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Your the best masturbaion orgasm

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Started by xxx25 at 13,Jan,13 05:58  other posts of xxx25
Lats talk about your the best masturbation orgasm My the best orgasm was using this thing this:
Photo of a horn from xxx25
I using this thing very often because orgasm is impressive

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By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 07:50
My best masturbation orgasm was when I made homemade pocket pussy.I fucked it between my pillows and really liked the feeling.Came inside it.

By spermkiss at 16,Aug,19 18:13 other posts of spermkiss 
One time when I was at a nude beach there was a guy there with a camera. (Yes, I know that a camera at a nude beach is a faux pas, but I didn't mind and he did ask permission before taking any photos.) In any event when he started taking pictures it got me very excited and it wasn't long before I had a standing up and throbbing hard-on. Others gathered around and I decided to put on a jack off show for them and the man with the camera. Fun.

By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 19,Oct,18 13:03 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Yeah, "your" topic and the description are not easily-comprehended English; but, of course - first root @ 13yrs... Was like going to Heathen!
By sinanff47 at 16,Aug,19 00:21 other posts of sinanff47 
And ... "Was like going to Heathen!" is more easily-comprehended English??
By dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ at 16,Aug,19 02:01 other posts of dem[o]nXer_^-Y-^ 
Heathen is where us non-religious people go, sin 👍. My sentence could have done with an “It” at the start; but abridging is no equivalent to “your the best masturbation orgasm”. Thanks though, mate
By sinanff47 at 16,Aug,19 17:46 other posts of sinanff47 
'I using this thing very often.' Don't we all!

By Skittles at 15,Aug,19 21:54 other posts of Skittles 
Grammar.. it is foreign to the OP

By bil47 at 15,Aug,19 21:34 other posts of bil47 
Porn, lube, marijuana, and a masturbation toy... edging for two hours and finally cumming. I do it two or three times a week.

By #595788 at 15,Aug,19 18:01
One of my best masturbation orgasms was when I was with a girl. We were sitting in bed naked together in the morning after sex the night before. My dick was up rock hard. Rather shyly she asked me to show her how a man “does it with his hand.” I treated her to a long meaty demonstration, with lots of grunting, edging a couple of times, running my spare hand over her naked body. My cum spurted right up my chest and she felt it with her fingers. I’ve put on a good show for her lots of times since through all the years we’ve now been married!

By Lvphose at 22,Dec,18 13:57 other posts of Lvphose 
I think this applies, an ex gf indulged my nylon fetish she’s wear sheer pantyhose suntan or jet black I’d rip here crotch and we’d have great fuck sessions. Her ass, legs and nylon encased feet were so sexy hot. She was wearing sheer black pantyhose and after going at it I leaned back she leaned back and we masturbated in front of each other. Looking at her making herself hot, her sexy nyloned encased feet and legs as I jerked off I blew a load some flew on her leg some onto her breat I mean 3ft or so many contractions of my cock shooting cum!

By #573046 at 13,Dec,18 21:23
My best orgasm when I made pocket pussy by myself. Got a tube, put two sponges and a rubber glove between sponges. Get some lube inside, put it between two pillows and fucked it nicely. Came inside it.

By lawrenceo at 07,Dec,18 02:59 other posts of lawrenceo 
Solo: When I could cum by directing the shower spray on my cock.

Fucking: All very good; it is so nice to cum inside.

By Ananas2xLekker at 06,Dec,18 16:36 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
My best times were when I could suck my own cock. The first and second times I made myself cum in my own mouth, were the best orgasms I have ever given myself. Maybe I had better orgasms from actual sex, but self-sucking gave me a feeling I have never experienced in another way. It was not just the orgasm, but also an incredible horny, naughty feeling of breaking my own inhibitions, by accepting I would take all my cum in my mouth, while I had never even tasted it.
I've written two stories in my blog about it.

By #553294 at 06,Dec,18 15:45
Definitely my first 2 dry orgasms when I discovered masturbation by accident, back when I was 5.

I had 2 wildly-intense dry orgasms in a row. I had been getting erections for about a year, but I didn't know what they were. One time, my cock felt all tingly, so I decided to touch it. That felt great, so I touched it some more. Within seconds, I felt this strange, intense feeling building up.

It was so intense, I stopped touching myself. But the feeling kept getting stronger & stronger, until my whole body started to shake & I screamed & almost passed out! I had no idea what had just happened to me, but I knew I wanted to feel that wonderful feeling again as soon as possible!

So....I started touching myself again. Sure enough, that wonderful feeling started building up again. This time, I kept rubbing. Again, the feeling exploded & my whole body started to shake with each wave of pleasure. I was very happy to learn that it wasn't a 1-time thing. I gave myself "the special feeling" as I called it, 10 times that day!

By #569242 at 20,Oct,18 16:00
My best masturbation orgasm has been when I stick my little finger into my penis head to the first knuckle and then proceed to jack off. Those orgasms are really intense.

By #93221 at 07,Sep,16 08:21
I think a guys best orgasm is always his first.
By #568737 at 19,Oct,18 11:55
Yeah! I still haven’t forgotten the sudden unexpected explosive pleasure of my first wank. I was on a high for days after the night I discovered wanking.

By liketoedge at 20,Oct,18 11:44 other posts of liketoedge 
My first was incredible also. It seemed to last forever and my hips were were bucking uncontrollably the whole time as he kept stroking for at least a minute after. It was still a dry orgasm but I will never forget it. I will always be indebted to him for teaching me about masturbation. Been doing it ever since

By allin4oral at 20,Oct,18 11:31 other posts of allin4oral 
well, as long as you still consider it masturbating if you use a vibrating toy to bring yourself to orgasm then that would be when I had my best masturbating orgasm. I bought a vibrating toy and used it 5 times within about 4 hours. the 5th time, because it was the 5th time, took a lot longer then normal and was VERY intense.

By #540402 at 25,Aug,17 16:46
I experienced my best orgasm ever a few years ago. I've been masturbating since 12 years old. Mostly I jack off with girls in mind but have been fascinated with my penis and about other sexy cocks since 13 as well. Never been with a guy and only found the thought of hand jobs and blowjobs appealing. I would occasionally wonder what the attraction to anal was all about. The thought of a cock in my ass or putting my penis in another guys backside never really turned me on. It actually turned me off. One night I went to a sex toy store on a business trip. There was a realistic dildo about my size that caught my attention. I was in a horny curious mood so I bought it with some lubricant. Thought I'd take it back to the hotel and see what it'd be like to give a blow job and get a cock about my size up my ass. Back at the hotel I got naked and took the dildo out of the box. I took it and the lubricant to the bed and laid down. I started sucking and licking it starting at its thick head. I'd lick all around the tip sucking the glands and licking the frenum area. Eventually i made my way all down the length of the shaft to where the balls were molded. It took awhile to accomplish since this was the first time having anything what was that big in my mouth. After awhile of practice that i decided to try anal. I opened up the lubricant and put some on my fingers. Laying on my back with my legs up and spread i started to rubbing it around my anus getting everything nice and greased up. I slipped a finger inside me and moved it in and out for a little bit. Then i grabbed the dildo and poured lubricant on it as well. Slowly i moved the head of the dildo in a circular motion around my ass hole. With a slight push it penetrated my anus. After the head was in it seemed like my butt sucked up several inches of the shaft into me. The sensation of penetration was different. It was kind of awkward but it also felt kind of good as the tip entered me. I moved the dildo in and out of me for quite awhile not feeling too much. After experimenting with several positions i found one that felt different. It gave me the sensation of needing to pee. Later i'd find this was the dildo stimulating my prostate. I was still on my back but with my legs straight, stiff, and down on the bed. I could rock the dildo in and out of me leaving both my hands free. The fake cock was arousing my anus and stimulating my prostate while i used my hands to start playing with my balls and penis. The combination of anal and touching myself for several minutes sent me into an orgasm like i'd never had before! The sensation of intense tingling waves shot from my pelvis area through my entire body. My cock wasn't even hard but cum was gushing out of it like i'd never seen! The orgasm kept going and i kept cumming for almost 5 minutes without stopping!
By #564968 at 04,Sep,18 05:45
I had something similar happen and i have tried to do it again since and cant. I literally had a multiple orgasm and sprayed cum so many times. amazing!

By CharlieB at 28,Aug,17 08:07 other posts of CharlieB 
Not too long ago I was edging to a scene about a Christian girl having her first time with a punk girl. I wanted to wait for a really good shot. It took about a half an hour, but when it finally happened it was so intense and I shot way more than I ever have before.
By #564968 at 04,Sep,18 05:42
share the link...sounds fun!

By submissivemartyn at 30,Aug,17 02:01 other posts of submissivemartyn 
One of my best masturbation orgasms was was when my ex wife(also my Mistress)put me through a weekend of edging.

I arrived home from work Saturday afternoon and was ordered to strip.Once naked Mistress took hold of my cock and started to masturbate me and when I neared orgasm She would stop.This went on for about half an hour.Then I had to stand there till my erection subsided and She then put my cock cage on and inserted my butt-plug.I then had to get on with my household chores.After dinner,which I cooked and served to Her at the table(had to eat mine on the floor),She edged me again for another half hour and again the cock cage was put on.When it was bed time the cock cage was removed and I lay on the bed and She edged me for an hour before replacing the cock cage and we both went to ****,me still with my butt-plug in.In the morning I was tied spread eagle on the bed cock cage off and more edging(my poor balls were aching by now!!).She edged me for half an hour and each time I got an erection She would slap my cock and balls, then left me tied to the bed.About an hour later She came back removed my butt-plug and started to use our prostate massager on me and edged me once more, after about half an hour She allowed me to cum.And boy did I cum!!my stomach and chest were covered in it!!I was then ordered to shower and get breakfast...

By yeahright at 10,Sep,16 23:11 other posts of yeahright 
This one needs a little back story and a description of my bedroom. When I was younger the house we lived in was set up so that my room and my sisters room were next to each other with a bathroom between them that we shared. We each had a door in our room that led to the bathroom. My room was set up with the foot of my bed only a couple feet from the bathroom door. The bed was in the corner with a wall at the head and along one side. Well I had come close to being caught by my mom a few times but was always able to cover up and make it look like I was just watching TV or something. One day when I was 16 I think,I had just recently gotten home from school. I had football practice that afternoon so I had just finished up in the shower. Since I had the bathroom connected to my room I always just showered, dried off and walked naked to my room without worrying about anyone seeing me. Well this particular day I had done just that and was sitting naked on my bed leaning against the wall. I was sitting cross ways on my bed so that I was only a couple feet from the bathroom door and decided to rub one out. I was getting really close to cumming and I heard what I thought was my s-ister moving around in her room and then in the bathroom. I didn't think anything about it cause she always knocked if the door on my side of the bathroom was closed. Anyway I was just about to reach the point of no return when the door opened and my mom walked in with an armload of my laundry. Needless to say there was no turning back at that point and we made eye contact just as I started to cum. She just stood there eyes wide and mouth open while I shot 6 or 7 thick ropes of cum on my stomach. She just stood there looking between my face and my cock still twitching in my hand and the load I had just shot for a couple seconds then just put the clothes she had in her hands down on the bed next to me and walked back into the bathroom closing the door behind her. Nothing was ever said by either of us about that but she sure made sure to knock before she came into my room after that. That was the most intense orgasm and biggest load I have ever shot in my life. It was also the only time besides the first time I ever masturbated that my cum has done more than just dribble out. The adrenaline rush of being caught made that the most intense orgasm I've ever had from masturbating. And before anyone asks I'm not into my m-other/i-ncest it could have been anyone walking in and the result would have been the same. I had not yet reached the point where I was comfortable masturbating in front of anyone.
By #436014 at 26,Aug,17 02:40
that is so hot

By #218750 at 14,Jan,13 09:05
Al my orgasms are impressive and strong...

By Sinjid306 at 06,Oct,15 22:34 other posts of Sinjid306 
I can tell by how a lackluster amount of jizzle dribbles out of your dick.
By leopoldij at 10,Sep,16 05:45 other posts of leopoldij 
Do you mean that the amount of sperm is not a lot?

By #519017 at 07,Sep,16 17:32
My first remains my best. I was 13. All the boys at school were talking about "wanking" but I'd never wanked. I was interested in girls and I was getting nice hard erections. I'd come in wet dreams and when I'd let other boys finger my cock but they weren't much. I used to play with my erect cock in bed at night because it felt nice. Then one night I was laying naked on my bed playing with my erection and by chance I got the stroking action just right. I still remember thinking "this feels great". Then suddenly my shaft went rock hard and the most incredible pleasure I'd ever felt welled up my penis. Then POW! I spurted about 5ml of semen up my chest. I realised I'd wanked! I'd discovered the ****! I could hardly **** for excitement and next day at school knowing I was now a "wander" I felt a mile high. I've masturbated thousands of times since, had lots of good ones, especially when women have been involved, but to this day nothing equals my first.

By #323075 at 14,Jan,13 00:41
I have my Best orgasm with underwater Water Jets in a Public Whirlpool pool. Thereby my cock doesn't become hard and doesn't Ejakulate. But the feeling is Great!
By Sinjid306 at 06,Oct,15 22:36 other posts of Sinjid306 
Welp! Guess that's one way to get arrested.

By Sinjid306 at 01,Oct,15 19:43 other posts of Sinjid306 
I'd have to say my best orgasm was when I was still just beginning to explore my prostates capacity for pleasure. I was 2 years younger then I am now. In the bathtub with a heavily lubricated cucumber, that was about 1.75" at it's thickest. I could only insert it to about 7", choosing not to push anything. In a crouched position I slid the thick gourd in and out of my ass, my cock became unbelievably rigid. I stocked my dick while gliding the bumpy vegetable over my prostate. As I climaxed my legs quaked, every joint below my waist turned to jelly, and every inch of my skin tingled! As my orgasm subsided I laid in the tub while the cucumber slide out of my convulsing buttocks. I then abruptly fell asleep and didn't wake till three hours later.

By ktalmipn at 06,Sep,14 08:37 other posts of ktalmipn 
The first one im pretty sure about that i was 11 it was awasome
By liketoedge at 30,Sep,15 15:38 other posts of liketoedge 
I have to say my first one too was insanely good. Being that i didnt have cum yet he didnt stop when I started orgasming and he he continued jacking me for a few minutes the whole times having a continuous involentarily hip bucking, full body, mind blowing dry orgasm. I have been hooked on orgasms ever since. Definitely the longest orgasm of my life still to this day

By #136427 at 05,Sep,14 23:10
The time i broke my penis...

By 67malibu at 01,Sep,14 20:35 other posts of 67malibu 
Probably when a buddy was fucking me.

By spermkiss at 29,Aug,14 16:48 other posts of spermkiss 
It had to have been when I was at a nude beach and decided to stroke out a load. There were eight or ten guys watching and one of them had a camera. Putting on a jack off show is fun. And know that there are photos somewhere out there makes it even better.
By #443664 at 29,Aug,14 17:03
Must have been a great experience to have others watch you on a nude beach, usually you get kicked off a nude beach for the slightest showing of the wood
By spermkiss at 29,Aug,14 18:19 other posts of spermkiss 
That depends on the nude beach. There are nude beaches (mostly gay, but straight people are welcome) here in San Francisco where sex on the beach is de rigueur. I've had sex on the beach, both masturbation and full on partnered sex, dozens of times. Sometimes when there were people on neighboring beach towels only a foot or so away.

And I'm far from the only one. Mostly it's gay male couples, but I've seen straight couples fuck on the beach too.

By Odin_york_pa at 11,May,13 17:18 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I think my best one was in grade school. I remember being I had the hardest boner I ever had in class one day and asked to go use the bathroom. I went into a stall and began to take care of the problem, after 10 minutes or so I started getting that familiar tickle. Right at the point of no return the teacher walked in with another student to check up on me. I couldn't stop it at that point and they just stood there in shock or awe watching me have this orgasm...the stalls didn't have doors at that time. I think the thrill of them seeing me made it all the more intense. The teacher never spoke of it, but the other boy came up to me after school and commented on it. We became pretty good friends after that ;-)

By #289712 at 11,May,13 14:53
mine was just regular lubed up penis masturbation, nut i stepped it up a bit and the buildup took about 30 seconds, and the actual orgasm lasted somewhere between 40-60 seconds.. Didn't think i could do that!! The load of sperm i unleashed was huge, and all over the place. Awesome

By #102053 at 09,May,13 05:49
Just love to squat on my vibrator, feel it going inside me and imagine its a nice cock. Always makes me cum, lovely

By #112374 at 13,Jan,13 06:41
My first organism was my best
By allen1975 at 16,Jan,13 02:14 other posts of allen1975 
agreed. my first was awesome. i stroked it maybe 3 timea. thank god i was laying down or i would have been on the floor.

By liketoedge at 08,May,13 14:24 other posts of liketoedge 
I have to agree

By stickyknickers at 17,Jan,13 13:43 other posts of stickyknickers 
This is one of my best masturbation orgasms for quite a while. It was VERY intense

By #124665 at 14,Jan,13 03:19
That's a tough one.. But I'd say it might be with my girl, when we're masturbating each other. That's so hot, feeling her get all wet n worked up as she works my cock n I watch her jerk me..

By slipper at 14,Jan,13 03:03 other posts of slipper 
My next will be my best!

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