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Would like to get fucked

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Started by #48310 at 16,Jan,10 09:10
Anybody else here with a virgin ass playin' with thoughts to get fucked one day ?

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By montana at 17,Nov,20 00:47 other posts of montana 
I would love to have a strange man just come up to me to take me into his arms, and I would feel him press his hard cock against me and he would smile while and reach around me to put his hand down the back of my jeans, where he would slip a deep probing finger up into my now extremely cock-hungry asshole, and I will then be such a nasty slut for him while letting him have his way with me taking my virginity!!!!! I would be so excited by then I would let him take me in public in front of a crowd where all could watch and take videos to show the world!!!!!!!
By X_Y_Z at 22,Nov,20 12:35 other posts of X_Y_Z 
sounds great

By nolongercurious at 09,Feb,19 05:27 other posts of nolongercurious 
Well, I have had a lot of hot times sucking cock but I was not planning on giving up my ass. I meet up with a new guy and we got along great, even making out on the couch before we headed to the bedroom. His cock is beautiful, maybe 6.5". I loved sucking it, then he went down on me, sucking my cock, kissing my balls then lifting my legs and rimming me for a long time. Keeping my legs in the air he scooted up a bit and started rubbing his cock near my hole. It felt so good that I reached for the lube I had in my night stand and handed it to him. He was the first to take my ass

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 04:41

I know I am.

By #578434 at 29,Jan,19 14:50
My Boss at work has been asking about me wondering if I like men? I wrote him a note saying I prefer men but not looking for relationship, but I would like to have you in me! It took a week or so but he asked me in his office the other day. Right when I walked in he kissed me! We are going out this weekend to his house!! He sent me a cock pic! to think about? I dont know if I'll let him fuck me yet but I will be tasting his cock, and I can't wait!

By #578258 at 27,Jan,19 20:17

I am still anal virgin. Have used toys and enjoyed it. Still dreaming about first time anal sex with a guy.

By #554053 at 24,Jan,19 12:50
I'm still waiting for the first cock to fuck me....any takers ???
By #565004 at 24,Jan,19 15:39
Take a trip to Northwich sauna - it's an amazing place (Google it). I've fantasized about sucking cock for years. I found out about this place last Sunday, and just had to pluck up the courage to go. I went there on Tuesday and got to see lots of gay happening, got my own cock sucked through a glory hole and sucked 6 big dicks. Now I'm planning on going back this Saturday hoping to get fucked by a man for the first time.

By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 11:33

My virgin ass. Doing anal masturbation a lot and thinking that one day I will get fucked by a huge hard dick.

By knewbi at 04,Dec,18 14:13 other posts of knewbi 
Wife has dildo and strap on fucked me. A couple guys gave it a go but my ass hole is too tight. I am sure if the guys would have taken the time they could have fucked me. I still have hope that someone will. I am so turned on by seeing guys fucking guys and so want a stiff cock up my ass. Better yet, while I am sucking another.

By #571440 at 03,Dec,18 09:58
looking for the right guy to take my hole! I hope it's soon!! I think about it every night before I fall asleep! I want him to fuck me real gently! then take the head out and cum on my hole! then stick the head back in so I can feel his cum!that is a nice dream for me! I pre cum all over my self! every night when I imagine it? then rub it on my hole! Feels like i am in heaven! Just like the first cock I sucked! best feeling I ever had? even when He made me gag! I still swallowed all I could tho! and couldn't wait for him to get hard again! It was best day of my life!

By #573046 at 01,Dec,18 14:19

I know that feel bra.Maybe someday I will be satisfied.

By PoloFields at 25,Nov,18 14:53 other posts of PoloFields 
I think I'd like one up there, just for the experience.

By 2bye1 at 25,Nov,18 14:05 other posts of 2bye1 
also want my first been nailed my a strap on by a girl

By #554098 at 25,Nov,18 02:57
Does it count, losing your anal 'virginity' if a woman takes it, using a strap-on toy?
I think it should, because the feeling is there, the sensations, but with a girl, which I kind of liked.

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 17:16

I love fingering myself or taking a dildo.Dreaming for so long how would a real dick would feel.Maybe one day

By #501472 at 12,Nov,18 22:50
I have lost my virgin ass but I would love to have another penis again

By pifad at 27,Jan,10 10:38 other posts of pifad 
Yep! Would love to get my virgin ass broken in by a hot guy.
By *kmadeau* at 10,Dec,13 03:52 other posts of *kmadeau* 
you said "my virgin ass"?
By pifad at 11,Dec,13 15:29 other posts of pifad 
Ha ha ha, now now, u know the **** doesn't count
By *kmadeau* at 11,Dec,13 16:50 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Hello sexy, after almost of 60 years of uninterrupted butt's fucking practice and still to count yourself like a virgin ass it's for me a very strong coffee!!!
By pifad at 04,Feb,14 14:06 other posts of pifad 
Why do you care?
By *kmadeau* at 04,Feb,14 14:26 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I don't care, just I remember what your told before on other place...

By #316057 at 10,Dec,13 03:41
yes it being a long time

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