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Whats the Wildest thing youve ver put up your arse?

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Started by #25041 at 09,Sep,09 10:26
Whats the Wildest thing youve ver put up your arse, I've had a golf ball up mine, god did it feel good, kinda like erotic pain.

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By probowler298 at 04,Feb,19 22:54 other posts of probowler298 

By Dan242 at 04,Feb,19 15:27 other posts of Dan242 
A Mars bar, BTW please don't try this, for some reason I couldn't completely take it out and was leaking sticky stuff next 2 days, it was horrible.

By Speedmaster at 01,Feb,19 09:59 other posts of Speedmaster 
The towball on a car,

By cody8789 at 06,Sep,18 00:09 other posts of cody8789 
A rabid raccoon
By Dev01 at 21,Jan,19 16:40 other posts of Dev01 

By JustWill at 21,Jan,19 18:30 other posts of JustWill 
It has to be a royal bitch trying to lube-up a rabid raccoon.
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I take that back. I suppose with all the foaming at the mouth, a rabid raccoon is self-lubricating...
By cody8789 at 21,Jan,19 19:57 other posts of cody8789 
now that's funny.

By #552709 at 21,Jan,19 11:06
Mag light and not a small one.

By leopoldij at 15,Jan,19 19:35 other posts of leopoldij 
A butt plug

By smokieb69 at 14,Jan,19 03:56 other posts of smokieb69 
a potato masher, a banana, carrot, cucumber, plastic water bottle, shampoo bottle, ice cubes, beer bottle stem, bockwurst sausage

By bikev at 14,Jan,19 03:49 other posts of bikev 
A well lubed traffic cone. The more that goes in the wider the cone gets. I have managed about 7" stretching me wide.

By #576878 at 14,Jan,19 01:07
Nothing extreme. Bananas, cucumbers, carrots, bottles of shampoo,vibrator.

By tinypenissaggyballs at 03,Jan,19 18:20 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
hot dog,polish sausage,carrot, cucumber, pait roller ext., dildo, enema, bannana,

By nolongercurious at 21,Sep,18 18:13 other posts of nolongercurious 
A dudes cock, wild right? Because I am straight. LOL

By GloriD at 20,Sep,18 17:45 other posts of GloriD 
I made a toy out of a curtain rod. That's really it, I'm boring

By #563589 at 20,Sep,18 13:22
A guys cock, and his tongue. Both lovely!!

By tinypenissaggyballs at 18,Sep,18 16:28 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
a big black cock!

By cumonme1 at 21,Sep,16 08:55 other posts of cumonme1 
By letsdoit at 18,Sep,18 00:45 other posts of letsdoit 
placed a large cucumber in her ass while picking them.
made her horny, so she picked one her size.
fucked her both holes. loved it up her ass.
took lots of pics . was fun.

By wycowboy at 16,Sep,18 18:32 other posts of wycowboy 
The handle of a big screwdriver. All that was sticking out was the metal part of it. The handle, about 5 inches long and 2 around, was completely buried. I walked around my house with the blinds open and came so hard from it hitting my prostate!

By #566722 at 07,Sep,18 18:35
For me it was banana with condom.

By AussieMan187 at 05,Sep,18 17:43 other posts of AussieMan187 
A trumpet
By sinanff47 at 05,Sep,18 17:49 other posts of sinanff47 
Oooooh, photos please!!
By AussieMan187 at 06,Sep,18 02:42 other posts of AussieMan187 
I don't have photos, but I do have audio
By leopoldij at 06,Sep,18 04:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Always witty!
Send him the recording then please!
I'm sure he'll recognize that the trumpet has been blown by an arse.

By tinypenissaggyballs at 05,Sep,18 16:51 other posts of tinypenissaggyballs 
cucumber, polish sausage, paint roller ectension

By 2nice at 05,Nov,17 14:14 other posts of 2nice 
A toaster.

By olderbro at 05,Nov,17 13:22 other posts of olderbro 
butternut squash,
a billiard ball,
a dudes foot

By JacksForJills at 04,Nov,17 02:52 other posts of JacksForJills 
Pop Rocks...the candy

By #544133 at 03,Nov,17 17:49
Doc Johnson UR3 John Holmes Dildo

By 61-69 at 03,Nov,17 05:39 other posts of 61-69 
My ex and her s*st*r stripped me off one drunken night. They covered me in baby oil, massaged, wanked and fingered me, then her s*st*r fucked my arse with the neck of a beer bottle.

By Lenatur at 03,Nov,17 02:47 other posts of Lenatur 
Love this Play THX Lady
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By Lenatur at 03,Nov,17 02:46 other posts of Lenatur 
A Vagina Speculum !

By #541581 at 02,Nov,17 06:57
bed post,and both ends of a base ball bat

By leopoldij at 02,Nov,17 05:34 other posts of leopoldij 
A buttplug.

By CharlieB at 02,Nov,17 04:44 other posts of CharlieB 
People tell me all the time my head is pretty far up there
By Dev01 at 02,Nov,17 04:47 other posts of Dev01 

By #543844 at 01,Nov,17 13:31
Oh so many things The knob of a baseball bat Hurts a little going in but Oh what a feeling when it pops over the big part

By #543881 at 01,Nov,17 07:27
Deodorant cans beer bottles

By malecall4 at 20,Jan,17 14:40 other posts of malecall4 
a colonoscopy tube which can be about 6 feet long.of course i did not do it myself,it was done by a doctor

By liketoedge at 19,Jan,17 15:18 other posts of liketoedge 
Cigar tube was the first thing i used.

By #503470 at 19,Jan,17 11:13
Lots of things such as a car towball,orange witcheshat/cone,tabel leg,hammer handle,poolcue,shovel handle,fishingrod handle and heaps of other phallic objects

By #527659 at 19,Jan,17 09:13
in the midst of a tequila drunk night, my wife put her 8 inch vibrating dildo in my ass, which was a first, but she then repeatedly told me that she wanted to watch a guy with a huge cock fuck me in the ass. I told her I would do it and then swallow his cum. It's not the first time that we woke up ashamed and embarrassed.

By #486758 at 21,Sep,16 09:39
top of a wine bottle

By leopoldij at 07,May,14 03:55 other posts of leopoldij 
A girl's finger. A girl's tongue.
Nothing better than having a girl play with my ass.
By kmauf at 03,Jun,15 00:27 other posts of kmauf 
Oh hell yeah.

By #254338 at 19,Sep,16 23:08
I agree with the tongue... best thing ever!

By #476211 at 12,Dec,15 12:23
Was on vacation w wife she used a long neck beer bottle in my ass felt great

By #502201 at 11,Dec,15 22:11
A homemade object made out of a condom filled with household silicone

By #496814 at 30,Nov,15 06:57
My own dick.

By shackles at 03,Jun,15 08:52 other posts of shackles 
Last summer we had a spell of very hot days. I made an ice dildo using a plastic tube similar to a cigar tube and used it in my ass until it melted. Probably not the wildest thing in comparison, but it was a nice feeling!
By ChocolateDevine at 03,Jun,15 09:01 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
It's such a weird/erotic sensation having ice up your ass
By #420420 at 30,Jul,15 22:42
Just regular cubes, or those special, elongated water bottle types that are long and thin?
Fully inside, of just playing with the opening?
By ChocolateDevine at 02,Aug,15 19:26 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Regular ice cube. Played with my hole for a while then inserted it once it was smaller.

By #494219 at 31,Jul,15 00:37
I've used some bomb pops, you know, those red, white, and blue frozen popsicles?
By shackles at 03,Aug,15 11:58 other posts of shackles 
The shape is great but what a sticky mess afterwards!

By leopoldij at 15,May,15 10:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Has anybody tried chili pepper in their ass? Please try it and tell me how it feels.
By licksipsuckit at 30,Jul,15 00:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lol, l don't think l want to try it, but l think a ice cube tube made with chilli sauce would be a good instrument, hot and cold all at once, thrilling and soothing all in a neat package *lix*

By teetee at 04,Jun,15 23:39 other posts of teetee 

By leopoldij at 02,Jun,15 14:12 other posts of leopoldij 
It's not to wild, but it does its job and that's what counts. ...

By #254338 at 22,May,15 18:04
When I was like 11 i stuck an action figure up my ass...
When I was about 15 a bottle of cologne that looked a lot like a dick - it was a small glass dildo I suppose
Then in my early 20s veggies

By ChocolateDevine at 22,May,15 12:34 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
An ice cube

By leopoldij at 16,May,15 09:34 other posts of leopoldij 
I used to put this in my ass when I was young.
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And sick in bed
By sinanff47 at 17,May,15 01:23 other posts of sinanff47 
Did your family have, shall we say, a 'different' definition of 'inhale'?
By leopoldij at 17,May,15 07:22 other posts of leopoldij 
No, it was my own invention.

By #291136 at 17,May,15 23:37
Did it help with your heavy breathing?
By leopoldij at 18,May,15 05:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Only a bit.

By cockbot3000 at 26,Feb,14 17:22 other posts of cockbot3000 
A Full Open Bottle Of beer
By toondick at 03,May,14 02:57 other posts of toondick 
did you let it poor itself into you? Cause that can be dangerous
By #367009 at 03,May,14 13:45
You actually get drunk faster by pouring beer up your ass.
By Br99xx at 03,May,14 18:47 other posts of Br99xx 
That's because that way the alcohol gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream without passing through the liver. It is extremely damaging to the body

By toondick at 04,May,14 00:28 other posts of toondick 
by bypassing the liver, you run the risk of alcohol poisoning
By Avillager at 18,May,15 02:13 other posts of Avillager 
You run the risk of alcohol poisoning whenever you ingest too much, no matter which opening you ingest it through. Alcohol gets directly into the bloodstream from your small intestine. It goes through the river with the **** and is oxidized there. If alcohol went through your liver first, you wouldn't get drunk from it.

By bungeman at 15,May,15 18:05 other posts of bungeman 
a cat
--------------------------------------- added after 50 hours

ohhh thk u all yes perfect vibes wen it purrrrrs
By #132188 at 16,May,15 02:30
By mr_blue at 16,May,15 02:36 other posts of mr_blue 
I think that guy has found his purr-fect match...
By #316057 at 16,May,15 03:01

By leopoldij at 07,May,14 18:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I put my mobile phone in my ass today. Then it started ringing. In fact, it was vibrating. It was good. I left it ring. And then I shot a load .
I keep ringing it and have no invention of pulling it out. ..
By bella! at 07,May,14 18:58 other posts of bella! 
WOW! Thanks for sharing that with us! You must be quite social that your phone keeps ringing. I believe you intended to say you had no INTENTION of removing the phone from your ass. Dude, what goes in must come out., eventually you will need to check your voicemail or pinch a loaf. Just sayin'.......
By leopoldij at 15,May,15 12:31 other posts of leopoldij 
of course, i did not mean that. this was only a ... hm... fantasy? joke? i had to say it a year after i posted it so you don't get the idea that the phone is in my ass.

By lou123 at 15,May,15 12:02 other posts of lou123

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[URL =][IMG]/k6hy0qwj3acepic.html[/ IMG][/ URL]

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< a href = " " > < img src = " /thumbs/20150310/k6hy0qwj3ace.jpg "边境= " 0 " alt = "玻璃棒和肛门" > < / >

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By #132188 at 14,May,15 08:57
well this one time at bandcamp.... seriously this is from 2009... why do certains re hash OLD posts

you dont get points for that shit no more... has it been that long
By bella! at 14,May,15 15:01 other posts of bella! 
You went to band camp? Wow, lucky you! What instrument did you play? In grade 5, I did not want to play the violin or flute like many of the girls, I wanted to play drums!

I believe that members do get points for responding to topics regardless of the age. It's all rolled up in the points awarded by admin for "pics and/or actions on the site".

Yes, it's a hoot to see some of these old topics resurrected from the bowels of SYD. 100 threads per page, 179 pages to go! Can you last that long?
By #132188 at 14,May,15 18:09
Well dear i have been here this long so why not.... i will stay.

And yes pics and actions on site earn points but im sure glad we aint doing the plagerize the blog game no more. Those poor people were starving after robbing them of their income.

Anyway where were we????
By bella! at 14,May,15 18:20 other posts of bella! 
Between you and I, I'm not sure that the asterisks suit you. Try something more, more, more, unique to you. Something like; 🔨Dev "the hammer"🔨

And I wanted to know what instrument you played at band camp.
By #132188 at 14,May,15 20:21
"Between you and I" is that the same as "In strictest confidence" ? And as for the instrument i play .... now thats top secr3t. And i happen to like the "hammer" part because being a nail would suck so i always strive to be the hammer. Its part of being a (THUG) and we know what the acronym is for that.
By bella! at 14,May,15 20:34 other posts of bella! 
No, I don't feel that how I used "between you and I" is anyhere near "in strictest confidence". It would be the same as "in strictest confidence if I was sharing something I hoped you wouldn't repeat, but it's too late for that.

You know, it seems to me that you said something about a didgeridoo. Wasn't that a difficult instrument to fit in the tent at band camp?
By #132188 at 14,May,15 20:50
I am a smoker how the F*** could i play a Didgeridoo lol

Oh and yeah Pot meet Kettle
By bella! at 15,May,15 08:09 other posts of bella! 
And in the same token, how the fu@k would I know you were a one pack a day smoker when you started kindergarten?

By licksipsuckit at 29,Apr,15 06:07 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l love ice up my arse, lve tried lots of things, l like filling condoms with marbles or cornflour, ld love to try a heavy linked chain, lve seen it online and it looked awesome *lix*
By leopoldij at 14,May,15 08:52 other posts of leopoldij 
What about your pussy? What's the wildest thing you put yourself in?

By mikeyxx at 13,May,15 23:44 other posts of mikeyxx 
Nearly got Magic wand inside my ass , probly a good thing it didnt pop in as it might not have cum out

By #136427 at 07,May,14 07:55
Ice cubes
By #367009 at 07,May,14 14:49
I did once too and it hurt. Wayyyy too cold
By #136427 at 08,May,14 07:45
Yup was not as cool as I thought it was going to be. Maybe one or two is ok but not more than three
By #367009 at 08,May,14 13:05
haha yea i thought it was gonna be cool too (no pun intended lol) but it was so cold it burnt kind of. never doin it again
By #136427 at 09,May,14 08:05

By liketoedge at 04,Mar,14 15:05 other posts of liketoedge 
a Cigar tube
By 170cal at 07,May,14 19:25 other posts of 170cal 
Ala Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky haha

By #424469 at 03,May,14 13:32
this might make the cut
By #367009 at 07,May,14 14:52
It'd be great if it turned on haha
By 170cal at 07,May,14 18:54 other posts of 170cal 
Haha...Uncle Fester

By #6437 at 07,May,14 07:09
m i love to put things up my asshole, I have had polish sausage,bannanna,cuck,finge,r tounge, cock, dildos,plugs,enema,hotdog,toothbrush,soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood!!!!

By Avillager at 06,May,14 19:45 other posts of Avillager 
Some people think that I have my head up there.

By lahbr at 03,May,14 20:55 other posts of lahbr 

By #424469 at 03,May,14 13:33
the money shot

By #424469 at 03,May,14 13:33
n this

By #396572 at 05,Mar,14 12:21
Didn`t someone on this forum put a toaster up their arse? I seem to remember....
By toondick at 03,May,14 02:54 other posts of toondick 
the fuck!?

By #424469 at 03,May,14 02:21
does that answer your question

By #451552 at 26,Feb,14 18:42
Suppositories. I had abdominal surgery and couldn't go for a week. I was in so much pain, so I took some at the suggestion of a friend who did same when he had broken ribs.
By #444014 at 04,Mar,14 23:20
In France they use garlic cloves as suppositories.
I had a friend who worked there for a bit.
He struggled with migraines for a while,so went to the doctors,the first thing they prescribed him was suppositories.
It is the 'norm' apparently ,but in rural towns if they cannot get to the doctors they use garlic cloves .

Don't ask why the doctors in France do this. I have no understanding as to the connection between suffering with migraines and using a suppository as a treatment.

*Don't ask me I should of stated
By sinanff47 at 05,Mar,14 02:44 other posts of sinanff47 
Migraine headache medications are often prescribed in suppository form because they start to work faster than oral meds, and also would not be thrown up if there is bad nausea.

By Ilovesuckingcock at 02,Mar,14 06:06 other posts of Ilovesuckingcock 

By andrew999999999 at 27,Feb,14 15:37 other posts of andrew999999999 
A large aerosol can. Felt great when I came.

By #136427 at 26,Feb,14 15:55
Ice cubes

By #360349 at 03,Jan,14 16:37
a Hormel salami.
By bella! at 03,Jan,14 17:55 other posts of bella! 
I prefer Hoffman Hard Salami.

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