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Gloryhole Experiences

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Started by #319876 at 28,Nov,12 19:47
Just wondering if anyone has used a public/private gloryhole and what it was like?

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By #683819 at 07,Dec,22 20:15
got my first male bj there then he put his cock thought hole and i started sucking him and got first load in mouth there too

By 4438cr at 13,Nov,22 06:13 other posts of 4438cr 
Got my first male blow job in a glory hole!!!! Gave my first blow job in glory hole!! Got great bj in a camper trailer glory hole at hiway rest erea!!!!

By shavedpubis at 06,Nov,22 07:59 other posts of shavedpubis 
amazing place for me at times sq.

By knewbi at 26,Oct,22 16:43 other posts of knewbi 
Always thought it would be so fucking hot to suck a number of cocks where you did not see any of the guys faces. Just stiff cocks cumming through a hole in the wall!!!
By spermkiss at 26,Oct,22 20:33 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm guessing that glory hole sex is something you've never done. That's too bad because it's the ultimate in anonymous sex. And that makes it the purest sex there is. See my earlier comments made years ago on this topic.
By knewbi at 29,Oct,22 16:41 other posts of knewbi 
Yep, never tried a glory hole. Would love to though some day..

By PA-Freddy at 23,Oct,22 21:40 other posts of PA-Freddy 
While on vacation in Key West, Florida I visited the glory hole 2 times. The first time the guy was saying he is been edging for hours and I need it to cum. I help him and he cum fast. The second time I was there the guy stuck his big penis thru the hole and I start to blow him and he shoot a big load and spray everywhere and I got some of his cum on my jeans.

Great time I had at the glory hole blowing 2 big white cocks

By Clover65 at 23,Oct,22 18:06 other posts of Clover65 
I bet I have sucked 10,000 cocks through the gloryhole..I love sucking cock love all cock big, small, cut, uncut black white long as the end result is a big load for me to swallow then I'm happy and even happier when im dressed up..I am a married sissy c/d

By andrew999999999 at 15,Jan,20 16:00 other posts of andrew999999999 
I've recently been using one at the men's sauna complex I go to. It's great! Waiting for those cocks to poke through the hole, before taking it in my hand, and sucking it.

By cruz69696969 at 02,Nov,19 07:22 other posts of cruz69696969 
If you never experienced a glory hole and if you love to suck a cock now and then, it is definitely an exhilarating experience

By stiffone4u at 02,Nov,19 03:35 other posts of stiffone4u 
Went to my first adult book store with a gloryhole at 21. I had no idea they existed.Got scared(catholic heterosexual)and left. Got a bit drunk after breaking up with gf and went back.I was 6', 170 lbs in cut-off shorts. Every time I went in a booth, the booth next to it got occupied.I moved from booth to booth to see what it was like to be a sex object...after a good while I let a guy start rubbing my leg and more...

By cumonme1 at 06,Jan,19 12:35 other posts of cumonme1 
Unfortunately glory holes are disappearing so are the adult book stores,I always enjoyed playing glory holes are so much fun.
By SluttySarah069 at 12,Apr,19 14:55 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Try and adult cinema or a gay sauna.

By #554098 at 12,Apr,19 02:51
Are there any female 'glory holes'? Seen some of the male ones, but what about women, and their 'rights'?
Are they called something different, to distinguish the two?

By liketoedge at 10,Apr,19 20:07 other posts of liketoedge 
I got sucked off at an adult book store. As I left I watched who came out of the booth to realize it was the dad of o friend of mine. I think he knew who I was but did t know I knew it was him.i always kept his secret

By teddyk13 at 10,Apr,19 15:58 other posts of teddyk13 
its fun

By #496814 at 06,Jul,16 12:38
A gloryhole would be my #1 fantasy. Not knowing whether the one giving me a bj is a guy or girl, old or young, fat or skinny, ugly or hot. Problem is, it usually is a guys fantasy and anonimity is hardly fully provided.

But maybe if I ever find the guts... Ive written a blog about it:

By Greek18cm at 05,Jan,19 19:13 other posts of Greek18cm 
Cousin or not...!

By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 05:40
I never found any glory hole in my city or country. If I could find one I would use it every day.

By onthelose at 28,Dec,18 21:41 other posts of onthelose 
For me its the fact that I am giving someone pleasure. There is also the annominity that goes along with the gloryhole. They are all covered over here. Haven't seen one in years, which is a shame.

By #575336 at 28,Dec,18 18:54
I went to a adult book store and was watching a video. Started playing with my dick and a hand came through the hole and grabbed my dick. Got me hard and pulled me closer to the hole
. So I put my hard dick in the hole
It felt so good . I could tell I was going to cum.sp I just

By #182330 at 10,Jul,16 08:12
this is my first gory hole experience

so one day I was bored and was scrolling threw the casual encounter part of craigslist when I came across a glory hole add interested I contacted the person and got the address and the details of the hole.. so I get to the house I was told to just come threw the front door it was cracked open as I walk into the house I see the hole to my right in the kitchen its a regular door with a hole cut into it and handles at the top to hold on to as you get sucked off it reads on the door stick in hard so I drop my pants and get myself hard and insert it into the hole and was met with the best head I have ever gotten to this day my dick didn't leave this persons mouth the entire time they expertly sucked dry over and over till I felt weak swallowing thick load after load single handedly the best sexual experience I have ever had on side to losing my virginity hands down

By #446346 at 09,Jul,16 01:43
I got sucked off once.

I was great.

My cock was kissed, then I was just sticking thru the hole wondering what happened. I shook my cock. I could see flashes of light in a crack so I knew the other person was taking pictures of my cock.

Then the magic happened... A slow and wet blowjob that made me cum so hard and long.

I had to stay in the stall for an extra 5 minutes or so, just to steady my legs to walk out!

By #264686 at 06,Jul,16 23:14
Mouse Trap! That's all I've got to say about that!

By #515077 at 06,Jul,16 11:46
I live in Las Vegas and I thot I was in heaven when I found the bookstores. It took me awhile to get the nerve up to suck one when it came thru the hole. Not that I had never sucked a cock before. Then I got married and talked the wife into going. So were in the booth watchin some movies and I can tell that the guy is waiting for my cock so I stick thru and cum in his mouth. The wife thot that was pretty kool. Anyway the bottem line is that she couldn't wait to watch me suck the cock that come thu the hole. Which was kinda neet deal. having her get turned on watching me sucking cock.

By niceonebighead at 25,Mar,16 20:29 other posts of niceonebighead 
i like gloryholes because im not gay and idont like a guy tryin 2 kiss me an huggie hug just want my cocksucked and the sameway when i suck cock dont want all that i only like kissin ladys even if they just sucked someone else off

By swvsucker at 14,Dec,13 03:51 other posts of swvsucker 
There is not enough room on this site for all of my experiences at gloryholes. To put it simply, I have been sucking gloryhole cock for nearly 14 years and have sucked off over 250 men at them.

Gloryholes are perfect. No drama. No BS. Just a guy needing serviced and a cocksucker taking care of his needs. A perfect situation for both.

By #440670 at 13,Dec,13 06:45
Where could I find a gloryhole

By #332336 at 12,Dec,13 21:22
I was dating a married woman once and she wanted me to take her to an ABS so she could watch me get sucked off through a gloryhole. We found one and after some time in a booth a tongue slid through the hole. I place my cock on it and let him suck away. It didn't take long with her watching to shoot my load in the guys mouth. We hung around a while because she wanted to see the guy when he came out of the booth. After about 6 or 8 guys used the booth, he finally exited. It was her husband! I took off and let them fight it out.

By #327529 at 19,Dec,12 19:43
don't have a pic to share, but will share of my experience at a gloryhole just 2 days ago...I was enjoying sucking a very nice cock through the hole. It was obvious from his responses that he was in real need of a good blow job. At one point, I went down to his balls and began sucking them. As I sucked his balls, I jacked his cock. It wasn't long before I could feel his cock swell even more in my hand as he shot his load onto my shoulder and then over my back. I came up to catch the last spurt in my mouth and slid down to the base and then back up again licking the remaining cum oozing out of his slit...I went back down again and stayed there sucking gently until he began to go soft...I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

By #226523 at 12,Dec,12 19:04
[deleted image]

I was at the hole in a local supermarket when this beaut showed it's magnificent throbbing head thru the hole Man o' man what a surprise spent time fondling and sucking it then put mine thru the hole to be given the best blow job ever. We are now best buddies and meat regularly sometimes with our young mates to enjoy hours of intense cock fun now that the glory hole has been closed.
lots more glory hole pics on my sydpage

By #220845 at 12,Dec,12 17:46
Once I was in a booth bent over getting my ass eaten and a guy pulled the door open, hot!

By #220845 at 12,Dec,12 17:43
I remember being on my knees sucking Cock and another guy pulling the door open, turned me on big time.

By #220845 at 12,Dec,12 17:41
I remember once in the late eighties at the book store, I was letting guys suck me but I wasn't reciprocating. Once while in the booth a man next door stuck his Cock and balls into my booth i had never seen a dick that big. I remember taking it in my hands putting my face up next to it, smelling it, rubbing it across my lips and under my nose. It was very erotic.

By #327529 at 03,Dec,12 18:19
There is no doubt that this is one of life's great pleasures. I realize some people find the idea repulsive, but for those of us who enjoy it-it's a true thrill. I've enjoyed sucking through them many times and have enjoyed being sucked through them as well. I've also enjoyed male/female couples through them too. There's only 2 places in this town. I wish I could set up my own private one; perhaps one day I will. I think what prevents a lot of guys from going to glory holes is the fear of STDs. And of course, you must pay attention. You can say I'm lucky I suppose, but I've never contracted anything. Like anything else, it's a matter of common sense.
I've wondered what it is about them that is such a turn on a couple of times. For me, I think it's just the idea that when someone goes to one, puts their hard waiting cock through the hole, they want nothing more than the sensation of getting sucked. There's something about not having full body contact that seems to make the experience more intense. And there in all its glory is a hard cock waiting to be pleasured. I prefer the larger holes so the balls can be accessible too. You can't see them and they can't see you, but you can hear their moans and they can hear the wet sound of you sucking. If you're lucky enough, maybe someone has come into the booth with you and is sucking you at the same time...
By mywusch at 12,Dec,12 17:09 other posts of mywusch 

By #327529 at 07,Dec,12 18:19
I have to say that SPERMKISS expresses exactly how I've felt about so many things concerning sexuality; sex, gloryholes, bath houses/gay saunas, et al.
It is so refreshing to see that there is another man/person who views these things in the same light. I remember many years ago when I struggled with who I was as a person with my sexuality and my appetites. Because of hearing all the messages from most people in society, I was very confused. I felt terrible guilt for enjoying spontaneous and anonymous sexual encounters. All of this during the time that I was fighting myself over the fact that I was indeed bisexual. Every time my urges consumed me, I'd go out seeking release for my appetites and very willing. After it was over, I'd fall into regret about what had just happened.
All of this came to an end when I finally decided it was time to be honest and accept the fact that I loved going to glory holes, bath houses, etc. When that happened, I felt a great burden lifted from me and my enjoyment of sex increased dramatically. That is, I enjoyed it without the guilt attached afterward. I realized that such judgements towards people like myself didn't mean a damned thing unless I allowed them to.
What is unfortunate, is that there are many people that think people like us are incapable of caring for one person. No doubt, for me to be with one person would mean that she would have to accept my appetites for sex with men. There are certainly females who do accept as we all know; it's just a matter of connecting with one. I know several couples (some I play with) who have this kind of relationship with each other and have been together for years.
Finally, there is something very rewarding about going to have sex with others that is for just the enjoyment of the moment. Those moments are usually very intense as there's no hidden agenda; it's sex for the enjoyment of sex and nothing more. Some people just don't get it. I don't concern myself with what they think or feel about it anymore.
Glory holes are great places and a real example of the enjoyment of this kind of sex...again SPERMKISS, you da man!
By spermkiss at 07,Dec,12 18:28 other posts of spermkiss 
You say the nicest things.

By #226523 at 06,Dec,12 19:52
I am a real gloryhole freak have made one myself in a local public toilet only to have it closed and then have to reopen it. Lately they are impossible to find.
I have more pics of this now closed gloryhole in Windhoek PM me if you would like me to post them.
this is mine thru the hole /6c6avqs5tws1pic.html

By m22r at 29,Nov,12 17:46 other posts of m22r 
[deleted image]
By #327498 at 02,Dec,12 18:04
Oh yes I would so suck your nice looking cock it looks delisious.
By m22r at 04,Dec,12 22:20 other posts of m22r 

By #313150 at 29,Nov,12 18:56
Some good comments here about the sort of environment you get from a glory hole. I rarely suck cock through a glory hole, as I find it quite frustrating - your face is splatted against a wooden board, and you can only get at half the cock.

I much prefer to get the guy to lie down naked, and kneel down beside him and then go to town on his cock, with full access - you can get to his cock, his balls, and head on down if you want to.

In gay saunas it is still totally anonymous and no strings, so you still get that side of it. But the sex is so much better, and you can give the guy a better experience.

I certainly would do it if there was no other way, but glory holes aren`t my first choice.

On the plus side, glory holes are a good way for people to get into cock sucking, as you can just focus on the cock, and not worry about interacting with the person.
By spermkiss at 03,Dec,12 18:33 other posts of spermkiss 
You've made some very good points and I really like the fact that you fully understand the appeal of anonymous no-strings-attached sex. This is the purest sex there is in that it not an expression of love or devotion, it is not part of a meaningful relationship and it does not come with (sometimes messy) entanglements. It is pure sex. The people doing it are doing so because they want sex, no more, no less.

I'll leave it to others to judge whether this kind of sex is good or bad for themselves. But if they decide it is not for them, they should not be so bold as to extend their judgement to others. I personally feel that sex is inherently good. There is nothing wrong with two (or more) people relating to each other strictly in sexual terms. Obviously you feel the same way.

As for sex in gay saunas and bath houses that is totally anonymous, sure that's good too, and I've done it. There is indeed something to be said for whole body sex. Sex involving embracing, caressing, kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and anything and everything else that one can think of. This, too, can be done solely because the individuals want sex and nothing more. No thought of commitment or follow up. Again pure sex.

All things considered, the sex involving more of the body than just a cock coming thru a hole in the wall is undoubtedly superior. But there still is an appeal to sucking someone off or being sucked off thru a glory hole. As I said in my first post on this subject, it puts the entire focus on the mouth/cock connection. When you're really devoted to oral sex that can be magic.

By Papamike at 03,Dec,12 08:09 other posts of Papamike 
Know of any in San Jose ca?

By #317282 at 03,Dec,12 08:07
Love glory holes too. At the local university there is a great glory hole in the toilets in one of the buildings - lovely young frat guy cock through the hole and they love it! 2wq or 3 in an hour I just love it. They guys probably don't a "gay" experience but a good warm willing mouth and they are in

By pifad at 29,Nov,12 20:52 other posts of pifad 
Big turn on. 60's, 70's and 80's. Free sex and plenty of dick to be had.

By #220845 at 29,Nov,12 19:05
Big turn on. Early nineties, still like them

By spermkiss at 28,Nov,12 21:41 other posts of spermkiss 
The ultimate in anonymous sex! Sure sex withing a Meaningful Relationship is good, but there are times when a guy just wants to give and/or get a blow job with a total stranger, someone he has never seen before and will never see again. When a guy sticks his cock thru a gloryhole you know absolutely nothing about him, you cannot even see him. All you know is that he wants to get off. All he knows about you is that you want to suck him off. And that's all that matters. That mouith/dick connection becomes the center of the universe and nothing else matters. Pure sex.
By Uncut_Dick at 29,Nov,12 03:53 other posts of Uncut_Dick 
I agree I find this idea very hot! Would love to suck and be sucked through one!

By #233140 at 29,Nov,12 13:31
I've always wanted to experience one, I just haven't had the chance. I LOVE sucking cock and the thought of sucking cock after cock after cock in a gloryhole type situation just gets me SOOOO fucking horny! Of course there is always the worry about STD's and that's probably the reason I've never pursued actually finding one. I guess I'll just have to continue playing with all my existing friends.

I wonder, can I setup my OWN Gloryhold in my house, have all my friends line up.... IT probably wouldn't be the same thing now would it? LOL
By spermkiss at 29,Nov,12 17:21 other posts of spermkiss 
Nope, it wouldn't be the same. You'd know it was one of your friends on the other side. You'd probably even know which one it was if you had gotten to know them well enough to recognize them just by seeing their dicks.

The main appeal of a gloryhole is the total anonymity of the situation. The cocksucker and the suckee know absolutely nothing about each other except that they both want sex. They cannot even see each other.

It's pure SEX. No pussyfooting around, no games, no entanglements, no nonsense, no bullshit. Just SEX. There are times in every man's life when that's what he wants. Sex for its own sake with no strings attached.

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