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Why do we do this??

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Started by #79095 at 03,Nov,11 19:14
Hey everyone, I have a question that I think is quite interesting and I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on this: Why do guys like having their cocks sucked? I know that it may seem like a silly question, and I also know that I will get the "because it feels so good" answer; but really, why do guys like having their cocks sucked? I mean, no other animal (that I at least know off) does this to their male counterparts, even during mating season. I haven't even heard of any primates doing this (and we are supposed to have evolved from them). So why do we do it? I think its quite interesting that we do this, even to the extent that some of us wait to "swallow" our partners cum. No other animals eat their own semen or anyone else's for that matter. What is it in us that causes us guys to want to have our cocks sucked and have someone drink our cum?

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By Mrjoshua at 27,Oct,23 13:44 other posts of Mrjoshua 
Because the concentration of nerves are in the glans thats why it is so sensative and enjoyable same with anus high consentration of nerves in that area and maybe animals are put together different

By XJacker at 21,Oct,23 19:42 other posts of XJacker 
I prefer to be hand jobbed.

By cruz69696969 at 21,Oct,23 08:58 other posts of cruz69696969 
Realy you have to ask "Why"

By cruz69696969 at 21,Oct,23 08:55 other posts of cruz69696969 
Really you have to ask "Why"

By Gntlmn at 20,Aug,22 18:36 other posts of Gntlmn 
I wish "Wheelie" was still on the site. He wrote articulate blogs about cocksucking. Receiving oral worship from a quadriplegic would be SO hot.

By nekekal at 20,Aug,22 18:05 other posts of nekekal 
The real question is why not? Why do people like to fuck? Because having something warm and wet tightly around our cocks makes us orgasm which feels incredible.

I had not considered having my cock sucked until someone suggested it and it was an OMG moment. My cock loves it, my body loves it, i would have it done all the time if I could.

By Ananas2xLekker at 14,Aug,22 19:19 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Animals Give Head, Too:
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And not just blowjobs:
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Somehow the word 'zo.o' (without the point) gets censored.

By #664956 at 14,Aug,22 19:08
I love pleasuring a man as I liked my cock sucked dry.
I love the smell of a guys crotch his taste drive me faggot horny
But most, the wonderful, mostmincredible taste of sperm


By leopoldij at 18,Jul,18 14:27 other posts of leopoldij 
Other an1mals do it too.
We're not unique in this respect.

There's a reward system associated with reproduction: we orgasm. Since we are developed we make this elementary thought: since fucking is good, let's fuck, let's get a bj or a hj, let's masturbate, etc., in order to feel good.

But other an1mals do it too. The more advanced they are the more they fuck and the more cock they suck.
By phart at 18,Jul,18 23:58 other posts of phart 
If you live or work out in rural areas you will see for sure we aint the only beings that do weird things to our selves and others.
By leopoldij at 19,Jul,18 03:48 other posts of leopoldij 
Thanks for the confirmation

By #485312 at 18,Jul,18 09:57
l think its a control thing, they love to stand and have someone kneel in front of them .. they like to hold your head in your hand and control the scene .. its a power position .. *lix*
By #550094 at 18,Jul,18 18:59
For many guys, yes, it's a control thing.

For me: it's a pleasure thing. I love watching an
older bearded guy make oral love to my cock,
my cock head sliding in and out of his wet lips,
the way he gently does it, him kneeling between my legs
(as I'm sitting in an armchair, or lying on the edge
of my bed) meanwhile I'm huffing poppers which makes
me wanna thrust my cock deeper towards his throat.
And I get to tickle his ears with my wet fingertips
or with a piece of tissue paper while he's doing it.

When your guy goes down on you, tickle his ears
with a piece of tissue paper rolled up like a "twig"
and just Barely touch his ears with it, use two twigs
for the additional tickling fun... will make him shake his head and you never know
where that tongue will go as you tickle him!

By #562152 at 18,Jul,18 14:10
i think it's because we are a lot smarter than other ****,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 33 seconds

******= a n i m a l s

By #550094 at 17,Jul,18 02:48
Why ask WHY?
We do this because we Can!
It is an asset of our many Many MANY pleasure thresholds,
therefore we should explore them.

By bigone21 at 20,Sep,13 21:13 other posts of bigone21 
i thought of answering, but then I saw the date of birth of this thread, and the one that gave it a come-back! I better MOVE MY ASS!

By #332336 at 17,Dec,12 18:45
Now to give you a serious answer. More than the feeling, when someone is sucking my cock, enjoying tasting it and feeling it in their mouth, it is like the supreme compliment to me. They are saying they love the most sensitive part of my body enough to take it in their mouth and suck until my seed comes out of my body, and when they swallow it, that is the ultimate compliment. They like my nutt enough to eat it, wow, what a turn on for me.
And likewise when I'm sucking a guys cock, I know I'm in control but at the same time worshiping his sex organ, making him feel so good and loved and give us both the pleasure of eating his seed. When I feel a mans cock tighten up and start twitching and jerking, and here him breathing heavy and moaning, it turns me on to no end. And when his cum begans pumping in my mouth, I sometimes get so excited I cum myself. It's more than the feeling, it's the closeness, the control, the giving, the taking, the intimacy of the whole act. I get the same feeling burying my face in a hot pussy and making a woman cum too.

By #332336 at 17,Dec,12 18:30
You're wrong on us being the only species that does it. I used to have a donkey and my male dog would lick his cock every time he ran it out until the donkey squirted cum for him. That damn dog would lick it up off the ground and get every drop. Every one that saw it would laugh their ass off. I lived in the country and all my neighbors talked about that damn queer dog licking that donkey's dick. Someone even took a picture of it and posted it at the local beer joint.

By #186300 at 18,Nov,11 09:12
Bonobos (Pygmy chimpanzee) google their sex life
By #201583 at 11,Dec,11 02:11
You are correct, they have oral and even french kiss.

By #89828 at 03,Nov,11 21:00
Short answer: Because the average guy will stick his dick into ANYTHING that will feel good and that he can get away with...

Longer answer: Because our brains are more complex than those of any other creature on Earth. For the rest of the animal kingdom, sex is all about REPRODUCTION (With the exception of PRIMATES, who do enjoy recreational boinking), and they do it purely on instinct and to make more of their kind. HUMANS think about sex much differently (because we CAN think), and as a result, sexual activity takes on many more forms than you see in the rest of nature. Other animals don't role-play, develop fetishes, have sexual identity issues or guilt, cross dress, etc. Our brains have too much time on their hands, so we come up with new ways to get off.... just feels so damn good!
By spermkiss at 04,Nov,11 18:43 other posts of spermkiss 
Good answer. I'm sure you're right.

By spermkiss at 05,Nov,11 16:44 other posts of spermkiss 
Or another way of putting it: I think, therefore I suck cocks.
By #89828 at 05,Nov,11 19:30
LOL! Cock sucking philosophy favorite class!
By spermkiss at 05,Nov,11 22:50 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, I'm sure that the lab sessions for this class would be especially fun.

By #79095 at 05,Nov,11 04:32
All of the above posts really make some good points here. I find it funny how guys grow up with quite a relationship with their own "packages" and really don't know what it is capable off, or what they are capable off doing with it when they are little boys. It feels good to play around with it, tug it and toy with it at that stage of our lives, but we don't really see ourselves feeding it into the mouths of anyone else at that age or "when we grew up" for that matter. I for one know that, as a child, I never thought about having my penis sucked at that age...I didn't even know that this was even possible or that people even did that when they were adults. Likewise, I doubt that any women (or guy) at that age ever thought that they would one day suck on another man's cock when they grew up. I wonder if we all did not have easy access to porn ( especially the way we do now), whether or not cock sucking would be such a "normal" or "everday" part of sex? In other words, did we learn this at some point of our child, teenage or young adult years? Or is this "desire" to suck cock within some men and women already, and do they kinda transition into just doing it? I am fascinated to know where we all cross this boundary as guys from viewing our cocks as a "playful attachment" as kids, to something that we not only can have sex with, but also put into the mouths of our partners or lovers and ejaculate. There must really be something in our psyche's that says that this is okay and that a woman (or guy) should, in some way, fellate their partners. What eventually drives us to see the penis as something that should inevitably be sucked - yet for years before that, when younger, we never entertained the thought about allowing that to happen or doing that to someone else.
By spermkiss at 05,Nov,11 05:20 other posts of spermkiss 
Maybe you didn't know about sucking cock at a young age, but I certainly did. I was younger than eight years when I first sucked another boy's cock and he sucked mine. Then all thru childhood and adolescence I engaged in sex play (mostly sucking) with other boys. Did I know that grownups did this too? I'm not sure that I ever really thought about that but I kind of think that I realized it. Keep in mind that I'm sixty-nine years old and when I was a child, adolescent and even a young adult porn, even soft core porn that only involved nudity without sex, was virtually non-existant, at least where I lived in the midwest. I'm inclined to think that the desire to fellate is inherent with humanity.

By Gntlmn at 03,Nov,11 19:23 other posts of Gntlmn 
'sure wish someone would drink mine....
By #13219 at 04,Nov,11 05:53
If we were neighbors I would suck and swallow you often
By Gntlmn at 05,Nov,11 01:46 other posts of Gntlmn 

By #6568 at 04,Nov,11 15:19
Well being entirely straight I'm only interested in a woman doing it to me, however, I think that for many men it has more to do with it's psychological meaning rather than simply "feeling good". For many men they like the dominance over a woman (or I supose, other man if gay) of being pleasured orally..... for other men it's a very intimate thing or about close communication, arguably, MORE intimate than ordinary intercourse.
By #79095 at 04,Nov,11 15:29
I have also been pondering about this over the last day since posting this topic...and I gotta say, I kinda agree with you. I think for a guy to have his cock sucked is a deep approval for him as a partner to his lover...especially if he is allowed to cum in his/her mouth. I guess this act validates a level of trust and deep intimacy in a partnership. But having said that, I don't think that this happens in all relationships where cock sucking happens. I guess in these situations a guy gets his cock sucked only because its there and hard to ignore if its all pumped up and in your face!
By spermkiss at 04,Nov,11 18:59 other posts of spermkiss 
As a gay cocksucker I've got to say that exchanging sperm with another man is the most intimate act there is. When I suck a guy to climax and he gives me his sperm he is giving me part of himself. It's good to know that sperm will go down into my gut, be digested and become muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. Likewise when he accepts my sperm, part of me will become part of him. Real togetherness.

So yes, I agree with both of you. Certainly there can be overtones of dominance in oral sex (or any sex for that matter), but also there are the feelings of intimacy and close communication.

And sometimes it's just sex. The guy being sucked just wants to get off and the cocksucker cannot resist a hard dick in his face.
By #89828 at 04,Nov,11 19:55
As to the "dominance" issue, I have always seen it the opposite way. When i am giving my guy head, it is ME who is in charge. I can make him squirm, get all heated up, make him cum fast or take my time and even get him to beg me not to stop. I am in complete control. Also, because I am taking his most sensitive body part into my mouth (with all those teeth!), he has to have a certain degree of trust that I won't chomp on him! I don't see the cock sucker as the "submissive" partner in the act...
By spermkiss at 04,Nov,11 23:19 other posts of spermkiss 
Good point. Now that I think about it, as a cocksucker I never felt that I was being dominated by the guy I was sucking. Indeed, generally he's just lying there being passive while I'm assuming the active role. However, there are certain aspects to domination when he reaches his climax and ejaculates. It's as though he's using his sperm to mark my mouth as his territory. Not that I mind, I like having a dick and sperm in my mouth.

Personally, I've never thought of sex, any kind of sex, in terms of dominance and submission, though there are people who think that way. Sex is a joyous expression of intimacy between two people, not a contest to see who's in charge.

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