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Hey admin, when browsing tagged images, can you please expand the number of "page results" beyond 20 pages??

(For example: 2883 images are tagged "#artistic" and "#ass" has 24044 images, but there's only 20 pages of results for both -- meaning a lot of tagged images can't be seen under that tag, which kinda defeats the purpose....)

By _avg_ at 03,Jan,19 03:19
Maybe a small niggle, but I am really bothered when people use "ensure" and "insure" interchangeably. They are not synonymous.

I'm also annoyed when people write "doe" when they clearly mean "does"...

By _avg_ at 03,Jan,19 03:13
Y tho?

By _avg_ at 26,Nov,18 06:08
To be unfathomably wealthy and entirely carefree; no place to be, no debts to pay, no problems money couldn't solve -- just an entire, unfettered *tabula rasa* ahead... Find a nice park in Paris? Fishing in the Philippines? Or take in a lecture at Langford?

Man, to be a 1%er: it's probably the closest thing to real omnipotence.

*THAT'S* my fantasy....

By _avg_ at 22,Nov,18 04:32

By _avg_ at 17,Nov,18 05:53
There's a whole category and at least one group here for this, /groups.php?id=3059

Most of my pics use some kind of reference, but I do favor beer cans mostly

By _avg_ at 17,Nov,18 05:45
Dude has several other photos from this and other angles that all appear consistent, and my practiced eyes don't see any obvious signs of manipulation.

So let me turn the tables a bit and ask, what gives you reason to think this might be 'shopped?

By _avg_ at 09,Nov,18 01:11
Hmmm...looks like this one has got more views by 3-1 over the next highest:

By _avg_ at 05,Nov,18 04:49

By _avg_ at 03,Nov,18 01:54
A couple, and never during penetration. G-spot stimulation only

By _avg_ at 10,Oct,18 05:37
The term for a cock that's thicker than it is long is "chode"...

I just like that word. And now you know.

By _avg_ at 25,May,18 23:11
I did, waaay back when it was still RateARod.

By _avg_ at 13,May,18 09:42
How terribly conceited of you -- to speak so blithely or boldly, as though you knew the hearts or minds of every man, now or ever.

Conceited, and wrong.

By _avg_ at 13,May,18 09:19
I like scotch.

More specifically, I like single barrel scotch; scotch labelled as "single barrel" means that the product within was drawn from a single, unique barrel, with its own characteristics that it lends to the whisky. That's partly why single barrel scotch carries a premium price tag.

And when I buy a single barrel scotch, I expect that the scotch I'm buying -- at premium price, no less -- did come from a single, unique barrel.

So if I buy a single barrel scotch and the whisky within had been blended from multiple barrels, or even multiple batches, I have been mislead; defrauded; victimized. I have been sold a product that I was specifically not asking for, and that was not as advertised; the label did not apply.

Maybe you can see where I'm going with this....

**Labels matter; where there is a difference, a distinction is warranted -- indeed, necessary.**

Perhaps your old label no longer applied, in your case, and that's fine -- blended whisky is perfectly good whisky, too; but if you're a blended whisky, don't sell yourself as single barrel.

By _avg_ at 24,Apr,18 08:07
The New England Patriots have a pretty good football team.

I can say that without being a Patriots fan, or harboring some hidden desire to be a Patriots fan.

Admiration does not require affection; checking out the competition and recognizing a strength does not imply attraction.

By _avg_ at 08,Dec,17 06:42
I went to the doctors the other day. He said I needed to stop masturbating.

I asked him, "why?"

He said, "Because I'm trying to examine you!"

By _avg_ at 25,Nov,17 05:29
The internet as we have known it is very soon to disappear.

Up until now, if the URL was valid, it would be loaded exactly as fast as any other valid URL on the internet (technical limitations accounted for) -- it did not matter what the destination or content of the URL was: they were all 'neutral.'

Soon, ISPs [Internet Service Providers] will be able to remove, restrict or add pay-walls to URLs that used to be 'neutral' -- this site, included.

Soon, 5 ISPs (covering >90% of American internet users) will control the infrastructure of the internet in the US, and will be free to charge whatever they wish to any potential competitor who would need to use their infrastructure -- permitting prohibitively exorbitant 'piggybacking' fees, effectively pricing out any potential rivals. Creating 'new infrastructure' (the ‘innovation’ in the argument by those championing de-regulation) is beyond the capacity of virtually any serious investor, apart from the state; even GOOGLE* has taken 7 YEARS to get Fiber into just 9 MARKETS in the US. *[In 2012, Goldman Sachs estimated Google would need $140 BILLION to provide the whole US with services; it had $45B in assets at the time, ie. ~30% of that value. (]

The FCC has, to this point, disregarded the comments of over TWO HUNDRED MILLION Americans, and may even have engaged in criminal activity by impersonating citizens to present the appearance of favor for eliminating the so-called ‘Net-neutrality’ that had arisen through purely organic market forces before it was codified in 2015, now facing repeal.

**If you think this problem faces only the US, you are gravely mistaken.**

The US now sets precedence for other countries to follow, and most dangerously so those countries with fragile or no real democracy; those countries with the greatest need for a free and unobstructed press, the fourth pillar of any vital democracy, and the only means to speak truth to power with efficacy.

If you too are concerned, you should be. And if you are not, **YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED**.

Indeed, you ARE concerned, whether you acknowledge it or not.

So now, my question for “Constructive Adult Discussion”…what can be done about this? What SHOULD be done? What SHALL you do?

The US faces a vote on Net Neutrality on Dec 14th (voice your concerns with your representatives; good start here only registered users can see external links ); take whatever action you can, in your country.

Can YOU decide what the internet will look like tomorrow?

By _avg_ at 27,Aug,17 19:38
Eh, isn't this the kinda thing Google and wikipedia are for?

Anyway, yes, UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the largest and most popular league for professional Mixed Martial-Arts (MMA). As the name implies, MMA allows techniques from other fighting disciplines (unlike boxing, say) but it's not "anything goes" rules: hits to the groin are iIIegaI, for instance.

In boxing, a win can be secured four ways:
1) via Knock-Out (KO) where a boxer is unable to orient themselves within a given time (10 seconds usually) or has been rendered un-conscious;
2) via Technical Knock-Out (TKO), where a boxer is knocked to the ground 3 times in a single round, or the referee/medical personnel stops the fight when they perceive that a boxer is unable to defend themselves effectively;
3) via corner retirement, where the boxer's manager/medical personnel won't allow their boxer to return to the ring, ending the fight in between rounds;
4) via the judges score card, called a 'decision.' Each round, ringside judges award or deduct points based on the rules of boxing, and if after 12 rounds neither boxer has been able to secure a KO or TKO, the fighters' points are tallied and the one with the highest score is declared the victor.

Mayweather won his fight against McGregor last night via TKO in the 10th round, when the referee stopped the match. He then retired, with a career record of 50-0 (50 wins and no loses).

By _avg_ at 26,Aug,17 06:51
If Jerry Lewis hadn't died this weekend, we'd have been talking about Dick Gregory -- a comedian worth recognition and remembrance no less than Lewis, who died not 24hrs earlier.

Times like this I'm always reminded of that George Bernard Shaw quote: "Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."

By _avg_ at 13,Aug,17 17:58
I create chaos, stirring one way at first then abruptly reversing several times. Greater turbulence = more even mix.

By _avg_ at 09,Aug,17 02:56
Why not a penis-flavored milkshake?

By _avg_ at 08,Aug,17 02:24 didn't google the address, did you.

By _avg_ at 05,Aug,17 18:31
A minute or less? No, I don't think so. 3min perhaps.

Why would I want to? Well, just to see if I can! Sometimes life is about learning what you're capable of.

(And at worst I've "blown" 3min, at best I spent 3min making myself mildly happier...)

By _avg_ at 04,Aug,17 05:29
No? You sure? She looks pretty good once she kicks that habit...

only registered users can see external links

(, phrasing...)

By _avg_ at 04,Aug,17 04:58
What'chu mean, "CAN'T"???

only registered users can see external links

(And no, that's not Photoshop, that's Muscle Eddie... only registered users can see external links )

And sure, it's as stupid, useless, nonfunctional and...stupid as those bolt-ons women get surgery for also, so it actually does go both ways...

By _avg_ at 04,Aug,17 03:36
only registered users can see external links

By _avg_ at 02,Aug,17 01:16
It's not an automatic process; you need three verified members to sign off to get that status yourself.

Best way is to post a public video or pic (vid preferred) that shows your privates along with your username and this site's name, like this:

There's no direct benefit to you, per se, but it allows others to know that your pics aren't stolen and they aren't getting catfished, etc.

By _avg_ at 01,Aug,17 05:55
Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. (~Steven Wright)

By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 07:11
Unlike most citizens of the internet and too few Americans, more generally, I decided I needed to look further into Will's claim so that I can construct a critically informed response to it, and to you.

Like I suspected, the claim was false: the military does not spend 36mil/yr on Viagra.

It spent 41.6mil on Viagra, ALONE, and 84mil on ED treatments altogether in 2014, according to the DOD-commissioned study, as reported by this and other sources:

only registered users can see external links

Contrary to whatever you said in the self-righteous word-vomit you spewed up there (and Poe's Law aside), less than 10% of that was for active duty members, in part because PTSD can cause or exacerbate ED and in part because ED medications can be prescribed to treat hypertension and other conditions (though it IS primarily for ED).

Frankly, I personally don't begrudge the military wanting to ensure that their men -- men who are willing to sacrifice years of their lives, or indeed that very life itself, in service to this great country and its values -- will always have a working rifle. (Pardon the metaphor)

That is even easier to condone when put into the perspective of the total military spending allowance in excess of 500 BILLION dollars in 2014:

only registered users can see external links

...meaning that less than .16% of the annual military budget went to assisting the quality of our current and former servicemen's sex lives.

Now, I'm a callous asshole by just about any measure. And I fully endorse reigning in the purse-strings on excessive government expenditure, wherever it's due. But even *I* am not willing to go after the boners of the men fighting for my freedoms...

By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 06:36
Every soldier needs a functional rifle...

By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 06:16
"Donald Trump considers himself to be the smartest man in the room."

If there were no other men in the room, he might be right...

By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 06:13
The first 2-1/2hrs were pretty good, but the last 90min totally failed to deliver on the expectations they set up...

By _avg_ at 28,Jul,17 01:13
Here here

By _avg_ at 27,Jul,17 08:21
Who can know the mind of this president but this president?

I've read a report however that this move was a precondition for the support of certain legislators on funding for the long-proposed "border wall", as part of a funding bill coming to vote soon...

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By _avg_ at 27,Jul,17 01:41

By _avg_ at 26,Jul,17 05:05
I heard that motherfucker, had, like, 30 goddamn dicks......

( only registered users can see external links ~2min)

By _avg_ at 26,Jul,17 01:05
You have to be a member to view other member's profile's, apparently.

By _avg_ at 24,Jul,17 05:02
Yeah, my dick moved a little when I first saw the trailer...

There are very few games I'd deign to pre-order, but this, if any, is one of them.

By _avg_ at 24,Jul,17 02:52
It's not photoshopped, but I'd wager they *are* stolen images: he is a verified member at LPSG with 849 photos and 8 vids of himself:

only registered users can see external links

He's even had his pics stolen by those online pill companies advertising on porn sites: only registered users can see external links

And, for the record he is a bit shy of "only" 9 inches: only registered users can see external links

By _avg_ at 20,Jul,17 05:03
A great, depressing 'break-up' song that may be better heard...*felt* than read:

Where the river crosses the lake
Where the words jump off my pen and into your pages.
Do you think --just like that!-- you can divide this?
'You as yours, me as mine,' to before we were 'us'...

If the rain has to separate from itself does it say, "Pick out your cloud?"

If there is a horizontal line that runs from the map of your body, straight through the land, shooting up right through my heart; will this horizontal line, when asked, know how to find where 'you' end, where 'I' begin?

'Pick out your cloud...'

By _avg_ at 18,Jul,17 01:45
Guessing you've seen this post, then: only registered users can see external links

some other interesting noteables:
Trash can vs Garbage can
Tennis shoes vs Sneakers
You all vs Y'all
and of course, Soda vs Pop

By _avg_ at 13,Jul,17 02:11
Poland's president is Andrzej Duda, and definitely not a woman. And it's pretty customary for the spouses to greet one another, while the presidents are shaking hands -- which is exactly what happened.

only registered users can see external links

And the point here is that this clip (and specifically the clips which edit out the full exchange) is a distortion purporting to show the Polish 1st Lady "disrespecting Trump"...which is just an outright fabrication.

This kind of bullshit needs to be called out for what it is. Perhaps then we can actually get to rational discussions of real grievances and issues.

By _avg_ at 11,Jul,17 01:27
The worst is when they dip into the toilet when I'm taking care of business. Worse still when it's a public toilet.

....and that's just standing at the urinal!

By _avg_ at 09,Jul,17 04:57
No, no, FUCKING NO. This is bullshit propaganda and it HAS TO STOP.

I am galled and shamed by Trump as much as -- no MORESO than -- the next citizen, but this is truly "fake news" in it's most goddamned blatant, shameful form.

Here's the full SEVEN SECONDS that certain 'news sources' (in deliberate scare quotes) can't seemingly be assed to show in deference of their bullshit, eyeball-grabbing, profit-driven click-bait agenda: only registered users can see external links

Trump is an idiot and was rightly marginalized and ostracized by the leaders of other, more sensibly minded nations, but SPREADING LIES is the absolute.wrong.fucking.way. of dealing with this presidency. Do not engage in deceit; you'll be dragged down to his level and be beaten by experience.

By _avg_ at 09,Jul,17 00:09
Why not post it to your page for all to see?

By _avg_ at 07,Jul,17 05:23
Yes it's weird. Stalker-ish, even. Proceed with extreme caution...if you so dare.

By _avg_ at 02,Jul,17 01:54
Love me some AIC.

By _avg_ at 27,Jun,17 04:27
I never 'play' with my dick; I always treat it with the seriousness and respect it deserves.

Also, I don't see anyone in that pic, so I'm not even sure what you're on about...

Finally, your title looks like the etching of the Voyager spacecraft on the gold record which it bears:

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