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I have a small cock

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Started by #479338 at 28,Dec,14 03:44
I have a small cock, and you know what, Im fucking proud of what I can do with it. Have sex for hours, cum with the same intensity as Pompeii, and make some pretty awesome things happen. Long story short. I'm proud of my "small" cock, and if you think its pathetic, that's cool. But its what I've got, and I make it work. Small cock pride.

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By Alwaysnude at 24,Dec,22 15:18 other posts of Alwaysnude 
I do have a small one too

By #685138 at 23,Dec,22 14:35
Only 4 inches here.
[deleted image]

By jimbo111949 at 22,Dec,22 01:21 other posts of jimbo111949 

By bil47 at 16,Nov,22 13:51 other posts of bil47 
Here's mine.

By uncutjoy at 16,Nov,22 12:40 other posts of uncutjoy 

By SupaCock at 15,Nov,22 12:29 other posts of SupaCock 
I absolutely love small dicks.... I find them beautiful.

By lawrenceo at 14,Nov,22 15:19 other posts of lawrenceo 
Cocks are cocks and you can do with your own small one what others can do with a bigger one. Cumming is the end station for everyone.

By Reinhold at 28,Sep,22 05:38 other posts of Reinhold 
meiner ist auch klein

By leopoldij at 22,Sep,22 15:58 other posts of leopoldij 
Me too

By wycowboy at 22,Sep,22 15:15 other posts of wycowboy 
Mine is small too but I have always been able to make a woman cum with it, sometimes more than once and when I was young I could shoot cum 3 feet. Now that I am older (59) it just dribbles out and the volume is less but I can fuck longer because there is also less sensation.

By biggg at 21,Sep,22 13:09 other posts of biggg 
Yes, itґs very small. I canґt see anything

By PA-Freddy at 21,Sep,22 00:14 other posts of PA-Freddy 
he does not exist because of his small cock

By Richie at 20,Sep,22 23:59 other posts of Richie 
Join the club

By towman812 at 20,Sep,22 13:25 other posts of towman812 
nothing wrong with a small penis at all

By #671055 at 13,May,22 04:45
I have a small one too, but I don't feel the need to show that I am still a "man" with a tiny penis. I have had several girlfriends, and they like it small. Penetrative sex, has never been any big deal to me, as so many women seem to care more about the relationship, caring, and the closeness.
I love that, and I don't mind that they giggle, and want me to wear panties, because she likes it, for her own reasons.
Different relationships, and a more "modern" man, maybe?
Beyond the MALE "Macho" and "mine is bigger than yours, BS?"
By Alwaysnude at 28,Jun,22 15:57 other posts of Alwaysnude 
Well said I get giggles

By #668410 at 26,Jun,22 08:47
Cockseize competition is poor (brains) men's stuff.
Unfortunately a pantmonster does not make a good male character (often enough the opposite).

By Jublad36 at 21,Jun,22 21:10 other posts of Jublad36 
I used to think that mine was small when younger, but actually it's just about bang on average.
I'm actually quire happy with what I've got. I really don't want a fucking great thing dangling between my legs.

By Alwaysnude at 07,May,22 14:14 other posts of Alwaysnude 
[deleted image]My littleguy
--------------------------------------- added after 94 hours

[deleted image] Ihave a little dick
--------------------------------------- added after 1200 hours

[deleted image] My little boner
--------------------------------------- added after 1203 hours

[deleted image] My little play toy enjoy
--------------------------------------- added after 4585 hours

[deleted image]my little guy
--------------------------------------- added after 4608 hours

I have a small cocktoo👍🏻
--------------------------------------- added after 4614 hours

[deleted image]

By galaxy123 at 04,Apr,22 17:49 other posts of galaxy123 
I developed late and was teased a lot when young. I am proud of my size. It is small when soft
By Jimjim at 05,Apr,22 15:11 other posts of Jimjim 
Mine has always been small and when it's soft it looks like a belly button but I have a cousin that was younger than me but really well equipped so it was always embarrassing having to be naked around him. Anytime I see other guys naked they are always bigger lol

By Richie at 03,Apr,22 19:15 other posts of Richie 
Can't be as small as mine

By tcputts at 02,Apr,22 21:47 other posts of tcputts 
There's nothing wrong with having a small cock. I find 9 out of 10 times the smaller ones are usually more attractive
By liketoedge at 03,Apr,22 18:12 other posts of liketoedge 
I have to agree

By #664918 at 02,Apr,22 17:36
I have a small cock too and I love it. Also love other small cocks

By #647451 at 01,Aug,21 01:19
My penis is rather small 1 inch soft if I get erect about 3 inches

By #647572 at 28,Jul,21 02:56
[deleted image]

Small but working fine
By #631189 at 28,Jul,21 08:25
Looks perfect from here!
By #647572 at 28,Jul,21 15:31
Thank you

By #631189 at 28,Jul,21 08:27
You have to own it! I’m small when soft but really don’t care and I’ll happily be naked on the beach every year. When I come out of the sea all I have on show is some wrinkled foreskin and my balls, but I don’t care!

By Alwaysnude at 23,Jul,21 20:52 other posts of Alwaysnude 
[deleted image] Proud ofmylttle guy

By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:58

By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:56

By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:52
I have a tiny penis but gets very large, it happens to you ?

By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:52
yo tengo un pene diminuto pero se pone muy grande,te pasa a ti?

By #17887 at 29,Dec,14 04:08
Dude, I hear you, I knew this dude with a small cock but it got so hard, you could barely bend it down. It stood straight up and he could come and stay hard. His dick would stay hard for hours and he would shoot the biggest loads. It was an amazing cock.
By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:48
Only big ?

By gazlittlewilly at 28,Dec,14 08:36 other posts of gazlittlewilly 
By #509493 at 14,Jul,16 17:13

By #509493 at 21,Jul,16 17:47

By bikev at 29,Dec,14 14:57 other posts of bikev 
It looks good to me. I would love to suck it and ride it.

By spermkiss at 28,Dec,14 16:45 other posts of spermkiss 
Way to go, man. Sure, a guy with a whopper dick can prance around nude and show it off and act like he's a stud, but a guy with a small cock who's got the balls to show it off and be proud of it is the bigger stud.

By #281008 at 28,Dec,14 08:16
I have a stinking cock do u want to suck it pls

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