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Does Anybody Else Find Oldmen Dressing In Women's Clothes Unattractive?

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Started by #280625 at 09,Jul,12 20:27
I'm a younger guy but I don't think that my preseptions of what is attractive in another man, is ever gonna change to thinking fat old men in women's clothing is hot.

I don't discriminate against old men themselves as a group in fact I find them quite endearing at times, especially a fit muscular older gentlemen. But most of my tastes swing towards younger fitter men.

What I'm just wondering is if anybody else is repulsed be older over weight men in women's lingerie/clothing? If so make yourself known!

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By niceonebighead at 21,Jul,17 19:06 other posts of niceonebighead 
im 75 but i dont like them dresed as ladys an they think they look goodthere just silly old gays

By #23575 at 10,Jun,13 11:31
How could anyone come HERE and expect to start throwing around their particular own personal tastes in what looks good and expect to accomplish anything? So what's your goal? Run them off the site from embarrassment? Anything else you don't like here? What should we do about that? Dislike pubes? Uncut not good? Any particular curvature you find disgusting? Fact is you're gonna see it all here. So why bitch about ANYTHING and waste your time???
By bella! at 10,Jun,13 11:39 other posts of bella! 
Hell yeah!

But I really don't like the urinating pictures........

By #301038 at 10,Jun,13 11:42
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The member just stated what he doesn't like, and asked if somebody else shares his preference. And he is not the only one... But it doesn't mean that anyone should target older overweight cd's and abuse them for who they are or what they like.

I've been contacted multiple times by the above mentioned group, even though I don't feel any positive feelings towards them. I don't want to look at men wearing lingerie or women's clothes, period. And for some reason, instead of saying hello, or something like that, I get pictures shoved into my face. Just imagine for a second, something that really turns you off being forced upon you as you trying to get in the mood, having a sexy talk or just playing with yourself?
By bella! at 10,Jun,13 13:11 other posts of bella! 
Yes, this is true, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But there is also the saying; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Personally, I like my man to look like a man. The manner in which the member posted his thread was directed against "older" men and "overweight" men kinda suggested that a trim 20 year old in some frilly panties is an entirely different matter.
By #301038 at 10,Jun,13 15:39
If we would say only nice things, we'd be soon talking about smelly wrist watch and sperm in ice cube trays all over again.

Trim 20 year old cd's are a drop at sea, compared to what he is talking about.

Even the trim 60 year old's are a rare sight in women's clothes. But majority of cd's are in fact older, heavier men... As if in the heavier body, the production of estrogen rises and testosterone drops.

I personally don't care about what people do behind closed doors, however shoving those pics in your face and hoping to get a positive response is a bit....eehhh.... repelling? How would you feel if when you would open your inbox, you'd see couple peeing pics from members you never met, asking you to either pee on them or letting them pee on you?
By bella! at 10,Jun,13 16:01 other posts of bella! 
Peach, I do get those types of pictures and sometimes that request however I mainly receive the typical dick pic, the pics that the member thinks HIS dick is absolutely the BEST and/or BIGGEST. I respond to those that I choose to respond to and simply ignore the rest. I did not ask that anyone send me anything therefore I do not feel obligated to respond.
By #301038 at 10,Jun,13 18:46
Good way to look at it. Those kind of pics kill my mood. Maybe that's why I'm so against receiving pics that I would rather avoid.
By sinanff47 at 13,Jun,13 02:16 other posts of sinanff47 
"... kill your mood"? What about those few here who post 'meatotomy' pics? Yes, still their right to their fetish, but, IMHO way more 'mood killing' (even though I too find cross dressing a turn-off).

By bigone21 at 10,Jun,13 13:34 other posts of bigone21 
short answer: yes!

By pifad at 10,Jun,13 11:57 other posts of pifad 
I don't judge anyone but prefer my men to be men. If I wanted someone dressed in women's clothes I'd look for a woman. But I'm all about the dick so that ain't happening.

By webwanker at 13,Apr,13 04:14 other posts of webwanker 
I think, men of any age , dressed in womens` clothes look ridiculous .
By Arexa at 10,Jun,13 10:59 other posts of Arexa 
I agree.

By Ray10754 at 09,Jul,12 21:37 other posts of Ray10754 
My personal opinion is, men shouldnt wear womans clothes period!! But that is only my opinion! seing them dose absolutly nothing for me at all! actually is is sot of a turn off

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