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what is the point in men wearing panties?

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Started by #234840 at 16,Oct,12 04:29
So I'm not judging at all but what is the point in men wearing panties they aren't even comfortable. I personally prefer a manly hairy hunky stud. Anyways I just don't understand why a man would emasculate themselves like that but hey like I said I'm not here to judge be you

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By mikeyd270 at 26,Jan,20 11:24 other posts of mikeyd270 
You can buy panties made for men. They are comfortable and feel so good. Love wearing my panties. Makes me feel like the fem sub that I am.
By kebmo at 04,Sep,20 01:43 other posts of kebmo 
Manties. They have a pouch for your balls so they don't slip out.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

This is a pair of them. They also cover your bum better.

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:34 other posts of JackS 
A woman I dated in college just got excited, and wanted me to try them! Of course I could get into her tiny little things, so she went shopping, and just said "try them!" like she knew!!
Women's underwear are so much softer, and more comfortable, and just all around better, WHEN YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONES, that fit you!!
So many more colors and styles, and even the occasional thong, for her joy!!

By MikeT2020 at 29,Aug,20 16:35 other posts of MikeT2020 
Womenís tiny panties look so erotic taut over a big hard bulging cock and balls, even more so with a cock poking out. The thin material shows off a cock outline in that sensuous way without revealing all. The light soft material feels so lovely on a hard sensitive penis. Masturbating or being masturbated through thin taut panties feels so good and the cum rises slowly. Watching semen spurt through thin panty cloth is so erotic! Some reasons!

By #552392 at 27,Jun,18 00:40
When my friend wears panties his thick long cock hangs out ready to be sucked
By #554098 at 27,Jun,18 23:46
But you haven't posted pics of your friend with you!

By #554098 at 27,Jun,18 01:06
I totally disagree with you that they are uncomfortable!! Women have so many choices, different fabrics, different styles and cuts, and some are just DELIGHTFUL, even if you have more than average to pack in!!
It was actually a girlfriend that showed me how wonderful these can be!!

By #556372 at 26,Jun,18 20:56
many reasons,,,i like the way they feel but they have to fit right,,,my Mistress insists her men wear them 24/7,,, many guys want to see me in panties,,many women find them sexy,, BTW,,,emasculation is a state achieved by perception,,,,
to make a man feel less male by taking away his power and confidence,,,if a man is comfortable with himself, then he's not emasculated

By cody8789 at 26,Jun,18 20:52 other posts of cody8789 
If you have the body, and it makes you feel good about yourself, then why not wear them.

By bil47 at 26,Jun,18 20:14 other posts of bil47 
It's mostly a part of the "dominance/submission" thing... like getting aroused by getting a bare-ass spanking. A fair number of men get off on acting feminine, and hence submissive, preferably with a dominant masculine guy involved.

Here's me in panties:

By panties1 at 26,Jun,18 19:20 other posts of panties1 
Why not if it feels good just do it. have worn panties full time for over 40 yrs.

By knewbi at 26,Jun,18 17:37 other posts of knewbi 
I find then sensual and feel so damn sexy!! Love dropping a guys pants and finding them there.. Makes me even harder!!

By #559347 at 26,Jun,18 13:23
I love the sexiness of them.

By PillowPrince at 21,Mar,18 17:59 other posts of PillowPrince 
i never wear 'panties' at all. i do wear my speedos and my jockstraps. I even have a pink speedo but it's definitely made for men.

I really just got mine because I wanted to find a man who has an underwear fetish and who'd want to suck me off while i wear them but i have yet to run into that honestly.

By Moench at 21,Mar,18 17:04 other posts of Moench 
nothing more beautiful and soo good feeling to wear girly panties,bra and lingerie if i walk,work in my farm or at night in the bedroom.i doing this for many years now and my wife like to see me in sexy lingerie too.

By #487013 at 21,Mar,18 11:40
I donít find it attractive at all, kinda creepy like. Makes me think of buffalo Bill dancing in front of his mirror with his dick tucked in.

By licksipsuckit at 21,Feb,17 05:13 other posts of licksipsuckit 
they look fucking hot and super sexy, why should all the sexy stuff be reserved for women, l think some men rock them, especially the stockings and crotchless undies, so sweet *lix*
By #551082 at 21,Mar,18 10:10
well hello again !!! My kind of woman !!!

By #534854 at 27,May,17 18:32
They feel so good

By #519017 at 27,May,17 18:31
I find women's panties comfortable. They're so soft and light. I like the way they bulge when my cocks up hard.

By #455846 at 17,May,17 14:54
why not, it S great to have a change

By submissivemartyn at 17,May,17 06:50 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex wife/Mistress used to make me wear panties and I found it very humiliating at first,but now I love to wear them.As bi 44 said they look and feel so sexy

By bi_44 at 19,Feb,17 17:43 other posts of bi_44 
They look & feel so sexy!!

By #46165 at 19,Feb,17 17:36
I wear them because i enjoy it, it makes me feel naughty, and Ive got a pretty small dick so they fit kind of nicely.

By #136638 at 25,Oct,12 14:01
I only wear panties and have for many years now. Got rid of all my mens underwear a long time ago. Mens under is boring, the fabrics are ruff, the styles are boring, and there is very few choices when shopping for them. Womens panties however the fabrics are so amazing, the silks, nylon, satin, all the smooth amazing feeling fabrics, there is a variety of styles, and an endless amount of colors and designs, and every place is filled with bins and racks full of them. I love wearing all styles, but bikini and thong are my favorite and like satin, nylon, spandex, silky or microfiber. Not only is wearing panties comfortable but its also exciting, wearing mens underwear never gave me any type of excitement, they were just there, but panties remind me they are there all through the day. Its amazing how a simple article of clothing can be such a joy to wear. Check out our profile for more about us.
By togger78 at 19,Feb,17 01:27 other posts of togger78 
I do agree with you on that men underwear are boring so I started wearing the wifes afew years ago now I just love wearing them but I will after by my own sometime

By skinb at 19,Apr,13 13:08 other posts of skinb 
Some can be pretty comfy and they feel pretty good. They usually wont fit me though because they give me wood, which is why I like them. Don't know why they do, but I go with it

By #161395 at 19,Oct,12 15:33
I do find that a true womans pantie does squish you and are uncomfortable for a long period of time. I wear them for short periods of play. Crossdressing began with my obsession with breasts. I would wear a bra, then I got silicone breast to fill the bra proerly and have more shape and to touch them and have them touched. The panties came about to "complete the outfit" or look. They are erotic and fun to play with but I do not tyupically wear either bras or panties as all day attire. Ocasionally I will wear by breasts and bra all day if I don't have to go anywhere. If it's chilly I will also wear a dress with breasts/bra and no panties sometimes, but just around the house.
By twiggy at 17,Apr,13 23:57 other posts of twiggy 
you look absolutely gorgeous in bra and panties

By bigone21 at 17,Apr,13 12:30 other posts of bigone21 
i think it's typical a hetero with a twist/bisexual thing, somekind of roleplay. no gay man i know would dress up in panties. they dress up in leather, which is the other side of the spectrum in roleplay, haha!!

By cupar at 17,Apr,13 10:12 other posts of cupar 
Its sex, one mans meat another mans poison
By stickyknickers at 17,Apr,13 10:18 other posts of stickyknickers 
Absolutely. Personally, I love wearing panties Ė as long as they fit, and so I make sure that's the only kind I buy!

By delboy at 16,Oct,12 23:06 other posts of delboy 
Right size in silk get me really horny, very comfortable too

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