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By dragonsegg at 19,Dec,23 11:38
I love to film myself wanking and then replaying it and wanking all over again

By dragonsegg at 09,Dec,23 09:46
Normally aright handed guy but love to change hands when I’m enjoying a solo session, feels like someone else is giving me hand

By dragonsegg at 27,Oct,23 10:29
Uncut all the way for me, I'm uncut and love playing with my foreskin

By dragonsegg at 05,Aug,23 09:16
Here to show myself off and hopefully chat with people who love to see photos of my small cock in knickers

By dragonsegg at 21,Dec,22 15:47
mmm nothing sweeter

By dragonsegg at 27,Sep,22 09:17
here to show off so i don't have a problem with other guys wanking to my pics

By dragonsegg at 31,May,22 10:59
oh yes

By dragonsegg at 31,May,22 10:58
love watching myself wanking in a a pair of knickers,

By dragonsegg at 22,May,22 08:05
If I'm logged in I'm usually edging along

By dragonsegg at 24,Jan,22 08:49
definitely masturbate to pocs on here and love the thought that someone , somewhere is doing the same to my pics

By dragonsegg at 24,Jan,22 08:45
love showing my cock in my panties, and excited looking at other guys enjoying their cock

By dragonsegg at 15,Jul,20 14:53
I love wearing panties (knickers in the UK lol) and have ben enjoying them since I was years old

By dragonsegg at 22,May,20 10:50
My longest edging session was for 4 hours, chatting with some one

By dragonsegg at 18,Jan,20 13:16
wearing panties just makes me horny, hard and wanking

By dragonsegg at 09,Dec,19 16:02
Just choose my selection, walk up to the girl and pay, love the look on her face. If only she knew I was also wearing panties when I pay

By dragonsegg at 02,Nov,19 10:38
I like to alternate between stroking my shaft and then than pulling my foreskin back and forth over my swollen purple head when I'm edging my small cock

By dragonsegg at 27,Jul,19 12:33
Usually edge my cock while on here

By dragonsegg at 27,Jul,19 11:43
Really enjoy watching other guys, especially older ones, wanking and shooting their load

By dragonsegg at 27,Jul,19 11:41
Not gay or bi but I do like looking at other guys cocks. The sheer variation and beauty always amazes me

By dragonsegg at 25,Jul,19 12:59
my longest edging session was for around 4 and a half hours, great cumshot at the end. cock was a little sore too