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Who love his wife/girlfriend's butt hole?

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Started by #278535 at 26,Nov,12 20:49
I love my wife's butt hole. When I spread her legs and her butt hole is shown to me it feels awesome! It's a huge turn on for me when I get close and got the sexy smell from there. Love to kiss, suck and lick it and enjoy her sweet moaning while doing it. Amazing....! Am I wrong or am I treated as pervert? I don't know but I really love it.

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By #487013 at 01,Feb,18 16:00
Well if you don’t love yourself can’t expect anyone else to. Calling yourself a butthole is a bit harsh though...

By #423426 at 01,Feb,18 12:43
Here's me "liking" my girl's arsehole. [deleted image]

By Moench at 31,Jan,18 20:07 other posts of Moench 
with my little dick in my wifs pussy and my finger in her butt hole, so she go up like a tor****. her butt hole is sensitive like her vagina

By leopoldij at 31,Jan,18 19:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Nice anal here only registered users can see external links

By shackles at 31,Jan,18 16:34 other posts of shackles 


By #522126 at 29,Jan,18 21:50
I love licking and fingering my Wifes' bum hole,she gets turned on by it and invites me to fuck her anus.

By Jrbowen2016 at 29,Jan,18 14:10 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I really like to eat my wifes ass out every night

By #430256 at 16,Sep,13 19:03
My mate reckons if you want to fuck your girl up the bum that is a sign youre secretly gay, I reckon that is bollocks. Do you agree?
By #316255 at 16,Sep,13 21:29
I agree with..... you. What a stupid comment from your mate.
By bella! at 16,Sep,13 21:36 other posts of bella! 
I didn't recognize you Emm.

By stl06 at 19,Sep,13 18:28 other posts of stl06 
Yea seems like an oxymoron saying a guy wanting to fuck your girl is a sign your gay. May not be what everyone is into but certainly has no implications of being gay.
edit: guess I should have read a bit further down 2nice sums up most of this with "oxymoron"

By bigone21 at 16,Sep,13 22:16 other posts of bigone21 
@ chrisot: I agree that is bollocks! And if a woman likes to knibble on her guys tits, would that make here secretly lesbian??

If you like to fuck a woman up the ass, you really have to have some real interest! In women!
By #278535 at 21,Oct,13 15:17

By #278535 at 03,Oct,13 20:52
I just love to suck and give her a good rimjob, that's all. I don't have any desire to fuck her bum really.
By #430256 at 07,Oct,13 15:18
Theres a girl at the chinese take-away I REALLY want her arse
By #278535 at 14,Oct,13 23:10
oh really? that's so hot!
By #430256 at 15,Oct,13 11:18
i had her now
By #278535 at 21,Oct,13 15:15
wow! that's great!

By #122997 at 01,Oct,13 10:49
My wife loves anal! My favorite is to fuck her pussy with her dildo, doggy style then I can lick and tongue her butt hole until she's nice and wet ! I'll then insert a couple of fingers, until she begs me to fuck her! I fuck her ass and she fucks her pussy with the dildo until I cum hard inside her! She always manages to orgasm when we fuck like that!!
By #278535 at 14,Oct,13 23:11
Ummmm u make me so hard dude!
By #122997 at 15,Oct,13 12:03
That is my reason for being on here!!
By #278535 at 21,Oct,13 15:14

By naked-porn at 02,Oct,13 15:03 other posts of naked-porn 
I adore my wife butthole. Unfortunately she don't cum with anal sex, so our strong agreement is that before I have to take her to orgasm fucking pussy and immediately after I can have fun cumming into her ass

By #418812 at 01,Oct,13 04:07
I love to fuck ass, but my wife doesn't, she don't let me fuck. very bad

By #311947 at 16,Sep,13 15:59
LOVE my girls asshole. Her ass can take such a pounding, and is so pretty and puckered. Love licking it, rubbing it, making out with it, fucking it, the more puckered it gets the better!

By #137089 at 10,Feb,13 01:14
By #278535 at 13,Feb,13 19:55

By #37271 at 13,Feb,13 01:06
Guilty as charged.....if it wasn't meant to be wouldn't have been placed so close to heaven..... /hjev2afs36zqpic.html
By #278535 at 13,Feb,13 19:54
Wow sexy!

By #159268 at 13,Feb,13 02:22
I love my girls ass too , lick it suck it anything she'll let me do to it , I like your girls little butthole too and her nice little pussy lips
By #278535 at 13,Feb,13 19:53
Thanks a lot!

By #145304 at 12,Feb,13 21:37
same here.I've jerked off to her asshole.I wish she liked getting it licked as much as i like licking it

By #311947 at 09,Feb,13 12:42
Im obsessed with my girls asshole. I should post a pic of it. Its so awesome. So accommodating.
By #278535 at 12,Feb,13 20:15
Please post...

By #342730 at 15,Jan,13 03:31
if u like ur wife's ass hole that much there is nothing wrong with that and if she likes it when u do that to her well more power to u man i say do it ne chance u get
By #319300 at 15,Jan,13 03:40
I could eat my wifes asshole for hours.
By #278535 at 08,Feb,13 21:20
Me too!!!!

By #278535 at 08,Feb,13 21:18
i will do, thanks

By #278535 at 12,Feb,13 20:15

By #289712 at 09,Feb,13 21:42
My girlfriend cums real fast when she wants me to put my penis in her butt. She goes crazy!! Other times when im fucking her doggie style, when she is about to cum I rub her ass with my thumb.. massive orgasm for her
By #278535 at 12,Feb,13 20:14

By iluvcox at 17,Jan,13 05:10 other posts of iluvcox 
I love to kiss my wife's ass and tongue her butthole.Sometimes she will spread her ass cheeks and hold them open so I can have my fun. Check my pics!
By #278535 at 08,Feb,13 21:19
Nice pics!

By #29033 at 17,Jan,13 13:31
I love everything about my girlfriend's arsehole, licking, sniffing and fucking her backdoor while she shoves a dildo in her cunt gets my cock so hard!

By pornlover59 at 15,Jan,13 21:47 other posts of pornlover59 
i am an asshole lover!my gf has a hot one and ive eaten licked and sucked just about every woman's asshole i've had sex with!!!

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