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Where is The wildest place you have recieve a blow job/oral sex??

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Started by supablack at 12,Feb,10 10:15  other posts of supablack
My stories, My wife and I worked together so she would give me a blow job in the bathroom or we would sneak off to an empty room and she would blow me off.....then once I ate her pussy underneath her desk while there were people walking past but it was during slow hours but people were still walking past!!!

My best one was when we went to a forest perserve to walk around and we went back and sat in the car for a while, and my wife reached over and unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock in the car,and cars were driving past to park i watched as some slowed down, and the guy that was cutting the grass was putting his lawnmower back on the trailer and happend to park next to us, so he is standing there looking in the window watching my wifes head go up and down on my cock.....and i told my wife about him, so picked her head up, look at him and kept sucking my cock and he stood there and watched until i blew my load in my wifes mouth, it was so hott so have him stand there and watch!!!! anyone else have any great stories???

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By bigshep at 20,Mar,20 14:20 other posts of bigshep 
When I was 25, my wife went out of town with her mother for a few days. One evening I went to an adult movie theater. I sat on the back row. I could see people get up and walk out of the theater from time to time. When they opened the door the light would lighten up the theater for a few seconds. I saw a guy get up and head for the door but it didn't open. The next thing I knew, he sat down next to me and started rubbing my crotch. I figured what the hell and I started rubbing his. We both pulled our pants down and I went down on him. He pulled me off his cock and he went down on me. He looked to be in his mid to late 50's. I went back down on him and sucked until he blew his load into my mouth. It had been years since I sucked someone off. I had not noticed that while I was sucking him off a couple of guys were watching us. One guy sat on the other side of me and started sucking my cock. The man I just sucked off moved over one seat and let the other guy have his seat. I leaned over and sucked him off and then sucked off the guy who was blowing me. When I blew my load the two other men left and the first man asked if I wanted to follow him to his house and suck some more. As a young guy, I really enjoyed having sex with an older man. Looking back, I guess I was lucky the cops weren't working undercover. I saw this man many more times over the years.
By tb1 at 20,Mar,20 14:24 other posts of tb1 
Good for you, I luv reading about positive sexual encounters like you had, we should all be so fortunate
By bigshep at 21,Mar,20 11:41 other posts of bigshep 
I agree.

By knewbi at 20,Mar,20 16:07 other posts of knewbi 
At an all male orgy with 8 other guys. 8 guys sucked my cock that day and I sucked 8 cocks in return.

By overeight at 18,Mar,20 19:40 other posts of overeight 
In my youth I had a chic who was a gamer. She would do anything. So one night I dared her to get completely naked on our trip to the liquor store I told her once we get the booze and head back I dare you to get completely naked and flash people on the way back. So she stripped naked in the parking lot and jumped back in the car. Her car was little and I was driving. So she had huge tits when she jumped in the car she said oh no take off your pants. So I did. On the way back she flashed people stuck her ass in the open window riding down the middle lane of three in the middle of town. She teased me till I was rock hard and she yelled at college girls to look at this cock. The girls looked and one said I dare you to suck it. They rode beside us watching her suck my cock stopping at red lights and them looking and yelling and the girl with me had her twat pointed out the passenger window while we rode. We stopped at this one red light that always stayed red a long time. One if the girls jumped out of her car and ran around and licked the girls twat and another ran up to my window that was also open and grabbed my cock and started stroking me hard saying cum for me let me see you shoot and told the girl catch it and it was so hot I shot off in record time and the girl caught it and showed the other girl she did. They said follow us. We went to their apartment and the girls played with themselves and each other while they watched me fuck my friend. Damn that chic was so much fun.
By tb1 at 20,Mar,20 14:26 other posts of tb1 
She sounds like a keeper

By cody8789 at 12,Mar,20 11:45 other posts of cody8789 
At the police station

By submissivemartyn at 05,Mar,20 03:38 other posts of submissivemartyn 
A long time ago me and my now ex wife,was also my Mistress,went to a cinema to watch an x rated sexy movie.We sat at the back of cinema.Part way through the film she told me she was getting turned on and grabbed my had and slid it into her panties.As I 'played' with her pussy I noticed a guy a few seats away watching us with his cock out playing with himself.When I informed my wife she demanded I get on my knees.As I got to my knees she slipped off her panties and grabbed my head and pushed it to her pussy.As I licked her pussy I kept glancing at the guy and he soon shot his load and my wife came all over my face soon after.I cleaned my face and my wife put her panties back on and we left the cinema to get on a bus to go home.On the way to the bus stop my wife noticed that I had and erection and kept teasing me about it.When we got on the bus I was lead up to the top deck and to the back.Once we were sat down my wife ordered me to pull down my jeans and pants and to masturbate.If I did not it would be my last chance as she was going to lock my cock up for at least a week.So I did as I was told and every time the bus stopped to let someone on I panicked in case someone saw what I was doing and my wife just sat there laughing at me.I soon shot my load over the back of the seat and to add to my humiliation my wife ordered me to lick the back of the seat clean.Once it was clean I was allowed to pull my pants and jeans back on.When we got home my wife immediately put my cock cage on.

By boc at 03,Mar,20 00:02 other posts of boc 
My high school girlfriend gave me a blow job in the back of my parents car while my mother was driving me back to college.

By overeight at 02,Mar,20 21:46 other posts of overeight 
In a restaurant bathroom this chic I was screwing at the time came in the bathroom after me and she sucked me off and a few guys opened the door saw what was going on and left then a couple of chica opened the door and watched her finish it up. It was a very Lon time ago and since then women around always knew me as the guy with a bigger cock who would have sex anywhere. However it was really her.

By #522791 at 02,Mar,20 11:52
There was this one time I skipped school with a girl and she sucked me off at the baseball park in the dugout

By wycowboy at 28,Feb,20 08:08 other posts of wycowboy 
When in high school I went to a town in the mountains above Denver to compete in a rodeo. A girl I knew asked if she could go so I took her with me. After the rodeo we were heading back to Denver and had just entered the Eisenhower tunnel through Loveland pass. This tunnel is over a mile long and pretty well lit. This girl unzipped my Wranglers and pulled out my cock and started sucking on it. I was kind of surprised since she had never shown any interest that way before, in fact I thought she might be a lesbian since she was such a tomboy. Anyway, I decided to just enjoy it. I slid my hand down her pants and started fingering her pussy. We came out of the tunnel and started down the steep grade to Georgetown and I knew I wasn't going to last long, it was just too exciting. I had a hard time not pushing my foot down on the accelerator in fact. We both came about the time the highway leveled out some at Georgetown. I know we were seen by some of the other travelers. This girl and I had some other travel adventures later on.

By ANGEL1227 at 27,Feb,20 16:57 other posts of ANGEL1227 
Patient room in old side of hospital. Ward not used. Daytime.

By Italian8 at 27,Feb,20 11:59 other posts of Italian8 
On a highway, it was daylight. Just as I was cumming another car pulled aside us as my wife was finishing me off. The passenger, a women in the other car knew what was going on and watched until they finished passing us!

By Mrfrisky at 26,Feb,20 16:24 other posts of Mrfrisky 
Received: Stairwell at the Tropicana in Vegas. She swallowed, then went back to the Casino and kissed her boyfriend. Many times received and gave at the gloryhole. Really enjoyed the time I got road head on my way to the gloryhole.

By leopoldij at 26,Feb,20 13:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Directly on my thick cock head. That's the place I receive blow job

By aoneeyedmonster at 17,Feb,20 15:08 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
25th floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas facing the strip, I cud see out and all the people down below but i know probably no one cud see in to the room but it was a huge turn on anyways

By justpassingthru at 17,Feb,20 15:01 other posts of justpassingthru 
my wife and I had sex right next to a full length window at a hotel.. we were on the 12th Floor. That window faced the hotel parking lot where we could be seen. The top of that parking lot was about even with the 6th floor. We were too into it to stop when we noticed someone checking us out. Several viewers got a great show!

By Matt52 at 25,Mar,10 15:40 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: I gave Matt head while on a sky gondola ride at an amusement park, the couple in front of us was doing the same thing. We were kind of playing dueling banjos. She would do something to her guy and then I would try to one up her with Matt.
By supablack at 16,Aug,11 16:37 other posts of supablack 
Nice those games are fun

By #60311 at 05,Apr,10 23:40
*1st* i got head in the back seat of my gf's grandma's truck with both her grandparents in it, and her aunt (who was in the other seat in the back. *2nd* in the car with my mom and grandma while looking at christmas lights . *3rd* right next to walmart and as it happend 7 friends from the skate park walking bye stopped and started cheering me on.
By supablack at 06,Apr,10 11:24 other posts of supablack 
Thats great did the aunt see

By #33070 at 06,Apr,10 00:49
First time I recieved one by a guy and it was in his basement .Parents were upstairs They have no idea hes a cock sucker Man i face fucked him good Cummed 3 times and he eat it like he hasnt eatin anything in weeks
By supablack at 06,Apr,10 11:23 other posts of supablack 

By pifad at 26,Mar,10 12:18 other posts of pifad 
On the backseat of a public bus during rush hour. HOT times

By #20518 at 16,Mar,10 17:54
baptism tank in church during service. so sinful i ve never enjoyed it as much since.
By supablack at 22,Mar,10 14:32 other posts of supablack 

By #53037 at 06,Mar,10 00:23
My language teacher (Grade 7) introduced me to cock sucking. He kept me after class and it all just happened, that was also my first orgasm
By supablack at 16,Mar,10 15:44 other posts of supablack 
Did anyone find out or did you tell someone

By #56691 at 25,Feb,10 17:11
Got a blowjob from my now wife at a rest stop on a hiking trail. As far as I know nobody saw. But one time she went down on my while I was driving and we stopped at a light. A car was pulling up next to us so I told her to wait. She looked over at them and back at me with an evil grin and went back to work. I came on the spot, it was so exciting. So they watched me orgsam. I'll never forget that.
By supablack at 02,Mar,10 11:53 other posts of supablack 
That is hott

By #48407 at 27,Feb,10 17:07
When I was a teenager, my girlfriend and I got kicked out of a movie theater because she was giving me a blow job. A few weeks later a waitress at a Sonic drive-in caught her giving me head. Hey. We got bored waiting for our food and had to amuse ourselves.
By supablack at 02,Mar,10 11:53 other posts of supablack 
What did the waitress say when she gave you the food, or how did her face look?? and how did you get kicked out the movies did someone see her giving you head and tell on you

By #5532 at 16,Feb,10 16:17
I was eaten out over the weekend by my guy in the dressing room while trying on clothes for Valentines Day. I think the clerk figured out what was going on.
By supablack at 16,Feb,10 17:04 other posts of supablack 
You were ate out in a dressing room, were you moaning loud or soft luv, that is so hott, did the clerk look at you funny when you walked out of the room!!!
By #5532 at 18,Feb,10 11:57
Tried to be quiet. The clerk (good looking younger gal) was most certainly wise to our antics. She seemed flushed when we left.
By supablack at 19,Feb,10 07:43 other posts of supablack 
Oh really, maybe you made her day luv, she had to have been listening to you guys , maybe she was thinking about living a little herself, and follow your example, if that were me i would have, cause she prob could have said something to someone if she knew, but instead she prob listening and enjoyed it!!! prob would have masturbated if she could have
By #5532 at 22,Feb,10 12:06
We were joking about going back one day and asking if she would mind helping with some fitting. Then again, maybe we are not joking and we will go back for a visit.
By supablack at 22,Feb,10 13:04 other posts of supablack 
I think that you should go back for a visit, and tell us the outcome, that would be so hott
By #5532 at 25,Feb,10 13:58
We are going to go back, perhaps today while out errand running. I even thought of going myself and taking along a small vibrator and asking this nice gal for some fitting help. I have never seduced another woman, and therein lies the naughty turn on.
By supablack at 27,Feb,10 01:30 other posts of supablack 
That would be a good idea ask for help and tell us about it using the dildo, luvmyclit I wish i could shop in that store and just listen in and be in the fitting room next to you let us know how it goes, Good luck

By #40726 at 25,Feb,10 09:42
In a movie theater with a bunch of people and their families. I covered my moans with coughing and laughing at the most random parts of the movie haha. I wonder if anyone heard the "glug glug" sounds
By supablack at 25,Feb,10 11:08 other posts of supablack 
You wonder right they prob did and thought I am not gonna stare

By #58311 at 24,Feb,10 10:59
In a scouting tower at a private school, I got a blowjob and then we got down and dirty.
By supablack at 25,Feb,10 11:07 other posts of supablack 
Damn thats hott were you looking down at people??

By #58285 at 23,Feb,10 13:11
I go to New Orleans for MG every other year. Get at least one blow job in the middle of Bourbon Street every year. Have given a few myself. Hot when you got a bunch of people watching men stroking and women rubbing themselves.
By supablack at 24,Feb,10 10:46 other posts of supablack 
that would be hott

By slipper at 23,Feb,10 11:53 other posts of slipper 
BJ while reading this thread.
By supablack at 24,Feb,10 10:46 other posts of supablack 

By anon at 23,Feb,10 12:53 other posts of anon 
Whilst driving home from the beach

By suprpumpr at 22,Feb,10 18:25 other posts of suprpumpr 
It was with my boss in a furniture store.. one time in a small safe room I put my hand down her shirt and she turned around to take my dick out and suck it so hard she left a hicky on it.. After that we would go out to the showroom late after closing hours and she would blow me on different couches and chairs... be careful buying the showroom models!!
By supablack at 23,Feb,10 11:30 other posts of supablack 
thats noted

By #54859 at 22,Feb,10 12:10
Back of a stretch limo. My girlfriend and I were going to the airport on vacation. She finished (I finished) just as we rolled up to the gate. She was still on her knees, facing me, as the driver opened the door for us. She wiped off her mouth, then held out her hand for the driver to help her out of the car. I tucked my self back in, zipped up, and gave the driver a generous tip.
By supablack at 22,Feb,10 13:06 other posts of supablack 
Thats hott, that she was on her knees and wiping her mouth while he opened the door, that story was great thanks for sharing, next time you should leave the window to the front open for a min let her unzip your pants and put your cock in her mouth then choose to leave the window open or close it
By #54859 at 23,Feb,10 10:00
Glad you liked the story. Here's another one (same woman). We'd just finished a nice mid-day meal (I'm a professional cook and made a romantic meal for the two of us.), Her large dining room table was positioned under a big picture window. With the plates and glasses still on the table we started coupling and fondling each other very passionately. She laid me on the table with my head toward the window and my ankles dangling over the side and started kissing my nipples, then working her way down to my pubes while unbuckling my belt and pants. Soon my dick was in her mouth, wet and hard from her enthusiastic attention. After a few minutes she paused and looked out the window. I asked her "What's up". With my dick in her hand, she replied that a man walking by has stopped and is watching us. I tilted my head to see the image of an older man in a large over coat. staring straight at us. For a brief moment I could see changes in my girlfreind's face, moving from embarassment to intrigue to brashness. She took off her top, let the voyer see her tits and continued on my cock until I washed her face with my cum. I love kissing and licking her clean afterwards.

All three of us had a full day.
By supablack at 23,Feb,10 11:29 other posts of supablack 
That is hott would have loved to be the guy to watch you and then motion to come in and watch closer

By #55772 at 21,Feb,10 00:59
It was McGraws Price Hill flowers shop rite on the curve of Warsaw ave. of St. Lawrence corner. He did a really nice bussiness, not sure about the flowers but sure knew how to suck a peter.
By supablack at 22,Feb,10 13:07 other posts of supablack 

By #55772 at 17,Feb,10 19:11
I had a guy go down on me inside the large storefront window of a Flowershop in Cincinnati one nite, cars driving by maybe 10 or 15 feet away , now that was HOTTTT!!!!
By spermkiss at 18,Feb,10 20:43 other posts of spermkiss 
It wasn't by any chance Jones the Florist on East McMillan Street near Park Avenue was it? As you might guess from my posting above I used to live in Cincinnati, on Park Avenue among other places, so I know the city. That part of Walnut Hills is kind of gay, or at least it was when I lived there.

By spermkiss at 16,Feb,10 18:58 other posts of spermkiss 
Many years ago very late on a rainy evening another guy and I sucked each other off on stage at an outdoor music ampitheater, Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park in Cincinnati for anyone who lives there or has been there. There were cars driving past on Art Museum Drive just a few hundred feet away, but it was dark and I don't think anyone saw us. Also in Eden Park when the Marx Theater was under construction, one evening another guy and I managed to find a way inside and we sucked each other off on stage. Later, whenever I went to a concert at Seasongood or a show at the Marx I had warm memories of what happened there.

By #24286 at 15,Feb,10 09:38
While driving my car along the motorway.I didn't realise I'd slowed right down to the point that trucks were overtaking, affording the truckers a birds eye view. Some of them were blowing their air horns in approval while I had my own horn blown. She didn't let up 'til the job was finished! Fuck the racist arseholes by the way Supa.
By supablack at 16,Feb,10 12:22 other posts of supablack 
Thanks northernshaved

By supablack at 16,Feb,10 12:22 other posts of supablack 
Thanks for more responses love to hear stories

By supablack at 15,Feb,10 09:28 other posts of supablack 
Those are all great stories guys keep them cumming, love hearing about times like these, where your know your not supposed to get it, the best times

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