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If the Title says girls.. answer.. Gay guys DONT FUCKING ANSWER...

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Started by LongSchlongDong at 23,Apr,18 02:26  other posts of LongSchlongDong
Stop fucking answering questions for women.. There are to many of you fucking gay guys on the God damn Internet.. you ruin it for heterosexuals i swear.

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By AussieMan187 at 23,Apr,18 04:58 other posts of AussieMan187 
How do gays ruin the internet for heterosexuals, are all they gay guys stealing all the women?
By kebmo at 23,Apr,18 05:05 other posts of kebmo 
This guy's a troll AM.
By AussieMan187 at 23,Apr,18 05:18 other posts of AussieMan187 
Probably. Though some people really are just dicks
By Dalecash at 23,Apr,18 05:18 other posts of Dalecash 

By leopoldij at 24,Apr,18 19:51 other posts of leopoldij 
If most men were gay, imagine how many more women we'd have to choose from! It would be a paradise. So much more choice for us, straight ones, don't you agree?
By AussieMan187 at 24,Apr,18 22:51 other posts of AussieMan187 
That's a very optimistic way of looking at it, Leo
By leopoldij at 25,Apr,18 00:27 other posts of leopoldij 
I've always thought this way ever since I was a teen. When others were making fun of gays I'd tell them that their opinion was against their interests because the more the number of homosexual men, the larger the my number of available women. In fact, they should be encouraging men to be gay. I told them that if some of my friends changed sexual orientation then, suddenly, I could hit on their girlfriends. How nice could THAT be!
By AussieMan187 at 26,Apr,18 04:12 other posts of AussieMan187 
Good on you Leo

By Ravioli_Max at 25,Apr,18 21:11 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
I wouldn't be surprised if the gays and the bisexuals here are primarily the ones who're keeping this site alive by buying memberships and clicking on advertisement links, and maybe even telling their friends about the site. We owe them a lot of thanks.

The home page even says it's mostly a gay and bi site.

"Be warned that this site mostly consists of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, though if you are straight you are welcomed too. You can explore your sexuality and have a lot of adult fun here in more ways than just one. But if you are too conservative you probably will not find anything of interest here and better leave this page."

By leopoldij at 25,Apr,18 03:59 other posts of leopoldij 
Don't swear. It's against the law and the bible.
By #539358 at 25,Apr,18 16:24
The gays made him do it
By leopoldij at 25,Apr,18 19:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Definitely. Only gay men swear.
--------------------------------------- added after 89 seconds

I never fucking swear, hell no, because i'm not fucking gay. Fuck you. I never swear.

By leopoldij at 24,Apr,18 19:54 other posts of leopoldij 
I guess you haven't read what it says on the front page:

Be warned that this site mostly consists of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, though if you are straight you are welcomed too.

While I would prefer MORE women here, because I am not interested in men, other than watching them have sex with women, gay guys here do nothing that is not allowed by the site.

Therefore your anger is not justified. You may wish to reconsider.

By bungeman at 24,Apr,18 19:53 other posts of bungeman 
yeah watever xoxo

By kebmo at 23,Apr,18 03:16 other posts of kebmo 
There are a LOT of gay guys on this site and as you know, they visit your profile and comment on your photos which probably pisses you off. Perhaps this is not the right site for you, I see you are new. I don't know a lot about porn sites but I'm sure there other sites that you would suite your needs. I'll warn you here not to visit my profile, you won't like it.
Of course you know that a lot of the "women" on this site are actually men who open a profile as a woman, right?
By JustWill at 23,Apr,18 11:36 other posts of JustWill 
It's not just this site, it's the WHOLE DAMN INTERNET! There're gay guys EVERYWHERE online. It's getting to the point where a 100%, gay-loathing, manly-man can't even shop on Amazon without having to worry that some gay guy is trying to buy the same kind of butt-plug that he is ordering!
By kebmo at 23,Apr,18 14:58 other posts of kebmo 
Even Google is full of 'em!!

I tried to Google 'dictionary' today and 'dick wrangler' was the first choice after I hit the 'd'!!

By PoloFields at 23,Apr,18 22:27 other posts of PoloFields 
Agreed. I'm straight, but I enjoy looking at pics of cocks as well as breasts, pussies and assed and talking with the gay/lez folks as much as the straight. Why, you would think it's like real life in here.

By Mazinga at 23,Apr,18 17:40 other posts of Mazinga 
You must be desperate for attention.
Because you created TWO thread topics for THIS.

By Darthshame at 23,Apr,18 17:19 other posts of Darthshame 
I use to feel like this. Now I realize that there are not to many women on here to begin with, and the gays aren't bad.

By MyArtwork at 23,Apr,18 16:26 other posts of MyArtwork 
Dude, seriously? You might want to put the beer bottle down and sober up a little bit before interacting on a social site. I know that might be the norm in your trailer park, but this is broader world on here.

By JustWill at 23,Apr,18 09:30 other posts of JustWill 
Being an asshat is actually what ruins it for most homophobic heterosexuals.

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