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By Leilani at 16,May,21 06:24
Beautiful pool.

By Leilani at 13,Jan,19 23:47

And THERE HE IS down below!

By Leilani at 17,Dec,18 21:14
I hope Jamie returns!

By Leilani at 10,Dec,18 14:03
Yes he sure did.
Maybe he'll be back.

By Leilani at 03,Dec,18 08:25
Yeah, Chaturbate.

By Leilani at 03,Dec,18 08:23
Yep, beat me to it.
Tastes like chicken.
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And smells like it.

By Leilani at 11,Nov,18 15:18

By Leilani at 29,Oct,18 05:24
Yes that's so awesome !

By Leilani at 23,Oct,18 00:01

By Leilani at 22,Oct,18 08:39

That was such a nice compliment xx

thank you so much.

By Leilani at 22,Oct,18 08:02
Yes they are

By Leilani at 16,Oct,18 02:02
I like mine with pineapple and pepperoni, both.
Thin crust is great. Domino's.

By Leilani at 08,Jun,18 02:45
The first? No...didn't know that!

By Leilani at 08,Jun,18 02:44
No sir, it's edible. So good...

By Leilani at 06,Jun,18 04:45

By Leilani at 06,Jun,18 04:43
Thank you also like rice paper?

By Leilani at 06,Jun,18 04:43
Have you ever seen a performance of The Nutcracker? Every year I want to go see it but I haven't yet got around to actually going.

By Leilani at 06,Jun,18 04:39
OOO thank you!!

By Leilani at 01,Jun,18 19:35 any chance do you know the name of the very best restaurant in Chinatown? Your favorite?

By Leilani at 01,Jun,18 19:34
Somewhere in San Francisco there's a restaurant that serves Canadian food! I want to go there so I can try poutine.

By Leilani at 01,Jun,18 19:31
LOL! Sorry! I'm from San Diego and we say "trolley" all the time there!

By Leilani at 30,May,18 12:57
The aquarium, Alcatraz of course...trolley rides.

The area is incredible and not just San Francisco itself-the cities near it are amazing, and I don't mean just Oakland. There are several. That area is HEAVEN and so is San Diego. California is paradise.

By Leilani at 30,May,18 12:53
The mutual friends thing...I didn't know that.

By Leilani at 28,Apr,18 23:55
I call it a squeeze box.

By Leilani at 28,Apr,18 23:51
Why would it be called "cranberry muffin"?

By Leilani at 23,Apr,18 03:20
Victoria's ****-"**** Crush". You may wanna sample it or try a full-size, it smells really good.
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Haha. Victoria's S.ecret-"S.ecret Crush".

By Leilani at 23,Apr,18 01:27
Her store lost some good money that day being stingy towards you. What a nice friend to try to get those lovelies for your galpals. Have you tried LUSH also? Which do you select at B&BW? I have some cherry products and pineapple.

By Leilani at 23,Apr,18 01:22
Well...I think one piccie was a guy who took a selfie supposedly at the top of Mount Everest and the point was to look at the curve in the background.

Maybe the Flat-Earthers would say it was taken using a fish eye lens or 'shopped.

By Leilani at 23,Apr,18 01:16
Strong ties to San Diego.

By Leilani at 21,Apr,18 23:19
They do it 'cuz they want the points awarded for doing it.

By Leilani at 20,Apr,18 22:44
Kk, I'll Google search.

By Leilani at 20,Apr,18 06:45
Well can't you please just set them for public? I wanna see the Mount Everest one and the other ones!

By Leilani at 19,Apr,18 06:00
...Now I can't even see those thumbnails anymore. Um, any chance of you reuploading?

By Leilani at 19,Apr,18 03:36
These images are set on private!

By Leilani at 28,Nov,17 15:31
How marvelous you own your own palm trees!!

By Leilani at 13,Nov,17 23:15

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:48
Thank you very much for the idea Arexa, I should find out!
Then what it'll cost me for the bus and BART tickets to get to it combined with the price of the goodie plus lovely California sales tax might be the same as just buying it great idea you had though--thanks!

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:38
Yes!! =)
Would you try one?
Ka-pop! pop pop pop pop pop

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:36
Picture is gone now but was that the one that looked like a Fleshlight that looked like a Yeti?

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:29
I heard somebody with a long foreskin pinched it shut on a camping trip and peed into it, making a piss balloon. It was his way of washing it whilst on the trip.

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:21
Are you sure it wasn't a snipe?
A "snipe" is a cigarette butt somebody finds & smokes whilst not caring about germs, viruses, the fact that it came from the sidewalk or a sand cigarette bin, etcet.. Some have lipstick prints on them. I know a man who said when he'd pick out a snipe to smoke, his first choice would be one with lipstick prints on it because that meant a woman was the one who smoked it.

Coulda been a snipe.

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 21:04
I'm glad you like it so much here Mister Leopoldij, because obviously that means you had a fun vacation or biz trip. What are all the things you saw the last time you were here?

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 20:57
Lovely picture.

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 20:50
I like this Justin Bieber song though---You Smile. He's really good at hitting the notes unless studio production gave him a wee bit of help electronically, don't know. Maybe it's all real, all him. If so, he CAN sing. I'd ask you to have a listen but you're gone.

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By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 20:26
Well said.
& I know I sound paranoid but you wouldn't want them near your car either. Methinks they can buy an inexpensive tracker & discreetly stick it to your vehicle then find out where you live when they watch where the tracker goes from looking @ their phone or computer.

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 20:08

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 20:05
& I like coconut things too!
Somebody in the know will know this but I believe here in California the palm trees don't bear coconuts but the palm tress in Florida do bear them. So we have lots of palm trees but not the coconut-producing kind. Is that a good thing? Well they won't be falling on peoples' heads or cars here. Such a horribly sad story---one of my friends from Florida said she believed her cat was killed from a coconut falling on her. An interesting article-

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By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 19:37
I actually like both city sounds & neighbor sounds but totally agree with you about living in a free country, oh yes.
I'm thankful I can buy pepper spray, stun guns, spring-assist knives, etcet..

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 18:43
Stupid me, so sorry!

RIP Rest In Paradise Chuck.

By Leilani at 12,Nov,17 06:21
Yeah, terrible.

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