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Others look at your bulge?

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Started by Robben at 27,Aug,20 07:15  other posts of Robben
It happens now and then others, both men and women look or stare at my bulge caused of the soft cock and balls in underwear, pants or swimwear. I find it very hot and nice, I like when it happens. Well sometimes it takes some time to understand they actually look at my bulge but sometimes its obvious they look.

Whats your experiemce and feelings when others look at your bulge?

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By Italian8 at 17,Sep,20 21:43 other posts of Italian8 
My wife tells me women must look at me. I honestly have never noticed anyone.

By new2day at 16,Sep,20 13:11 other posts of new2day 
Don't really have much of a bulge to be honest, at least nothing out of the ordinary to attract attention. I have had female friends comment that they can see my glans outline when I've been wearing cycle shorts or speedos in the past.

By #625948 at 15,Sep,20 16:38

yes, it happens... and I have to smile when I notice it.

By leopoldij at 15,Sep,20 16:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Well dude, with your immense size it would be hard to hide. So I'm sure everyone stares.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 16:04 other posts of nekekal 
My cock was always bigger than most, but nothing like yours, and I used to get a lot of harassment about it, so early in life, I started to wear baggy clothes. No one could see my cock being hard. I wore knee length swim suits so my cock didn't hang out the bottom. I still wear baggy clothing.

By NiceOldPaul at 05,Sep,20 03:31 other posts of NiceOldPaul 
I'm a bit bigger than most and I got used to people staring at my (flaccid) bulge from early in my teens.
It's when I'm aroused it's embarrassing.

By cruz69696969 at 29,Aug,20 01:16 other posts of cruz69696969 
I never noticed but that is the way to pic up someone. Staring at his bulge and say hey looks pretty good huh

By johndoe at 28,Aug,20 22:46 other posts of johndoe 
During a trip to Cuba I walked on the beach of Cayo Santa Maria with my tight shorts where nudism and tolerated and I had fun looking at the eyes of men and women who looked at my buttocks and my cock, very exciting to see naked women and men I had to concentrate not to have an erection ... it was not long that I took off my shorts to be united ...

By overeight at 28,Aug,20 21:06 other posts of overeight 
I enjoy when I notice a lady checking it out. I dont wear real tight pants but my mushroom head certainly shows right thru my Jean's so there is absolutely no question how big the head is or how long it is. Sometimes ladies eyes get a little big and they get a little grin when they notice they can clearly see the head defined through my Jean's. That's when I really enjoy that they looked.

By rogermarcos at 27,Aug,20 18:05 other posts of rogermarcos 
It happens with me sometimes, obviously I don't have a supergiant dick like Robben here but I wear tight pants almost everytime I go out. Love when people notice the bulge tough, I make sure to get my dick semi-erect while they are staring and check the reaction

By MikeT2020 at 27,Aug,20 15:51 other posts of MikeT2020 
When I climb out of the swimming pool,or the sea my swim trunks cling to my sex kit and show my outline perfectly, my balls my shaft and the base ridge of my cock head. Iíve noticed women look and I like that.

By earthy at 27,Aug,20 14:27 other posts of earthy 
I dont have much of a bulge but i love looking at others!!

By sergio at 27,Aug,20 13:33 other posts of sergio 
Yeah, I check other guys' buldges, esp in running shorts or the slick basketball shorts. I like it when they go commando so you can see more details of their cock thru their thin clothes.

By liketoedge at 27,Aug,20 13:20 other posts of liketoedge 
I purposely wore tight 501 Jean's in high school that showed my bulge off. Also with a boner it show my dick in the pant leg. I think both guys and girls couldn't help but look. It was a real thrill

By spermkiss at 27,Aug,20 12:35 other posts of spermkiss 
Man, if you don't wear snug pants, preferably without underpants, so that that big beauty shows thru, you are depriving the world of pleasure. If you've got it, show it off.

By alanhuk at 27,Aug,20 08:00 other posts of alanhuk 
Yes. folk look at my bulge in shorts and swimwear...and of couse in a cockring at a sauna! I am flattered!
Of course I have always looked at guys bulges since in my teens!
I suspect most guys look, not just gay or bi guys!!!
By spermkiss at 27,Aug,20 12:32 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course they do. Checking out other guys' crotches is a guy thing, not just a gay thing and all men do it. Straight men might be discreet about doing it, but they do.

There's an old rhetorical question about whether women dress to impress men or other women. That's easy as most men (except for gay men) don't notice what women are wearing. But other women do.

A related question is when men wear snug pants with an obvious bulge in the crotch are they doing it to impress women. Again, an easy answer. Most women don't notice, but other men do.

By cutroundhead at 27,Aug,20 11:59 other posts of cutroundhead 
No one could avoid looking at your bulge with such a big cock and balls...women who would love to get hold of your huge member, give it a good tongue bath before being fucked silly by it, and men, staring enviously, wondering why they couldn't have been blessed with such a big cock!

By knewbi at 27,Aug,20 10:43 other posts of knewbi 
When I was younger and wore tighter pants I did notice women looking and sometimes men. Wish that I had known what I know now about men and cocks...

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