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What would you do to my dick if you could do ANYTHING

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Started by #542421 at 22,Oct,17 07:02
[deleted image]
If you had total control of my dick, what would you do to it or with it?

Suck it? Milk it? Torture it? Lock it up? Modify it?
Use my dick for your hottest fantasy! And maybe I’ll let you do it for real

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By Sfax#17 at 09,Jun,24 20:58 other posts of Sfax#17 
If I had total control of your cock I would suck it till you came in my mouth. Then I would masturbate you until you came on my face.

By filby at 06,Jun,24 13:09 other posts of filby 
Suck on it.

By probowler298 at 23,May,24 01:04 other posts of probowler298 
Torture it with electricity balls and cock and take lots of pictures to post online

By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:26 other posts of spunkluvr 
Torture it.

By thicknsmooth at 09,Feb,23 05:39 other posts of thicknsmooth 
What would you do to mine?
By spunkluvr at 03,May,24 05:24 other posts of spunkluvr 
Suck it!

By gayguy at 09,Feb,23 11:51 other posts of gayguy 
Suck it until it was dry
Then I,d sit on it

By probowler298 at 09,Feb,23 05:26 other posts of probowler298 
I would love to have someone shock my dick and balls to make me jump. Lol. Electric prods or taser.

By #533479 at 28,Nov,18 18:21
I'd stick it up my bum - or at least try

By #572438 at 27,Nov,18 20:56
Have it buy me the winning lottery ticket

By #516354 at 23,Oct,17 02:06
My fantasy would be to have you tie me naked bent over a table face down.Then you would fuck my mouth till you were hard as a rock.Once hard you would fuck my ass hole till you were ready to cum.You would then thrust your cock into my mouth and shoot your load and make me swallow it.
By knewbi at 27,Nov,18 16:02 other posts of knewbi 
I couldn't have said it any better...

By pifad at 27,Nov,18 15:27 other posts of pifad 
Sniff it, lick it like a lollypop, slobber all over it and suck it with the occasional deep throating until your balls explode and give me my creamy delicious reward.

By #556510 at 27,Nov,18 15:14

By #204766 at 24,Oct,17 11:34
Suck it ride repeat

By #543195 at 23,Oct,17 01:21
First I would get it wet by sucking for a while and then I would ride that huge cock for hours.
By #542421 at 23,Oct,17 11:38
So how many loads would I be expected to shoot inside you during that time?

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