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When did you first get fucked

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Started by #71131 at 28,Jul,11 08:44
When were you first fucked and where were you.
I got my first fuck when i was at school (14 years old) and have loved it eversince, I was fucked in the wooded area at the end of the school playing fields, He was 17 years old in the 6th form at the same school. He was openly gay at the time and i was always looking for him as he was good looking, Met him once in the changing rooms, he was having a shower and what a cock he had. I striped and got into the shower with him, he looked at me, looking at his cock, he moved forward and i got on my knees and sucked him off, this then happened several times over the next few months, he then asked me to meet him in the wooded area and i fucked him and then he fucked me.

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By Sal5408 at 12,Aug,17 23:34 other posts of Sal5408 

By freddiep at 16,Mar,17 15:54 other posts of freddiep 
I was 6, neighbor girl gradually taught to lick her pussy and finally I fucked her. She was 12.
By RealTitsLover at 10,Aug,17 05:30 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I think this is about being fucked. Like if you're a guy, it'd be up the ass.

Congrats on losing your virginity at 6 though... I guess.

By *Bearchest* at 10,Aug,17 00:10 other posts of *Bearchest* 
2016 by the IRS

By oldbugle at 09,Aug,17 08:13 other posts of oldbugle 
The first time I remember getting fucked was when I bought a bike from another lad at school for the considerable sum of 'twelve and six'.....both tyres punctured on the way home and the pump turned out to be made from putty......
By spermkiss at 09,Aug,17 11:15 other posts of spermkiss 
I don't know about you, but if I get screwed I like to be kissed first. 'Sounds as though you were screwed without the benefit of lubrication.
By oldbugle at 09,Aug,17 19:14 other posts of oldbugle 

By JustWill at 09,Aug,17 10:16 other posts of JustWill 
From my blog:

By submissivemartyn at 09,Aug,17 06:20 other posts of submissivemartyn 
The first time I got fucked was by my now ex wife who was also my Mistress.Before we got into B.D.S.M. she had put her fingers in my arse as well as dildos.
Once we got into B.D.S.M. I came home from work one day and she announced she had a new toy for us to play with.She ordered me to strip and lay on the bed.Then she tied my hands and ankles to the bed so I was spreadeagled and blindfolded me.I heard the rustling of her clothes as she removed them and felt her get on the bed.Suddenly I felt her lubing my arse and inserting a couple of her fingers.Moving them in and out till my anus was well lubricated.She then asked if I was ready for her new toy to which I said yes.I felt her spread my ass cheeks and felt what I thought was a dildo being inserted in my anus.It felt good as it when't deep into me.Then I felt her thrusting against me and moaning with pleasure.When she had her orgasm she slid out of me removed my blindfold and showed me her new toy.It was a strap-on which had two dildos,one for my anus and one for her pussy.
Needless to say we had lots more pleasure from her new toy!!!

By 67malibu at 02,Jul,15 11:41 other posts of 67malibu 
In 1992, guess it counts,very handsome 20 yr old black man ,only inside for a few moments

By CountryCouple54 at 25,Jun,15 16:05 other posts of CountryCouple54 
When my mom popped me out of her belly at the hospital and introduced me to this weird world. Thats when I first got fucked.

By andrew999999999 at 21,Jun,15 16:05 other posts of andrew999999999 
Last year, in a men's sauna (bathouse). I think there's a little confusion here. Some people are telling stories of the first time they fucked someone (putting their cock in someone's pussy/ares), which is not being fucked (having a cock in your arse or pussy).

By FUCKMELONGANDHARD at 21,Jun,15 03:18 other posts of FUCKMELONGANDHARD 
While being younger my cousin and I would exchange blowjobs and rim eachother then I got in the 10th grade and hooked up with this femboy he was a cute bottom nice soft booty tight ass yellow skin short small cock. The day we fucked he wore a thong and cotton long johns so his little dick had an extra buldge I text him on facenook and told him meet meet me here after school then walked to some eoods where he sucked my cock then stripped and lube his tight ass up I then shoved my cock into him and began to bang his hole and released insi
de of him

By ChocolateDevine at 11,Jun,15 13:02 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
I was 20, in college. I had numerous sexual experiences from the time I was about 9, but this was my first time with intercourse. Now that I look back, she was a bonafide NYMPHO! We fucked all the time. She was so loud that others in the dorm complained to the RA. From then on, it was pillows, blankets and whatever we could find to cover her mouth. She cheated on me. I was HURT. Had I realized she was a nympho I wouldn't have invested my heart into it, just my dick and tongue!

By #472683 at 10,Jun,15 19:23
I was 17. I was dating a guy who was 23. We took a trip into the city (NY) and then we went back to my apartment. I lived with my Mom, and she let him stay overnight. I didn't think that was weird at the time, but I do now! She was in the next bedroom, probably getting off. Ewwww! :O The room was almost pitch dark, and it was over pretty quickly. I was so excited, though. I was now a WOMAN! He spent the night in my twin bed. I was pretty thin back then. My Mom took us out to breakfast the next morning.
By ChocolateDevine at 11,Jun,15 12:57 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Mom was taking care of you. She knew what was going to happen that night.

By spitzkoppe at 11,Jun,15 10:57 other posts of spitzkoppe 
I think I was 5 or 6. our neighbour told me told Comeback around form sweet( ) and in his sleepingroom he shoed me his hard One. I want to Touch Him, But he said he knows something better: I had to Kiss it. But I did Not want to . then he gets angry an take some Butter on his Cock and without a warning he fucks me hard. I was crying. after he was ready I get some sweets an the warning to Tell nobody If I dont want Do go to yail. he try it 3more times But I dont want. But since That times I try to catch every look I Can have On Mens cocks . The Next fuck was in school with 13. and then was a break. The 3. fuck was when I was 56. Sorry for Mythen bat english.

By bungeman at 10,Jun,15 19:51 other posts of bungeman 
i was fucked financially wen i bought my 1st car

By #421063 at 14,Dec,13 05:37
I was 60 before I had the pleasure of being buggered. I had experimented with other men for years, my first was my choirmaster when I was 12, but that is another story. I was in the sauna Bar in Bournemouth having a shower when a nice, bearded Irish guy touched my back. We smiled at each other and he suggested we went to one of the private booths. I had been wanked and wanked other men before but this time was different. he was very gentle and produced a condom and some lube, I don't know where he had them and gently lubed my ass. I was unsure if I wanted to go on but he was fairly small and very pleasant. I bent over and he inserted his hard cock in me. It didn't hurt and when he started moving in and out I found my balls swinging in time with his thrusts. i couldn;t believe that it wasn't painful and had to feel round to be sure that he was inside me. He was. after a while he pulled out, took off the condom and came over me. i masturbated too. It was a fantastic experience that i really want to repeat one day but the chances of meeting himm again are small. He said that he was from Weymouth in Dorset. Paul -
By Jb11 at 08,Feb,14 03:44 other posts of Jb11 
Good for you, hope you find him again for some more sexy fun

By cumdump at 14,Dec,13 14:55 other posts of cumdump 
At the second of conception when I was given humans only guarantee, death.

By #316057 at 10,Dec,13 03:40
at school by the behind bushes I was 12 or so by a friend
By *kmadeau* at 10,Dec,13 06:11 other posts of *kmadeau* 
oh my amigo, was that first fuck hurting you a lot?
By #316057 at 10,Dec,13 18:04
Yes it hurt like hell but

By 67malibu at 06,Dec,12 04:20 other posts of 67malibu 
Good stories

By dicklick4u at 13,Aug,11 22:45 other posts of dicklick4u 
i was 12 he was 15.he fucked me at his house while his parents were at home.i had been sucking his dick but that dick in my ass made me know it was the best.i fell in love with uncut dick that day.i still prefer to suck dick but i love a hot fucking man that just takes my ass.

By #178278 at 28,Jul,11 09:23
We were both 13. After learning to jack off together, we progressed to mutual sucking, and eventually to fucking eachother. We were childhood sweethearts. Five years later he and I are still best friends.
By 3fdfd at 28,Jul,11 22:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
You are fortunate to have such a good friendship. I hope you two can remain together as you grow older.

By pifad at 28,Jul,11 14:14 other posts of pifad 
I was 10 he was in his late 20's. We were behind a store on the loading dock. When he was done he picked me up and threw me in the dumpster.

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