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have you ever masturbated in public places

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Started by #241790 at 26,Mar,12 00:37
i did it when i as bathing in sea

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By JizzyJay at 06,Dec,19 22:09 other posts of JizzyJay 
Here's me having fun with the hotel hot tub jets....

By hubbyluvscocks2 at 06,Dec,19 00:53 other posts of hubbyluvscocks2 
All the time and in more places than I can remember! Especially love doing it while fully nude!

By Tushar1230 at 27,Nov,19 14:38 other posts of Tushar1230 
I masturbated once in my class, I was sitting alone, we used to have two seats combined in our school so I kept my bag on the other so no one can see and I opened my dick & started jerking off while looking at the girls in my class and the teacher herself, meanwhile I cummed, it was a big blast as I was very horny.
It was a lovely experience but pretty risky as well.

By knewbi at 27,Nov,19 12:44 other posts of knewbi 
I do in restrooms all the time. I see someone with a great bulge and I'm off to the toilet stall again... lost count on how many times over the years. Not sure why a sexy women does not make me jerk off but a sweet bulge does every time.

By Olderguy321 at 27,Nov,19 06:18 other posts of Olderguy321 
I was sleeping with my best frend we were young, it was cold and we were naked i could feel his bum touching my leg anx got so horny and hard i started to stroke my cock and couldnt stop till i cum in my hand .

By #311749 at 05,Dec,12 13:17
I have wanked in a train on my way home... Pants was completely off... 2 guys sat opposite and watched... It was fucking exciting. When I shot my load one guy said he hopes to see me again and then we will wank maybe even fuck each other.

By #265525 at 13,Oct,12 16:38
Yes I do! I do it at work from time to time when I'm bored and horny.

By ChocolateDevine at 13,Oct,12 14:47 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
in my car and in bathroom at work.That's it. By the looks of the other posts, I need to whip it out more often!

By #285596 at 27,Aug,12 03:37
my boss was a chinese lady sooooo wanted to fuck her was alone quite often when locking up use to sniff her office chair while naked and wank like fuck
By ChocolateDevine at 13,Oct,12 14:42 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
that sounds like fun!

By boombastic at 13,Oct,12 07:44 other posts of boombastic 
I was caught by my ex girlfriends mother - actually squirting into her underwear drawer (THE MOTHERS) She arrived home early from a holiday to find me standing jizzing into her open drawer!!!!!!!! I could never look her in the eye again!!!!!!!!

By #238177 at 12,Oct,12 22:42
I have sex 3 times a week in the locker room at the YMCA with me friend after we work out we go to the sona and just fuck there was this guy in there once and he was masterbating and we caught him and he joined us

By liketoedge at 12,Oct,12 17:28 other posts of liketoedge 
Just yesterday I had a quick one standing at the urinal in the restroom at a gas station.

By #269409 at 05,Oct,12 06:21
I love masturbating when driving sometimes my wife does it for me or sucks my cock when driving

By #171060 at 04,Oct,12 20:42
nude beach

By #229339 at 04,Oct,12 17:43
-wal-mart bathroom
-while driving
-walking trails

By andrew999999999 at 04,Oct,12 11:34 other posts of andrew999999999 
At the side of a house down the street where I live, and in some woods also. Not had an outdoor wank for years.

By liketoedge at 28,Sep,12 15:54 other posts of liketoedge 
At school in the Boys room almost daily

By #243302 at 29,Mar,12 09:20
This is so much Fun to read..... Just gotta tell you all... I've Wanked at;....... Dorchester Leisure Centre... In the Showers.... Southsea Nudist beach....( nobody saw me!!)...... Hospital
Cubicle , when I was 15...at school & went in hospital for a bang on the head .... Lol!!!!... Been wanked off by a Girl called Siobhan Smith when I was 7....... On my roof of my house in Walton-On-Thames..... Am I boring !!!..... Could go on for hours!!!
By stickyknickers at 29,Aug,12 08:52 other posts of stickyknickers 
Please do! I'd love to hear more

By #266443 at 28,Aug,12 17:16
I did this morning while walking. And when I finished I tucked my cock under my belt and pulled my shirt down over it and walked about half a mile like that.

By #289712 at 21,Aug,12 10:59
one time i was down the coast with some friends and i got up early and went to the beach, and while going through the bushland i thought why not and had a great wank there..

By #285354 at 16,Aug,12 16:38
I agree. When my cock calls I have to do it. I can always find a good place. I love wanking outdoors with a gentle breeze blowing on my cock and balls.

By CesenaDaBere at 15,Aug,12 08:32 other posts of CesenaDaBere 
at the beach
at work
at SPA
at public garden

...when your cock calls you must answer!

By #266443 at 13,Aug,12 18:12
Well now... I've wanked in my parents car as a ****, in a busy parking lot no less. I've also been peeing in the woods multiple times and had several times where I wank afterwards, once I was seen peeing by a girl when I was 17, I was horny and she saw my cock and the DIY piercing and so she sucked me and we screwed there in the woods, it was amazing. Something about just meeting and going to it is so hot, but now I wouldn't do it because I know about diseases more than I did. But my college has a pretty good size wooded area and I stop there to have a good wank coming home from class, and once or twice me and some friends ( male and female) went to this little wooded island and spent a weekend hanging out nude, masturbating whenever we wanted. I've also done it in more places when I was really horny as a teenager, and was seen several times but nobody said anything. That's all that comes to mind off hand

By #266252 at 13,Aug,12 13:36
Do it often. Adult stores. I choose the booths with the hole between them. Sometimes give/get head. Usually others watch. Couple times at work. Also love the outdoors.

By ktalmipn at 13,Aug,12 12:54 other posts of ktalmipn 
haha iv done it several times on changing rooms...liverpool.. when i was on highschool i did it like 3 times right in front of the mirror haha lucky nobody saw me and once in a friends house while he was playing gamecube i was kindda kinky when i was teen

By stickyknickers at 13,Aug,12 07:45 other posts of stickyknickers 
I did it in my car in a layby not so long ago. I really had to work hard not to cum and make a mess, but it felt so incredibly sexy and naughty. I had to drive home as quickly as possible and finish the job properly!

By #284040 at 13,Aug,12 07:34
we often lay together on naturist beaches wanking our cocks whilst keeping an eye out for intruders. Voyeurs are great, hope it gets them horny!!!
By stickyknickers at 13,Aug,12 07:43 other posts of stickyknickers 
Wish I could see that. Trouble is, I'd want to join in, too

By liketoedge at 13,Aug,12 05:45 other posts of liketoedge 
Bathroom stalls at school, Airplane bathroom, bathrooms at friends houses,standing at urinals, in the woods, tree forts, gas stations, dressing room at mervyns, Home depot bathroom, at work, motel room with others sleeping in the next bed, Gym shower, Raging waters dressing room, Disneyland, Im sure I have in over 100 places. Semi public places have always added to the fun for some reason. Amazing too that I have never been caught.

By #26895 at 28,Mar,12 00:37
Anywhere... under the pants, wearing sweat pants. Sometimes peaking him out makes it more exciting!
By liketoedge at 13,Aug,12 05:33 other posts of liketoedge 
Purposely cumming in your underwear can be a real turn on. Messy but fun

By #198256 at 30,Mar,12 19:46
I masturbated in many public places, I like masturbated when somebody wathes me, I didi it in front of my niece. She watched me, and after that she always look in my dick!
By sckmydck at 12,Aug,12 02:41 other posts of sckmydck 
can i meet with your niece

By #249254 at 07,Apr,12 05:46
I,ve never did it in the public. But, I love doing it in my friends bedroom when they go out for something, and ind the next piece, I could hear their parents voice or their steps coming. I love it. And also in the bedroom of granny I always get wanks and yep, I make the job. It,s so exciting to make it and listening to people not away from you. s

By sexpig at 06,Apr,12 20:16 other posts of sexpig 
I knew it! Aeroplane toilets many times, and also in my seat under the blanket during night flights...

By sexpig at 06,Apr,12 20:14 other posts of sexpig 
I've wanked at various times on buses, trains, in the car whilst driving, in the car whilst parked in the middle of town, on the hills, on the seafront, public toilets, a book shop, in class at school a few times, in a burger bar (I actually shot my load inside my long coat while I was handing over the money!) Can't think of any other places right now but I'm sure there must be more!

By 67malibu at 06,Apr,12 13:41 other posts of 67malibu 
Many times outside day or night went to a book store adult I mean drove maybe 60 miles no one there had to stop at a caseys went into bathroom locked the door took off everything but my shoes and jerked off in front of the mirror.came in the sink fuck I needed it.

By Vita at 06,Apr,12 03:32 other posts of Vita 
back then in the toilets at school ... two girls had giggling watched !! we had great joy !!

By astarojna at 02,Apr,12 21:40 other posts of astarojna 
I did it once in on a plane's toilet

By Foreskinlover at 02,Apr,12 05:47 other posts of Foreskinlover 
At a nude beach, several times

By #188697 at 27,Mar,12 13:29
I love masturbating in public. Did it in the back of a bus once, while other people were sitting in front of me. Do it all the time in fitting rooms in clothing stores. As you can see from this pic:

public toilets make me hard, so I have wanks there too. And when I'm drunk at night, I love to wander the streets of my city naked. I live in a quiet area, so not a lot of people around. There's no greater feeling than hiding in some bushes naked and hear people passing a few feet away. That always makes me wank my tail. I once got caught by this guy walking his dog and he phoned the police. I had plenty of time to get away in time, so nothing really happened
By #204348 at 28,Mar,12 05:27
Yes it is quite a pleasure to be freely naked in your local area i tried it when i was 11, but their are hidden cameras in most changing rooms in shops like behind the mirror.
By smokieb69 at 01,Apr,12 13:13 other posts of smokieb69 
i hope not - i just had a wank in one yesterday- here is the proof

jerking in the changeroom

By BISTOKE at 27,Mar,12 21:37 other posts of BISTOKE 
just been reminded by the guy aboves story, ive wanked at the back of a bus(top) and came all over the back of a chair......waiting at the bus station in my town!

By BISTOKE at 27,Mar,12 21:33 other posts of BISTOKE 
i had a fiddle in my headmasters office once, he wasnt there..why not! he then came back(didnt catch me) moved me to an isolation room where i was told to do lines.....instead had a wank shot my load under the table! epic memory!

By #182952 at 26,Mar,12 14:13
have done it several times in movie theater !!

By Foreskinlover at 26,Mar,12 06:12 other posts of Foreskinlover 
heaps of time at the nude beaches

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