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Do you think your cock is big?

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Started by #256933 at 01,May,12 05:16
Do you think your cock is big? if so please upload your manhood here.

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New Comment

By biglimpone11 at 07,Mar,20 00:30 other posts of biglimpone11 

By biglimpone11 at 07,Mar,20 00:28 other posts of biglimpone11 
Yeah i think so what do you think

By Lickm25 at 06,Mar,20 01:35 other posts of Lickm25 
A bit too short but thick enough....

By Pervert at 28,Feb,20 21:55 other posts of Pervert 
By Peke3047 at 05,Mar,20 23:17 other posts of Peke3047 
You have a big one!

By Peke3047 at 05,Mar,20 23:15 other posts of Peke3047 
Only 5 1/2 inches long maybe average. Girth is 6 inches above normal. I like my size

By tcputts at 04,Mar,20 15:38 other posts of tcputts 
Statistically mine is above average at just under 7 inches and 5.75 around but I always thought it seemed small compared to my body size. When I'm soft I'm definitely small, I'm below average at around 2.5 inches

By liketoedge at 04,Mar,20 11:13 other posts of liketoedge 
No, I think I'm in the average range. But have always thought average and smaller are the best looking

By phart at 02,Mar,20 17:30 other posts of phart 
No mine is small. I wet my shoes if I am not careful when taking a leak.

By cumonme1 at 02,Mar,20 09:39 other posts of cumonme1 
No I'm on the smaller average size, but I really do like large uncut cock.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 15:05 other posts of onthelose 
No I am average on the small side. Fortunately there are a huge number of men who like my cock size. I thing big is good to look at but I cant imagine using a big one. To hard on my ass and to big for my mouth.
By earthy at 29,Feb,20 22:41 other posts of earthy 
Exactly how I feel.

By dgraff at 28,Feb,20 21:59 other posts of dgraff 
No but my tongue is I can lick my nose

By Smoothmann at 28,Feb,20 21:28 other posts of Smoothmann 
6.1" so I guess that I am average!

By earthy at 28,Feb,20 18:59 other posts of earthy 
Nope, mine is about 5.5, MAYBE a bit more, sometimes.

By EarthQuake69 at 28,Feb,20 16:51 other posts of EarthQuake69 

By blackmagnum8 at 27,Feb,20 23:03 other posts of blackmagnum8 

By andrew999999999 at 21,Feb,20 10:20 other posts of andrew999999999 
No, despite being told the contrary at times.

By Sledge at 17,Feb,20 12:45 other posts of Sledge 

At its 6.3" length and 5.4" girth, I consider my cock is a lucky average.

By leopoldij at 16,Feb,20 11:37 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't. My cock is small.

By jackie at 16,May,12 03:21 other posts of jackie 
am i above average. its 6.5 inches and 13.5 inches dick.

By diamund at 14,May,12 21:06 other posts of diamund 
i might be above average

By #241849 at 03,May,12 20:04
is mine big?
By *kmadeau* at 04,May,12 16:53 other posts of *kmadeau* 
is nice

By young1 at 03,May,12 12:38 other posts of young1 
/phje2eduke85pic.html what about me

By dreamer at 03,May,12 06:44 other posts of dreamer 
No, I'm a small dick man

By #190275 at 02,May,12 22:22

By #105042 at 02,May,12 15:25
I know that my cock is not big but I still like it anyway :-)

By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 16:34 other posts of *kmadeau* 
is very nice and pretty thick!

By #257282 at 01,May,12 22:13

It's not to bad. Pretty thick.
By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 16:33 other posts of *kmadeau* 
and thickness is what it's the matter! do you never read some forum on Internet, the majority of women prefer thick dicks!!!
im very proud of mine, be too!

By bigone21 at 01,May,12 19:08 other posts of bigone21 
i think it is..! and i know it is!

By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 16:25 other posts of *kmadeau* 
yes, very nice dick, how thick it,s, i guest 5.5 inches?

By #59609 at 01,May,12 05:43
i think mine is a bit more than average

By *kmadeau* at 01,May,12 16:56 other posts of *kmadeau* 
you are a lot above average

By bigone21 at 01,May,12 19:09 other posts of bigone21 
FINE UNCUT cock this man has!! TURN-ON!! HOT!
By *kmadeau* at 02,May,12 16:23 other posts of *kmadeau* 
hi man, i allays see you on the places where is some good dicks!

By #124358 at 01,May,12 16:30
my cock is a good size I think
By *kmadeau* at 01,May,12 16:57 other posts of *kmadeau* 
if above Mr.Average you right!

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