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How long can you go without sex or masterbating

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Started by #39798 at 03,Dec,09 10:59
How long can you go without sex or masterbating

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New Comment

By #621421 at 10,Jul,20 13:56
3 day max and then I need to have a wank and let my cum out

By LGA6969 at 08,Jul,20 19:12 other posts of LGA6969 
I went 10 days once

By Jimmyfly at 08,Jul,20 14:28 other posts of Jimmyfly 
I haven’t gone more than 2-3 days without cumming since learned how to jack off 25 years ago. Rarely jack off now as I have a good sex life thank goodness.

By #612966 at 06,Jul,20 15:31
my gf's won't let me keep my balls full for more than one week.

By Jimmwang22 at 05,Jul,20 23:32 other posts of Jimmwang22 
I’m usually milkin it about 3 - 4 times a day, so no more than a few hours before I need to drain

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,20 20:40 other posts of leopoldij 
Masterbating I can do without. But masturbating and having sex I can't.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:26 other posts of nekekal 
I sometimes make it thru the day.

By everett at 03,Jul,20 06:32 other posts of everett 
me i play with my self but not cum

By leopoldij at 07,Feb,20 20:57 other posts of leopoldij 
An hour break is ok.

By jerrycums at 02,Feb,20 08:28 other posts of jerrycums 
i wank off at least twice every day.

By lawrenceo at 01,Feb,20 08:42 other posts of lawrenceo 
Masturbating to orgasm quite a while now.....may be 3 weeks.....I take the view that the journey can be as good as the arrival. But it does get an airing every day.

By wycowboy at 01,Feb,20 07:51 other posts of wycowboy 
The 3 months I was in boot camp.

By BirdDog at 31,Jan,20 15:05 other posts of BirdDog 
I can't imagine a day without one or the other

By Cutcocklover at 30,Jan,20 15:04 other posts of Cutcocklover 
If I have to,2-3 weeks tops,doesn’t mean I like to or want to but after that long something’s gotta give!

By liketoedge at 29,Jan,20 11:12 other posts of liketoedge 
I dont think I have ever gone a whole week without masturbating ever since I learned how to do it. As a boy 3 to 5 times a day wasnt uncommon and I still average 7 to 10 times a week
By #578931 at 30,Jan,20 14:36
I'm with you there mate.

By foreskinlover52 at 29,Jan,20 16:41 other posts of foreskinlover52 
One too two days only and I masterbate two to three times that day

By toohey at 29,Jan,20 16:08 other posts of toohey 
A few days, depending on stress levels and general health.

By Smoothie71 at 29,Jan,20 13:38 other posts of Smoothie71 
About 2 days but I try to masturbate daily even if I know I’m having sex that day

By #522791 at 29,Jan,20 11:37
I went weeks and months with out any kind of pleasure

By knewbi at 29,Jan,20 10:32 other posts of knewbi 
About 3 absolutely miserable days.

By #469863 at 29,Jan,20 08:54
Not very long 😂😂

By Ohioguy at 29,Jan,20 07:47 other posts of Ohioguy 
I went 26 without fucking. Most recently been up to a year. But a jerk off once or twice a week. Longest I have gone without doing that was about 10’weeks when I first entered the military.

By #46165 at 20,Jun,10 04:39
well i CAN go 4 or 5 days, but i cant remember the last time i didnt blow atleast once a day

By #82616 at 19,Jun,10 15:00
10 minutes

By oldbugle at 18,Dec,09 08:59 other posts of oldbugle 
It depends what the situation is. If you are in a life or death struggle you can go for weeks and not even think about sex. Deeply worrying or physically demanding scenarios are the same.

If you are bored or lonely, or have too much time on your hands then you will feel the need much quicker.

I remember an experiment done by the Royal Navy where a volunteer crew were placed in a ship held in isolation in a dock and allowed various kinds of visual and reading material. As part of the experiment their food was steadily reduced. In the beginning they talked about sex and cut out pin-up pics of naked women, but by three weeks of starvation they no longer talked about sex of mastrubated, they spent most of their time looking thru magazines for pictures of food to cut out and pin up.......

By slipper at 17,Dec,09 21:04 other posts of slipper 
How long I CAN go and how long I like to or do go are entirely different things. It's been shown people can go a life-time without sex, but...

I cum at least once to 3 or 4 times a day if I have the opportunity (including both sex and masturbation).

By dh1321 at 04,Dec,09 18:54 other posts of dh1321 
If I go more than 5-6 days I start to get antsy and distracted

By gradurgaur at 04,Dec,09 03:50 other posts of gradurgaur 
14days for me

By supablack at 03,Dec,09 11:30 other posts of supablack 
not trying to find out to be honest, but if it were a challenge or something i prob could wait it out a while

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