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Started by #113861 at 03,Nov,10 00:03
I'm a total cumslut and can't bear to have cum wasted. I love when he spunks in my cunt and also really enjoy when he pulls out and spurts all over me. I love when he pulls out and shoots his load up into my ass and I also like when he's fucking my ass and pulls out to shoot into my mouth.
I love sucking cocks to completion and swallowing down every drop but enjoy it just as much when he creams off over my face and onto my tongue.
I just really love making men cum. Which hole/body part is your favourite to receive a load of your hot jizz?
Spunkycunt x

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By epep50 at 10,Mar,24 18:54 other posts of epep50 
That's easy, in a woman's pussy every time. I never permission but once in a while I get lost in the moment and lat it just happen. Her ass if she preps tight and is into it. Pulling out is my last choice.

By earthy at 15,Jun,22 17:25 other posts of earthy 
On my stomach, sometimes my chest.

By Leo037 at 15,Jun,22 17:14 other posts of Leo037 
I love to cream pie a woman then lick her out until she cums.

By #667453 at 08,Jun,22 23:52
All over my hairy stomach. Occasionally I get surprised and I get extra distance, my hairy chest gets ejaculated on

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 17:59
I enjoy covering my belly and chest with my warm load and then licking it slowly.

By #489480 at 30,Aug,18 20:42
I love cumming on a woman's ass & then rubbing it around with my still hard cock.

By Lvphose at 30,Aug,18 02:40 other posts of Lvphose 
Face, breast, belly, ass and if she is wearing nylons a fetish of mine anywhere on her nylons/stockings/pantyhose!

By 2nice at 28,Aug,18 18:34 other posts of 2nice 
Always a mouth.

By nekekal at 28,Aug,18 16:12 other posts of nekekal 
First choice is deep into a cunt. Second choice is into a mouth. After that it's just jacking off anyway so I don't much care where the cum goes.

By Bigdaddy402 at 27,Aug,18 11:09 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
I love to cum in her pussy then watch it run out.
If she does not want me to cum in her I like pulling out and cumming on her pussy

By #433665 at 25,Aug,18 00:15
If the receiver swallows then always the mouth

By cruz69696969 at 09,Mar,18 08:55 other posts of cruz69696969 
One must learn to do it according to the environment. It takes discipline but did it regularly on a ssubmarine, did it in jail. It aint easy but try by yourself alone and silent. Practice and good luck

By #528118 at 20,Jan,18 21:29
in a used pair of dirty smelly knickers after you have give them a good sniff

By Rob00 at 19,Jan,18 08:16 other posts of Rob00 
Shoot it in his mouth of course

By woody4647 at 19,Jan,18 07:04 other posts of woody4647 
In a nice juicy pussy of course. If just wankin I like to shoot in a cup so I can drink it.

By kebmo at 15,Jan,18 03:58 other posts of kebmo 
I often shoot it on t-shirts on my dining room table then the t-shirt goes into the laundry...after I take a photo for my profile.

By Darthshame at 15,Jan,18 00:55 other posts of Darthshame 
Dont care. Just want to shoot it.

By #485312 at 12,May,15 13:13
[deleted image]
right here thanks *lix*
By Darthshame at 15,Jan,18 00:54 other posts of Darthshame 
Would love too. 😉

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 19:22 other posts of hypoboy 
i love to cum on my balls and shaft... - and love to slide a finger inside my asshole with my cum dripping fingers hehe... feels so good that i can cum another time but this time hands free hehe...

By #526940 at 08,Jan,18 06:15
Shoot it in my mouth!!!!!

By routemaster at 07,Jan,18 07:42 other posts of routemaster 
I'm always happy to shoot my load over anywhere another guy wants it

By #457614 at 07,Jan,18 03:03
I've never been a huge fan of pulling out. It's a break in the action at a time when I least want a break in the action. Whatever hole I'm in, I'll just keep going and unload right there.

But if I had to pick an absolute favorite... I'd have to go with mouth. Dumping in an ass is just what you do. But cumming in someone's mouth... they're making the conscious choice to take a piece of me inside themselves. That's hot.

By #522126 at 06,Jan,18 22:01
I like to cum on a womans tongue,I love seeing lines of my spunk being swallowed.

By #463848 at 06,Jan,18 09:34
When younger I preferred it in pussy or mouth. Now I am older it depends on whether I am wanking for cam or not. If on cam I will let it go on a flat surface where it can be seen. If not on cam then almost anywhere as long as it doesn't involve too much cleaning up.

Last time, I was wanking over porn at my desk with my pants on the floor and I let it go and tried to catch it but it all dropped into my pants - which was better than onto the carpet. It is always such a chore to clean spunk off a carpet.

By #502711 at 05,Jan,18 05:21
I like to shoot my load inside a woman, in her mouth is best. But I also like to drop a load on her face

By #547309 at 05,Jan,18 02:55
I like to unload in a woman, then the best part of the whole experience is going down and eating a fresh creampie with her juices mixed with it..

By #536947 at 04,Jan,18 23:57
I usually like to shoot my cum all over myself. I like to edge for a couple hours before I can no longer supress the urge to cum and I release my load all over my body. Depending on the last time I came and how long I edge I can seriously soak myself in my own juices and some times end up getting my own face covered in jizz.

By #518391 at 04,Jan,18 09:38
Into my bush...and leave it there to dry...
[deleted image]

By #519017 at 15,Nov,16 07:44
Into her bum crack while she's kneeling in front of me. Wanking with my knob nestling between her bum cheeks so my wanking hand pats her bum gets me hot! Then watching my jizz run down her crack.

By leopoldij at 13,May,15 19:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Face or mouth. But I RARELY have this opportunity

By #337858 at 29,Oct,14 21:48
Sometimes I'll drink mine. But mostly my girl likes it on her face

By stroker11 at 07,Sep,14 10:39 other posts of stroker11 
From cock to hand to mouth....slurp slurp..yum!

By Blade at 07,Sep,14 05:34 other posts of Blade 
I so love it when girl doesn't care where my cum ends up. When I was young I could shoot far. My gf at the time got a kick out of jerking me off and aiming my dick when I came, inside or out.

She had me cum on his dormroom door one night, then on his car.

By #69967 at 03,Nov,10 15:25
Usually out of the end of my penis~ ~
By MoeJoe at 03,Nov,10 19:34 other posts of MoeJoe 
Your a fucking laugh riot!

By Stiffcock47 at 03,Nov,10 18:08 other posts of Stiffcock47 
i always love cumming all over them, tits, face, body and in a warm, wet, cunt.

By slipper at 03,Nov,10 14:48 other posts of slipper 
Mouth and hand!

By dicklick4u at 03,Nov,10 03:37 other posts of dicklick4u 
i love a hot load in my mouth,nothing like a hot thick load being forced down my throat.

By #7976 at 03,Nov,10 00:15
Always in a hot wet pussy first. Then, in a tight ass followed by a wet warm mouth. After that, wherever my lover wants me to put it.

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