans on fire outside the building,beating the walls down with hammers, and setting Nancys desk on fire ,then I would expect a more violent response from law enforcement.
By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:25 other posts of Strongmember# 
so violence is breaking physical objects? I usually think of violence as human to human. Btw 1 officer has died now. And what about the broken doors, windows, chairs,?

Don't sink low here with such blatantly racist logic.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 19:36 other posts of phart 
Well how about telling your prezident to be to stop bringing up race.just 5 minutes ago,he was saying ,"Black,brown,latino,etc,he is racist and is public about it right on the radio.

By the way,what is a brown person?
Indians,as the people that were here before all of us,are red. People of African origin are black, orientals are yellow and etc. IF latino is brown, why are both words used by Biden?
By Strongmember# at 09,Jan,21 10:32 other posts of Strongmember# 
Omg. how about researching before writing out your ignorance.

1st. Biden is not racist by having conversations about race.

2nd. Idk where you live, but there are many shades of people. Brown often covers African descendants who are more brown than black. It also covers many from South Asia. Btw Asians aren't yellow. Sometimes Latin people could be grouped as brown depending on context.

Maybe next time listen to the lessons of our new President.

By mobiusdick at 07,Jan,21 00:01 other posts of mobiusdick 
That is the way the world ends....not with a bang, but a whimper. Who said that?

All this s**t is the beginning of the end for this country.
By kebmo at 07,Jan,21 01:05 other posts of kebmo 
Well as the world ends Trump won’t be tweeting about it because his account has been blocked until about 4:30 AM Eastern standard time on Thursday morning. Deafening silence.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 01:23 other posts of phart 
Naw,it is illegal censorship.Similar to the 1.7 million member group on Face book being erased ,Biden Not my President. Fastest growing group ever on Face book. BUT yet,The Trump Not my President group is still up after 4 fucking years!It is ok to mow down your current leader,but to say something bad about your "president elect" is some cardinal sin. Again,a double standard. We are supposed to have FREEDOM OF SPEACH here!
By kebmo at 07,Jan,21 01:34 other posts of kebmo 
phart, they did it because he Incited a riot and that is illegal.

13 days and 15 hours to go.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 02:08 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 07,Jan,21 02:46 other posts of kebmo 
I am not sure what they were referring to.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 03:13 other posts of phart 
Trump ask his supporters to go home,and respect the law enforcement.amoung other things.
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 07:00 other posts of Strongmember# 
only after many tweets urging opposite all day, plus his speech, then he let it go on a while, then dropped that ineloquent outtake video later on.. minimal applause

By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Jan,21 12:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
According to your own laws it's legal for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others
to block or ban anyone who violates their Community Standards.
I don't agree with censorship, but that's what happens when you give a private company control of a public facility; the end of free speech.

The censorship will increase, when republicans manage to repeal section 230, because the media companies would then be liable for content posted by their users.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 14:27 other posts of phart 
If that is the case,why would the democrats be so fearful of repealing 230? They like to squelch conservitives so that would be to their advantage would it not?
By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Jan,21 15:39 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
No, because most democrats actually care about freedom of speech,
unlike republicans who only care about THEIR freedom of speech.

AND at least progressives understand that those media companies might start
with banning right wing extremists, but as soon as censorship has been allowed,
the media companies start banning progressives. Why? Because progressives
are critical of the corruption the media is part of, as income source.
Progressives are a danger to their wealth, unlike the right wingers.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:42 other posts of phart 
Interesting point,spread that out a little,about the wealth and progressives. I would have thought the progressives would be a major cash cow for the media?
By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:32 other posts of Strongmember# 
Do you realize how large the global media industry is, how many sources of information exist for us all. It's not just MSNBC, CNN, Fox, Newsmax. All 4 arguably fight for eyeballs and engage in a degree of sensationalism. All have also begun splitting time between newscasts and political pundit shows. Anyway.. @ananas2xlekker was describing the more educated of the progressives who understand what a slippery slope is.

Not happy? Go to Parlor

By Ananas2xLekker at 08,Jan,21 13:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
The big news networks are funded and owned by big corporations. Some of them are funded by corporations owned by conservatives and some by corporations owned by liberals. The funders of the so called 'left wing' media are hardly progressive. They might be culturally liberal, but they oppose any progressive policy that endangers the wealth or profit of the organizations that own and fund them.

Those kind of liberals understand they can pacify the gullible people with the idea of freedom, but they don't want to relinquish any of their power or share any of their wealth. In other words, they are only easy on the liberal symbolism, but not on liberal progress. They might anger you by taking a knee in solidarity with BLM or condoning the removal of Confederate statues, but they really don't give a shit about anyone, let alone black people. In my opinion those kind of liberals only hurt the progressive ideals.

By kebmo at 08,Jan,21 00:35 other posts of kebmo 
I just heard on CBC news that a police officer was killed yesterday at the Capitol building but I can’t confirm that anywhere else and I don’t have any further details.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 01:29 other posts of phart 
I read that as well,a total of 5 deaths,But you would think they would have found a policeman hurt or killed sooner than they did? Strange to say the least.
By Strongmember# at 08,Jan,21 11:35 other posts of Strongmember# 
jesus fucking christ. you need photos from the morgue? a personal tour? Sht.. how easy did you believe all the Election Fraud.. did you look at all that evidence?

Just acknowledge it. All you did was lost your talking point from yesterday

By kebmo at 08,Jan,21 19:58 other posts of kebmo 
He died yesterday because he was hit in the head with a fire extingusher.
By phart at 08,Jan,21 20:27 other posts of phart 
No one until now has said what happened. The way it read the first time on the net it was like they found him dead under a bush and some mulch or something.

By zzick at 08,Jan,21 15:53 other posts of zzick 
Does anybody know if the lizard people are on board with him??
I've heard that the greys are with him, whether that's good or bad, I dont know!

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,21 21:10 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's another obvious observation about the mob:

They were all white.

If they were black then there would have been many more deaths. The security, the police, the national guard, etc., wouldn't have been so careful not to shoot. In fact the national guard didn't have guns. Because the rioters were white. Only 4 died. If they were black there would have been 40 or more deaths.

By kebmo at 04,Jan,21 11:58 other posts of kebmo 
I’m ready for the shit show in Georgia for the next two days.
--------------------------------------- added after 50 minutes

My level of political cynicism is very high.
By phart at 04,Jan,21 16:59 other posts of phart 
I think your predication about the dems winning will happen. Although you said Trump would hand it to them,I think he and the democrats agreeing on 2000 bucks and the repubs NOT agreeing, sold the election for 1400 bucks a vote.
I agree with putting the people back to work instead of steady handing out money and not handing money to Pakistan for gender study, BUT at this moment and time,with the senate at risk for literaly 1 to 2 votes,it was a time to compremise,give the 2000 bucks,maintain control of the senate,and save the money later on the next 2 years.
By Ananas2xLekker at 04,Jan,21 17:18 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
'handing money to Pakistan for gender study' is your biggest issue with how your governments is giving money away? They've given trillions of dollars to the companies of their donors, when they were not the companies in trouble and without asking to not fire their employees.
And don't worry about those $2000 per person. It will be in the hands of the rich people soon enough. It seems like that's all you care about.
By phart at 05,Jan,21 01:27 other posts of phart 
How many poor people do you work for? Poor people don't own the companys you work for.Money to pakistan is just 1 of the many pork barrel items that poppped into my head while typeing. There is alot of pork on bills that don't belong.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Jan,21 16:03 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Always the same answer. The problem with people owning tens to hundreds of billions of dollars is that they can buy every other company. Then you will indeed only be able to work for very rich people, who have complete monopolies. The rich people will divide the monopolies amongst them and everyone else will have no choice but to work for them. Then nobody will ever make a good living any more. Or do you think they will pay well out of the goodness of their hart?

That pork on the bills exists because of those rich people bribing your politicians.
It's full of handouts for the oil businesses, the military industrial complex, the pharma industry and just rich people in general.

Pakistan is in the bill 5 times. I agree it shouldn't be in there.
"Of the funds appropriated under title III of this Act that are made available for assistance for Pakistan, not less than $15,000,000 shall be made available for democracy programs and not less than $10,000,000 shall be made available for gender programs."

However the word 'missile' is in there 19 times.
"Government and contractor-owned equipment layaway; and other expenses necessary for the foregoing purposes, $3,220,541,000, to remain available for obligation until September 30, 2023."
How is that involved with Covid relief? Are they gonna shoot missiles at viruses?
It's also 128 times the amount.

There is also $115,745,000 for the wild horse and burro program, whatever the fuck that may be. The word 'horse' is in there 192 times. The word 'patient' is only in there 165 times. WTF, why? Horses don't get Covid.

Your government is fucking crazy. I'm sure you are gonna point to the democrats,
but it was Mitch McConnell who destroyed the $2000 bill, because there was no pork attached to it. It was also primarily the Republicans who made it legal for the rich to fund your politicians with unlimited amounts of money, through loopholes.
That's why your bills are filled with handouts for rich people and corporations and nothing for you.

only registered users can see external links
By phart at 05,Jan,21 19:03 other posts of phart 
So you are saying that Astrazeneca,Moderna and others that are working for the vaccine should be Mom and Pop enterprises? How long would a vaccine take then?

Missles, we will need them if Iran and the other middle easterners start their little shit shows again while we are suffering under Harris in a year or 2.

I was also reading yesterday that some moderate democrats do not want all 3 branchs controled by 1 party.Gee,I think those folks need to jump ship so they won't be considered idiots with the rest of the democommies.
By Ananas2xLekker at 05,Jan,21 20:13 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
No, what I'm saying is that you need to prevent big businesses being allowed to destroy their competition, by bribing your politicians to shape the rules in their favor. You even gave massive checks to companies that don't pay taxes at all. How can a small company survive against that competition?

I know several people that are not employed by rich people. Both my brother and brother in law are self employed and doing great. In The Netherlands 70% of employment is from small and medium businesses, and it's on the rise. In the US it's 47% and declining.

only registered users can see external links

Why don't you just leave those middle easterners alone? Do you really think you are making the world a safer place by bombing the shit out of muslims?
A safer world was never the purpose of your wars. You just want them to be subservient and take their oil as cheap as possible. The US likes to overthrow moderate, democratically elected governments, to put in extremist dictators.
That's why they hate you.

Moderate Democrats are just Republicans from a few decades ago. Most of them are rich and don't care who is in power, because both parties work for them.
By phart at 06,Jan,21 02:47 other posts of phart 
Why didn't the middle easterners just leave us alone on 9-11? Oh,it is taboo to remember such a tragedy from so long ago.
Why didn't the Iranians just leave that South Korean Tanker alone? Last i read South Korea is sending in war ships of their own. I don't doubt they will take action rather anyone else helps or not.And what has South Korea done to the middle east?Other than buy their oil that they cant eat or drink so they can then buy what they can eat and drink?
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Jan,21 13:57 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
If you drone strike the responsible terrorists for an attack on your country, that's fine by me. But, there was no reason to attack Iraq for 9/11. Killing Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group was warranted, but you have now been occupying Afghanistan for 19 years. There is not the slightest of a plan to get out there.
Do you really think they will ever be a democracy? And even if they ever have democratic elections, will the US not just overthrow the winner, if it's not a suck-up to the US and might want a fair price for their oil?

Why do you think your news is talking about Iran messing with a South Korean oil tanker? Because you are friends with their enemy, Saudi Arabia. That's just because of lucrative oil and weapon deals with the donors of your politicians.
It's not that Saudi Arabia isn't just as bad as Iran. Saudi Arabia is doing a genocide in Yemen. You don't care about that, because your media doesn't talk about it. And that's because they make ridiculous money of commercials for Raytheon. Why are cigarette commercials banned, but commercials for bomb manufacturers allowed?
By phart at 06,Jan,21 15:10 other posts of phart 
I am against our troops being in Afganistan,or the middle east in general.Have been for a long time.Foot solders should never have set foot there,we have planes and bombs.
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Jan,21 16:22 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
So, just bomb the hell out of them and then... no more terrorists and dictators?

It doesn't work! You don't need $3,220,541,000 available for missiles and it surely has no place in your Covid relief bill.

Vote out those corrupt politicians. If you don't want to vote for the democrats,
at least vote in the republican primary elections for the least corrupt candidate.
By phart at 07,Jan,21 00:04 other posts of phart 
I tried that sir! I honestly did try to vote for the least corrupt,still got stuck with our dipshit govenor.
THat money may have been made avaiable to make sure payment could be made on obligations for missles under contract.
YOu wouldn't want a company to be stuck with a big bill and missles in THEIR warehouse instead of the governments would you? COuld get in to the wrong hands?

As for bombing the hell out of them,well,if you come accross a nest of rattle snakes,and you kill all of them,none of them will bite you later will they?
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 08:28 other posts of Strongmember# 
Would be nice.. but we tried that so many times.. Shock n Awe.. Drone Program..etc.. pieces of snake keep surviving underground..
By phart at 07,Jan,21 14:21 other posts of phart 
The bombing just stopped to soon.

By andrew999999999 at 06,Jan,21 23:39 other posts of andrew999999999 
I think the US is after the lithium in Afghanistan, maybe the opium too.

I read something the other day about Iraqi intelligence warning Iran of a false flag incident as a precursor to a declaration of war from the US.
By Strongmember# at 06,Jan,21 23:50 other posts of Strongmember# 
He who controls the spice controls the universe.

By CAT at 07,Jan,21 13:48 other posts of CAT 
Only two, Congress and the presidency. The Supreme Court is static

By andrew999999999 at 06,Jan,21 16:42 other posts of andrew999999999 
Also, $3.3 billion given to the Israelis so they can keep up their apartheid system and oppression of the Palestinians.
By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Jan,21 21:43 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Of course, I didn't expect anything else.

By #623135 at 05,Jan,21 18:09
I know many small business owners that employ one or two people, even if it's a delivery driver. The big enterprises do employ many people but it's the little businesses that power this country. The profits stay local and not sent offshore--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes
phart This is from the Small Business Administration

Small businesses comprise what share of
the U.S. economy?
Small businesses make up:
99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms,
64 percent of net new private-sector
49.2 percent of private-sector
42.9 percent of private-sector payroll,
46 percent of private-sector output,
43 percent of high-tech employment,
98 percent of firms exporting goods,
33 percent of exporting value.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, SUSB, CPS;
International Trade Administration; Bureau
of Labor Statistics, BED; Advocacy-funded
research, Small Business GDP: Update 2002-
2010, only registered users can see external links.

By kebmo at 04,Jan,21 20:35 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, I bet Trump will seal the deal for the Democrats at his rally tonight. He'll ramble on and on and on and on about everything BUT the subject at hand because he knows it will be his last rally of this election.

By mobiusdick at 04,Jan,21 18:51 other posts of mobiusdick 
I plan on catching up on my DVR recordings while it's going on. Maybe I'll just watch South Park, because Trump has been about like having Eric Cartman as president for the last four years.
By kebmo at 04,Jan,21 20:33 other posts of kebmo 

By kebmo at 07,Jan,21 11:49 other posts of kebmo 
I look forward to the day that news is boring again.
I hope the next couple of weeks remains calm… but I doubt it will. If we’ve learned anything from Donald Trump it is that he does not do calm. Every time we think that it couldn’t get worse in walks Donald J Trump.
By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 12:22 other posts of dgraff 
I made Rubin sandwiches for dinner last night and I accidentally burned the corner of the sourdough bread is that Donald Trumps fault
By CAT at 07,Jan,21 12:24 other posts of CAT 
By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 12:29 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha I thought so

By phart at 07,Jan,21 01:19 other posts of phart 
Gee I wonder if the cops are happy about killing this poor woman?
only registered users can see external links

So many rioted and looted and burned over a dope head getting shot at a wendys drive thru but will anyone give a damn about this poor woman? I doubt it? YOu know why I doubt it? 1,she is white,2, she was conservitive. Sad,very sad indeed that such a double standard is present in our once great nation.Dope heads and criminals are given more prestige than patriots.

Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran from San Diego who served 4 tours with the US Air Force as a high-level security officer was killed today.
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 07:10 other posts of Strongmember# 
Prettty sure many people will honor her. Don't worry. What is sad is she died a victim not of the cop, but for a cause I unfortunately believe was invented by an immoral political machine that invented "Stop the Steal".

By dgraff at 07,Jan,21 00:39 other posts of dgraff 
I’m just happy to see whites and blacks protesting together in harmony for a good cause
--------------------------------------- added after 77 seconds

Again we are United
By phart at 07,Jan,21 01:25 other posts of phart 
And the only shots fired were by the COPS.And they did the only killing.Although alot of other folks were armed. How many cars burned? I couldn't help but notice there were several Suburbans in front of the building and none were burning,all had their windows? Wow?
By Strongmember# at 07,Jan,21 07:03 other posts of Strongmember# 
yeah.. burning 20 grand in smoke for the insurance company to cover is that line that divides.

Btw how did the other 3 people die?

By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 20:20
No evidence huh? Feast your no evidence theory on this too. [deleted image]
By kebmo at 21,Dec,20 21:59 other posts of kebmo 
Oh my! Well SrCums, based on that factual information the US will have to take the win from Biden and give it to Trump. I’m sorry I doubted your superior wisdom.
By phart at 22,Dec,20 00:10 other posts of phart 
Well,Um, why not investigate it further? Why let it blow over? If they get away with it this time,there will never be another election without meddling.
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 07:03 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, I'm not against investigating anything. What I am against is people trying to impose their beliefs upon the courts who, time and again have rejected the claims brought against the legality of this election. When the courts throw you out you have to accept their judgements. Who overrules the courts? Well you can appeal and appeal until you get to the US Supreme Court and if they say no then it's no. It's something that people have to accept; the Supreme Court is the highest court in the US and (to my knowledge) nothing outranks it if they say no to you. No means no. Do you believe in and support the US Justice System Phart?
By phart at 22,Dec,20 15:02 other posts of phart 
Not nearly as much as I once did.Oj simpson walking after murdering 2 people was the start of my loss of confidence..Once I had my struggle with the system about 10 years ago and got shot down because of a shity lawyer, I have lost confidence in the system for sure.

By mobiusdick at 22,Dec,20 00:36 other posts of mobiusdick 
It's only "fake news" when it doesn't substantiate their outlandish claims. When it does, it's top notch reporting. No evidence required for a "trustworthy" slimeball like Bill O'Reilly.

By #592419 at 22,Dec,20 03:33
If I'm right I need courage... When I'm wrong I admit humility.
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 08:58 other posts of kebmo 
SrCums, and when faced with sarcasm you don’t get it.
By #592419 at 23,Dec,20 03:15
Get what? I don't get it.. We are here to find the truth.. If I don't agree with you I will show why I don't.. You don't give reasoning behind your disagreements..
I'm not smarter than yo u.. The only difference that keeps you in the cage is your own egoism.
By Strongmember# at 29,Dec,20 13:20 other posts of Strongmember# 
Better journalistic integrity would support multiple sources.

By andrew999999999 at 06,Jan,21 23:43 other posts of andrew999999999 
A subtle way for the Chinese to fuck around with US politics. They must be laughing at what's going on now.

By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Jan,21 21:59 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Mitch McConnell speaking the truth (mostly):
only registered users can see external links

By curvy8 at 24,Dec,20 09:56 other posts of curvy8 
He just needs to get his orange ass out of the Whitehouse and then we can get back to normal.
By phart at 24,Dec,20 15:25 other posts of phart 
You call 4 more years of Obama normal?
By CAT at 04,Jan,21 17:10 other posts of CAT 
Obama again? Do you have Obama tattooed on your eyelids? If I remember correctly, the country was sick of Bush Jr and the resetion. Obama pushed for the Democrats ideas and got us out of the financial mess. We could use someone like that now. However, I believe that Biden or anyone else would like to be his own man and not be an Obama wannabe.

By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,20 17:28 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Look at that, they've finally found an actual case of voter fraud. A man from Pennsylvania cast a ballot under his' dead mother’s name.

You might say: "See, there were dead people voting!". Sure, they finally found one, but it turned out to be a Trump voter, they caught the guy, now he is charged with voter fraud and he will probably spend significant time in jail.
That doesn't really support claims of massive voter fraud in favor of Biden, now does it?

Still, I feel sorry for him, because Trump made him think he could and should do it.
I would advise him to plead insanity. Should be a convincing argument.

only registered users can see external links
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 20:34
You steadily talk out your ass and frankly it's kind of annoying.

If YOU continue to contend there was NO fraud, then gotdamnit PROVE IT! PROVE IT!

After what I've witnessed these past 4 years, I'm/we are just supposed to take some partisan cocksuckers word that it was legit? Give me a fucking break! Just a little teenie tiny example, one of the people that was "IN CHARGE" of one of the counting centers, boldly wore his Biden pin. He's supposed to give an illusion, AT LEAST, of being non-partisan, but no, he wore a Biden 2020 pin. I'll tell you what, YOU continue to trust a fuckwit that would do something like that, I'm not!

Have you familiarized yourself with the United States Constitution?

No need to answer that, the answer apparently is, HELL NO YOU HAVEN'T!

I've been trying to tell you dimwits, it was not over yet, you keep insisting it is.

I'm gonna provide a video to help school you a bit. It's COMPLETELY YOUR choice to watch it or not. It's about 8 mins. and some change in length.

only registered users can see external links

Oh, and yeah, the cocksuckers at "youtube" aren't able to censor this one, so they can eat shit!

Now, ignore it if you like, it seems to me that you like to be informed. Problem is, your information is ALWAYS skewed ONE direction and yet you don't find that curious whatsoever.

What the fuck do you think SO many Americans are outraged over? Or do YOU simply not REALLY give a shit?

Perhaps you believe it's just a handful of Americans making all the noise and that election fraud is not really a concern of a LARGE number of voters. Is that what you think?

About 32% believed that the 2016 election was interfered with and stolen, and they got exhaustive investigations after investigations.

Now, almost half the country believes there was fraud committed and you and people like you, say what. "Nothing to see here folks, move along, trust us"... >wink wink< Yeah right! Either YOU believe in what's right or you don't. If a LARGE portion of the electorate are concerned, maybe steps should be taken to put them at ease, not just say move along and trust us. What kind of idiot just blindly trusts government officials? You? Jews? Canucks?
By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,20 22:14 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
You can't prove a negative, but it is so incredibly clear. Trump started to fearmonger about voter fraud months before the election. He kept saying mail in ballots are fraudulent, without any good reason for it. He just wanted to screw that method of voting, because democrats prefer it. They prefer it, because they do believe Covid is real, unlike republicans. He also tried to destroy the postal service for the same reason. That is really cheating and you know it.

Trump even said before hand that if he would win in would be a fair election and if he would loose it would be fraudulent.
Everyone expected him to say it was fraud upfront, because it was also clear that Biden would win. Trump was never above Biden in any poll and most of the time way behind.

And like everyone expected Trump claimed fraud as soon as he lost. It was so transparent. He couldn't even have known at that moment, if it was true.
From that point it was up to his lawyers to prove that fraud. There were more than 50 lawsuits and in only one the could prove some problems with the election. It wasn't fraud and it didn't involve enough votes to make Trump even win that state. So he lost, but he still went on to try and make the supreme court to overturn it. His case was so weak that even his own appointed judges couldn't agree to it. Even though they are conservative to the core, they still took an oath.

So there is no proof of any wrongdoing by the democrats. And even if they somehow managed to do fraud that completely pulled it in their direction, the other side still needs to prove it in court. That's called 'rule of law'.

You keep referring to the United States Constitution. Isn't the rule of law in there?
Why don't you refer to the specific line that applies here and explain how it says that one party can overturn the result of an election, without proof of an illegitimate election.

You only have some people claiming they have seen something suspicious. Then, when they explain it, it sounds so embarrassingly childishly stupid. If that was going on, there would be piles of evidence. Even Trump appointed judges look away in disgust.

You thing it makes it true when a lot of people believe something? You are taking part in mass hysteria. That happened many times before. Don't you think the Nazis thought they were right? The rest of the world thinks you are crazy and fears you will just have a coup and start a Trump dictatorship. There is no hope for the world if that happens.
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 22:53
I hope you get this before the bastards silence the truth.

only registered users can see external links
Less than 6 mins.
--------------------------------------- added after 19 minutes

THERE'S your proof!

That's only 1 state, now if that bastard is lying to us, then he should be arrested and charged with a crime, period! If it's so untrue, why was he allowed to say such things?

For fucks sake!

Are you even capable of understanding that these things are out there? Very similar things are being said and shown about some of the other states as well. Do you understand yet, why SO many people are questioning the election? It doesn't have a fucking thing to do with Donald Trump, he didn't order me to watch C-Span the day that the guy on the video testified before congress. Donald Trump didn't have shit to do with the moment I saw with my own eyes Bidens numbers go up and Trumps went down. Donald Trump didn't have shit to do with another moment when I observed with my own eyes Bidens number go up and Trumps didn't budge at all. 188,000 random people all voting for 1 person is ABSOLUTE bullshit and I don't believe it. I don't need Donald Trump to tell me a fucking thing, I have a mind of my own. I tend to believe what I see, and I don't need some shit for brains telling me what I saw didn't happen.
By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 13:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
According to Jesse Binnall, there were 42,000 people who voted more than once, "more than 19,000 people" who "voted even though they did not live in Nevada," "over 15,000 votes" that "were cast from commercial or vacant addresses," "about 8,000 people" who "voted from non-existent addresses," "at least 1,500 dead people" who were "recorded as voting," and "almost 4,000 non-citizens who also voted.".

First of all, Binnall is not a witness, but a lawyer for the case. If these were truthful claims by a witness, a voting poll employee or an observer, than were is that person?

Your video stopped there. This is what Sen. James Lankford (R–Okla.) asked Binnall after it:
Lankford: "In my state, when someone votes twice—and we do have that occasionally, about 50 times a year, that that actually occurs in our state—we prosecute individuals that vote twice. Of [these] 130,000 instances that you have identified from the 2020 election in Nevada, do you know of any prosecutions currently going on in Nevada for any voter fraud?"
Binnall: "Not yet, senator."

Not one prosecution? No, because it was all lies!

only registered users can see external links

Actual people that were on the list of Binnall were outraged:
only registered users can see external links

The judge rejected the claims of voter fraud, for lack of evidence:
only registered users can see external links

The Nevada Independent looked into the voter fraud and debunked all of it:
only registered users can see external links

When people check claims of voter fraud and the votes that were alleged to be illegal turn out to be legit, than that is proof that the claim of voter fraud itself was fraudulent. Because Jesse Binnall is a lawyer for the case, he cannot be prosecuted for lying, but he should be disbarred.

By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 23:08 other posts of kebmo 
No, no, no Scorps! It is the job of Republicans to prove that there IS fraud. Don’t even go there. You know that’s wrong, you know, innocent until proven guilty? Ever hear that line?
What is believed and what is proven are two very different things and only the latter counts. As it stands today, it is proven that Joe Biden is the President Elect, correct?
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 23:22
NO, it is not proven!

How in THEE hell can anything be proven when NOBODY'S listening?

What, do you think all these people have magic access to Television or Networks to make their case to the public? Media is ignoring it all just like the courts are. Social media is even involved removing shit they have no business removing.

The above video has been removed numerous times, why?
If it's such bullshit and untrue why hasn't the guy been charged with a crime? If it's such bullshit and lies why do they feel so threatened by it?
By Strongmember# at 29,Dec,20 13:30 other posts of Strongmember# 
Boring video @scorps but I tried to digest it. So who's hosting the inauguration party? Did the winner of the race successfully walk up to the judges booth, rip out the video tape footage evidence, and hand deliver it to everyone on the web to satisfaction? If you still think fraud.. I guess you admit Trump doesn't have a firm grip on power to let that happen. Weak leader.

By #551147 at 26,Dec,20 19:33
only registered users can see external links
Less than 1 minute

By kebmo at 25,Dec,20 03:20 other posts of kebmo 
Merry Christmas!
By phart at 25,Dec,20 14:40 other posts of phart 
Merry Christmas to you as well sir.

By #551147 at 25,Dec,20 15:29
Back at ya Canuck!

By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 16:41 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
President Donald Trump has granted a full pardon to 15 people.

Four of them are former government contractors convicted in a 2007 massacre in Baghdad that left more than a dozen Iraqi civilians dead and caused an international uproar over the use of private security guards in a war zone.

Two of the people were implicated in the Russia probe. George Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty during the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. He has already served 12 days of a 14-day sentence in prison. Alex van der Zwaan, the Dutch son-in-law of Russian billionaire German Khan. Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $20,000 for lying to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators about contacts with an official in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Three former Republican lawmakers. Collins was sentenced to over two years in prison for helping his son and others escape losses worth $800,000 in the stock market by providing them insider information about a drug trial.
Duncan Hunter, who was sentenced for 11 months after he pleaded guilty for stealing campaign funds and using the funds for personal purposes like his daughter's birthday party.
former Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, who was convicted in 2018 of misuse of charitable funds. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, of which he has served two.

"Drain the swamp" he said, but now he is pardoning the swamp.
By phart at 23,Dec,20 18:45 other posts of phart 
Um,I guess someone needs to go back and research the quality of people Clinton and Obama pardoned and see just how much more "evil" Trump was.
Just as Martha Stuart was put in jail over some stock crap,you gota be kidding? Murderers don't get sentances as stiff as that woman did just for selling stock.
As for the folks in the russia thing,that whole thing was a joke and a waste of money and those folks were just victums picked out to make it LOOK like the "probe" was doing some good.
A quick googleing, looks like Clinton and Obama loved drug dealers.
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 19:45 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Obama pardoned (first-time) non-violent drug offenders, mostly for growing and possession of marijuana, for which some people were serving 20 years. I know you don't agree, but I think marijuana should be completely legalized. As long as people pay taxes for it and they're not a nuisance to their neighbors, I think growing and trading of marijuana is fine. Since it was against the law, I agree with their prosecution, but 20 years is ridiculous. Those are sentences for murderers.
Besides that, it was what his voters wanted.

Trump is pardoning war-criminals and corrupt politicians. The last category concerns his loyalists and co-conspirators. Find me one case in which Obama did something like that.

By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 21:03 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
About Martha Stewart, she was sentenced to five months in prison, five months of house arrest, and two years probation. Doesn't sound like a lot for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and for lying to investigators.
Do you sentence murderers with less?

only registered users can see external links

Martha Stewart was already rich enough, so she didn't need to do it. However if you cheat the system because you just want healthcare for your children, then they throw the book at you:
Three Mississippi moms face over 20 years in prison for allegedly using false addresses in order to obtain health care benefits for their children.
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 23,Dec,20 22:20 other posts of phart 
Oj simpson was not even convicted! So yea,murderers get less.
By Ananas2xLekker at 24,Dec,20 09:28 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Justice does not always prevail. Many people get away with horrible crimes.
Still, the rule of law is preferable over the alternatives.
only registered users can see external links

By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 15:08 other posts of mobiusdick 
OMG Blah Blah Blah Blah.......Why don't we just all wait till January 20, 2021,say around 12:15 PM EST, right after the Chief Justice swears in the president.Then all the appropriate "I told you so"'s can then be dealt out. I'll even start a thread called "I told you so."
By phart at 23,Dec,20 15:47 other posts of phart 
Ok,well a few months later,when the economy tanks and you can't even afford your internet bill,we conservitives will start a "I told ye so" thread to.
If you voted for biden,you voted to fuck up America.
By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 16:01 other posts of mobiusdick 
I'm not predicting who will be president. This will be an all-purpose, generic "I told you so" thread. It's just that all this blabbering is pontless until we know how this turns out.
By #551147 at 24,Dec,20 05:43

By CAT at 23,Dec,20 16:05 other posts of CAT 
Phart, what if it doesn't tank? What if real progress is made. Remember, Biden must get the economy out of the whole the Republicans put us in before he can make it great again.
By phart at 23,Dec,20 16:12 other posts of phart 
IF by the Grace of GOD and others religions Gods that might step in to help if there are any others, that it does NOT tank,then that will be GREAT for all of us.
BUT if you will remember, when the economy took off like a rocket ship when Trump went into office,you YOURSELF clearly stated that he was riding on Obamas work.Which I doubt BUT for the discussion,I just wanted to remind you of that.SO if the economy DOES NOT TANK,then it would probably be because of Trumps policys and ideas finally taking root and growing.
By CAT at 23,Dec,20 17:45 other posts of CAT 
I don't care who's ideas and actions help Biden. We are not talking about the economy for Biden. We are talking about. An economy for the whole nation. Heaven knows all Americans need that.

By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 20:42 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Trump just destroyed the Relief Deal, because there was not enough direct payment to people in it. I agree with him that $600,- is not enough, but does his rejection result in a new deal with more money or will it just result in nothing at all?
Is he actually doing it to help people or is he just trying to mess with McConnell, Loeffler and Purdue?
Still, if Trump actually assures a deal for at least $1200,- and without liability protections for corporations, I will give him credit for it.
By phart at 23,Dec,20 22:23 other posts of phart 
I honestly looked at that move as being a stumbling block.McConnell and all of them have said they would work on another bill later and that this needed to pass to help people now.I figure a couple days will pass and 1200 will be the magic number again and it will get signed.
UNless congres can pass it with a 2/3's majority.
BUT I can also agree,we don't need to send a damn dime over seas while our own people suffer.That is part of why I agree with America first.

By Ananas2xLekker at 23,Dec,20 21:49 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Trump allies wanted a data expert to find fraud in Nevada's election — but he debunked their claims instead.

only registered users can see external links

By #551147 at 21,Dec,20 16:15
@ StrongMember#,

I saw you asking for some sort of proof down below.

When there are more votes cast than there are legally registered voters, what part of your brain says there's NO proof of fraud? That all by itself screams BULLSHIT and is more than enough to cause a closer look, not just throw your hands up and say, oh well!

Are we to follow our Constitution or not?

If so, changes were made to the way the election was to be handled by several states that didn't adhere to the laws and rules of their own states Constitutions. Changes made by those not legally allowed to make those changes.

It would be akin to changing the rules of a football or baseball game as it is being played. Rules are obviously in place for a reason. Could it be to prevent debacles like what's going on from happening? Once again, not sure what part of that you don't understand.

Lastly... The courts haven't even listened to the cases. They simply dismissed them on stupid technicalities like in one instance, you came too late, but they couldn't have come before because the crime hadn't been committed yet. So, WTF!

How about a credible report that says, Justice Robert's was heard saying he did not want to take the case because of the "rioters and rioting". I'm more of the belief that NO Judge wants to get involved because of that very reason. That doesn't mean there is NO proof of fraud. That just means they're a bunch of spineless motherfuckers.


Now, what do we do? Just throw our hands up and say yep there were issues but oh well, let's just move on.


Maintain, all you people are delusional and there was NO fraud whatsoever and just get over it. Like, fuck you! 🖕

Not gonna happen! It also shouldn't be expected to happen. People should have confidence and with all that has taken place, there is none, anymore. This is no longer necessarily about the President, it is about right and wrong.

If these very same things happened against the cocksucker I cannot stand, I would have the DECENCY to stand up for what's right, just like now.

If you had to cheat to win you're still the loser!
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 09:14 other posts of kebmo 
It's over Scorps.
You should support the US Justice System.
--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutes

Even Bill Barr knows it’s over. He said so twice! He’s jumping ship.
By mobiusdick at 22,Dec,20 10:27 other posts of mobiusdick 
Nice try Mr. Kebmo, but convincing them of anything is a lost cause.
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 20:53
Is it really Kebmo, MobiusDick?

I can understand one of you two not being familiar with our Constitution, but the other... Don't be an uneducated disgrace all your life. It's embarrassing!

We all have choices in life, and the freedoms to make those choices. In most countries anyway. If you choose to believe in what your spoon fed and trust your government so implicitly and that they will take care of all your needs. That's YOUR choice! Don't expect others to feel the same way you do. You want a Nanny state? Consider hooking up with Ananas2xLekker, see if his country welcomes you with open arms. Sounds like they got quite the "Nanny State" going on, even pay for those who simply choose not to work.

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Just under 9 mins.

Do yourself a favor, educate yourself about how the Constitution of the United States applies to this election, whether you want it to or not.

Oh! Just in case you don't believe anyone is going to stand up, keep telling yourself that... Keep the illusion alive! It will just make the heartbreak that much worse. Can't say I haven't been trying to tell you numbskulls for weeks it wasn't over, yet.
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 21:22 other posts of kebmo 
Scorps, what is it that I said that you think is incorrect?
--------------------------------------- added after 115 seconds

BTW, Scorps, do you think that Donald Trump will be elected for a second term?
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 21:49
➡️ "It's over Scorps" 🤨

"You should support the US Justice System"

I did! Until they convicted a couple of innocent men and let others get away with lies, fraud, treason, and even murder.

That support is gone, for now!
--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutes

Shit, I forgot to answer your last question...

I honestly don't know!

ALL signs point to shady shit taking place. Whether or not the evidence is sufficient or not has yet to be seen. Hopefully it will ALL come to light in Congress when people start objecting to certain states votes. To date, the evidence has NOT been heard. Just blowhards steadily saying, trust me, it's this way, with NO proof.

So, I dunno, I'm guessing we shall see. I know for sure of several congress people that are going to stand up and at least 2 Senators. I know this has taken place a few times in modern day, I just have never seen the process play out. I betcha this time we will see the process as it's happening. If the major networks don't carry it, it won't matter, I will be watching C-Span as it unfolds. I want assurance that it was legit not just take some fuckheads word.
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 22:03 other posts of kebmo 
Scorps, do you think that Donald will serve a second term starting in 28 days?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Just for the record, the Justice System that you have a lack of trust for has been under the presidency of Donald Trump for the last nearly four years. Maybe he's the problem...
--------------------------------------- added after 8 minutes

You want assurance that it was legit according to who? Donald Trump?
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 22:07
See above! ⬆️

By mobiusdick at 23,Dec,20 00:27 other posts of mobiusdick 
Hmm...insulting people to try to make your point...

Not very original, actually one of the oldest ploys used.

The odds are not in Trump's favor that is for sure.
Good luck is all I can say.
By #551147 at 23,Dec,20 04:08
@ MobiusDick,

I could care less whether you take the point or not, the insult was because you're an AMERICAN! It's American's like YOU, that are the problem. Despite who YOU want for President, you should at least be honest. ESPECIALLY when SO many foreigners around here like to talk shit about YOUR country and countrymen.

FINE! You want or prefer Biden, great!

But the process has not run it's course yet. How about just a little honesty, whether you like it or not.

Biden is NOT - "officially President elect", yet! That's pretty much all I been saying for the longest time, it's why I had added President-Elect-Scorps as my name, to make a statement.

As far as the fraud claims and there are more than I can even keep up with. I'll pretend that you, MobiusDick, "HONESTLY" are unaware of such claims and therefore they all must be bullshit. Some have speculated that, that is nothing more than willful blind ignorance. Stevie Wonder even said he saw fraud. But ok, you are completely unaware of any as you say.

Thanks for the good luck wish, as you stated, chances are slim, but I guess we shall see. The more important part is that a HUGE amount of people are disenfranchised and as a fellow American, you should be concerned about that regardless of your personal feelings.

May you have Happy Holidays!

By Ananas2xLekker at 22,Dec,20 09:30 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
"More votes cast than there are legally registered voters"?
That's absolute bullshit. The US had a turnout of 66.9%. That means 66.9% voters of the legally registered voters.
That is a very high turnout (for the US, in the Netherlands turnout was between 73.3% and 88.0%, in the last 40 years), but the public was divided to the core.
That still means 77 million registered voters didn't bother to vote!

Again, your so-called proof falls like a house of cards. You were so sure of this argument, but now that it falls away, I'm sure you still have no doubt about all your other delusional ideas. Or you might even double down on this one.
By kebmo at 22,Dec,20 09:34 other posts of kebmo 
Here’s some voting numbers. It breaks the numbers down by state and I didn’t see any states with over 100% turnout.

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By soulpioneer at 22,Dec,20 09:53 other posts of soulpioneer 
Will take Trump over Biden any day, let the Red Wave Roll! -

By kebmo at 19,Dec,20 05:16 other posts of kebmo 
“The reason you know that the Soviets are behind this hacking is because Trump is saying nothing about it.”

-Garry Kasparov
By Love2show2 at 19,Dec,20 21:11 other posts of Love2show2 
The story only has legs because the fake news industrial complex remains obsessed. For years for years after the allegations of Russian misinformation with zero evidence no evidence whatsoever and still you believe these Liars. You are a very very stupid person. Just say not hold keep your hopes up you don't know what the hell you talkin about. First of all the election was back in 1960 overturned because of fraudulent voting in Hawaii. John F Kennedy overtook Richard Nixon who was the Republican won the election based on fraudulence in Hawaii so this has happened before. The fake news industrial complex only want you to hear what they want to tell you while the other things they don't want you to know they will not say. Did the fake news industrial complex actually say Trump has the power to make an executive order to establish martial law or to do an executive order demanding these voting machines gets seized with warrants based on probable cause and be investigated with or without their permission? The answer is yes. He doesn't want to do it this way he just wants to do it to transparency but if you and your fake News Real juices to cooperate he still has more than enough time to seize these voting machines and Achieve transparency that way. Now get this if you're right and there was no fraud done then what do you have to lose it would only solidify what you're saying. If it does show that there was fraudulent widespread that cause Joe Biden to become president then in the course of our Constitution and transparency we must overturn the election if not we have two choices. Either we info martial law or to conform to what our constitution dictates. Unlike you and your a****** liberals crying Russia Russia Russia with no interference only this time the evidence is absolutely overwhelming and there's no way you can say otherwise

By #592419 at 19,Dec,20 21:24
Garry Kasparov,, is he G-d? He predicted Trump would lose in 2016 with no question. He's human and biased. So what's your fucking point?
Keep believing and hoping. You're country--right down the fucking toilet with communism under China rule.. People like you are the most stupidest and retarded I have ever seen.. Ever!
Your country is history.. You don't know shit, but you will,,, the hard way..
He lost a lot of court battles because they refused to even see the case. The one's he won was NON-Obama socialist judges who are biased and damn their oaths.
Sooner or later the paths to victory will widen. But you don't see this,, you don't want to but its there.. Its not my fault you don't see shit in front of your face before you eat it..
By kebmo at 19,Dec,20 21:32 other posts of kebmo 
SrCums, people like me are the “most stupidest”? That statement demonstrates that I am not.

31 days...
By #592419 at 19,Dec,20 22:40
how is that? Obviously you're logic is not my logic.. So let's just end this.. Waste of oxygen.. Need all we can get.
So this is all you have to say? This is a STUPID person,, yes you..
By kebmo at 20,Dec,20 01:16 other posts of kebmo 
A waste of oxygen? Do you think it takes more oxygen to post this than to not post this? That’s stupid. You’re not smart enough to make an argument that increases my oxygen flow, that’s why I rarely respond to your inane, rambling posts. Trying to have an intelligent discussion with you is a waste of my time though.

31 days SrCums. The courts have decided.
By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 07:27
Not exactly.. I'm willing to debate this but you don't acknowledge the issues as to reason. You just come up with blind conclusions with no explanations. Not sure if it is being stupid, ignorance ... You only bring up the fake news.. You just don't get it. The abstracts I post are all over the place so don't bullshit me. If you aren't stupid or dumb, you are selfish with your vessel being totally selfish and egoistic.. If you prefer socialism in canada then keep doing.. Your freedom has been taken from you... You are from canada. You didn't vote.. I did.. I focused as to why and who.. You have no vvotinng rights. Here's a simple pattern.. If you are smart and can reaon you voted for trump.. If you're stupid, ignorant and selfish you don't give a shit about anyone but you and what you need.. Trump supporters don't take, we already have what we want.. You are selfish so therefore liberal

You're bullshit says no evidence.. BUT i've shown the evidence here many times but you don't care..Your writing shows your ineptness.

By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 15:44
So Mitch and Mitt are wrong: Trump and the GOP have no choice but to fight on. Either they challenge the increasing lawlessness of the far-left Democrats, who value their power over our freedom, or let the U.S. become a one-party progressive-socialist state with rigged presidential elections every four years.
"And the time to fight is now, not later. This isn’t just about fixed elections or even about Trump. It’s about the future of our republic. If we lose that, we’ve lost everything. NO THE COURTS DO NOT HAVE JURISTICTION. The legislation of each state does..WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS WHEN I GIVE YOU THE ANSWER????? What is the matter with you?
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 16:46 other posts of Strongmember# 
Yes, the future of our republic and faith in democracy is at stake. Try to see it from the flip side to consider the risk involved in aggressively asserting the vote was rigged. What if this was not a fraudulent election but the idea of a "fraudulent election" is a narrative that was created for several purposes. I know that is not what you believe, but pretend there is a chance this is the reality, that the election result is the result. Do you see the damage that can be inflicted upon faith in our institution if merely the idea that our Federal Vote can be rigged is so widely believed?
By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 00:42
The evidence is just so overwhelming if you can't see the truth by now then you are either ignorant, stupid or both.
By Strongmember# at 21,Dec,20 01:21 other posts of Strongmember# 
Really? How about you provide links to all this overwhelming evidence that is underwhelming all courts and state officials. I am none of your insults. My feeling is that unfortunately you either want to believe something so bad you have developed a specific delusion relevant to this issue, or you just like messing with people relentlessly, or you know that you are misleading people with facts you don't even believe. Or.. maybe there is another reason. I don't limit my mind like you do with multiple choice outcomes.
By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 02:30
I don't have to,, If you don't see it by now there is no use to reach a platform of transparency with you.
Why convince me that Joe Biden used transparency? You do and say what you want.. I don't care what you think.

Everything that is written cannot be authenticated. You want to fuck over our constitution then go ahead. Right down the fucking toilet.. Done... People like you will be the reason this country goes down.

If you want proof then you look up the web where there is transparency. Lots of it has been deleted to take away our freedom of speech such as twitter and Facebook or YouTube. Anything that goes against the agenda is silenced.
You do the fucking work.. You don't believe me? Then do it yourself... I don't have to unprove nothing...
--------------------------------------- added after 14 minutes

Here,, listen to this link only registered users can see external links

By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 07:56
Gary Kasparov is a radical left with agenda driven driver..I just hate it when you repeat the same crap.. Menas you don't care if I'm right or You are racist, you hate trump suporters and with that said, logic shows you probably hate jews too.. The left wants all Jews dead.. Everyone in our party anod hating trum,,
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 13:55 other posts of Strongmember# 
Haha that's ridiculous.. nobody on the right cared about Jews, surely many still don't, until the Evangelicals had an agenda with Jerusalem
By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 15:52
Are you smart as well as strong?? Here is the evidence. The democrats fund palestine, The gave Iran who is our enemy 100s of billions of dollars to make weapons to give to palestine to attack Israel.. So it goes from the left in this country to the terrorists Palestine. So does Europe want this. It goes from us to palestine through Iran.. Just because there hasn't been any attacks lately doesn't mean they aren't working.. Antifa and BLM are funded terror organizations organized by the left.............. So what's your point? EVERY SINGLE ground war in this country has been funded by the democraps They fund radical terror attacks through the Iran deal. Now they are exchanging money underneath the table... SO WHO IS LAUGHING NOW? BUT ISRAEL LIVES,, Nazis,, who was funded by americans are gone, Romans, gone...Babylonia on the map?... ummm no...If successful who is the next on the list.. Christians? Then who... Each other...Oh and more more thing...There is no RIGHT... That a fake term invented by the left. Its either morally right or unmoral. You either cherish freedom for your people or you steal it from them.
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 17:42 other posts of Strongmember# 
Sweet Jesus.. good thing I have time to kill before I watch some football. First off, in my lifetime I have met many people who strongly dislke Jews. I used to work at a country club while in college where I observed conversations between the club leaders and important members all in agreement that Jews were the cause of all the world's problems. I realize this is only my observational report, but my other point is all of them were strongly Republican.

America's relationship with Isreal has been a difficult one. One one hand we appreciate the military intelligence they provide us and secretly endorse some of their rogue assassinations. On the other hand, they constantly drag us into their drama. One of the main problems is the small section of land that Paletinians and Israelis fight over. Unfortunately both sides have proven stubborn over the years so no lasting peace deal has ever been achieved. While Palestine, Hezbollah, and other monetary supporters of that cause have acted badly, Israel is not without blood on its hands. In the court of public perception it has sometimes lost because of over-aggressive retaliations that make Israel "appear" to be a bully.

Both parties in both the legislature and presidential roles have attempted to not rock the boat. There has not historically been a radical difference between the parties, however, Pew Research does indicate a divergence beginning in the early 2000s with Republicans beginning to sympathize wth Israel more and Democrats beginning to sympathize with Palestine more. I think this alone is a long analysis, my quick thoughts are that Republicans were more aligned behind Bush and his war on terror efforts including the "retaliation against Irag for 9/11" even though it was funded and masterminded by Saudis, supported by the Pakistani Intelligence Agency, and related Al Qaeda members were protected by the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is possible more Democrats felt misled about the Iraq war and questioned some of America's moves in the Middle East, while the Republican storyline remained that the Iraq war was one part of the war against Islamic Extremism.

As for Iran, the Obama administration attempted to negotiate a deal to prevent Iran from building Nuclear weapons. You can argue that this approach is not the best, but realistically it is a tough situation. After Trump withdrew from the deal Iran blatantly accelerated nuclear development. I don't know what he did to stop this. Also, to be clear money was not given to Iran, it was rewarded by having some of its frozen assets unfrozen, like removing a sancion. So money was not given to Iran to fund proxy initiatives. In any case we have a horrible double-standard when it applies to Saudi Arabia, who has also done horrible things, like 911 mentioned before. Trump sold a whole looott of weapons to Saudi Arabia.

How many ground wars have there been in this country ? What about domestic terrorist attacks? Who has carried those out? Going back to the Jewish argument, was the chant in Charlotsville not "Jews will not replace us." Am I wrong or do the strong majority of white power groups back Trump. These same groups usually also aren't into Jews.

I will stop using the word right if you stop saying left. How else are we to understand eachother. By the way, no, that is not how the sides have been classically defined. The left side would be the progressive side and the right side the conservative side. The difference between the ideologies is that conservatives tend to prefer upholding tradition through and through, where as progressives like to allow for adaptive shifts in their reaction to issues as the world evolves. Freedom is not a partisan issue as much as some people try to pretend it is.
By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 02:54
The left supports terror globally and ANTIFA BLM here. It is all over the world. You don't see it now? Back in the late 20s 100 years ago the profiteers invested on bringing hitler to power after he wrote mein kemph. Time magazine declared Adolf Hitler man of the year.. Did they not know his true intention with the 3rd reich?..With Germany having no money how did they get all those tanks and planes? Hitler came to power through Franklin Roosevelt and the democratic party including henry ford.. Any Jews that came to USA seeking life they turned them back to the gas chamber..
You vote for this. but its not just you.. Its all that has egoism in strength opposed with what is true. you believe the fake media. It was the left that created the KKK but of course you will say no.. It was the left that made blacks lose citizenship and Forced into Christianity just like the indians that were here before Christopher Columbus..The american indian who migrated from asia 12000 years with no money survived. It was Christianity that destroyed them in 40 years. From South America through western Canada into alaska. You protect evil. The real evil..You think they care about you? You are a fool...

By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 13:53 other posts of Strongmember# 
What happened to Trump's 3 picks on the SC?
By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 15:31
it was outvoted 7-2.. Since the one's that voted for were not trump picks I assume they voted no.. Keep in mind its not that they looked over the case.. they refused to even look at it.
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 16:37 other posts of Strongmember# 
As I mentioned, Trump put 3 justices on the court. In fact, the 2 in dissenting opinion were not Trump appointees. All 3 Trump appointees were among the 7 that rejected hearing the case.
By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 18:33
So what are you saying?
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 20:34 other posts of Strongmember# 
As for this, you said "Since the one's that voted for were not trump picks " so I pointed out that the Trump picks voted with the majority. Though now I can't figure out why I made that comment about his 3 pics. Either I put it in wrong place, a comment was deleted, or I made an error bringing it up in response to no argument.

As for the rest of the stuff I primarily want to strongly refute your words "The left wants all Jews dead"
By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 00:40
The left, democrat ,,deep state, bilderburg group, bohemian grove and the 1000s of other names you want to call it gives Iran trillions of dollars to set up terror cells globally..If you vote for the left then you support terrorism. Iran said "THERE WILL BE NO ISRAEL IN 25 YEARS" So figure it out for yourself.. I stand with what I just said.
By Strongmember# at 21,Dec,20 00:46 other posts of Strongmember# 
I call myself none of those. I subscribe to no predetermined belief system. Your connect the dots is quite loose, as I already pointed out, however the outcome it is not entirely untruthful. How do you defend providing advanced weaponry deals for the country that caused 9/11?
By #592419 at 21,Dec,20 01:05
The country that caused 9-11 was the deep state,, I should know.. I worked there the time the fucking planes hit.. Thompson financial corp.. WTC2... The buildings came down by imploding.. self destruct...You just don't get it... Your dots are NO dots.. just plain dumb ... you do what you want..I don't care..I know the truth..
By Strongmember# at 21,Dec,20 01:28 other posts of Strongmember# 
Yeah you watched a conspiracy theory video. Good for you! I've seen them too. I worked at a competitor Dow Jones. I was across Hudson in Jersey, I saw them come down. Even if you believe extra bombs caused the buildings to drop, everyone saw the planes hitting. Do you ignore all other information about the story of Bin Laden and his wealthy Saudi family, Sunni extremism in the Arab kingdom, and other facts? Do you actually hope to find any common ground with people here or will you always insist on disagreement. I am trying to be open to new ideas.
By phart at 21,Dec,20 02:44 other posts of phart 
Talk about thread drift!
I was a volunteer fireman and had alot of training over the course of 10 years earlier in life.And I have watched those videos over and over and I can not understand everything I see that happened. Fire,heat,smoke,travel UP.Explain how beams got hot enough to distort and fail many floors DOWN from the strike area?
I could understand 4 floors or so because some of the fuel would spill before it caught fire,but low enough on those buildings to collapse? Eh,Never did understand how that happened. Don't forget there was a bomb set off in 93, that was Down UNDER the damn tower, still yet,damage was limited.
By Strongmember# at 21,Dec,20 07:51 other posts of Strongmember# 
Well.. there was that video of Bush for 5 minutes after he learned of the attack. A possible theory for inside job would be to legitimize a major war effort that had billions in payouts for certain people. I dont know that this happened but I can see the potential logic.

By phart at 20,Dec,20 01:50 other posts of phart 
Think about it for a minute,as much as Trump has done for America the past few years and now that he needs people with backbones to stand up and insure the election was legit have turned their backs on him,I can't blame him for saying fuck it, honestly.He and his family will be safe from now on. And at least We did have a couple good years before the armagedon that biden and his squad of fools will bring in 2021 and beyond.

By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 07:35
That's what obama says too.. What the fuck are you talking about.. Just because he doesn't say something he doesn't have to but still do.. I'd better be careful with you.. You may call on your fat pig bella to come bail you out..

By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 08:07

By Ananas2xLekker at 20,Dec,20 09:08 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Everyone is hacking everyone. Both Democrats and Republicans should stop whining about it. If your elections are hacked, blaming the Russians or the Chinese is weak. Blame your government for doing a poor job on protecting your elections.

By #592419 at 20,Dec,20 15:37
He does know Just because he doesn't say anything doesn't mean he is not working on it.Our country is being run by a forced coup. The FBI is in on it, CIA and the media. Our country is on the verge of being destroyed because of widespread treason not only by the democrat's but most of the republicans that do business with not only foreign countries but countries that are on the enemy list and China is the worst..The people of the united states with half a brain know that widespread fraud and treason is running ramped. This even includes the entire previous administration.

Canada is worse because the coup in your country was successful. You had no-one to stand up for your rights and widespread corruption has taken over your country..

By leopoldij at 21,Dec,20 00:41 other posts of leopoldij 
It would be so funny to see Trump go to jail for all his illegal deals. He's so deep into it that it would be ridiculous if he's not imprisoned, for dirty money business and for killing people. The New Yorker had an interesting article about this guy.

By mobiusdick at 20,Dec,20 15:14 other posts of mobiusdick 
Looks like the Trump is mulling the idea of declaring martial law to get his way on the election. We're now officially the newest third world country. He should pay Maduro a visit for pointers on how to cling to power without the courts or the people on his side.

By kebmo at 13,Dec,20 14:37 other posts of kebmo 
Donald Trump has rarely put his country before himself.
By phart at 13,Dec,20 15:24 other posts of phart 
My response to that is the same as it woulda been 4 years ago.IF America fails,so does he. He had nothing to really gain by running for President,other than to try to save the country.
Instead of appreciting his efforts,the dems gave him a hard time thru out.
By CAT at 13,Dec,20 15:46 other posts of CAT 
I hate putting my two cents into this thread. Don’t want to be told I’m too political. Trump thought the US was in the toilet four years ago. His ego wanted to prove he could fix it. It wasn’t and he couldn’t.
By phart at 13,Dec,20 23:56 other posts of phart 
Because few helped him.The dems blocked every move he tried to make with russian hoaxs and stormy daniels.Don't hear from her any more do ye? She was just another tool of the Dem party.
By CAT at 14,Dec,20 01:16 other posts of CAT 
Yes, because wanting to boff her was a Democrat thing.

By dgraff at 14,Dec,20 01:19 other posts of dgraff 
Just be careful sweetheart while you’re shaking hands with joe Biden his other hand will be in your purse stealing your money I just can’t wait to see gas go back up to 5 dollars a gallon again and pay taxes through the nose again just like it’s was with MR and MR Obama
By phart at 14,Dec,20 01:29 other posts of phart 
Yea I finally get a decent truck I can travel in some when I get on my full retirement,and gee thanks Democrats,our gas will be 4 to 5 a gallon again just like it was under Obummmer and I won't be able to do shit.Why is it democrats like giving up so much of what they work for? Oh wait,I forgot,most of them don't actually work!Or never did!

By CAT at 14,Dec,20 14:29 other posts of CAT 
You make it sound as if the president is responsible for gas prices
By dgraff at 14,Dec,20 14:34 other posts of dgraff 
The president most certainly is responsible for gas prices it’s the amount of taxes they put on it
By CAT at 14,Dec,20 16:40 other posts of CAT 
Wrong. Taxes are levied but do the research, prices are controlled by the refineries ( oil companies, Middle East countries)
By dgraff at 14,Dec,20 17:42 other posts of dgraff 
All I know is when George bush jr was in office gas prices were around 2.80 a gallon and when Obama took office it jumped to 5.00 a gallon and when Trump was in office it came back down to around 2.80 again so you tell me
By CAT at 14,Dec,20 18:04 other posts of CAT 
Well, know this:

only registered users can see external links

In Forbes
I have written many times about the limited impact a sitting President can have on gasoline prices. Presidents can pursue policies that over a period of time can influence gasoline prices in one direction or another, but their ability to impact prices quickly is pretty limited.

However, this year President Trump did indeed impact gasoline prices.

Gasoline prices fell sharply because oil prices collapsed. President Trump influenced that by conning Saudi Arabia into increasing production and then letting Iran continue to export oil.

I would also point out that gasoline prices at this time of year are usually low, because seasonal demand is low (and it's cheaper to produce winter gasoline).

I think you should know by now that I don't post unless I run it by Google.

By Strongmember# at 18,Dec,20 11:09 other posts of Strongmember# 
I suggest you check out the historical chart again. Under Bush gas did hit 2.80 around 2007 on its way UP, from 2000 to 2008 the price roughly doubled. In the beginning of Obama's tenure he inherited a bunch of problems that caused gasoline to continue upward, to a high of around 3.70 in 2012 before dropping so much that in Obama's final year it went DOWN to 2.14. Under Trump it did eventually come back UP to 2.80 by around 2018.
By dgraff at 18,Dec,20 11:33 other posts of dgraff 
3.70 I remember it’s much higher than that a 5 gallon can of gas for the tractor was 20 dollars I don’t use google much only for what I really need to know I rely on my memory life experience it seems like the whole world relies on google and that don’t make us smart it makes us dependent on something that could crash some day
By Strongmember# at 18,Dec,20 11:54 other posts of Strongmember# 
Google is a search engine, a tool. I provided the above information after confirming several sources of historical gasoline price data. Maybe where you lived you paid not $5 or $3.70 but closer to $4 (20 dollars divided by 5 gallons).

I'll take Math and reputable databases of information over your memory life experience any day.
By dgraff at 18,Dec,20 12:02 other posts of dgraff 
I stand corrected it was diesel fuel that was 5 dollars a gallon my mistake
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

I still liked it better back in the 1970s when a man or woman was smart because of what they learned or what they lived now days any dummy can be smart it’s only a couple clicks away oh well at least the average person can feel smart due to google
By Strongmember# at 18,Dec,20 17:40 other posts of Strongmember# 
I guess I understand what you are getting at with the Google thing, and actually I do think that can be a problem if people hop on the internet and take either the first thing they find, or just the info on their favorite website, and consider it gospel.

To be confident one has good information it is best to spend more than a few clicks to read a few sources, similar to looking at a few different books in the library back in the 70s, but now digitally.

By phart at 18,Dec,20 15:00 other posts of phart 
I know damn well I paid over 4 bucks a gallon for gas more than 1 time. Charts are only as good as the data put into them.
I also know gas became affordable once Trump took office.
By Strongmember# at 18,Dec,20 17:51 other posts of Strongmember# 
That's possible it was over 4 depending on your state, area, and the gas station. Well I am aware that charts are only as good as data put into them, however I keep checking different charts of historical pricing and finding pretty similar numbers. They all show gas price dropping into 2015 then 2016 hitting a low, which was before Trump took office January 2017. If you find any chart, news article, or old gas receipts that show differently I would be interested.

By phart at 14,Dec,20 15:06 other posts of phart 
He is responsiable for the over all mindset of the country. His ideas of banning fracking and such will put the US dependant on overseas oil again and then we will be under the thumbs of the middle east. Not fixing a problem of needing oil,just moving the problem so it can cause more havoc.
His reversal of Trumps tax reform and deregulation will further cripple the industrys as far building refinerys.Again,all affecting gas prices. He can affect most everything we do within a short time.
His policys and ideas are already causeing lay offs and closures of companys in my area,they see the writting on the wall of lost military contracts and are closing their doors. Liberals just don't see past their noses.If a liberal has their gravy and biscut,they don't give a damn about anyone else having theirs.
By CAT at 14,Dec,20 16:41 other posts of CAT 
Framing companies are going bankrupt because of the oil glut
--------------------------------------- added after 100 seconds

What’s more, he’s not the president yet. He can’t change law. You got ahead of the game there
--------------------------------------- added after 85 minutes

If there are layoffr, blame your darling conservative cadre
By #623135 at 14,Dec,20 17:44

By phart at 15,Dec,20 00:21 other posts of phart 
No I did not.The 1 company I speak of gave 6 employees a early retirement package back in august.
They clearly stated then,depending on the turn out of the election,as to rather they would try to stay open.Most of their work is aerospace and military,2 things Biden has not got the foggyest idea about their importance.So due to todays result,the doors on a company that has been around for nearly 100 years is shuttered.These were 20 dollar a hour jobs that high school grads that were willing to work could get without college educations.Thanks democrats.
By CAT at 15,Dec,20 11:10 other posts of CAT 
So that's Biden's fault? Fake news
By phart at 18,Dec,20 16:56 other posts of phart 
No. it's reality,they struggled thru Obama,and they know it will be similar if not worse under biden.

By CAT at 14,Dec,20 16:46 other posts of CAT 
Explain Trumps six bankruptcies. If they didn’t make profit for him while others suffered why did he do it?
By phart at 15,Dec,20 00:24 other posts of phart 
People use bankruptcy all the time.A neighbor had a masonary company he started over 20 years ago.Hard times hit back in 07-08, he filed bankruptcy, started a new LLC and bought all the equipment from the old company pennys on the dollar and started over again.Started a farm,lost his ass, again,filed bankruptcy,bought the equipment that was not repo'ed and started a smaller farming operation and runs it today.
It is bussiness.Not a good way to do bussiness but it is common .Singleing out Trump,for something 1000's of people do everyday is just childish.

By phart at 15,Dec,20 23:23 other posts of phart 
The more i think about this statement over the course of time,you make it sound like President is a useless Job.

By #592419 at 19,Dec,20 22:51
This is all about POWER... The fake news gives this bullshit to everyone but only 30% of the stupid ones falls to it.. They fuck their asses till they are raw and dry.. Then they die..Total wastes of life.. NOT ONE THING THEY SAY IS TRUE.. Yet their stupidity never ceases to frustrate me.

For once stand up and believe in yourself, not what others tell you.
By Strongmember# at 20,Dec,20 14:17 other posts of Strongmember# 
It is true we should be skeptical of all information coming at is all tainted.. whether with one of the most benign agendas or the most lucrative of profit motives.

We should all rely on ourselves to critically evaluate every new story, whether it came from the supposed nemesis or one's one echo chamber. The lamest display of political discourse is a split room with everyone scrambling to copy and paste talking points from their favorite outlet. To adopt the entire thesis of an external entity is to concede one's voice.

By mobiusdick at 14,Dec,20 00:04 other posts of mobiusdick 
His presidency was little more than a scheme to energize the Trump brand. It seems to have helped, given the latest grift on his die hard followers.
He's managed to get them to open up their checkbooks for his supposed "cause", but in reality it's not clear at all what all that cash is going to be used for.
By bannon at 14,Dec,20 00:37 other posts of bannon 
Paying off his debts. Hush money for Ghislaine Maxwell. Fatty snacks. Spray tan. Hookers. Alimony.

Keep sending the money in suckers. You can rely on the honest trump to look after it for you. Any donations not spent on valid legal cases will be returned.
By dgraff at 14,Dec,20 01:11 other posts of dgraff 
Hey little girl you should pay more attention to cleaning up your gift bar it’s looking mighty shitty
By bannon at 14,Dec,20 23:51 other posts of bannon 
like I give a fuck. my what?
By #592419 at 15,Dec,20 01:12
You're fake photoshopped dick site moron
By bannon at 15,Dec,20 23:23 other posts of bannon 
You fake photoshopped duck site moron.
This site is show your dick. not "show you're a dick"

Have you got a dick? Is it so pathetic you are too embarrassed to show it so you post a pic of a duck instead.
By #592419 at 19,Dec,20 23:02
Dear fool... I have 3 on my site that's genuine. Always did. But you have nothing else to do in your boring life other than make fake cocks on photoshop and even have the notion people actually fall for this boring stupid crap..

By bannon at 17,Dec,20 23:56 other posts of bannon 
no photoshopping.
You havent posted a pic of your dick, Dick.
I assume you are too embarrassed so you put on a pic of some animals instead.

By dgraff at 15,Dec,20 11:47 other posts of dgraff 
What’s the matter little girl does your pussy hurt today well get mommy to rub it for you and it will feel better

By phart at 14,Dec,20 01:32 other posts of phart 
I have not sent him any money,he has his own.

Putting my money towards Trump would be a better investment than Biden for sure.
By dgraff at 14,Dec,20 10:23 other posts of dgraff 
Speaking of investment that’s the first thing Biden is going after heavy taxes just wait till the people have a loved one die the inheritance tax will be damn near half and gasoline heavy taxing the old fool can’t fix this problem with out taking money out of our pockets

By bannon at 14,Dec,20 23:50 other posts of bannon 
He has debt.
Putting your money to either would be like throwing it in the bin.
Biden just wont care.
Trump actively hates you. Not just you, eveyone like you ... and me.
I've got a decent living. My company employs 16 and I sub out to 60 people, got 3 European supercars and a getaway forest lodge. Trump will still think I'm a dead beat sucker loser because I dont rip people off constantly and I hevent got a load of someone else's money. And I pay tax, so the money goes round. If he had any he would put it in a pile so no-one else could have it.
By phart at 15,Dec,20 00:26 other posts of phart 
If you have European cars,it is easy to understand why you are a bit "off". Lucas electrical systems would drive a monk to jump off a cliff.

By CAT at 14,Dec,20 14:30 other posts of CAT 
Make Trump richer and calling them fools

By bella! at 14,Dec,20 18:13 other posts of bella! 
You, a Canadian, have NEVER said anything positive about the man. Personally, I think your posts about our President have always been biased and unfair.
By bannon at 15,Dec,20 23:34 other posts of bannon 
How is it possible to be unfair about a self confessed sex molester who boasts about assualting women, who fraternises with convicted sex offenders, who is sexist, racist, totally corrupt, a fat arsed bully who hides behind his job title, disrespects servicemen, an ignorant idiot who doesnt have the brain power to understand the world around him, no sense of decency, dignity or integrity, petty and spiteful (just look at him sacking people he himself hired when they dont do the corrupt stupid things he wants them to), a total hypocrit who pretends to be religioous when he has spent the last 300 sundays on the golf course and none in a church. UNFAIR (in capitals)
He is doing a good job of grifting money out of his supporters though. Add loyalty to his attributes.
By bella! at 16,Dec,20 00:15 other posts of bella! 
All the Kennedy's were womanizers, hmmmmm.....Hillary and Bill Clinton were known to have fraternized with the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein and Joe Biden seems to have a bad case of wandering hands/fingers, but his penchant for young children.
By dgraff at 16,Dec,20 00:34 other posts of dgraff 
NO say it’s not true old creepy joe has to use his fingers he’s that old his dick won’t get hard anymore

By curvy8 at 20,Dec,20 10:07 other posts of curvy8 
Worst. Loser. Ever.

By kebmo at 18,Dec,20 06:21 other posts of kebmo 
I predict Mitt Romney for Attorney General. No I’m not drunk. 😀

By Dev01 at 15,Dec,20 02:07 other posts of Dev01 
I'm wondering who now will be a superpower... Will Biden flex or just a soft cock. The world is watching now and to be honest, Felt safer with Trump. Yep... the roll on effect is tremendous and China already trying to fuck Oz. NO hater remarks just a simple question.
By phart at 15,Dec,20 02:14 other posts of phart 
If we were to compare Biden to a cock or dick or pecker,he would be the limpest,shortest little thing on the block.
Our military strength will dwindle. Obama placed no value on military.Instead of being in a postion to defend against the enemy,He apologized to them all.Biden is Obama 2.0 with a dose of Alzhemires.

Trump will have a tough job rebuilding things in 2024.
By #592419 at 15,Dec,20 03:44
china would be..

By kebmo at 15,Dec,20 05:21 other posts of kebmo 
It’s over SrCums. A “landslide” win for Biden / Harris. I await your weak retort.
By mobiusdick at 15,Dec,20 09:33 other posts of mobiusdick 
They will NEVER admit anything. The dirty Yankees (i.e. Biden supporters) have have disrespected their right to their president terrorizing the world for another four years. Let's see how this plays out, but it didn't turn out too well for the South (i.e. Trump supporters) the first time.

By phart at 15,Dec,20 14:56 other posts of phart 
As far as power and wealth perhaps yes China,but with North Korea no longer having snyone with gonads willing to stand up to them,I feel like they will grow to a point that even CHina will be in fear.As North Korea does not value life either.Much less than china.

By CAT at 15,Dec,20 13:52 other posts of CAT 
First, I hope that clown never runs for more than a bathroom. Second. When you are vice-president, you have to support your boss, but, now he is his own man and four years later. I say he will be alright

By bannon at 15,Dec,20 23:42 other posts of bannon 
Trump is history. Apart from the corruption, and tax evasion, once ghislaine maxwell testifies, bye bye. his mate epstein had more money and it didnt keep him out of jail for trafficking children into sex abuse. The Republican party have dropped him. There was a limit to just how ludicrous his pathetic cry baby loser blubbering could go. Still yet to see the 7,000,000 fake voting papers.
Can you imagine Putin supporting a pathetic cry baby like him.

By dgraff at 15,Dec,20 10:22 other posts of dgraff 
I am very uncomfortable with joe Biden and his friend ship with China I just hope he has enough mind left to remember what the Japanese did to us in 1947
--------------------------------------- added after 22 minutes

And I hope he remembered China was the backing force behind the north Vietnamese and is now the backing force behind North Korea
By CAT at 15,Dec,20 13:44 other posts of CAT 
If you are referring to Pearl Harbour, the Japanese attacked on December 7, 1941. As far as China is concerned in Vietnam, were we any different? We involved ourselves in a civil war because the C I A said the domino effect would get Communism entrenched in SE Asia.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

North Korea and Vietnam is well within China’s circle of influence. They have as much an interest in those two countries as we have in Canada and Mexico
BTW. If you can’t get your facts right, GOOGLE IT
By dgraff at 15,Dec,20 14:47 other posts of dgraff 
Fuck google if google shut down their would be 20,000 members that are as dumb as a sack of hammers including you and i

By bella! at 15,Dec,20 13:56 other posts of bella! 
What did the Japanese do in 1947? It will be 70 seventy years in 2021, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the United States when they bombed Pearl Harbor.

By andrew999999999 at 15,Dec,20 16:29 other posts of andrew999999999 
Would it be a bad thing if China and the US became friends?
By bella! at 15,Dec,20 17:12 other posts of bella! 
What is the current relationship between the UK and China?
By andrew999999999 at 15,Dec,20 18:20 other posts of andrew999999999 
It was ok until early this year. Probably not as bad as between USA and China though.

By phart at 15,Dec,20 17:42 other posts of phart 
To a point no,it would not be.BUT from my observations,they take or some folks say steal, alot from us.But similar to what we and other countrys did to Nazi Germany after the war.We stole rocket tech and jet tech,medical knowledge and so forth that Jewish doctors and scientist had worked hard on for Hitler without any credit to the drs or Hitler for that matter..But we haven't been at war yet with China,they just started stealing on their own.
By andrew999999999 at 15,Dec,20 18:28 other posts of andrew999999999 
Not been at war with them in the traditional sense, but some would say there's been an economic war and a war for influence in Asia for decade.

By bannon at 15,Dec,20 23:45 other posts of bannon 
What did the Japanese do in 1947 two years after the was finished? Impregnate Trumps mother? Couldnt have done much worse.
China and Japan aren't really similar. They sort of don't get on and arent really a comparison.
Just becasue they all look the same?
By dgraff at 16,Dec,20 00:41 other posts of dgraff 
Hey little girl glad you came back to post your communism ways go back to mommies basement and tap on your computer you commie bastard
By bannon at 16,Dec,20 12:48 other posts of bannon 
not fascist doesnt equl communist. I run a business.
By dgraff at 16,Dec,20 16:42 other posts of dgraff 
So do I so what

By bannon at 17,Dec,20 23:54 other posts of bannon 
Quite the opposite. Like fat cunt cry baby loser trump, communists dont believe in democracy.
Stay in your shack in the swamp with your dog. Keep reading up on your history.
By dgraff at 18,Dec,20 00:24 other posts of dgraff 
My little shack is a big mountain home 5 bedroom living room dining room large kitchen large bathroom full basement under house garage all sitting on 22 acres of mountain top all bought and paid for
--------------------------------------- added after 36 seconds

So what is your story little girl
By kebmo at 18,Dec,20 00:36 other posts of kebmo 
Nice “shack” phart! 👍

By #592419 at 12,Dec,20 17:00
Donald J. Trump
54m ·
The Supreme Court had ZERO interest in the merits of the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America. All they were interested in is “standing”, which makes it very difficult for the President to present a case on the merits. 75,000,000 votes!
By kebmo at 12,Dec,20 20:02 other posts of kebmo 
SrCums, Certified votes:

81,282,376 Biden
-74,222,576 Trump

Canadian math, not Trump math...

The Supreme Court and many others, with LOTS of Republican appointed judges, have decided that the cases have no merits. That's why they keep getting thrown out on their asses.
By phart at 12,Dec,20 21:01 other posts of phart 
as posted just below.This no merits shit is just that,shit

posted below and reposted to save typing.
"Do the anti Trumpers honestly think that 100's of people would have made sworn statements testifiying what they saw,did and heard ,that were false and risk going to jail if there was NO truth at all to what they were saying?
Do you think there would be MILLIONS of dollars dontated to help try to get the votes simply counted and verified and so on if there was no proof to be found?
The courts have turned their backs on this to maintain status quo.Their jobs in other words. They are sell outs"
By bannon at 12,Dec,20 23:56 other posts of bannon 
Yes. I think shitheads will complain because they lost. Trump, shit head No1. Cry baby loser. Not as much of a fuckwit and the ones sending him money he uses to pay off his debts. MILLIONS of DOLLARS of fuckwits money. Fuckwits.

Article from The Bulwark Conservative activist hub. Sums up the cry baby loser trump bullshit. Anti Democracy. Trump should be going to jail for sedition, additional to his mainstream misdemeanors.
only registered users can see external links
#diaperdon - 7,000,000 vote defeat - fuckwit
By phart at 13,Dec,20 13:51 other posts of phart 
The "shithead" democrats whined for the last 4 fucking years,trying impeachment and so on to get rid of our president.So expect ALOT of problems going forward.Hunter Biden making sure the Big Guy got his 10% will be a big start in bringing down the house of cards the democrats have put together.IF you cheat,it will come back to bite you in the ass.
By bannon at 17,Dec,20 23:59 other posts of bannon 
blah blah blah, trump is a pure crook. Setting up deals with Putin, Americas enemy. I can see why you swamp dwellers like him. Trump dosent give a shit of there is money in it somewhere.

By bannon at 18,Dec,20 00:04 other posts of bannon 
trump claims he got 75M votes. Moron that he is.

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