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Started by #3997 at 17,Jan,09 10:51

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By liketoedge at 15,Dec,20 13:47 other posts of liketoedge 
Just yesterday I jacked a quick one standing at a urinal at a fruit stand rest stop. Had to bust quick before anyone else walked in. Right after I shot a load another guy walked in and used the urinal next to me. I wonder if he could smell what I just did

By johndoe at 12,Dec,20 23:39 other posts of johndoe 
The craziest place I ever masturbated was probably a building under construction I was doing a night watch because I work safe and the workers had put pictures of nude women from the penthouse magazine lining the bathroom walls and one night I had my cock so full that I started stroking myself in front of the long minutes photos and I ejaculated on several of the photos ... I imagined myself fucking with his women and cumming inside them ... still today several years later I pass in front of this building which regularly houses offices and I think about this moment.

By HotFuckerBoy at 12,Dec,20 18:37 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
On my bed in the privacy of my room with the door shut.

By DennisWow at 12,Dec,20 17:58 other posts of DennisWow 
Many random outdoor places, on a bus, on a train, at work, at the beach, public showers like pools gyms etc, going naked roller blading around my neighborhood one night and masturbating on someone's front lawn a few blocks away. In a sauna with a nice lady very close who never noticed. On a bench along a bike path totally naked in the middle of the day in front of random woman who seemed concerned but interested.
And so many many more.

By KingSparks at 12,Dec,20 13:30 other posts of KingSparks 
School, church, parks,beach, alleys, buses, trains, cars, middle of the street. Just about anywhere.

By gsmiley6 at 02,Oct,20 11:45 other posts of gsmiley6 
Sitting on the shitter at test depth on a nuclear submarine SSBN which may or may not have been carrying nuclear missiles
By #551147 at 03,Oct,20 03:07
Someone say "missiles"?

How about a pair of them?

By #553294 at 18,Apr,18 15:05
I discovered masturbation & dry orgasms just after my 5th birthday. I also discovered that I could give myself "the special feeling" as I called orgasms back then, VERY easily! A couple minutes of discretely rubbing the sweet-spot through my pants-pocket with a forefinger was all it took for me to reach orgasm. And since I was fully multi-orgasmic in my dry orgasm days, I could do it as many times in a row as I wished! And I did so at every opportunity!

I masturbated to orgasm in the back seat of the car on family trips. I did it at my desk in grade-school. I did it in the public swimming pool. I did it in the back seat of the school bus on class trips. My best friend & I did it together in the bushes while riding our bikes out to his grandpa's farm. Countless public bathrooms, in the water at the local beach, Boy Scout camp-outs, in the woods, you name it.

But the craziest place has to be in church. When I was really young, I usually masturbated to orgasm during every sermon!

After I started ejaculating, I quit doing it in most of those places due to the mess & also because it took me a lot longer to reach orgasm after puberty kicked in. However - as an adult, I have masturbated to orgasm in my car, in a plane, and in the 18-wheeler I used to drive.
By #595415 at 24,Jul,19 21:29
Thank you for sharing.

By #576461 at 06,Mar,19 12:33
If I had to pick the strangest place the one that comes to mind is on stage in high school. I was in a show and I spent half a scene behind the mid-curtain. I really wanted to just be able to say I jerked on stage. So I pulled the front of my pants down and started pullin it. It only took like two minutes to erupt and I just shot it on the floor next to the back curtain.

By #581577 at 04,Mar,19 08:14
1 churh. 2 public swimming pool locker room- men's 3 in school restrooms 4 my bedroom even though i have roomates 5pulic park in kc mo 6 in my pics 7 the list goes on here too

By CasualTBoom at 03,Jan,19 14:49 other posts of CasualTBoom 
Bathroom of a train, on a bench in a park at night

By tinypenissaggyballs at 18,Sep,18 16:27 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
hi, in my recliner with my stepdaughter laying on the couch beside me,i wad under a blanket, but i think she knew!

By #433665 at 27,Apr,18 22:57
I've done it everywhere, it's not jerking but the craziest. I was 15 and my girlfriend at the time sucked my dick in the same room as her dad. Like 4foot away that was crazy
--------------------------------------- added after 97 seconds

Trust me I was against it,but Fuck me the rush was mad

By leopoldij at 06,Feb,17 20:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Walmart. And I wasnt alone.
By liketoedge at 18,Apr,18 15:57 other posts of liketoedge 
Id like to hear about that.
By leopoldij at 18,Apr,18 16:36 other posts of leopoldij 
It was late at night, at a corner, between shelves. I got horny and started touching myself. I was seen by a black milf, not great looking but she smiled at me. I pulled it out and gave he a show.

By #543881 at 01,Nov,17 07:25
Driving to work early morning driving in my truck in public toilet while other people in there in back yard at parties pretending to piss at the bar in night clubs up girls ass cracks at concerts on greyhound bus in boat whilst fishing in back of cop car whilst under arrest

By LustAuf at 19,Jan,09 14:38 other posts of LustAuf 
i was masturbated in an airplane
By #5411 at 19,Jan,09 16:15
me too........ felt good leaving a load and knowing that there was someone waiting outside.
By #3997 at 22,Jan,09 13:43
i had someone waiting outside after i wanked on a plane too,, i left my cum and the aroma behind, i am sure that the next guy left his too after smelling my aroma....great times
By #2983 at 09,Feb,09 04:58
Great idea! I dump my load in the pan but next time I'll miss and leave some at the side or on the floor. Watch the next users for reaction.
By #5173 at 10,Feb,10 14:00
I always try to masturbate on any flite that I take. I masturbated twice on a flite to Austraila, and tried for a third time,but it got too bumpy and had to go back to my seat
By #3997 at 25,Feb,10 11:14
I always try to masturbate on a plane too its alot of fun to relieve yourself on an air plane, I am getting horny thinking about it now, especially if its a long flight!!

By JackHammer at 31,Jan,17 15:47 other posts of JackHammer 
I masturbated on an airplane too. It was my own Cessna 172 and I was flying solo over Montana. Got a few thousand feet AGL, dropped my pants to my knees and wanked. That was one wobbly ride. I actually enjoyed so much I did it a few times.

By DJS at 31,Jan,17 10:41 other posts of DJS 
In a Church..oh hang on a minute that,s not the wildest or crazy place its the norm

By #528209 at 31,Jan,17 00:40
In sort of a reverse answer to this I was over at a buddies house one night when he had to go out and pick something up. I stayed in the kitchen talking through a window to his parents who were in another room about two feet lower. his **** came up behind me and started fondling my cock from behind. i reached around behind me and fingered her to an orgasm all the while trying to carry on a normal conversation with her parents. The kitchen smelt like a fish market.

By Meandick at 02,Nov,14 13:40 other posts of Meandick 
Aeroplane toilet, friends house (nearly every room), balcony on holiday. Can't think of the rest

By #114156 at 21,Nov,10 19:57
There is no way I could even start to remember all the strange places.
My girl recounts one of mine from earlier this year. It was in the parking lot of a busy grocery store. I had her pull her shirt up and I sprayed her tits down nicely. She dropped the shirt back down. The shirt is a this light blue material, when liquids hit it, it gets dark in those wet areas. The shirt is now mostly stiff. She keeps it hanging in the bedroom just for the times I squirt her tits, which is about 4-5 times per week.
By #3997 at 23,Nov,10 13:43
That had to be fun, prob bad for her the sticky cum that will dry all over
By xxxrated at 30,Oct,14 18:14 other posts of xxxrated 
Shit, I forgot that I posted that a few years ago. She loved it every time I did that to her. It was at a Safeway store in Molalla, Oregon

By 67malibu at 29,Oct,14 11:54 other posts of 67malibu 
A used bookstore, no one there but me and the owner, browsing and strokin
By #143536 at 29,Oct,14 12:48
Like an adult bookstore?

By #461011 at 29,Oct,14 10:49
in the gondola at a ski resort.

By Beercan10 at 07,Feb,14 16:21 other posts of Beercan10 
Once there was a retail store in a small mall, and the back door was open and the place was empty. I waited until I got a good erection and then put myself on display in the front window until I noticed a woman watching from the side and she stayed there smiling until I came. I came so hard my legs starting shaking.

Strolling Through The Park One Day

By #418812 at 07,Feb,14 15:46
did many places, one time with my girl in public bus and in car many times, in office too

By liketoedge at 07,Feb,14 15:35 other posts of liketoedge 
I couldnt even count all the places I have done it. Its a very very long list

By #316057 at 06,Feb,14 01:27
Driving naked on a highway

By just37 at 05,Feb,14 16:18 other posts of just37 
I did it in lots of places when I was younger... it also happend in a train, at my grand parents house, in a plane, on holiday, in a bus and also some other public places like parks...

By my_cute_dick at 05,Feb,14 04:59 other posts of my_cute_dick 
I masturbated in a running stream water, with few people over there including my friends. They weren't noticed I am wanking.

By #101710 at 05,Dec,10 13:42
from the balcony of a hotel cum on people below

By #101710 at 05,Dec,10 13:41
In a salt and water pool with other people, in the same pool I fucked my girl The color of water covered my cock so the people can't watch directly, only imaging

By #115756 at 22,Nov,10 15:16
i just masterbated in the office bathroom with my brother on the other side of the door i chatted for awhile with some hot people and had to get off it was so hot .
By #3997 at 02,Dec,10 13:26
I have jerked off knowing people were listening it really gets me into it

By #17887 at 21,Nov,10 20:59
At the public library I was watching porn in the middle of the day and jacking off my cock through my pant pocket that had a hole.
By #3997 at 23,Nov,10 13:42

By #88663 at 21,Nov,10 15:07
In the Pilot House of a ship while I was on watch..

By #95006 at 09,Aug,10 22:12
I guess it isn't that odd for those of us that served but a unique place that many couldn't do is in various places on a submarine while on patrol and/or on watch.
By #3997 at 19,Nov,10 12:54
Thats awesome was the sub underwater to bad I couldnt join for that wank

By #52748 at 10,Feb,10 01:59
I'm a girl but I've gotten off while laying in bed with someone else while they were asleep, while flying, while in class (art history to be specific), driving, ontop of a mountain while hiking, in the vehicle with my parents, and while taking a quick break from work - I wait tables, and no I didn't wash my hands... I think those are the best ones.
By #3997 at 09,Aug,10 18:46
Damn in the car with your parents?? what did you do just reach down in your pants, were they loose pants or did you have to unbutton them?? wait on tables and went and got yourself off and didn't wash your hands, thats pretty crazy , women can masturbate and be much sneakier about it, I like that

By #48650 at 11,Feb,10 13:02
I JO'ed...during an outside lecture at camp with this other boy....we rubbed our cocks in our pants (no underwear)...and pretty much came together....was way hot...we both laughted about the huge stain in our pants....
By #3997 at 09,Aug,10 18:44
Thats a good feeling

By #58716 at 27,Feb,10 08:35
As a teenager, a m8 and i used to regularly stroke each other under the desks at the back of our French class.

More recently love to wank while driving the car.
By #3997 at 09,Aug,10 17:19
thats cool

By #5173 at 24,Feb,09 19:20
now that i have thought about it some more,i remember when i was a teenager i used to climb out of my bedroom window on to a almost flat roof and walk over to a bathroom window and watch the girls that i invited over for a swim change into and out of their bathing suites.i masturbated to at least 10 different girls in my class for the couple of years that i did that.then i had a steady girl and i used to watch her also... it was fantastic..
By #3997 at 25,Feb,10 11:15
That is hott, did they ever catch you or know

By #6741 at 24,Feb,10 22:18
In a sauna, did it this morning
By #3997 at 25,Feb,10 11:10
in the sauna at the gym i have done that plenty of times it feels great

By #46598 at 14,Feb,10 17:27
I have masturbate myself in the classroom during a math class
By #3997 at 24,Feb,10 20:10
is this in college

By #46575 at 10,Feb,10 03:46
I masturbated in a public hotel toilet booth during a conference break, had to moan loudly when i shot my load, after i left the booth i realised that my boss was all the while in the booth right next to mine...
By #3997 at 12,Feb,10 10:09
really did he say anything??

By #15879 at 16,Sep,09 15:03
Masturbated on my doorstep at my apartment complex..though it was 3am so no on was around.. also that same night I walked out to the middle of the road NUDE hehe
By #3997 at 12,Feb,10 10:08
i use to streak alot back in the day

By #20664 at 10,Sep,09 00:42
Most the one's I can remember were from girls. I had one girlfriend who was a very fun drunk, jack me off in a bar with about 15 guys watchin, we sat at a table in the back but word spread what she was doing and the all seemed to be watching when I shot my load all over her hands and on the floor. She licked her hand off as I made for the door with her. I was young these days I'd have let her keep going.

Another good handjob I got was at a pretty late party two fairly hot chics had gotten to drunk and gone into my bedroom to lay down. I excused myself from the party on the same pretense and went in to lay down between them. At first I figured I was just going to lay there and enjoy the fact that they were in my bed, when one of them rolled over, just right so that she found the bulge in my jeans with her hand. She never really woke up and just went to work getting my cock out and stroking it like crazy, she mumbled her boyfriends name several times lovingly and I realized she didn't know it was me. So quietly I lay there and let her finish her work. When she was done my cum spurt all over her hand and all over the front of her blouse, she sighed and cuddled up next to me and slept. I lay there all night wondering how I was going to explain this and decided I would let her. So when morning came the other girl was the first to wake up, she shook both of us laughing and calling her friend such a slut. My cock still out and sporting morning wood, unfortunately I missed the chance and acted like I had no memeory that she had jacked me off, and went off to make breakfast.
By #8288 at 11,Sep,09 06:42
By #3997 at 12,Feb,10 10:08
Thats awesome

By #1501 at 08,Feb,10 14:43
Me and my deskmate used to have regular wanking (jerking) competitions in class at school... we were both 13 at the time. We would do it underneath/behind our desks. It was an all-boys school and lots of others around and behind us in the class saw/knew what we were doing. They admired us (to a man!) for having the balls to do it and no-one ever grassed to the teacher (we used to wank only when we had a woman teacher - the only one in the school). I guess we were desperatately over-sexed!

By #37169 at 02,Dec,09 01:59
As a student,I sometimes worked nights at a gas station. In the dead of night I would strip naked. and venture out into the forecourt and masturbate lying face down and thrusting my cock against the cold forecourt surface. Cars would be passing by and the thrill was amazing..
By #3997 at 02,Dec,09 13:09
that sound hott did you almost get caught

By #5173 at 05,May,09 11:06
actually after reading this another cums to mind. I was on a flight to the U.S. on Britsh Air in first class,and my girlfriend asked for 2 extra blankets and rightaway put them over both of our laps and reached over and started rubbing my cock and then unzipped my fly and started stroking my cock like crazy. people were walking by but that didn't bother her. She stroked me until i came. the good news is that we had fucked so much on the days before that i only had a little dribble on the blanket. She then asked the stewardess for a glass of red was fantastic!!!!!
By #3997 at 01,Dec,09 11:32
that sounds like it

By #3997 at 30,Nov,09 22:24
Just added another to the list my sister in laws bathroom

By #3997 at 11,Sep,09 12:43
I masturbated the other day in the womens lockeroom at my gym, they had to do work in the womens lockeroom so they swiched the guys there and the women to our lockeroom, and i masturbated in the shower in their lockeroom and left my mark it was great

By uncut_indica at 08,Sep,09 00:28 other posts of uncut_indica 
I like to bust one off in store bathrooms . not to weird but very very fun . cum all over the wall

By #17785 at 03,Aug,09 16:48
i was travelling in a bus for a long journey..every one was asleep and i had i i just took it over and wanked. had anybody been awake, he would have caught was so visible even beneath the blanket
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 17:20
thats still so hott, the thrill of getting caught is a huge turn on

By #10906 at 06,May,09 17:53
my ex girlfriend sis room she was so so hot came in seconds
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 16:01
did you hook up with your exs sister

By #10655 at 07,May,09 14:12
It was really hot out, around 95 degrees, and I was horny as hell. Everyone was home, so I went out in the back yard and jerked off in the shed. Good think nobody came looking for me!
By #8288 at 08,May,09 05:33
...and everbody wonders why your shed always smells kinda funky... LOL! ;->
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 16:01
this is true

By #7132 at 07,May,09 14:51
I have to admit it wasn't me, but at school a number of guys got up on a table in an empty classroom and wanked until they shot their loads, one by one, and we took the time each of them took from getting his cock out of his fly to cumming. The game ended rather embarrassingly when a female teacher came in...
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 16:00
what happened after she came in

By #10614 at 07,May,09 17:04
I stroked my cock in my ex girl friends moms room
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 16:00
did you cum on her panties

By #20161 at 03,Aug,09 15:46
1. Cinema
2. Public bus
3. Train
4. Beach
5. Persian Gulf =)
6. Exam (in high shool)
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 16:00

By #16392 at 02,Aug,09 21:14
nothing like in a car in the middle of a busy parking lot
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 15:59
My girl and i got naked on the way home the other night, it was so hott

By #3643 at 28,Jul,09 14:31
a graveyard is good place to have sex i loved it LL xxx
By #3997 at 03,Aug,09 15:58
never tried that,

By #12752 at 06,May,09 17:45
a few times in a public park, a hundred times while driving my car, once in my girlfriend's friend's bedroom (no one was home), once in my girlfriend's friend's living room, my girlfriend's friend's car, a nude beach, the community pool at my previous apartment, in the forest, parking lots, ... that's all I can think of right now.
By #3997 at 06,May,09 17:50
is your girlfriends friend hott??

By BushPilot at 03,May,09 22:50 other posts of BushPilot 
I suppose it counts but it was my girlfriend doing the honors. She unzipped my jeans and started stroking me under the table at a truck stop on I-75. I remember the waitress coming with our food and looking a bit perplexed at our seating arrangement but she never said a word. The good news was that I spilled a glass of water as I was getting up so no one was the wiser about the wet spots on my pant leg.

By #12373 at 01,May,09 18:33
principle's office
By #3997 at 01,May,09 18:49
seriously, thats cool, how old were you

By #5514 at 06,Apr,09 00:50
I'm a private airplane pilot and I have beat off many times whilst flying alone. It's such a bloody adrenaline rush, trying to control a plane one-handed during orgasm. A better high than any drug.
By #3997 at 01,May,09 12:28
thats cool, did you use auto pilot while doing this

By #11104 at 11,Apr,09 16:30
During take-off sitting in an almost empty plane. No-one could see me and no-one was going to walk around at that moment either!
By #3997 at 01,May,09 12:27
your part of the mile high club

By #6953 at 30,Apr,09 09:26
Have masturbated in the doctors surgery when I had to give a sperm sample.
By #3997 at 01,May,09 12:26
I have always wanted to do that, get paid to give a sperm sample

By #10402 at 03,Apr,09 20:08
pool, sauna, classroom, many bathrooms, exposed balcony, park on a bench, forest, beach, hotel kitchen, bus, train and many others
By #3997 at 13,Apr,09 13:10
thats a pretty good list

By #3997 at 03,Apr,09 18:39
just masturbated recently while watching another couple having sex in the same room it was so hott, i also got to taste her pussy, it was great and fun

By #4890 at 21,Feb,09 10:41
In school, during math class..and I left the cum in the floor, haha,never got caught..
By #3997 at 21,Feb,09 11:33
nice, even funnier if someone stepped in it, or saw it, and it made them cum right there

By #4257 at 21,Jan,09 16:13
Swimming pool changing rooms are my favorite. Knowing there are loads of other people around and you have to be so quiet and careful.
Once got caught wanking in a gym shower room after a late night work out. Was looking at what I thought was a mirror but was in fact the side of the sauna. Anyway, put my leg up on a ledge to squeeze my balls when I was about to cum and this woman walks out of the sauna and just looks at me and just says "carry on love, don't mind me"
Also wamked off in:- The woods, park, supermarket toilet, the garden, in a pub, a nightclub, in the sea, driving a car, at school and many more.
By #3997 at 22,Jan,09 13:46
that would have been hott having her cum out and say carry on...was the lady in there by herself, she probably got off seeing you jerk....just imagine

By #6057 at 19,Jan,09 11:51
when did you have your first wank?Who did it to you?
By #3997 at 22,Jan,09 13:42
the first time that i came, my dad works at a hotel and i was there with him once...and started to get tired before he got off so he put me in an empty room, and lets just say i started to channel surf and came across ordering some porn, and started to get an erection and started to hump the bed and it felt really good, and of course i continued and i pulled out my erection and kept rubbing it against the bed and i felt like i was gonna pee on myself except that it was white and sticky i thought it was somehting wrong with me but i looked it up and found out what it was and felt better....i had a little rub burn on my penis but that soon went away and i enjoyed playing with my errection from then on and life is wonderful

By #5366 at 17,Jan,09 19:23
my wildest is at the top of a huge mountain in the alps all alone, amazing scenary amazing orgasm!
By #3997 at 19,Jan,09 11:37

By #5273 at 17,Jan,09 19:55
i did it in my freinds sisters room then she caught me and we fucked it was awesome
By #3997 at 19,Jan,09 11:37

By #5411 at 17,Jan,09 23:43
I've masturbated on a NYC subway train....... about 2 stations before the very last stop..... I left a pool of cum on the floor.... I wonder who was the lucky one to clean it up.
By #3997 at 19,Jan,09 11:35

By #5173 at 17,Jan,09 16:10
I have masturbated in so many crazy places that it is not easy to answer. I try to masturbate in new places all the time and am always looking for new places. I've also done the plane,train,boat,car,hospital elevator,Doctors Office,friends house,ladies room,ect.. but the two that stand out most right now are on a windsurfer, and in a ski gondola... i've been doing this for 50 years,so there a lot to remember !!!!!!!!!!
By #3997 at 19,Jan,09 11:35

By boy at 17,Jan,09 16:07 other posts of boy 
Your list is in such great detail that there is hardly any place left. :-)
By #3997 at 19,Jan,09 11:34

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