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A few photo tips for newbies (and not-so-newbies)

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Started by #21910 at 27,Aug,09 08:36
The quality of SYD and SYC photos is head and shoulders above that seen on most other post-yourself-naked sites and newsgroups. This is primarily for the newbies to assist in maintaining the level of quality.

Basic photo tips:

? Avoid cell phone pics if possible. Even the best ones are of low quality, because phones aren't designed to be cameras.

? An image size of 640 x 480 (480 x 640 if vertical) is a good minimum size. Smaller ones tend to be difficult for seeing detail. The bigger the better, with one stipulation.

? Very large images that look quite good in the reduced size can look like shit in full size if they are grainy or a bit out of focus. Look at them on the computer before posting them. If they're fuzzy or grainy, it would be worth reducing their size by half to reduce the imperfections.

? Unless dark images are for artistic purposes, e.g., silhouette shots, they detract from the subject of the pic. If your dick or pussy can't be seen, why post it?

? Digital cameras are like computers: they don't do what you want them to do, but only what you tell them them to do. Here are some things to consider.

? Shooting against a bright background, such as a window on a sunny day, may result in a dark foreground object. Digicams tend to adjust for brightness based on the average of the entire image, and the bright areas tend to dominate. Many cameras have a metering method setting for using center-weighted or spot metering rather than the whole image, to allow concentrating on the brightness of your glorious boner rather than the window.

? Although the light that you are in might be considerably less than the brightness of the background, the automatic flash might not fire because of the background light. The camera might have a setting to fire the flash every time. If not, move to another position to avoid the background's effect.

? In normal mode, the minimum distance for sharp focus is typically a couple of feet. For tight close-ups, switch to macro mode. One of the menu buttons will have a small flower icon that allows autofocusing to within a few inches. Expensive cameras such as Nikon and Ricoh can focus to within an inch of the subject, although they're overkill for genitalia shots.

? The tradeoff in macro mode is the great reduction in the depth-of-field. Only a small range of distance will be in sharp focus, with everything else out of focus. This is most likely to be irrelevant when you're recording for posterity the fine details of your cock or clit, but one should be aware of it. And don't forget to close macro mode before taking longer-range shots (turning off the camera does that automatically).

? A cheap tripod can make a world of difference in image quality, since it avoids degradation caused by involuntary muscle activity when hand-holding the camera.

? A tripod also allows using the timer function that delays the shot for at least a couple of seconds, thus eliminating the camera shake caused by pressing the shutter button. On a ten-second delay, you can move away from it and arrange yourself for maximum erotic effect. :-)

? Autofocus is imperfect. If you're not within the AF zone, you'll get a perfectly-focused background and fuzzy family jewels, especially if your body is fairly close to the lens. Best bet: experiment to see where you have to be in the image to have yourself in focus rather than whatever is in the background.

? When you have your prized photos safely transferred to the computer, it would be worth examining them and maximizing them for posting so that we horny bastards will be whacking the willy to the best of shots. An excellent program is Irfanview ( www(dot)irfanview(dot)com ), the Swiss Army knife of freeware image manipulation and processing utilities. You can correct brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance, gamma and sharpness (corrects slightly-out-of-focus shots). You can add effects if desired. You can resize the image, crop it, rotate it, do horizontal and vertical flips, and save it in a lot of different formats.

? When you're satisfied, post your shots and let the world rejoice in your magnificent genitalia.

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New Comment

By thebeewolf at 14,Jan,23 19:55 other posts of thebeewolf 
The first tip is nonsense. Newer smartphones take amazing photos. Plus, with the new revolution in computational photography they bring, you'll probably get a better result than a professional camera. (Unless you ARE a professional photographer, that is.)
By mr_blue at 14,Jan,23 22:54 other posts of mr_blue 
Original post was from 2009

By XJacker at 13,Jan,23 18:29 other posts of XJacker 
I use my iPad with a 10 second timer. Never use flash.

By tecsan at 13,Jan,23 10:29 other posts of tecsan 
I stopped at the cell phone pics. Phones have came far in the last few years.

By Dreamchaser at 10,Apr,20 17:29 other posts of Dreamchaser 
This is some well thought out advice. Imy gonna have to use this on a regular, and not just to post my junk. Thank you.

By #550094 at 25,Mar,18 07:19
I needed to see THIS. And, Irfanview ROCKS!

I'll bookmark this topic for reference so I can read it
time and time again. Thanks!

By #441723 at 29,Jun,16 11:26
A good portion of my photos was made mobile phone. If only there is sufficient lighting to the picture come out good.
Can you differentiate my photos taken from mobile phone taken with SLR?
By oldbugle at 29,Jun,16 12:59 other posts of oldbugle 
Phones cameras have certainly got a lot better in the last couple of years and will probably get better yet.....however, they are still a way away from equalling any larger sensor camera especially for larger screens or, of course, prints.

Your pix are nice,..well lit and sharply focussed but have been downsized to go on the the legend along the top edge to see how much. When you compare to pix made with bigger sensors you can easily see the difference....

.....That's not to denigrate your nice pix!

It really depends on what size screen (or TV) you are using to view the pix.

By #499936 at 18,Oct,15 18:22
How i can put an avatar on my profile ?
By mr_blue at 18,Oct,15 18:23 other posts of mr_blue 

By dickisgreat at 18,Apr,15 22:15 other posts of dickisgreat 
I only had 14 viewers on this pic and thanks to FIVE of these a s s h o l e s I got docked 10 points for 'wrong category' because I put this under 'Normal' (aka Main). This pic is different from maybe 1 out of 4 pics in the Normal section how, exactly? Three guesses, it's not. My point is, when 5 out of 14 viewers say this is not a Normal pic that means there's a s h i t ton of trolls going around just clicking Wrong Category on everything they see.

By #485312 at 27,Apr,15 13:00
l don't think it takes 5 people to vote, just one, and l think admin just docks you...they probably moved it because of the redbull in the pic...its happened to many, youre not the only one...they don't like text on the pics either for some reason *lix*

By leopoldij at 02,Feb,15 16:21 other posts of leopoldij 
I posted the following pics but I lost 20 points:
-10 points - image m2xnyxh4clig was in a wrong category - Feb 1, 18:25
-10 points - image fqj69zv6j6ri was in a wrong category - Feb 1, 18:25
I chose "normal dicks, main".
Can someone tell me which category I should have chosen?

Normal Dicks (Main)
Misc: blowjobs, penetrations, panties, body, etc.
Cock measuring
Pierced Dicks
Tortured Dicks
Modified Dicks
Cock Art

Pussies (Main)

my cock ready for missdefay's cunt!

missdefmay  and my cock
By #484429 at 03,Apr,15 17:34
You should have chosen "Misc:...". Juicy cock, though!
By #485312 at 03,Apr,15 22:50
as in all sites, theres rules for some and rules for others, the rules say it must be neg voted at least three times too, but that's not true...lve had two pics relatively the same shot and one was left in main and one was neg votes, just someone not liking it on the day, might not of got laid that night before and had a bad day now l don't put any in main, that fixes everything *lix*

By #303313 at 20,Feb,13 17:56
just an example of fail photo i.e. dull image and shitted ass
[deleted image]

By MoeJoe at 03,May,12 11:17 other posts of MoeJoe 
Time to bump it up to the top again....too many crappy pics showing up here......

By #172995 at 02,May,12 18:17
Megapixels are a poor way for evaluating cameras. Photo quality is controlled by the quality of the optics. Make sure that you buy a digital camera with good lenses and optical zoom. Digital zoom withour optical zoom is cheap crap. Cellphones are phones. Cameras are cameras.

By cupar at 17,Oct,11 14:11 other posts of cupar 
Certainly needs a kick Lots of newbies on here posting very poor pics often taken with a mobile phone. Compacts are so cheap now.

By #74723 at 10,May,10 22:01
If you can, try not to use a flash. It will wash out the detail in most pics and make your cock or cunt look pale.
Use the light from incandescent bulbs(your regular house lamps). Incandescent light will give a nice warm look to your subject, and also impart a nice 'tan' look to your skin. Pictures of cum against your skin will look delicious in incandescent light; in flash or flourescent light, the cum won't show as well and your skin will appear very pale.
By oldbugle at 11,May,10 08:39 other posts of oldbugle 
You're right about flash,..if you must use it try to 'bounce' it off of a white surface, even a sheet of newspaper will give a better result......for flash built into the camera this is not easy so try a paper towel diffuser or use a small mirror to reflect most of the flash onto the newspaper......

I you use "your regular house lamps" it will depend on their actual colour 'temperature' and the colour balance setting on the camera whether you do get a "nice tan" or a sickly yellow caste,..try to set the camera to 'auto-white balbnce' or 'AWB'. Alternatively, give it a test and adjust white balance manually until you get nice colour balance.

By MediumPlum at 13,Feb,10 10:06 other posts of MediumPlum 
Try ACDsee. It's available as free ware(adequate) with the option to upgrade. Very simple to use compared to Photoshop (which really needs a 6 month apprenticship)

By bk12345 at 19,Oct,09 14:45 other posts of bk12345 
If you play with the white balance on most cameras, you can use household lamps as photo lights. That is what I use and I get natural light without it being too harsh or direct from a flash. In the White Balance light setting mode of the camera, set it to Tungsten (usually seen as a light bulb symbol). This will make the camera adjust all regular light bulb light to white light and now lamps are versatile photo tools. Hope this helps

By tipitou at 08,Sep,09 20:53 other posts of tipitou 
Thanks for the shooting tips.

By admin at 27,Aug,09 12:48 other posts of admin 
Excellent post, thank you!

By oldbugle at 27,Aug,09 10:38 other posts of oldbugle 
Excellent overview with very good tips.....

When focussing digital cameras, either use something to focus on which you then substitute for your cock,..or, use a mirror behind the camrera and half press the shutter button to make sure of the focus before taking the shot.

Try not to use the camera flash as it tends to make a bland result,...available light from windows etc will make a much better pic.

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