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Why SYD if you are straight ?

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Started by #150722 at 02,Apr,11 09:43
I don't want to be rude (not my intent) but why do straight guys like to view cocks ,I do ,I'm Bi and enjoy cocks and pussy,but if you are straight why are you not viewing SYC

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By nekekal at 24,Nov,20 16:45 other posts of nekekal 
I mostly look at SYC, but those are mostly guys. anyway, I appreciate a nice cock. I have one and have always like to compare.

By Peke3047 at 21,Nov,20 13:59 other posts of Peke3047 
I am straight but like the attention I get from women and guys. I always thought my dick was just a regular dick then I measured its girth and thought it's much thicker than average. So I am on here and love comments women and men post on my thicker than average cock.
By Strongmember# at 21,Nov,20 17:59 other posts of Strongmember# 
True. Exhibitionism can be for any sexuality.

By SrCums at 17,Nov,20 12:44 other posts of SrCums 
Does the say site say SYD for gays? So stereotypical.. But so are all liberals..

By showmine2u at 17,Nov,20 02:22 other posts of showmine2u 

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 16,Nov,20 14:00 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Straight? About as straight as a pretzel.

By oldbugle at 16,Nov,20 10:57 other posts of oldbugle 
That's the big message of this site.....the 'bi' people can't get used to the idea that there are straight people here....or, actually, anywhere!

I don't really see how a person can be a 'bit' bi....if you have ANY arousal about your own sex then perhaps you should be proud to be bi or gay......

I like looking here, and very ocaisionally I see a handsome specimen!...but they don't turn me on in any way. I have some good friends who I know are gay/bi but I have no wish to engage intimately with them, because...well, I'm straight! I resent this idea that, actually, I'm a closet gay or bi or whatever. It's the worst bit about this site for us straight men who are dick enthusiasts and only come here to look and display.

By MikeT2020 at 31,Oct,20 11:32 other posts of MikeT2020 
Iím straight and like seeing naked women but I find thereís just something erotic and arousing about seeing other menís penises, especially erect and if the guys in a hot pose like shoving his kit forward. Itís called an erogenous zone for good reasons! I doubt if thereís a guy out there who doesnít have some ďbiĒ in him.
By X_Y_Z at 31,Oct,20 15:01 other posts of X_Y_Z 
yes, I do agree on that
By Strongmember# at 01,Nov,20 02:20 other posts of Strongmember# 
like you said.. a little bit "bi". Check out Kinsey scale. Pure straight men would very unlikely be here. Maybe some pure men would view penis art purely aesthetically.

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 01:32 other posts of JackS 
Exactly! What's wrong with just looking, and smiling!!
I have a two gay friends, trying to 'turn me' that send random 'dick pics' but they are beautiful! I am NOT going to play with them, but I love seeing them!
Another, a married guy, sends me random dick pics, and he has the most beautiful penis!! Saying that as a straight guy, but if I was a little too drunk, maybe. . .

By JackS at 16,Nov,20 01:27 other posts of JackS 
Dude, we all have dicks, and love them! What's so wrong about being straight, and liking seeing other penises that look really nice!?
It's not a 'gay' thing in any way, but just loving seeing other's penises, and how beautiful they are!

By kebmo at 05,Nov,20 15:14 other posts of kebmo 
To men, cocks are like cars. If you've got a hot one we're going to look at it even if we'll never drive it. There are a lot of hot "cars" on this site.
By #551147 at 15,Nov,20 21:02
I DO love me some cars...

By licksipsuckit at 08,Nov,20 18:08 other posts of licksipsuckit 
why cant straight men show their dicks too? why are sites only for one sexual orientation ? or one gender ? why cant a woman view a cock if she wants? nothing is ever BLACK or WHITE, any one can enjoy looking at a cock, and any one should be able to show off what they have to any consenting adult.. *lix*
By DJS at 15,Nov,20 14:45 other posts of DJS 
Very well put hunxx

By bannon at 15,Nov,20 19:29 other posts of bannon 
I thought this site was show your dick - not show your dick to other men. I guess you cant stop other men looking, but that doesnt hurt anyone. If there are any delectable consenting adult ladies that want to take a look at my dick feel free. drop me your phone number and hop on a flight to the middle of nowhere that is SLC.
Some of the forum stuff on here I think people misunderstood the whole site much more as Show You're a Dick, not Show Your Dick. Weird place for politics. Show your dick/cunt and have a political rant.
By licksipsuckit at 15,Nov,20 19:58 other posts of licksipsuckit 
if it was a site for straight men to show their dicks to straight women, the site would have vanished long ago... most women don't want to view close up cock shots, and most gay men love looking at cocks, as you cant tell a straight dick from a gay dick just by looking at it.??? or can you???
forums on any site are about the topic on the thread, if you want sex related conversations, there are threads for that, and dicks have opinions on many things, not just pussies or other cocks, they might use their brains for talking about other things, they might be multi talented and use their big brain for conversations and their little brains for sexually related content?? *lix*

By XxXKing808XxX at 05,Nov,20 14:40 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Hmm you make a some what good point...course im like you i love cock and pussy lol

By kre8tor69 at 04,Nov,20 19:51 other posts of kre8tor69 
Almost everyone likes to look at fine things. Otherwise there would be no art at all. You can look at and enjoy seeing almost anything at all but you do not have to want to be or use or have that thing.
I can like to see a huge cock but i would never want to have one or have to use on.
I might like some fine fast expensive car but would not like to have to pay to feed it or insure it or worry bout driving or even parking it.
Why do you even ask this question. You do not hav to be gay or even bi to enjoy cocks. heteroflexible people are out here by the tuns if you do not know. We both guys and gals can like to play with same sex parts because it is only sex. It does not require any romantic stuff at all. It is just sex.
Oh You might find those folks ruined by some religion and are feeling way too guilty because they are looking at the pix on this site I guess. Are You one of those folks? If so stop going to the places where men wear dresses and bugger little boys for the fun of it. Or is that just some of the FAKE new that idiot tells us about as we are dieing from the virus that did not go away when the weather got warm or that just does not exist anyway????

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 20,Apr,20 09:59 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
I'm sure there's a few straight men on site that look only at women's pic, but the majority is either a closet gay or a latent bisexual.
By spermkiss at 20,Apr,20 12:07 other posts of spermkiss 
It ain't necessarily so.

Since you're a woman you might not realize that men like to look at other men's dicks. It's a guy thing that almost all men do.
By TWOWARMTTS3 at 20,Apr,20 17:34 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Truly straight guys don't like to look at another man's junk.. Same with straight women
By spermkiss at 21,Apr,20 12:10 other posts of spermkiss 
If that were the case, then there wouldn't be any straight men. Men like looking at other men's dicks. ALL men do.
By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 13:12 other posts of abagurio 
I think you're mistaking between "like looking at other men's dicks" and "not bothered by them". I'm straight and I'm here for the women from SYC, but it doesn't mean I can't stand the look of men's dicks. It just doesn't attract me sexually

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 21,Apr,20 13:21 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
If you are straight and happen to see another man's junk you don't turn gay but it would not interest you

By JackS at 08,May,20 01:28 other posts of JackS 
Bullshit!! I adore women, and all of your soft, sensual curves and so much more, but sometimes, why do you think it is 'gay' that a guy can see a nice-looking penis, and just like how he looks, having one, himself?
Don't just go to this BS "he must be gay"crap!!
By TWOWARMTTS3 at 08,May,20 07:10 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
I'm not. I live with two men. Both BI and I know how they like a good cock. Perhaps you Don't just go to this BS "he must be gay"crap!! You can be BI.........or gay in denial. It's not a bad thing. What I do know from being a whore, straight men will look but they are not comfortable doing so

By #615103 at 07,May,20 08:55
Yeah - I love my cock and I like showing it off - who cares who likes it, straight gay or whatever? I get off on the idea that people get excited looking at it...

By Ananas2xLekker at 24,Apr,20 11:20 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Maybe a lot of men here do not really care about looking at cocks, but they like to show their cock.
It also depends on your definitions. I think straight means you are only sexually attracted to the other sex. For me that is mostly true, but I also fantasize about sucking a cock. I would prefer it to belong to a friend, but I would suck anonymous cock through a gloryhole, if that was safe (in every way).
If you don't consider that straight, that's fine by me.
By JackS at 03,May,20 04:36 other posts of JackS 
I love women, but I have a penis, and guys love their penis, so I'm here, just loving looking at other men's penis!! Not wanting to do anything at all, but just look, and love how beautiful they are!
I love women, and have no interest in anything sexual, with men in any way, but I think the penis is beautiful, and love seeing all the ones that post theirs!
BTW, the smaller ones are much cuter, and make me want to get off!! LOL!!

By Smoothmann at 24,Apr,20 21:05 other posts of Smoothmann 
I enjoy looking at men and women and smooth shaven one's are my favorites!

By curvy8 at 24,Apr,20 20:45 other posts of curvy8 
I like to compare and show off. I have no problem looking at guys dicks either. Also, I'm hoping I can get some attention from SYC.

By Niren at 24,Apr,20 09:47 other posts of Niren 
Just for the fun of our rods i guest

By Peke3047 at 23,Apr,20 23:38 other posts of Peke3047 
I am straight and it would be gross to have sex with a guy but I still like looking at cocks. Just wishing mine was as big as some of the bigger ones

By abagurio at 20,Apr,20 03:48 other posts of abagurio 
I can think of several reasons:
1. SYD is also SYC and I like to see naked women
2. I'm interested in the person behind the dick
3. I love showing off and that's a good place
--------------------------------------- added after 8 hours

And one more thing: I like the attention, no matter if it's a female or male or transgender

By JackS at 22,Mar,20 23:36 other posts of JackS 
Why can't I be straight, and still like a beautiful penis? Guys have them, and they love theirs, and what's so strange about liking another's, and just liking?
By tb1 at 23,Mar,20 00:53 other posts of tb1 
I agree 100%

By Dreamchaser at 19,Apr,20 19:26 other posts of Dreamchaser 
its like looking at fine art. appreciating the artist welding and presenting there craftmenship, or more like there parents lol.

By stiffone4u at 29,Mar,20 15:58 other posts of stiffone4u 
I think it's a matter of being able to look at stuff and talk about things you can't do in society.
By Dreamchaser at 19,Apr,20 19:24 other posts of Dreamchaser 
i agree with this statement. anyone that brings up topic like this in the general public usually end up making other uneasy.

By thickswingercock at 06,Apr,20 23:52 other posts of thickswingercock 
because its sister site us show your cunt and you interact with people from both, i love fucking other mens wives/gfs so i talk to those men directly. and i have a great that all enjoy, men and women. so who am i to deny enjoyment

By Italian8 at 06,Apr,20 22:10 other posts of Italian8 
I get turned on knowing people like to see my cock. I don't care if it's a man or a women. I just like that it turns them on, which then turns me on!

By #601253 at 06,Apr,20 21:42
Iím straight but ALWAYS wanted to suck a cock . I got really high on weed and made it happen one night....and was hooked. I get super horny discussing this fantasy with guys. Iím not into guys, but I am into making them cum i my mouth....its just experiencing life !!

By Alwaysnude at 06,Apr,20 12:13 other posts of Alwaysnude 
I like the attention and gay men dont mind that I a small

By #614376 at 06,Apr,20 10:45
I found that by watching straight porn I was also enjoying looking at cocks. I got curious and starting looking at cocks and really enjoy it. I tried gay porn and just couldn't get off or even stay hard, but I find solo regular dudes jerking off a turn on and would go for a bate session with another dude, but kissing, sucking, and other gay sex doesn't turn me on. Just great cocks and cock stroking. Love the pussy.

By #611215 at 06,Apr,20 10:21
There is an amazing and interesting variety of cocks - long, short, thin, thick, cut, un-cut, soft, hard, straight, curved, pointing up, hanging down, etc. It is fun to see them, and compare, of course. Plus, it's fun to show, and easier to get comments on your own cock if you go to the "male" pages.

By SrCums at 05,Apr,20 13:56 other posts of SrCums 
To show

By liketoedge at 29,Mar,20 14:58 other posts of liketoedge 
I think most guys secretly like looking at others dicks
By bil47 at 29,Mar,20 16:37 other posts of bil47 
And some straight men enjoy showing off their own bodies. And this site makes it easy!

By overeight at 29,Mar,20 14:32 other posts of overeight 
Well in the first place I actually have a dick to show and not a cunt and you depending on your sex when you sign up have to join one or the other. Basically I'm not here to look at cock but to show mine and to at pics on syc. Simple enough?

By slipper at 02,Apr,11 16:22 other posts of slipper 
I suggest you do a search of the Forum here entitled something to the effect, into guys parts, but not into guys. It has many replies from men who are not gay or bi, but who like cocks... pure and simple. You may find it interesting reading.
By spermkiss at 03,Apr,11 01:59 other posts of spermkiss 
So true. This has been discussed numerous times before. And I've said this numerous times before: ALL MEN, gay, bisexual and straight, like to look at other guy's dicks. It's a guy thing. For us gay and bisexual men, and for many straight men as well, there is, of course, a sexual interest. But even if there is little or no sexual interest, guys like checking out other guys' equipment.

There is the often repeated comment that women don't dress to impress men, but to impress other women. A related point is that when men wear snug fitting pants with an obvious bulge in the crotch, they are not doing it to impress women, but other men. They might think they are impressing and/or attracting women, but most women don't notice and don't care. But other men, even other straight men, do notice. Checking out other guys' crotches is very much a guy thing. All guys do it.
By tb1 at 23,Mar,20 00:54 other posts of tb1 
I agree 😎😎

By oldbugle at 02,Apr,11 10:53 other posts of oldbugle 
No, I understand exactly what you mean......

I'm completely straight;....never had or wanted to have any sexual connection or situation with another male in any form etc. I do like this site which has helped me a lot and is, for me, a cathartic thing to come here mainly to display. I'm not an exhibitionist by any means of description, and yet it's become valuable for me to 'show off' here where people of both sexes can view and make comments.

Had I not been on the receiving end of some very adverse comments from a female partner long ago, I would not be here or want to 'show'.

While I am here I DO like to look at teh othe cocks and, very rarely, do see one that I like and admire,...but, it's NOT a sexual admiration, more a 'professional interest' as one penis owner/user considering others. When i see a good example, I tend to surmise what it would be like inside a woman and how it might pleasure her etc,, the other cock pix here are sometimes an inspiration to me but I can tguthfully say it's only the SYC pix of women that 'arouse' me in a sexual sense......

.....Hope that answers your query which seems to regularly crop up here.

By like2jack at 02,Apr,11 10:43 other posts of like2jack 
I'm straight and each day I check SYD and SYC. I always enjoy a good jack-off and like to see other cocks being stroked and cumming. I'm not into watersports but I do like to see a cock with pee streaming out of it. Looking at all the cocks is a turn on for me however I spend just as much time on SYC.

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