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Started by -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 08:37  other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y-
This forum topic is for anyone who knows of any members that post disrespectful public messages on members' pages or pictures. If you don't like what you see, change the page and shut your pie hole. If not, you will be shamed in this thread!.......

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New Comment

By leopoldij at 23,Oct,18 15:11 other posts of leopoldij 
It's well worth considering that some of the eternal trolls and bad characters figure on this page:

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 15:36 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
High fives all round peeps, good teamwork. IamwhoIam is now IamNoLongerExisting👋👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👍
By Skittles at 20,Oct,18 18:09 other posts of Skittles 
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 21,Oct,18 03:35 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
See ya, coward

By #562152 at 22,Oct,18 13:16

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 08:59 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
One of the most beautiful, sweet, funny, awesome in general, popular, long-serving, site-contributing/maintaining members (who happens to be one of my bestfriends on & off the site - i'm not going to mention her name because it is irrelevant) had some low piece of shit post "too fat" on her page wall today (yesterday for everyone east of the Pacific Ocean). What sort of slimey....would say that to a woman?! My bet is she didn't reply to him coz she already has so many friends on the site that it's hard to keep up with every communication; and "mister" through a tantrum.

I'm not going to stand for that when it's a friend of mine; and, i probably won't even stand for it isn't a friend (female/male/couple). So be warned!

The scumbag's profile name is "IamwhoIam"...and one look at his page suggests that he's not a first offender.

If you want to fight or be a cockhead to anyone on the site - come and try me first (:--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutesHahaha...the little worm deleted my comment; blacklisted me; and, then went off-line to post an anonymous message on my page. See you, mate - i think your long and fruitless SYD career might be over (;!
By JustWill at 16,Oct,18 10:38 other posts of JustWill 
The guy is a douche-nozzle and an asshat...that's the type of behavior one should expect from a moron like that.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 10:52 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
She'd drop him like the sad sack of shit he is in real life too. This girl has got game (as we both know)!!!

By Skittles at 19,Oct,18 21:59 other posts of Skittles 
what JustWill said

I am a known quantity on this site.. but I don't attack our ladies or anyone for that matter, unless ordered to do so...
By bella! at 19,Oct,18 22:01 other posts of bella! 
Really? And who do you take your orders from?
By mr_blue at 19,Oct,18 22:02 other posts of mr_blue 
The voices in his head!!
By Skittles at 19,Oct,18 22:26 other posts of Skittles 

By Skittles at 19,Oct,18 22:26 other posts of Skittles 
eat me Bella

By #562152 at 21,Oct,18 09:12
Skittles, AHA!!!!!!

By Arexa at 16,Oct,18 18:34 other posts of Arexa 
Honestly, I had literally no contact with the guy before he posted on my page. I did notice him shit talking on the main page for syc bitching about a handful of ladies...
He left some stupid comments on the one pic I posted about Columbus Day as well.

And on another note, you're far too sweet to me.
By footluvrsgirl at 16,Oct,18 18:51 other posts of footluvrsgirl 
@14:55 today.,.. this same person who posted the ugly message on my Friend’s Wall yesterday “deleted me from his friends list” (didn’t know I was on it)? & proceeds @14:55 to write publicly on my Wall that I “am a bit too fat & need to lose some weight”. IamwhoIAm.. really? But he says if I do “then we’ll talk”. As If.

I’ve never had any contact w him either so why he felt it necessary to say such a thing is beyond me.
By ScottsCock at 16,Oct,18 19:05 other posts of ScottsCock 
When your head is up your ass the world looks shitty... IamwhoIam really needs to evaluate his view.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 18,Oct,18 04:07 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
The coward has gone on a lame massacre - he hit 3 more of my friends (and their friends yesterday) and that's only the ones that i know about. I've heard about his blog too, haven't read it yet. If it is as bad as it has been described to me (the coward blocked me; i haven't blocked him back) - stay tuned for me to really tear him apart. Some people are tough on the internet. Some people are tough wherever they he has fuk'd with the wrong person/people!!! (;
By Ravioli_Max at 19,Oct,18 20:52 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
"The coward has gone on a lame massacre" he's just plain gone.

By JustWill at 18,Oct,18 12:14 other posts of JustWill 
The amusing thing is that this particular douche-nozzle is operating under the assumption that the ladies in question actually have the slightest desire to communicate with his misogynistic ass.
It must be hard being gawd's gift to wimmen...
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 19,Oct,18 05:59 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Yep, no attention tantrum

By t-rex at 20,Oct,18 00:23 other posts of t-rex 
He truly is being an asshole to say these things about you 😘

By #562152 at 18,Oct,18 12:17
He's been doing that to many. I had one too. He's a lowlife
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 01:40 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Success? Is it gone or did it just un-blacklist me?

By Dev01 at 16,Oct,18 14:09 other posts of Dev01 

--------------------------------------- added after 10 seconds

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 18,Oct,18 04:08 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Ahh, yup --------------------------------------- added after 21 minutes
The little bitch (homophobe too - i just wanted to PM him and tell him to watch it instead of post on his wall; but he only accepts female messages). Posted 2 pathetic messages on my page "shut your stupid ass up" lol. What lol? Then he blacklisted me, went off-line and then posted an anonymous message on my wall.
I'm going to talk for Dev here as well as me: "IamwhoIam" we will both pay for you to catch a flight to Australia and we'll show you some sites, buddy
By JustWill at 18,Oct,18 12:16 other posts of JustWill 
Two observations:
1. Having never met your ass, how is he in a position to judge its relative intelligence?
2. If you shut your ass up, how will you poop?
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 19,Oct,18 06:02 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
To be fair, Will - my arse is probably not very intelligent...but it's "dumbarsedness" is very pooping-competent

By Skittles at 20,Oct,18 18:09 other posts of Skittles 
@ Dev, classic pic mate... reminds of that guy who likes pizza so much
By #562152 at 21,Oct,18 09:10
He's gone

By leopoldij at 21,Oct,18 06:09 other posts of leopoldij 
My friend, this page needs to be promoted further.
There are many assholes around, many trolls, many nasty ones.
I suggest not only shaming them here, as you propose,
but also take the initiative to write to them and then report on this page.

For example,
Dear Mr [troll], we realized that you said [....] about [....] on this occasion [....] Your behavior is not acceptable and we won't tolerate it further [....]

Something like that.
Do you agree?
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 21,Oct,18 07:15 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
I'm not really a reporter or blacklister, Leo. If anyone wants to do that, that is their prerogative. I'm more of a getting them to come to this topic so i (and others) can give them a whipping that is so bad and embarrassing for them that they don't even have the slightest thought about coming back with a new profile / posting anonymous comments / creating troll accounts / etc.
I'm far from the boss though - everyone should deal with these people as they personally see fit (:. My methods may seem a bit primitive and aggressive to others; but that's just me...corny joke coming "IamwhoIam"
By leopoldij at 21,Oct,18 07:20 other posts of leopoldij 
OK, I understand/

By cumcouplessa at 19,Oct,18 23:50 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Just had a private message from some dude, claiming he'd "love to give this whore the real cock she deserves". WOW! What a conversation starter. There realy are some super people on this site.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 01:38 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
What a scumbag! Name and shame it (if you want)

By #562152 at 20,Oct,18 12:41
Hard to imagine he has successfully picked up any woman. I shame them.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 20,Oct,18 15:33 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Do it publicly. That's the whooe purpose of this thread

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 19,Oct,18 08:07 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Next step has to be someone who he hasn't blacklisted to send him links to these 3 forum topics relating to him (this, Skits', Scorps') i (and others) can rip "him" a new one properly

By #539433 at 16,Oct,18 10:44
He Reminds me of Monted to me when he in a chat room he is a abuser in the room
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 10:50 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Heya, Jame - long time, mate. It's beyond even pathetic behaviour. I don't even have a word for behaviour like that...
By #539433 at 16,Oct,18 10:56
Hey bro glad to see you back
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 11:18 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 

By bella! at 16,Oct,18 10:57 other posts of bella! 
Just how is this member any different then the other chat keyboard warrior(s)?
By #539433 at 16,Oct,18 11:01
Well it's all about him and his 9inch dick
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 11:18 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Are you talking about me Jamie? I'm not even 8&1/2, mate...and if you were talking about Monty (no further comment needed)
By #539433 at 16,Oct,18 11:58
!LF no not you.
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 13:16 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
, mate

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 11:16 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
It's common knowledge that if you go into "chat" anything goes...still, i feel sorry for Jamie for having to cop it coz he's a good bloke...but yeah, on your wall or a photo of yours (different kettle of fish)

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 12:45 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Anyone know this song? It's such a funny film clip, and...(but no guns, they are for cowards):
only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 39 hours

Seriously, Body Count are far from my fave band (i do like them though); but this film clip illustrates exactly what i want to do to worms like this...(with the picture titled "Any Boxers / Ex-Boxers / Boxing Fans?" on my page)

By leopoldij at 16,Oct,18 12:14 other posts of leopoldij 
How about shaming trolls? As we know, trolls appear everywhere, including chat rooms.

Is it ok?
By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 16,Oct,18 12:43 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Mate, anything goes. Go ahead

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