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What makes a cock look good?

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Started by #124358 at 03,Sep,11 15:10
what makes you think that a cock looks beautiful? I seen a few other cocks were I think they look good..But it seems i cant explain why

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By cumcouplessa at 27,Feb,21 22:50 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. All cocks turn me on, but my preference is deffinatelly not too thick, reasonably long, upward curve, large and smooth mushroom head and preferably un-cut. If attached to a realy sexy guy is an added bonus, especially if he likes having his cock sucked. Oh, and a nice pair of low hangers 😍😍😍😍😍😍

By #632553 at 14,Feb,21 13:23
Straight, cut, hairless. My mouth.
By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 17:49 other posts of whitebriefs 
Yours is utterly perfect
By #632553 at 15,Feb,21 13:57
Thanks for the compliment. I have it in my hand now

By liketoedge at 14,Feb,21 14:19 other posts of liketoedge 
Average size or smaller, well proportioned and cut is a good start
By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 17:47 other posts of whitebriefs 
Small to average every time

By hungboy at 14,Feb,21 07:16 other posts of hungboy 
Wish mine was straight and cut , but Im 8 thick curved and too heavy always sloppy when hard . Does any one have that problem?
By whitebriefs at 14,Feb,21 09:11 other posts of whitebriefs 
The good thing about having a 5 cock is that they are usually rock hard. Less blood needed equals a nice stiff dick!

By Strongmember# at 13,Feb,21 05:55 other posts of Strongmember# 
i like them first off when they are different from mine in certain ways, like shape and color. Aesthetics behind that are probably similar to a body or face.. being smooth, symmetrical, clear skin..

By arousal at 12,Feb,21 11:25 other posts of arousal 
it is the thickness , the shape, the head shape, veins , also the size and shape of the balls is a factor

like this one:

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By Jaxon at 09,Jan,21 22:38 other posts of Jaxon 

Being attached to me!!!! BOOOOOMMMM!
By arousal at 12,Feb,21 11:17 other posts of arousal 
nice cock

By Miriam-23 at 09,Jan,21 12:22 other posts of Miriam-23 
He have to be very hard and shaved. thats the most important. i personally like it, when the dick is a little bit darker than the rest of him and when the dick is veiny. the perfect size is between 14 and 18cm. but size is not so important
By #551147 at 09,Jan,21 14:46
well said! 😉

By #634007 at 09,Jan,21 14:43

By whitebriefs at 06,Jan,21 02:02 other posts of whitebriefs 
For me its a small, rock hard, upward curved, thick cock with a nice big ridged glans. 4 to 5 does the trick
By #632553 at 08,Jan,21 13:12
Look at my pics
By whitebriefs at 09,Jan,21 07:04 other posts of whitebriefs 
I just have and my dick is hard just looking at it

By cut5x5 at 09,Jan,21 11:13 other posts of cut5x5 
Check out my pics. It doesnt have the curve but otherwise fits. What do you think?
By whitebriefs at 09,Jan,21 11:56 other posts of whitebriefs 
I love your cock both soft and hard, looks perfect to me

By cruz69696969 at 31,Aug,19 03:04 other posts of cruz69696969 
Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
By #632553 at 08,Jan,21 13:15
That is nice I've cum 2 times

By cody8789 at 06,Jan,21 01:47 other posts of cody8789 
A Hott pussy makes a cock look good
By *kmadeau* at 07,Jan,21 14:35 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By JUSTMEAGAIN74 at 06,Jan,21 08:44 other posts of JUSTMEAGAIN74 
By X_Y_Z at 07,Jan,21 14:17 other posts of X_Y_Z 

By LGA6969 at 06,Jan,21 17:40 other posts of LGA6969 
A big swollen mushroom head on it
By whitebriefs at 06,Jan,21 17:52 other posts of whitebriefs 
Definitely, nice and ridged

By newwt10 at 02,Oct,20 11:57 other posts of newwt10 
By johnwish at 03,Oct,20 13:28 other posts of johnwish 
Yeah that looks good.
By whitebriefs at 05,Jan,21 17:35 other posts of whitebriefs 
Id agree there

By JUSTMEAGAIN74 at 06,Jan,21 07:37 other posts of JUSTMEAGAIN74 
looks REALLY good

By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 15:23
Another cock frotting

By johnwish at 03,Oct,20 13:27 other posts of johnwish 
A nice side view of a really hard cock with the helmet out and plenty of fur and big hanging balls for me everytime!

By pinkpan12 at 02,Oct,20 08:07 other posts of pinkpan12 

By arousal at 01,Oct,20 22:07 other posts of arousal 
a cock like that, i think it looks perfectly good !
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By knewbi at 04,Oct,19 12:41 other posts of knewbi 
For me the best looking cock is the one that is right there in front of me and hard as a rock waiting for me to take care of it... THAT is my choice as best looking cock.

By #584883 at 26,Sep,19 09:47
A big head and balls!!
By rudy51 at 28,Sep,19 13:56 other posts of rudy51 
Definitely the head and it needs to be bigger around then the shaft

By cutroundhead at 26,Sep,19 05:07 other posts of cutroundhead 
A big mushroom helmet and lots of man-bush

By foreskinlover52 at 21,Sep,19 02:59 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Foreskin of course

By #600050 at 21,Sep,19 02:02

By jumbu at 15,Sep,19 22:59 other posts of jumbu 
just look at my dick and you will see what makes it look good

By #595500 at 15,Sep,19 22:25
Being mine.

By toohey at 15,Sep,19 07:56 other posts of toohey 
Confidence of its owner.

By Smoothie71 at 14,Sep,19 09:36 other posts of Smoothie71 
Lots of cummmmmm

By lawrenceo at 14,Sep,19 06:53 other posts of lawrenceo 
It being there and on offer!

By Dev01 at 07,Sep,19 06:13 other posts of Dev01 

By cruz69696969 at 07,Sep,19 06:02 other posts of cruz69696969 
Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love tight balls. Janice size shaft, and a cut head that looks so inviting that I start to leak precum as soon as I see it

By tcputts at 06,Sep,19 10:19 other posts of tcputts 
A long tight overhanging foreskin. That's what makes them look good in my opinion

By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:57 other posts of lawrenceo 
For me, shape and size. Prefer 6 ins or under (*) helmet head if uncut or sharp head if cut. If there is a curve, I prefer it to be up rather than down or laterally.

(*) My one exception is a long, thin penis. One that really takes on the aphorism-- pencil dick.

By Smoothmann at 31,Aug,19 06:00 other posts of Smoothmann 
I like a 5 to 7 inch curcimsised smooth shaven cock and balls and I also like too see cock and ball rings being worn!
By bil47 at 31,Aug,19 08:07 other posts of bil47 
"... a 5 to 7 inch curcimsised smooth shaven cock and balls..."

By Smoothmann at 31,Aug,19 08:53 other posts of Smoothmann 
Now that's what I am excited about!Great photo!

By Mark777 at 31,Aug,19 05:28 other posts of Mark777 
It looks good, when it arouses me sexually.

By waves at 17,Aug,13 08:01 other posts of waves 
A nice pronounced head is so sexy and woman love a helmet head.

By #192950 at 09,Sep,11 09:14
A lot of people say size doesn't matter...but it does to me. If it's small, I'm not interested, the end.

So first is size. Long, thick, or both. Uncircumsized cocks are hella sexy, but a cock with a nice thick head can look great, too. A little hair is good, but if it's too much or travels up the shaft, that's a bit of a turn is the prickly "gooseflesh" look some shaved guys get.

Veins, ridges, or bumps are nice. And I love a nice set of balls.

But whatever else is going on, if there's cum in the picture, chances are I'll find it at least somewhat sexy.
By WristThick at 09,Sep,11 17:11 other posts of WristThick 

By oldbugle at 05,Sep,11 14:04 other posts of oldbugle 
Well it helps if the pic is sharp and well lit with good composition,..these things are basic presentation and WILL make anything look better than when portraid by a fuzzy dark/bland 'wonky' shot.....

.......It's a fact!

When it comes to the details of the actual penis in question, then it seems to be a fact that men prefer to see a specimen that is similar to their own.
By #188764 at 05,Sep,11 14:15
I agree about the quality of the shot. It makes a big difference in how appealing the cock is. In-focus and well-lit will make just about any penis attractive to me, but my preference is for fully-erect and with a nicely-defined ridge on the cock-head.

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