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Is this a gay site?

This is an Adult Discussion Forum of Show It Off Site
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Started by SrCums at 18,Aug,19 10:24  other posts of SrCums
I've been here for a while.. I see 2 sites, show your dick and show your pussy. In chatroom, in forums all I see is people worshiping cocks, eating your own cum, my dick is tiny, small, huge, gargantuan, shooting big creamy loads,,, exct..
I'm a straight male and the males that claim to be straight talking 100% about sucking cocks in chat. If I was straight I'd talk about how to shoot beavers instead of comparing dicks with one another, like WTF..I can understand 1 person not sure of his sexuality but many? I go in there and all they do is post pictures of not only their own dicks which they claim but dicks that are meant to look like they are 20 inches in length.. I see no females at all in chat yet all these straight dudes posting dick pictures and comparing cocks.
Can I get some feedback on this please?

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By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:39 other posts of lawrenceo 
The confusion arises when playing with another male cock is seen by some to be 'gay'. I have played with male cocks since I was a teen and I don't consider myself gay. I will watch some gay fucking but that is for visual stimulation and not to compartmentalise my sexuality.

By #578610 at 04,Sep,19 10:31
I saw your comment.
"It's amazing how I can ask simple questions and there is a total meltdown of people freeking out with homophobia theories."
I don't think you can say the site is gay or hetero and leave it at that. A simple question often requires a complex answer. For ME and only ME, an opinion.
The site is gay or hetero depending on what the member thinks it is. There's plenty of gay forums. There's plenty of hetero forums. The member can say he's gay straight or in between.
You brought up the "simple" question. What's your "simple" answer?

By -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- at 04,Sep,19 09:05 other posts of -Y-_DemonXer_-Y- 
Itís an exhibitionist/voyeur site. Sexual orientation in the modern world is like whether you prefer a grey/blue/black suit or slides/lace-ups - a tiny and non-defining part of what makes you Ďyouí👍

By licksipsuckit at 02,Sep,19 17:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
the sites are pretty self explanatory, of course if you show your dick, others will look, comment, vote, and some will worship and dribble all over themselves. they will also have their opinion and might even show you their dick back with a screwdriver driven in it...
men are known to stretch the truth a bit, and most wouldn't know how to be honest with themselves, let alone to the general population and online. so what else would you expect on an amateur porn site full of horny undersexed men, where everyone can be anonymous and say what ever they like. they have a horny naked audience to brag too about their 20 inch dick, that they slam into woman all day long.?? and you wonder why WOMEN aren't there to soak up all this testosterone driven entertaining dribble?? Gee l cant imagine why women wouldn't want to go to a chat room full of RATS!! and scummy undies in the corners, men all over rating themselves and all are the best fuck in the world ... mmm l still cant see why a woman wouldn't love to be in on all that so she can throw in a free live sex show to bunch of wanking strangers ??? *Lix*
By #578610 at 02,Sep,19 18:19
The chat rooms are mutual admiration exercises. Women are tolerated. I won't comment on other women's reason for being here, but, i like the idea that men from all over the world see me naked and wank to my pics. Most of the men, though, are pathetic, needy PERVS with no chance to go out of their mom's house.
By licksipsuckit at 02,Sep,19 19:28 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lve never been in one here, and l have no interest in going in them, l went in a chat room once and it was way to fast for me, most sites like this are teaming with men, all with their dicks leading the way. when looking for fucks, men didn't want to show their faces, because the moment they did, most women didn't want to know them. so they fake it, post outdated pics and try to lead on any unsuspecting woman for as long as they can. the internet just highlights human behaviour, magnifies it and gives cheats, liars and manipulators a place to work their craft. *Lix*

By SrCums at 02,Sep,19 22:11 other posts of SrCums 
I agree with you. Appears you are humble and educated as well as objective.
Women do have similar desires to be recognized and this site is an outlet to let things "hang out" in more ways than one. I agree with you that many that are here cannot express themselves in the physical world so just decide to act their own stupid ways in fantasy land. To be your own worst enemy with ignorance is very common especially here.

Going back many years I believe the site was in fact show your dick and not coed but then because of the demand there were women that were interested. As time went on most of the men on here took personal on women being present because not only where they gay but resented women just as much and called them names and disrespecting them. I believe the site did have a chance to go coed with couples involved but that opportunity floundered. What I don't understand is why this has happened so long?
By licksipsuckit at 04,Sep,19 08:40 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yes it did start as a predominantly gay site, l think admin intended it to be gay. l believe the site is an evolution of amateurs coming together and sharing what makes them horny. as straight guys joined, and admin continually added new things and tried new ideas, it evolved into this... he has always been very open to suggestion for anything you think could improve the site, within his abilities of coding. he has tried to make this a place for all, men/women, straight/gay/bi/tri, old/young, and we as the community here make up the fibre of it. everyone blows their own trumpet here, its up to you, what you use it for, and how you choose to interact.. l think admin has done his best and its up to the rest of us to make it a great place for all *lix*

By Petro635 at 27,Aug,19 06:05 other posts of Petro635 
seeing each other naked is not gay.
By SrCums at 27,Aug,19 10:55 other posts of SrCums 
Gay is when your desires to love the same sex by giving to that person which stems from the heart. Sexual attraction through lust is undefined but what it does describe is egoism and selfishness.
This could be gay by not wanting to see pussy but rather cock,,, which is the same sex.. Same goes for lesbianism.
By Petro635 at 27,Aug,19 23:30 other posts of Petro635 
Unless someone actually acts on that sexual feeling and actually give your Hart to someone it's not really gay like you said. Same goes for heterosexual. Unless you act on it a open your Hart's with each other. I'm sure lots of guys kinda testing the waters or opening up to idea they might be gay or they are just curious to see what other look like
By SrCums at 28,Aug,19 09:48 other posts of SrCums 
I think Gay, Bi, Straight and mere political terms. Everyone is different. The existence of reality is not politics. Everyone is different, not just generalized. And does it really make a difference who you are? When I read a person I look into their heart not what their sexual orientation is.
By Petro635 at 28,Aug,19 23:38 other posts of Petro635 
Gay and Bi and straight are just labe sls. We could ask people if the like having sex. . Because then you could have sex with almost anyone that want to share their sexuality with you. Then you share your sexuality with them and you both will have good sex together since you are sharing everything. You Harts and body

By Andthisisme at 27,Aug,19 11:08 other posts of Andthisisme 
I totally agree with you. Lots iof straight guys are just curious to see.

By Ablaze at 27,Aug,19 17:24 other posts of Ablaze 
I don't know and I don't care cause I'm bisexual. There are many straight guys and women but maybe the most of people here are bisexual or homosexual. If you are not homophobic I can't imagine it can bother you anyway.
By SrCums at 27,Aug,19 20:04 other posts of SrCums 
Homophobia, xenophobia,,, IT is nothing of the kind.. It's amazing how I can ask simple questions and there is a total meltdown of people freeking out with homophobia theories. Lots of friends I have are gays, transvestite, muslims and jews.
The only thing I asked was whether the site is gay and if the site is politically correct if you are gay. Naturally I am in the minority here but what I find interesting is when 1 man says he is totally straight but loves sucking cocks, That just doesn't make sense to me or anyone here I believe. Yet it is just so common that makes me scratch my head only to believe these accounts may or may not be actually authentic since the scrips that document their profiles are so amazingly similar..
By Dev01 at 28,Aug,19 02:57 other posts of Dev01 

By Ablaze at 28,Aug,19 06:44 other posts of Ablaze 
I think no one can know for sure if he is straight before try do something like that. I hope you enjoy the site anyway.

By toohey at 28,Aug,19 05:51 other posts of toohey 
Many things have already been said. I add one little bit:

I'm straight and enjoy being seen naked. In practice that means that most of my viewers will be gay males. That is totally fine. I'm not obsessed with dicks, mine or anyone's. I have zero interest in sex with men. I'm here to show my best erotic nude pics, and it makes me happy if people appreciate them.

By mrsoftie at 26,Aug,19 20:47 other posts of mrsoftie 
Your only nude pic does kinda focus on the rear entry point. Hmmm, now who might that particular angle appeal to? Actually, it looks like it's designed to garner comments exclusively from gay men. Since you're 100% straight, perhaps consider changing that pic, it's sending a mixed message (that message being: insert here!). It's removal would also make the site slightly less gay.
By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 20:53 other posts of SrCums 
Thanks for your reply but here on this site it really doesn't matter. I'm not here to meet anyone and it is to show a picture of me since there is a controversy with people that don't show personal pics.. Just ask Bella that since she's been here for a billion years and has never shown her cunt..Why this stupid bitch is still here is beyond me but hey,, its america
If it is a choice between straight, bi or gay with me I'd put your chips on Straight.
By mrsoftie at 27,Aug,19 18:22 other posts of mrsoftie 
Well, that took an unexpected and angry left turn into a woman's vagina. I've always found Bella to be a delight. Won't elaborate, seems weird talking about a third person. Perhaps be less emotionally invested in how others find enjoyment?

Anyway, just thought it was vaguely amusing that your own page is a good example of the ambiguity you discuss. Also, I was probably confused by your original post in this thread where you wrote: "If I was straight.." - rather than something like "Being straight.." (slowly puts chips back into pocket...)

By #578610 at 25,Aug,19 16:25
I agree with you, but, you have to remember there's usually 20 or so women max on line and page after page of male members on line. I like cock and enjoy the interaction of a guy and me sexting, but, going into most chats and seeing the men bragging/advertising their junk is not my idea of having fun. When i do, I have to really be bold. I have to post as explicit a pic as I can and start to flirt with all the guys. Then they turn their attention from their dick love affair. It's the nature of the site. The forums are the same. It's all about "did you ever wonder" or "have you tried?'. either you get used to it or look for some other site.
By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 13:27 other posts of SrCums 
NOt bad for a Jew eh?

By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 13:35 other posts of SrCums 
Not bad for a Jew.. I tell ya. Just like Einstein, Albert. But I call him Al you see cuz we are the same. The fucked up schools called him a moron too because of his jewlery as being in the inferior race. Well look at him now. I don't see any bastards crawling out of the woods yet to at least give acknowledgement... Not to mention that nazi cold blooded killer that uses jewry to give her an excuse to eat pussy in the white house while Bill has phone sex with a Jew also..The Jews are 0.5% of population on this planet. They have achieved 27% Nobel peace prizes.. Muslims out of 1400 years have accomplished 0%... That's right ,,, ONE BIG FAT FUCKING ZERO... AND YOU CALL ME STUPID.. WELL LOOK AT YOU NOW...

TWOWARMTTS2 [Ignore] at 02,Aug,19 19:48 other posts

But, I don't need a filthy little Jew with a chip on his shoulder to give me advice on what I should do. Go circumsize yourself again. This time, balls deep.

By #578610 at 26,Aug,19 14:28
REMIND ME EVERY WEEK OR SO. It's two different subjects.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

"But, I don't need a filthy little man with a chip on his shoulder to give me advice on what I should do. Go circumcise yourself balls deep."

By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 14:55 other posts of SrCums 
By #578610 at 26,Aug,19 18:26

GODZILLAS or whatever you call yourself

It was the second time in two days the president questioned the loyalty to Israel of Jewish people who vote Democratic. On Tuesday, he questioned their smarts, too. "I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty," Trump said from the Oval Office.

Trump's comments display a lack of understanding of how and why Jewish Americans vote the way they do, which is overwhelmingly Democratic. While Israel is a threshold issue for Jewish voters, it is not determinative to the votes of most of them ó and many don't agree with President Trump's or Republicans' approach to Israel. Jewish people who vote Democratic care about what Democrats care about ó social justice, health care, climate change, the welfare of immigrants and more.
By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 19:14 other posts of SrCums 
Out of all due respect. Who gives a flying fuck what you think? You're behavior and attitudes Jews disqualify you.

By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 19:16 other posts of SrCums 
You twist.. But I'm too smart for you since I already know all about you. Go propagate to yourself,, get a mirror but in front of me shut your fucking mouth.
Now Git !!! Or I'll put more shit piles on ya..
By #578610 at 26,Aug,19 19:19
Don't threaten. You know what I'm capable of. You are already in the shitter.
By SrCums at 26,Aug,19 19:23 other posts of SrCums 
YOu are one stupid fucking smelly cunt... YOu better ban me and keep me there or I'll paint paint your ass shit

By SrCums at 27,Aug,19 13:47 other posts of SrCums 

Study ! Study ! Study !
when you get your kindergarten certificate we can discuss how to study and assimilate even the most simplest concepts.

By cody8789 at 27,Aug,19 01:49 other posts of cody8789 
No, this isn't a gay site. It's a straight site with gay people on it
By Dev01 at 27,Aug,19 02:04 other posts of Dev01 

By SrCums at 27,Aug,19 04:43 other posts of SrCums 

By Andthisisme at 27,Aug,19 11:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
Oh come on ! really ???
I would say that of the male population of this site the overwhelming majority of the people I have interacted with have been either Gay or Bi.
I have no problem with that and am happy to chat etc but oh yes this is in essence a Gay site whether deliberately or not.

By bil47 at 26,Aug,19 10:13 other posts of bil47 
This is a gay, bi, and "bi-curious" site. And, I suppose, women who like looking at cocks.

By thebeewolf at 18,Aug,19 12:05 other posts of thebeewolf 
No, it's not a gay site. But if you do not like looking at other men's penises and/or showing your penis to other men, this is not the site for you. Most of the "women" here are secretly men, and there's very few of them anyway. This is a site for looking at penises and showing yours to other men. Whether you're straight or bi or gay or whatever, if you like doing that, welcome! If not...well, you won't enjoy your time here.

Also, I don't consider myself gay or even bi. And I love showing my cock here. And I enjoy seeing other guys cocks too!
By spermkiss at 18,Aug,19 12:13 other posts of spermkiss 

By SrCums at 25,Aug,19 14:24 other posts of SrCums 
It's not the point but thanks for your feedback.. I didn't say it annoys me when other men look at my dick. I mean hey its america right? and if they want to look its fine but I don't become aroused by the fact that it is being looked at..
I'm talking about men who say they are straight and all they want to do is to suck cock, get fucked up the ass by a 10 inch thick cock while tabooing bulls eye's on their ass..

By SluttySarah069 at 25,Aug,19 18:18 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I agree - most "women" on these sites are guys. I'm a Bi CD and I'm happy with what I am - the wife isn't too happy about it - and she knows what I am.

By SrCums at 25,Aug,19 14:21 other posts of SrCums 

By Petro635 at 20,Aug,19 05:04 other posts of Petro635 
Do you like sex ? Let yourself be more sexual. Don't put a box around yourself and limit your sexuality. If you closed your eyes and someone gives you a BJ, can you let yourself enjoy the BJ? Or do you have see the person giving it to let yourself enjoy it?

Just keep eye close and enjoy that someone wants to give you a BJ
By SrCums at 25,Aug,19 14:15 other posts of SrCums 
Then you should put your preference as Bisexual

By dgraff at 20,Aug,19 05:28 other posts of dgraff 
You have been on this site many years under many different names you know how it works and you know how it is

By #595788 at 20,Aug,19 02:38
Iím as straight as they come and get regular sex with my woman. But I guess like all guys I like showing off my manhood, I like seeing what other guys have got, and I like talking dirty with other guys and I donít care if they are straight, bi, gay or whatever.
By cutroundhead at 20,Aug,19 04:04 other posts of cutroundhead 
That's exactly the way I think...well said!

By 1RonG at 20,Aug,19 02:54 other posts of 1RonG 
It is predominantly gay/bi men on here ( I'm perfectly straight by the way ) . I love showing my cock off, if a gay/bi man wants to comment or message me so be it (admittedly I won't talk about getting involved in gay/bi activities ) . There are a few women on here that get into the chatrooms , not many I'll admit but they do get there. You will find women are not as forth coming chatting and commenting on men's cocks...some do but most don't, it's just the way these types of sites are

By cody8789 at 19,Aug,19 21:35 other posts of cody8789 
I don't think so, everyone seems straight to me
--------------------------------------- added after 405 hours

By spermkiss at 18,Aug,19 12:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course there are a lot of gay men here, I'm a long time member and I'm as gay as they come. But most members self identify as straight as does Mr thebeewolf. As he so correctly states, many men, perhaps most men, like showing off their dicks and like looking at other men's dicks. It's a guy thing, not a gay thing.

By admin at 18,Aug,19 11:12 other posts of admin 
I guess you are another one of great many who did not read a warning on the registration page.

But just out of curiosity, what did you expect? Women rushing from all sides to see and worship dicks? It does not work like this in real life, so why should it be different online? Women are just not like this.

Also, even those few real women that are on the site will not be talking to you long if all you can talk about is your dick as most of guys here do.

Many men on the other hand are obsessed with their dicks.

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