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Bi/gay guy asks to suck straight mans cock.

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Started by Stunning at 16,Mar,15 00:15  other posts of Stunning
How many straight men would let a bi/gay guy, like myself suck your cock If a guy asked you in the men's room, swimming pool or gym locker room?? Just curious to see what kind of result would come of this.

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By 67malibu at 05,Aug,15 05:40 other posts of 67malibu 
I like to suck straight guys , married guys
By Stunning at 19,Mar,20 10:37 other posts of Stunning 
How many have you sucked?

By #420420 at 03,Aug,15 21:42
Stranger, no, but maybe a friend, someone I know and trust.
I have a few openly gay male friends, and I'm not asking for it, but if the situation was right, OK.
It's not like it's a big deal, and doesn't change my opinion of him, or my liking women.
By spermkiss at 04,Aug,15 11:19 other posts of spermkiss 
Good for you.

I'll speak from the opposite perspective, if I may. I'm a gay man who's had quite a few straight friends over the years. With most of them we eventually ended up having sex. Generally it was me giving them oral service without reciprocation. That was fine with me because sucking a man off is my all time favorite sex act. A few of them reciprocated, which, needless to say, was also fine with me.

The question which inevitably comes up in a situation like this is: Did it spoil your friendship? No it did not. It always brought us closer together. We were not only friends, but suck buddies.
By Blade at 04,Aug,15 22:57 other posts of Blade 
Spermkiss, you'd be my best buddy, that is for sure. I think you couldn't do this if you didn't have trust. So such a relationship would have the most trust.
By Stunning at 19,Mar,20 10:37 other posts of Stunning 
Id be down for that spermkiss, my best friend.

By Mrfrisky at 03,Aug,15 21:19 other posts of Mrfrisky 
I'd be onboard with letting him suck me off, assuming he was good at it.
By Stunning at 19,Mar,20 10:36 other posts of Stunning 
I am good at it, when and where? Come to Alaska!

By pifad at 16,Mar,15 02:59 other posts of pifad 
I have sucked many str8 guys over the years. Everyone has needs.
By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 20:35 other posts of Stunning 
For sure!!

By licksipsuckit at 03,Aug,15 04:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, would depend on how open or how desperate they are for some good old fashioned sucking, and maybe a touch of curiosity would kick in *lix*

By JeffinKS at 19,Mar,15 10:48 other posts of JeffinKS 
I just bring it up in conversation that I am gay and that i LOVE to suck cock.... and I wait for them to come to me.... works EVERY time heheheheh
By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 20:35 other posts of Stunning 
Sounds hot!!

By #443583 at 19,Mar,15 15:41
I have sucked many straight guys.
By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 20:34 other posts of Stunning 
Yum, how do you do it?

By #455296 at 20,Mar,15 20:29
I would in a threesome with his/my gf present.
By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 20:34 other posts of Stunning 
Mmmmmmmmmm, I've done that as well.

By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 19:53 other posts of Stunning 
This one time, I went to a bar and was hitting on this guy who was older then me. And he ate it up, loved it all it took was adding some alcohol and telling him how handsome he was still for his age. We went back to my gf's place and got naked and his cock was so hard, he said he hadn't had any in sometime, was nice to service his needy cock. His first bi experience, was very hott because I sucked his big black dick and then docked with him.
By bella! at 20,Mar,15 20:25 other posts of bella! 
You told him how handsome he was STILL for his age?

Aren't you a prince! It's sad that beauty seems to be a term that's used to describe the 18 to 40-ish crowd. Look around you, there are handsome and beautiful men and women everywhere and of all ages.
By Stunning at 20,Mar,15 20:33 other posts of Stunning 
Yes, he was depressed about getting old.

By #444014 at 16,Mar,15 00:29
They wouldn't be straight then....

Guys who like guys are bi/gay....
By spermkiss at 16,Mar,15 01:52 other posts of spermkiss 
Don't even think something like that!

Gay and bi guys have been sucking off straight men since the beginning of mankind. Every now and then someone will say that any man who lets another man suck him off isn't really straight and it scares off the straight men for a time. Fortunately they always come back.
By #444014 at 16,Mar,15 02:00
I will think something like that....

For me,in my view....a person defines who they are,I don't care what sexuality they are...but a straight guy is that...straight....

If you think about doing or partake in a same sex act you are bi/gay..

There is no grey area Spermkiss....there might be varying degrees of bisexuality,more preference for one or the other...but bi is bi....straight means no same sex relations....
By Stunning at 16,Mar,15 02:20 other posts of Stunning 
I didn't ask for any definitions of sexual preferences or if any of that. But, my original question still stands.
By #444014 at 16,Mar,15 02:28
So after reading what I have posted,what do you think my answer would be ?...me being a straight guy.....

Just to add....
It does matter,the definitions of straight,gay/bi...

Straight people ,just by definition ,don't get any sexual kick from same sex activity...so have no need to think of or partake in a same sex act....
By cockslut69 at 16,Mar,15 23:50 other posts of cockslut69 

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