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Ever been face-fucked?

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Started by #333027 at 31,Dec,12 13:19
I love to have a man standing while I am on my knees sucking his cock. When he is about to cum, I love to have him grab my head with both hands and fuck my face hard! I love to have him ram his hard cock down my throat til he cums!

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By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 23:17
I had by a few guys.Felt good feeling him grabbing my head and sliding his hard cock in and out.

By #561335 at 11,Sep,18 12:34
Oh yes I was 11 years old when my friends older **** James he was 19 and he shoved his 7 in dick down my throat grab me by the back of the head and put it all the way down until he shot his nut

By knewbi at 10,Sep,18 12:35 other posts of knewbi 
oh yes!! and when he starts that look him in the eyes while he spits his load down your throat!!! makes it so much more intense for him.. if he isn't looking make wonderful sounds so he knows you are enjoying him

By Makeme at 01,May,18 19:34 other posts of Makeme 

I have not but I would love to try
By knewbi at 10,Sep,18 12:32 other posts of knewbi 
I'd be happy to oblige..

By #566722 at 09,Sep,18 00:52
If a guy wants to facefuck me I let him.But when he has bigger cock I always start to gag and spit a lot on his cock.He could see tears in my eyes if his cock is extra big

By #552392 at 30,Apr,18 00:29
I like being face fucked

By #555731 at 28,Apr,18 19:35
Hell yes I I was 14 the first time a men give me his dick he 37 he take me to his house and told to get on my knees and close my eyes and open my mouth I did he put his dick down my throat balls deep making me choke on ervey in of his dick unit shoot his load in my throat and I swallow every drop I love it

By cumjohn at 04,Mar,18 12:41 other posts of cumjohn 
Done that. Both fucking and getting facefucked. Gagging sounds are music to my ears.

By Dev01 at 02,Mar,18 03:20 other posts of Dev01 
Well some have said im not a virgin as my face is fucked... and I'm like thankyou

By #549130 at 01,Mar,18 19:58
While giving my friend a blow job once he tightly held my head still and fucked my face making make gag as his cock slid down my throat.

By #1860 at 31,Dec,12 14:48
Only last month I had a second date with a new boyfriend. I asked him if I could suck him off to completion so I lay back and he straddled me. It started with me sucking but very soon he was really fucking my mouth and throat. this went on for about ten minutes until he shot a big load in me. I swallowed. It was all good stuff.
By #316057 at 16,Dec,13 10:13

By #292429 at 31,Dec,12 17:59
Are you kidding me!! Damn near every man I have ever sucked off has face fucked me. all you really need to do while your sucking him is put both your hands on his ass checks and start the pushing motion and he will get the idea and start ramming it down you throat. After that it just a matter of whether you can take it all or not!!
By #299180 at 31,Dec,12 18:48
I was face rammed with a big 9 incher last night and it was so hot...his huge long cock going in and out of my moist mouth as I lay on my back head tilted back far enough along the side of the mattress so he can just ram his cock in and out of my mouth...I shot two loads in 5 minutes as I was gagging on his meat

By 67malibu at 31,Dec,12 18:35 other posts of 67malibu 
Oh yeah

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