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is my puss nasty?

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Started by rocket1 at 16,Aug,12 19:09  other posts of rocket1
Is my puss nasty?someone made comments that its nasty and beat up

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New Comment

By Tushar1230 at 27,Nov,19 14:49 other posts of Tushar1230 
It looks amazing, baby! Don't worry about what people say.

By Skittles at 21,Nov,19 12:40 other posts of Skittles 
Still looking awesome, will probably make it my screen saver
By rocket1 at 23,Nov,19 11:23 other posts of rocket1 
That's very hot!!

By #601758 at 23,Nov,19 03:57
I observed It from different ángles, Will be better touch It to give you a good answer. I promise contienue working on It with my ha..eyes.

By #578931 at 21,Nov,19 15:05
Well it looks good to me and it knows what it's for, I'd fuck it any time you like, in the mean time

By Tnelson88 at 21,Nov,19 03:32 other posts of Tnelson88 
No you're good dear

By Avillager at 20,Nov,19 19:14 other posts of Avillager 
Good pussy and better pussy. All is good, would love to have my face and fingers in and over your lovely genitals for hours licking, sucking and slurping the juices.

By BigRob7 at 18,Nov,19 16:53 other posts of BigRob7 
Your pussy is lit as is the rest of you babe

By DJS at 11,Nov,19 15:44 other posts of DJS 
Look ok to me hunxx,The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

By SluttySarah069 at 11,Nov,19 11:26 other posts of SluttySarah069 
You've got a lovely cunt darling - I'd love to tongue it out for you.

By #601496 at 11,Nov,19 10:53
I hope you did not listen to that asshole. Like deepchocolate said, delete/ignore. You have a sexy pussy (hope you don't mind a woman saying so).

By deepchocolate2071 at 10,Nov,19 17:59 other posts of deepchocolate2071 
Ignore/delete negative comments.
It's THEIR problem , not yours.
Believe you are desirable and men appreciate you.

Best wishes.
By rocket1 at 11,Nov,19 07:44 other posts of rocket1 
Thank you so much!!

By Maxream at 10,Nov,19 19:04 other posts of Maxream 
Definitely not nasty. They're all a little different. Yours looks very nice!

By Toasty at 25,Sep,19 12:04 other posts of Toasty 
I would want to eat it don't mind about one negative comment so much

By anyfun at 21,Sep,19 20:50 other posts of anyfun 
It's beautiful

By Skittles at 21,Sep,19 10:21 other posts of Skittles 
If it was on the menu, I would order in
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:23 other posts of rocket1 
It's on your menu honey!!

By knewbi at 19,Sep,19 11:39 other posts of knewbi 
"Nasty" could be taken two ways. Nasty as an action or activity is what I would expect your pussy to be...
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:20 other posts of rocket1 
You make alot of sense,I'll take it your way!

By Jamie at 19,Sep,19 11:41 other posts of Jamie 
Your pussy looks great
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:19 other posts of rocket1 
Thank you so much!!

By dgraff at 19,Sep,19 12:20 other posts of dgraff 
Looks fine to me
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:18 other posts of rocket1 

By cody8789 at 19,Sep,19 14:00 other posts of cody8789 
Let's have sex and I'll tell you first hand
By Scorps at 19,Sep,19 19:10 other posts of Scorps 
Agreed! I think a sample should be in order... 😉
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:10 other posts of rocket1 
Ok,you talked me into it,it's only fair I guess!!
By phart at 21,Sep,19 10:12 other posts of phart 
Yes,a feild test of all componets is required to give a accurate answer.
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:15 other posts of rocket1 
Well if it's required then I have no choice!let's sample,of course I'll be the lucky one with all you sexy people

By #578610 at 19,Sep,19 12:06
There's always a few a_holes around. We all get them. Small pee pees not able to get laid. Ignore him. You have a gorgeous pussy.
By rocket1 at 21,Sep,19 10:12 other posts of rocket1 
Thank you so much!!

By bigdick33 at 20,Sep,19 22:18 other posts of bigdick33 
Looks good to me

By Smoothmann at 20,Sep,19 20:07 other posts of Smoothmann 
It looks fine too me!

By lil1 at 20,Sep,19 14:54 other posts of lil1 
No ur pussys nice

By SluttySarah069 at 19,Sep,19 18:23 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I'd love to lick out your lovely pussy and then cream pie it for you - nothing nasty about your cunt at all.

By Foxleo08 at 19,Sep,19 07:52 other posts of Foxleo08 
No, your pussy is really nice

By #136427 at 19,Jan,14 14:47
Id pound the snot out of it!

By #289712 at 19,Jan,14 11:41
Far from nasty, its sexy as!! I could definitely see my hard penis sliding on and out of there! Id love to fuck you!

By #124665 at 18,Jan,14 02:19
Sexy labia
By rocket1 at 18,Jan,14 10:46 other posts of rocket1 
Thank you so much!!you guys are so damn sexy!!!!
By #400852 at 19,Jan,14 08:01
can I lick your sweet pussy

By yardog319 at 18,Jan,14 09:02 other posts of yardog319 
AWESOME Pussy!!!!!!!!!! It is not nasty in any way.

By Floridann at 08,Dec,13 11:50 other posts of Floridann 
I dont think so. Looks great to me.

By #136427 at 06,Dec,13 07:41
Not at all, id fuck that pussy drop a load deep in tjere and.then lick it till it squirts. Youd need a change of sheets!

By imnewdru at 06,Dec,13 03:09 other posts of imnewdru 
Not at all!!

By #293534 at 22,Nov,12 09:29
Nothing I can see wrong! Comment most probably made by some or other useless twat with nothing better to do!
By #300891 at 22,Nov,12 10:48
its not a she...its a he.he just wants comments on his wife pics..
By #274357 at 23,Nov,12 08:01
I pointed that out a few months back.

Be careful, Mr. 7...you are running the risk of being labeled an asshole and then told to "piss off".

By #300891 at 28,Nov,12 10:43
labeled an arse hole by whom,and who is going to tell me to piss off ..you?and by the way,you cant figure out this is a man or what?funny,as with so many of the couple/womens pages,the female always seem willing to show one hell of a lot more than the male...
By #274357 at 28,Nov,12 19:20
Take it easy man...I am on your side. Read my post and scroll down a little. You will see that I beat you to it.

I was trying to warn you that you might receive the same punishment I did for calling him out.

A little less caffine in your diet, maybe?
By #300891 at 29,Nov,12 09:38
it would appear that the,comments about being called an "arse hole" and being told to "piss off" were not aimed at me.i do appologise for my misunderstanding of your comment.
By rocket1 at 30,Nov,12 08:20 other posts of rocket1 
Yes you can fuck off!!!we have seen a lot of your shitty comments on a lot of peoples pages.and you and 2nice are assholes

By #300891 at 02,Dec,12 03:49
no reply...theres a funny thing.
By #300891 at 02,Dec,12 07:57
still no reply..he is on line at the moment though..
By rocket1 at 02,Dec,12 08:07 other posts of rocket1 
Why would I want to sit here and respond to a asshole like you!!!we, as in me and my husband enjoy this site and don't really care what a lonely old queen like you thinks

By #371104 at 13,Jun,13 07:20
2nice an asshole an aspiration yes but never an asshole
By Arexa at 13,Jun,13 18:02 other posts of Arexa 
Agreed. He's far from being what could even be considered asshole-ish.
By rocket1 at 14,Jun,13 06:58 other posts of rocket1 
You are right.hea not an asshole.i do find him very hot and nice now!!!

By #326310 at 13,Jun,13 15:41
Hell no it looks tasty

By ruin2k9 at 13,Jun,13 08:05 other posts of ruin2k9 
Hi Rocket You Puss lQQks great and very inviting

By #303133 at 05,Dec,12 22:37
Don't know about the puss, but after reading some of your replies...your attitude is kinda crappy...
By #398062 at 12,Jun,13 19:23
She asked about her pussy, not her social skills. I read some of your replies and you always stray from the topic, What kind of attitude is that? Smile, enjoy life, don't need to be nasty.
By Ray10754 at 12,Jun,13 19:43 other posts of Ray10754 
He wasnt being nasty at all! And it is an open fourm he can post what he wants to post actualy I agree with him! If people are going to ask a question in a fourm such as this They should be prepaired for the replys they will get. If you cant handle it, no need to be rude and nasty about it.

By #278535 at 05,Dec,12 22:48
You have nice and decent pussy ma'am!

By steve8211 at 02,Dec,12 11:15 other posts of steve8211 
I would fuck the Hell out of it!!

By skindiver89 at 29,Nov,12 06:15 other posts of skindiver89 
Umm no I think it's very nice ...

By #41858 at 28,Nov,12 22:27
Your pussy is very sexy.. Has it ever had an uncut cock inside of it?

By WristThick at 26,Nov,12 00:16 other posts of WristThick 
I know I've probably said it before today, but your pussy looks super, super tight!!!

By #279682 at 25,Nov,12 12:30
looks good to me.....but I better take a closer look and also need a taste test to know for sure!

By diamund at 25,Nov,12 12:16 other posts of diamund 
it looks pretty tasty and tight to me,show me more

By bigguy at 25,Nov,12 11:07 other posts of bigguy 
rocket1 i would just like to let you know that i'd be more than happy to beat up that beautiful nasty little puss any time you want.

By #30090 at 25,Nov,12 01:53
U have a very hot shaved pussy Looks yummy

By BushPilot at 24,Nov,12 16:23 other posts of BushPilot 
Nasty? No... I prefer a naturally furred pussy however, that being said, your pussy looks truly inviting and your hard little clit would be fun to lick and play with.

By newwt10 at 24,Nov,12 15:54 other posts of newwt10 
Love to fill that sweet pussy up with my fat cock!!!

By slipper at 21,Nov,12 23:57 other posts of slipper 
I need to see MORE of it, up CLOSE and personal to be sure!!!

By #266252 at 23,Aug,12 13:12
Wish I could eat your sweet pussy! And love you long and deep.
By rocket1 at 23,Aug,12 15:15 other posts of rocket1 
That sounds like a fun time!!!wish I wld run into u at a bar

By #72361 at 22,Aug,12 15:11
its a sexy pussy would love to try it out.

By #207009 at 21,Aug,12 16:30
ive just visited your page and theres nothing wrong with your puss i wish i was in it
By rocket1 at 22,Aug,12 14:34 other posts of rocket1 
I wish you could be in it too

By botanic at 21,Aug,12 10:55 other posts of botanic 
by no means, it looks rather lovely to me

By #283092 at 19,Aug,12 16:10
Beautiful pussy! If it's nasty, then so is mine ; xx Jenny
By rocket1 at 21,Aug,12 10:14 other posts of rocket1 
Thanx hun!!!u have a very hot n sexy puss

By liketoedge at 19,Aug,12 04:25 other posts of liketoedge 
Its beautiful

By #135959 at 19,Aug,12 00:49
Who ever said that doesn't know what a good pussy looks like yours is far from nasty and beat up

By mikeyd270 at 18,Aug,12 22:04 other posts of mikeyd270 
Your sweet tight pussy is gorgeous!

By #191537 at 17,Aug,12 18:17
Your pussy is beautiful. Spread the lips wide and sit on my face pleeeeeease mmmmm
By rocket1 at 18,Aug,12 10:35 other posts of rocket1 
U know the way to a girls heart huni!!!!id luv to sit on your face

By 0-00 at 17,Aug,12 15:44 other posts of 0-00 
Nothing wrong at all!!! On the contrary - you have a very attractive pussy! I would be proud of that lovely pussy if I was you!

By #57759 at 17,Aug,12 13:55
u r nasty , but in a good sexy way , hot sweet pusst
By rocket1 at 17,Aug,12 15:41 other posts of rocket1 
I am nasty!!!I'm glad most of u like my puss!!!thanx boys and id luv for u all to hav a go at it

By #274357 at 16,Aug,12 23:10
I could be wrong here...and way out of line.

Lord knows, I been wrong before.

But...I am fairly certain that the woman who is represented in your photos would not choose to call herself "rocket1".

Nor would she ask a public forum if her 'puss was nasty' .

I love this website but these consistent bogus posts by men posing as women are insanely annoying.
By rocket1 at 17,Aug,12 12:11 other posts of rocket1 
well if u visited my page u wld know we r a couple and was just wondering what people thought!!!so piss off asshole!!

By #289712 at 17,Aug,12 09:10
i think it's fantastic!! very nice indeed rocket, no doubt at all

By Arlo at 17,Aug,12 08:52 other posts of Arlo 
It is nasty only in the most favorable and sexy sense of the word. as in your nasty cunt made the **** flow directly to my cock when I first saw it. I got long and hard and instantly was drawn to lust, looking at that nasty pussy. It is sooo welcoming and appears ready to take my steel hard manhood. I want to start by licking and kissing and sucking it, making your clit grow. All the while my cock ispulsing against your leg. You know it is there and when you are dripping wet, you pull me by the ears up to your face and kiss me tastng yourself, as my pink steel slips deeply into your beautiful, nasty cunt.

By delboy at 16,Aug,12 22:14 other posts of delboy 
Looks very nice and inviting

By rocket1 at 16,Aug,12 19:31 other posts of rocket1 
Thanx,I was gettin worried about it,they made comments on a few pix and others have said it in the past.

By bigguy at 16,Aug,12 19:19 other posts of bigguy 
You're perfectly fine, far from being nasty or beat up.

By ktalmipn at 16,Aug,12 19:17 other posts of ktalmipn 
nop its nice and tight would love seeing u on skype

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